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"The Numbers"
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08-04-05, 08:49 PM (EST)
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16. "number 4"
- # of years since Hurley's grandfather got his pacemaker.
- # of years since Sam Toome killed himself.
- # of years since Sawyer made his "birthday wish".
- # of people that will fit on Michael's raft.
- # of months Michelangelo stared at marble "working" in Locke's story.
- # of months Boone asks if they're going to stare at the hatch.
- # of miles due west back to camp from where Locke ties up Boone.
- # of people Micheal needed to help did Jack out of the cave-in.
- # of refills of Shannon's inhaler Boone brought with him.
- # of days that pass before Jack decides to burn the fuselage & bodies for a signal.
- # of kids the nurse taking care of Micheal has.
- # of traps Locke sets up around camp to get Ethan.
- # of times Hurley says Charlie shot Ethan.
- # of months the psychic tried to convince Claire to raise her baby alone before giving her money and telling her of the couple in LA.
- # of Oceanic planes on the mobile in Claire's dream.
- # of dotted dice in a backgammon game.
- # of weeks ago Locke says he wouldn't have believed his crazy talk either (while talking to Boone).
- # of times Boone repeats Theresa falls up the stairs, Theresa falls down the stairs.
- # of times Locke bangs on his car roof at the end of Deus Ex Machina.
- # of shots that are fired by the male bank robbers in Whatever The Case May Be.
- # of the machine that Locke has while waking up in the hospital after the kidney transplant in Deus Ex Machina.
- # of times Locke bangs on the hatch before it lights up.
- # of 4's that appear on Sarah's t-shirt in Do No Harm.
- # of people Jack wonders if Charlie asked about their bloodtype.
- # of times Jin hits the raft with the axe before running off to help Kate.
- # that appears on Boone's shirt with the Chinese symbols.
- # appears after Arista in the jukebox on the Driveshaft song.
- Jack's dad's watch had the minute hand on 4.
- Jack plays the key B4 on the piano.
- Shannon asks Boone what him and Locke have been doing in the jungle for the past 4 days.
- Sayid said the French signal could be a SAT 4.
- Leonard was playing the game Connect 4.
- Walt says he needs a 4 & a 3 in the backgammon game.
- Plane hit turbulence at 40,000 feet.
- Charlie jokes about Locke bringing 400 knives.
- The guy with the beans was running that scam for 40 years.
- "Adam and Eve" have been in the caves for 40 years.
- Driveshaft is #234 on the jukebox (23 and 4).
- A column appears on the papers about Locke's Mother. 555-0121. 0 + 1 + 2 + 1 = 4.
- # of black dots that appear on Walt's ceiling in Special
- # of letters Michael flips through when handed the box of letters by Walt's nanny.
- There is a poster on the wall of the pool hall in Confidence Man, the date is January (1st month) 3rd. 1 + 3 = 4.
- The pool ball 14 is on the pool table in Confidence Man.
- The price on Walt's comic book in Argentina is $4.XX
- # of stars in the DC logo on Walt's comic book.
- LOST has 4 letters
- In White Rabbit, Locke's watch's minute hand is set to 4.
- # of times Shannon touches Boone's hair before the camera cuts to Sayid and he goes over to console her in The Greater Good.
- # on the explosives inside the boxes of the truck.
- # of times Hurley says the word "good" while singing James Brown to the baby.
- The types of explosives stolen were C4.
- The license plate on the second truck Sayid and Essam get into is MRL 724. 7 + 2 + 4 = 13. 1 + 3 = 4.
- The magazine description Sawyer reads says the car has 400 horsepower.
- The magazine description says the car has a 4.4 liter power plant under the hood.
- # of months Mr. Arzt says is the next time they can launch the raft.
- Tom says his son Connor will be 22 months old. 2 + 2 = 4.
- # of bottles of water Hurley filled for his hike to see Danielle
- Hurley rides past a boy giving 2 peace signs to a camera while getting his picture taken. He's holding up 4 fingers.
# of times the girl in the hotel room with Charlie tells him to let the heroin go before he knocks her to the floor
- Shannon asks Boone what a 4 letter word for "I don't care" is
- # of scratches on Danielle's arm from Claire
- # of people who kidnap Walt
- # of explosions that happen in Exodus. Arzt blowing up, Kate throwing the dynamite in the hole, the hatch being opened, and the raft exploding.
- # of bracelets the girl in the hotel room with Charlie was wearing.
- # of scratches on Jack's face in The Pilot
- # of time Jack shouts "Come on!" at Rose in The Pilot before she revives
- In The Pilot the clock inside of the cockpit displays 4:00
- # of stripes on the pilot's shirt in The Pilot
- # of family members Hurley introduces to the media after he wins the lottery
- Jack says it has to be almost 4:00 when Kate, Locke and Boone are out look for Claire
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