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"Quarterfinals 2012 Thread"
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08-22-12, 07:31 PM (EST)
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28. "RE: QF #6 8/21/12 Wildcards"
First off, thanks again Dabo. Your diligence in keeping up with AGT is much appreciated. I have someone to talk to (ok, well maybe 3-4 people on a good week)

I agree, it was an entertaining show with some variety. Also seems like the performers listed to the judge’s advice last time and adjusted accordingly. Well except for Sebastien, more on that later.

01. Spencer Horsman, escape artist. Good trick but a tough night. Has more options then Ben Blaque (who was wonderful – later on him) so might get through.

02. All That! clogging group. Not my thing. I liked the silhouette thing, if for no other reason than to figure out what is was. As Howard said, I would have fast-forwarded through them but I wanted to see what the shadows were all about. Once I figured that out I FF through the end.

03. Jarrett & Raja, magician & musician. I think what would have made that trick better was to pretend to drop the box and it smashed to the floor. Everyone knew the piano would be gone but if they had “slipped” and dropped it that would have added an additional element of surprise. But yes, a standard trick well presented.

04. Jake Wesley Rogers, singer. Never liked him. Liked him less last night.

05. Cristin Sandu, balancing act. It was exciting but what else can he do? It’s a 3 minute show. But I was enthralled. Fall or not, I don’t see him going through. Too limited.

06. Todd Oliver, ventriloquist. I liked it, he listened to the judges. Might be interesting in a “R” setting. I keep thinking of Triumph The Insult Comic Dog.

07. Bandbaz Brothers, acrobats. Very dangerous and riveting. But they said that was their ace in the hole so what else do they have up their sleeve?

08. Sebastien "el Charro de Oro", singer with band. There is no doubt this kid is talented and he knows it, he owns the stage, at 10 years old. He will be a star but seems to be a very polite young man. That being said, there’s just something about him I don’t like (I’ve mentioned that before). Mrs. Frank loves him but she said about a minute into it, “That’s not what I paid for.” Sums it up. But he did pull it off.

09. Horse, sack masochist. What are you going to say?

10. Lindsey Norton, dancer. I always liked her. Reminds me of Baby Frank. I’d much rather see her then Turf. And I think she could do anything he could.

11. Andrew de Leon, singer. Fantastic. I love the story too. Total drama, perhaps orchestrated, but it still made me choke up at times.

12. Ben Blaque, crossbow marksman. Well keep in mind he was the last act, not the first. He had 5 minutes to set up the stage. I would imagine he has lasers or it’s a total trick but setting that up in 5 minutes as opposed to an hour or so if he was first act was the most impressive thing for me. Again what can he do next. As an aside, Stern was quite impressed with the assistants outfit.

So, I’ll take:

Andrew de Leon
Todd Oliver
Lindsey Norton
And in spots 4 and 5 (to hedge my bets)
Spencer Horsman
Ben Blaque

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