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"Season 5 Spoilers"
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10-01-08, 09:02 AM (EST)
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11. "RE: Season 5 Spoilers"

Episode 5.02: We're So Happy You're So Happy
Airdate: October 5, 2008

09/28 - Jackson meets Mike, and the two of them hit it off. <...> We'll also see that since Bree still goes by Mrs. Van de Kamp, it makes a certain Mr. Hodge unhappy, which in turn brings tears to Bree's eyes. Source: Kristin on E!Online

09/28 - Look for Mike and Jackson to have an awkward first encounter: Susan's new guy inadvertently exposes his privates. <.> Bree and hubby Orson are reunited after Orson's stint in prison, but her new celebrity status as a caterer and author threatens his ego and their marriage - especially when Bree is interviewed on the radio and says her husband is dead. <...> Katherine, who finds out she's going to be a grandma this season, is rattling around in her big old house and very lonely. "She'll enter into a relationship with another resident on the lane - one of our regulars - and it'll cause a bit of a scandal," Cherry says. <...> In throes of a midlife crisis, Tom buys a sports car and forms garage band with the men of the cul-de-sac. He'll play bass, Dave is on drums, Orson on keyboard, Mike on guitar and Carlos on tambourine. They eventually go public, leading to a big November sweeps club fire that's also connected to the Dave mystery. Gail O'Grady appears as a hot-to-trot real-estate agent who raises Lynette's suspicions when she helps the band find a rehearsal space. Other guest stars include Frances Conroy as a ritzy doyenne who wants to hire Carlos full-time (he doesn't realize his massages give her killer orgasms!) and comedy legend Lily Tomlin as Mrs. McCluskey's sister, Roberta, who shows up when McCluskey lands in the nuthouse. Source: TV Guide

Episode 5.03: Kids Ain't Like Everybody Else
Airdate: October 12, 2008

09/28 - Bree's estranged daughter, Danielle, returns to Wisteria Lane and is met with a deluge of criticism; Gaby and Susan find themselves embroiled in a catfight brought on by an altercation between their kids; to her chagrin, Lynette comes home to find Tom and Dave have formed a garage band after she told him to get rid of his old things; and Katherine and Mrs. McCluskey invite Edie to lunch to press her for more information on Dave. Guest starring are Kathryn Joosten as Mrs. McCluskey and Gale Harold as Jackson. Other guest cast TBA. Source: ABC

Episode 5.05: Title Unknown
Airdate: October 26, 2008

09/28 - The October 26 episode, set around a 70th birthday gathering Dave throws for McCluskey, will consist almost entirely of flashbacks. "As each of the ladies gets ready for the party, they remember key events that happened during the five years," Cherry says. "It's an important episode that will explain a lot about why these women have changed." Source: TV Guide

Episode 5.07: Title Unknown
Airdate: November 2008

09/28 - Charlie: An 18-year-old Caucasian employee, he is caught stealing from his employers. Unrepentant, he later tries to blackmail them with a secret tape. Eleanor Garrett: 40ish, Eleanor is the PTA president at Lynette's school. Brandon: 40s - 50, the uniformed butler of a very rich woman, Brandon is not too thrilled to be serving her freeloading guests. Secretary (Trish): A psychiatrist's secretary in her 30s. Source: SpoilerTV

Episode 5.08: Title Unknown
Airdate: November 2008

09/30 - Bouncer: A burly man in his 30's at the White Horse Club, he asks a teenager for his ID. Emcee: In his 30's - 40, this cool emcee at the rock club announces the bands in a competition. EMT: A man in his late 20's - late 30's, he wants to get an accident victim to the hospital. Fireman: A man in his late 20's - early 40's, he prohibits people from entering a burning building. Man: In his late 20's - mid 30's, this patron at the White Horse Club tells another patron to use the backstage men's room. Reporter: 30's - early 40's, this man/woman at the scene of an emergency interviews a man he/she considers a hero. Source: SpoilerTV

09/28 - Lloyd: A thrice-divorced college English professor/poet in his late 40s - early 50s, he is dating one of his (much younger) grad students much to the dismay of her mother (think a younger Michael Douglas from "Wonder Boys"...or John Hannah). Candice: An 18-year-old babysitter, she becomes alarmed when she notices that one of the kids is missing. Source: SpoilerTV

General Spoilers:

09/30 - Dave is hunting someone down on Wisteria Lane, but someone will be hunting him as well. Mrs. McCluskey teams up with her sister to find out why Dave Williams is so devilishly nice and mysterious. Kathryn Joosten told me Dave gets so crazy that Mrs. McCluskey actually goes into hiding for part of the season. Source: Kristin on E!Online

09/28 - Susan's now-adult daughter, Julie, is hightailing it back to Wisteria Lane later this fall, and I hear she's got a helluva surprise in store for Mum. (Hint: It has to do with her new BF.) <...> Desperate Housewives has tapped Gail O'Grady's former American Dreams co-star, Peter Onorati, to join the cast as the husband of her soon-to-be-introduced cougar character, sources confirm. Source: The Ausiello Files

09/28 - develops a little crush on . Source: Kristin on E!Online

09/28 - " and Dave are going to enter into a very interesting relationship - he has something against her and she becomes suspicious of him," Cherry says. Source: TV Guide

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