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"2012 YouTube20"
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dabo 26942 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

06-25-12, 10:40 PM (EST)
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"2012 YouTube20"
LAST EDITED ON 06-25-12 AT 10:43 PM (EST)

Got a hankering to vote, frustrated that AGT is now in its seventh week of the season and you haven't had one chance yet to vote? Want to get your rusting voting talents out for a work out?

The YouTube acts are up and can now be voted on!!!! You can find them here:

And you can vote for them there too I suppose. According to the Voting Rules ...

The selected 20 finalists are to be scored on a one hundred percent (100%) scale based on the following three (3) criteria:
1. Entertainment Value & Appeal: forty percent (40%)
2. Creativity: thirty percent (30%)
3. Ability: thirty percent (30%)

Which is completely bogus nonsense to go along with the other legaleze they're trying to use to scare you from voting, same as any other bogus voting test you've ever heard of.

More importantly...

Can everyone vote and how many times can everyone vote?
Any end user of may vote a maximum of once per video per day. Any change will be available at All questions regarding any voting issue will be determined by Producer in its sole discretion.

When can I vote?
You may vote online at,,, or via the iPhone or Android AGT mobile app, on June 25, 2012 through July 7, 2012. Voting will be open beginning at 3:00 AM ET/ 12:00 AM PT on Monday, June 25, 2012, and ending at 11:59 PM ET/ 8:59 PM PT on Saturday, July 7, 2012 (“Voting Period”).

So, vote early, vote often, you can even vote for everyone.

Below I will be starting sub-threads for each act, with individual links to their vids. So, let me take a moment to remind everyone that one or more of them may have posted here, may be posters here, may become posters here. It is perfectly fine to be critical in your assessments of their performances. But if any of them show up here respect them as posters same as all other posters.

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Table of Contents
  Subject     Author     Message Date     ID  
 2012 YouTube20   dabo     06-25-12       
   Bambi VanBurch   dabo     06-25-12     1  
   Brett Druck   dabo     06-25-12     2  
   Bria Kelly   dabo     06-25-12     3  
   Clint Carvalho   dabo     06-25-12     4  
   Dakota Striplin   dabo     06-25-12     5  
   Dance Precision   dabo     06-25-12     6  
   Dayna Seitz   dabo     06-25-12     7  
   Dead Off Center   dabo     06-25-12     8  
   Dominique Dy   dabo     06-25-12     9  
   Drew Irwin   dabo     06-25-12     10  
   Eric Buss   dabo     06-25-12     11  
   Illmatik Phlow   dabo     06-25-12     12  
   Hard Times   dabo     06-25-12     13  
   Jacob A. Barton   dabo     06-25-12     14  
   Myoa Band   dabo     06-25-12     15  
   Nick Tangorra   dabo     06-25-12     16  
   Pete Michaels   dabo     06-25-12     17  
   Rudy Coby   dabo     06-25-12     18  
   Ryan Gallagher   dabo     06-25-12     19  
   Sasha and Shelly   dabo     06-25-12     20  
   RE: 2012 YouTube20   frankz     06-26-12     21  
     RE: 2012 YouTube20   dabo     06-26-12     22  
   7/7 bump   dabo     07-05-12     23  
     voting closed   dabo     07-08-12     24  
   RE: 2012 YouTube20   dabo     08-14-12     25  

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