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"Semis & Final Thread 2012"
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dabo 26942 desperate attention whore postings
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09-05-12, 01:26 AM (EST)
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8. "Semi #2 9/4/12"
Results on Thursday this week.

01. All That! cloggers. These guys gave a much better performance this time than last time, though I was disappointed that stepping it up meant sparks from their shoes and then clogging in puddles.

02. Sebastien "El Charro de Oro," singer with marichi band. Kid has pipes no doubt, but in a lot of places this time it seened flat until the big finish, thanks for showing up.

03. The Magic of Puck, magician. Very enjoyable set, I wouldn't mind if he made it to the next round. Performancewise, though, he goofed in a couple of places, slightly, and one of the assistants messed up at the end. Lvoe him, but stage magic is all about control, perfection, and it just didn't happen.

04. Clint Carvalho and his Extreme Parrots. Knockout performance, Kitty is obviously his star performer. Probably the end of the road for this act, but way to go out pulling no punches.

05. Jacob Williams, comedian. The material was good, the presentation was lacking. Practice practice practice.

06. Shanice and Maurice Hayes, singers. Wonderful singing, wish he really had let her shine in the spotligt more.

07. All Wheel Sports, stunts team. Their best presentation yet, very good direction, choreography, and only a few very annoying camera angles distracting from the performance. And notably the cheer squad was practically invisible this time. Very unfortunate failed stunt, fall, ruined it.

08. Tim Hockenberry, singer. One of my favorite songs of all time edited for time. Frustrating for me, love the song, loved the performance, hate the editing for time that made a mockery of an anthem for my generation. I will forgive Tim, not his fault, and just say well done.

09. The Untouchables, dance troupe. Love these kids, really do, and I thought they stepped it up very well with much better costumes, the tango theme and the quickchange (sorta) bit for the ladies. A bit disappointed that culturally they keep going to the same well, but they've pretty much exhausted that well (flamenco is about the only thing left), and with only one week to go to the finale and am wondering what they can do next.

10. Olate Dogs, animal act. Very impressive, though it is starting to get repetative.

11. Lightwire Theater, performance art. Amazingly, the stepped up 3D effects actually worked for me! Excellent! Wish they had done more with the light sabers, but well done.

12. David Garibaldi and His CMYK's, performance art. Bingo. I got what Howard said about the audience getting distracted, and the dancer/tumblers on the fringes were distracting, but when they telegraphed the art was Lady Liberty my attention was fully back on center stage womdering how it would all come together. Well done.

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