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"Famous Food."
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08-04-11, 08:35 AM (EST)
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21. "Episode #5: the joy of mutiny."
If Danielle was a member of Congress, the country would be in default right now.

Remember who's running the show and why: the Dolces want conflict. Would it surprise anyone if the camera operators were supposed to let them know when Danielle and her minions were out of the room? Okay, we've got them separated: place that menu call and stir dissent. But in this case, dissent needed stirring because fury was the only thing cooking in the officially-illegal kitchen. Every dish proposed had been ala' Danielle, which meant it was not only inedible, but poisonous at any portion size. Throwing the task to the design team was the only way to save the schedule while making it look like the contestants still had any influence at all.

So Ashley took initiative. And then refused to take confrontation, which would normally lose her some points -- a partner has to be willing to get in there with claws out -- but in this case, avoiding Danielle is just a way of saying that you'd like to keep your eyes, thankee. And being out of the room when that fight went down also kept her away from Danielle's oh-so-charming post-battle words. You know the differences between Ashely's former profession and Danielle's current one? Not only was Ashley's more honest and sincere in intent, but at least someone got to enjoy it.

Did Danielle get anything right? Well, she got her usual dose of hypocrisy: sure, I'll go behind everyone's back and hire the chef I wanted all along with no other input. No wonder she felt it was a mutiny: she's believed she was the captain all along, and everyone else was just chained to the oars. And yes, she did a cute job of reading Jake's body language. Plus let's face it: she was undercut --

-- but there are captains who make mutinies necessary. And holding back the checkbook at a time when they needed it -- closing the only window they had for the sign placement -- forced the design team's hand. The new menu was the first shot: the trip to the bank put Danielle on the plank. All we need now is the sound of sawing.

(Another major question: should she have allowed anyone to meet up with her for the expenses required to get the kitchen back up to code? Sure, that could have been scheduled for later, but Keith can't start experimenting without a place to do it, and every day lost there puts its own cost on the menu. The time to strike was then and there.)

The amazing part: at least for what we saw on camera, no one ever managed to tell her they'd been spending 'her' money. There was probably a completely separate explosion which we were never shown...

'I insist that you text me all details!' They tried to call you and you ignored them. (Also, Ashley should be feeling that irony.) 'I insist that you wait for me to do everything! By the way, open my computer program for me, peon!' (Yeah, right...) 'I insist that I am the goddess of all creation, and you will worship me!'

Well -- no. But if you truly insist, I'm sure someone would be willing to find a straitjacket in your size. That's Troll Regular, right?

What would the world be like without Captain Hook? Let's find out!

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