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"Famous Food."
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09-01-11, 09:20 AM (EST)
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31. "Opening night."
Oh, Heidi... *sigh* You really could feel sorry for her if you wanted to. Does she overstate the danger of her life, taking bodyguards with her everywhere and being afraid to post her activities on Twitter lest nutcases track her down? Somewhat. Probably. But as we were so rudely reminded on BB, there are genuine dangers out there. Heidi has reason for concern and caution -- but living in fear is the wrong way to go.

Living in I-forgot-to-mention-the-place ditziness isn't helpful either. (Odds that she did say 'Lemon Basket' and had it edited out: low. I am curious as to just when that show airs on the West Coast, though.) A perfect promo opportunity and the ability to justify her absences while proving she deserved to be the partner, blown out of the water with a torpedo and nailed again with a missile before it could drop. Taking up a table the entire night was just bonus negative points on the meter. Heidi probably just played herself out of the competition. But at least her drink might catch on. I'm sure she's already had twenty of them.


Did last night's episode seem rushed? Test night, a few shots of the revamp, and then it's time to open? What happened to the intervening week?


Given all the antics (Scott) they were personally either responsible for or directed others into, the Dolces are not in a position to be complaining about any patron acting up for the sake of the cameras. They're barely in a position to complain about someone setting their feet on fire. 'You finished with only $412 to spare!' And who figured out how much to give them? Who may have been telling certain people to rip them off at every opportunity while collecting kickbacks? The world will never know, at least until the testimony gets forced out.


It might have been a good idea to tell the team they were responsible for filling the place a little earlier than opening night. Just saying. (And DJ's crew cannot afford to drop in every evening and spend the place into a lower level of red. One night of drawing card does not a deck make.)


Danielle: dismissing everyone else's efforts in a single breath since the moment the oxygen first corroded her lungs. If Danielle had switched places with Ashley for all labor conducted, Danielle would have worked very hard. But Ashley did all that, so Ashley did nothing important and pretty much nothing at all. Thus spake the Danielle. May next week shut it up.


Meanwhile, Diet Coke is suing the Dolces for sullying their brand name with their lips. 'We don't serve soda. It's a personal statement of taste.' That might have flown...


So who wins? Personally, I think Ashley's dark horse is picking up speed.

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