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"Quarterfinals 2012 Thread"
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dabo 26942 desperate attention whore postings
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08-22-12, 09:27 AM (EST)
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26. "QF #6 8/21/12 Wildcards"
A much better show this week than last week, well worth the watch.

01. Spencer Horsman, escape artist. Excellent trick to kick things off, back to the basics picking locks and well presented.

02. All That! clogging group. Ill-conceived routine, the silhouette thing was at first confusing and then just annoying, a disappointment. Good dancing but not quite in sync.

03. Jarrett & Raja, magician & musician. Standard trick well presented, well done, though the middle (take up some time) section was kind of boring.

04. Jake Wesley Rogers, singer. Good singing, not quite up to the song he chose to perform, and his lack of experience as an entertainer was obvious.

05. Cristin Sandu, balancing act. Another unfortunate fall, though it was very exciting what he did, and he got through enough of his act this time that America might actually vote him through anyway.

06. Todd Oliver, ventriloquist. Good comedic material, and he managed to go political (topical) without offending either the extremes of the left or the extremes of the right.

07. Bandbaz Brothers, acrobats. Fantastic trick, extremely dangerous, well performed and presented, good to see them back.

08. Sebastien "el Charro de Oro", singer with band. Very risky song choice, he managed to pull it off though at the start it seemed iffy.

09. Horse, sack masochist. I'll try to be fair even though I thoroughly don't enjoy this act, boring as can be; as dumb as it is, for those who enjoy this sort of thing at least this time it didn't seem like a bunch of grade-schoolers performing a silly skit, he finally made it to middle school.

10. Lindsey Norton, dancer. Poetry in motion. She picked up the pace this time, and it was more dance less gymnastics, loved it, wonderful performance.

11. Andrew de Leon, singer. Wonderful singing, iffy song choice, but at least this time he managed to not choke so good for him. Glad he got this one completed. But for me, even though he can get away with standing in one place and motioning with his arms and stuff, as with Jake his lack of experience as a performer was obvious. And the singing was very slightly off in a couple of places.

12. Ben Blaque, crossbow marksman. Incredibly well done stunt to finish things off, though the opening bit was disconnected from the rest of the act, and it took a long time (started to get bored) to get to the pay-off.

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