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"Quarterfinals 2012 Thread"
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dabo 26942 desperate attention whore postings
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07-18-12, 02:02 AM (EST)
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15. "QF #3 7/17/12"
Mixed bag night on AGT.

01. The Untouchables, dance team. Lvoe these kids and they were great tonight. On the down side, they need to mix it up with variation. With the costumes and the style of dance they have been sticking with, it is all starting to seem the same old thing.

02. Rock Star Juggler Mike Price. He dropped one but they allowed him to finish anyway. It was either a poorly thought out set or a poorly performed set without the drop, take your pick, a disappointment.

03. Inspire the Fire, glee group. The singing was bad, the dancing was okay, the choreography was poor.

04. Cristin Sandu, balancing act. X by Howard. He fell and was unable to complete the performance, end of story.

05. Elusive (Josh Vinyard), dancer. I really enjoyed this performance and thought it well paced, impressive break dance; the cheesy lip sync was, well let's face it, cheesy.

06. Jake Wesley Rogers, singer. I thought it was a good interpretation of the song but the singing wasn't all that good. Or maybe it is just a bad song.

07. All Wheel Sports, stunt team. Sorry, Howie, I don't care how impressive it is live in the theater or whether it would be a great headliner in Vegas, I'm watching it on TV and it is a confusing mess. That said, they were a bit more focussed this time than before, it was still a mess, no thanks.

08. Wordspit and the Illest, band. Disaster. I applaud that they went with an original song, good for them. But if the musicians were playing what they were supposed to play, what a horrible song. It didn't really seem like a band, just a bunch of unconnected stuff. The rapping was incomprehensible. The singer seemed to be good but got drowned out by all the rest of the noise. Major disappointment.

09. Jacob Williams, comedian. The material needed some more work but it was an enjoyable routine.

10. All Beef Patty, singer/drag queen. I lvoed it! He went big and he went all in on the camp, and let's face it he was the best singer of the night. Howie was right, he does need to utilize the stage a bit more, but hey give him some props for going all in on the camp and a great song choice.

11. Spencer Horsman, escape artist. Disappointing ill-conceived illusion. Honestly, if you were in a steel straight-jacket and in danger of being impaled on a bunch of stupid pikes, wouldn't you want to stay in the steel straight-jacket. That said, I very much doubt the steel straight-jacket that fell on the pikes was the same (fake) steel straight-jacket he was locked into.

12. Light Wire Theater, electroluminescent puppetry. WOW! These folks really stepped it up with the bird theme and some phenomenal choreography. Can't wait to see what they do next.

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