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"PR 5, episode 11"
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Fishercat 4168 desperate attention whore postings
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09-24-08, 10:48 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: PR 5, episode 11"
Let's see

Model Selection: WOW! Maybe Leanne is as cut-throat as some suggest. She gave up Karalyn for Tia (a lateral move for her, but a HUGE hit for Suede who hasn't done anything worthwhile for anyone else), causing her to get eliminated. Kenley swapping out was no surprise, but man, that's a stunner with Leanne. I want to see Kara's blog. Strategically though...that was the right move for her.

The Challenge: As awesome as the challenge is (this is so much better than the last makeover challenge), it was at the wrong time. There's no excuse to have two straight challenges without the models, and this would have been better suited for, say, a F8 challenge instead of the AG. It allows designers to have the helper to do measurements and basic skills without having to do everything at once. I'm disappointed it was Final 5 and that the models only have one say (next week I'd assume) in a challenge from F6 on.

The Selection: That was probably best case scenario for the producers. Suede had to do menswear, Kenley had to do hip-hop, Korto had to become country, Leanne has to do country, and Jerrel...well, he got lucky.

Confessionals: This was one of the all-time great episodes for confessionals, specifically about Kenley from everyone not named Suede. Leanne's rap may rank as one of the ten best confessionals ever just because it's her rapping (she can pop-and-lock too!), Korto's constant faces and comments about Kenley's hip-hop culture, Jerrel in general.

The Outfits:

Korto: Spot. Freaking. On. Punk could have gone too far or too modest, and she nailed it. Perfect outfit, superb jeans, great top, amazingly done and a well deserved win. To Suede's credit, he rocked it down the runway like no one's business.

Jerrel: He probably had the easiest assignment, but "sexing Kenley up" was probably the most hilarious and best strategy he could have gone for. Pop princess indeed, plus he made it so no wardrobe malfunctions could occur. It made the back sexy and risque while preventing possible disaster.

Leanne: I honestly thought she did her job, though she was lucky to have Korto who sold it with the look and actions on the runway. It looked country, and it fit her really well (honestly, that should put to bed that Leanne can only design for stick figures). If there was a middle group, she'd be it, and she was perhaps the clearest third place possible. I liked it though, she avoided the very dangerous costume land.

Suede: I thought his auf was undeserved, and I kind of liked it. Unoriginal yes, and this may have been a production (can't risk him winning F4) and "career" boot (for many bad pieces in a row), but it fit well, it was "rock" (he was hurt by Jerrel being so far out there to beign with), and I don't think he deserved to go.

Kenley: Speaking of deserved to go. My goodness, that was wretched. It SORT OF reminded me of Fergie in the "My Humps" video in a specific outfit, though Fergie filled her better outfit out a lot better. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if Fergie was the inspiration for that. The bad part is, Fergie isn't hip-hop, maybe R&B/Pop hybrid. BEP you could roll into hip-hop, but Fergie wasn't the hip-hop portion of the act. The outfit was atrocious and those jeans may be the "broccolini" of this season, it really was that bad. Mom jeans for a hip-hop artist. And the deflection of blame to Leanne for not working it was completely asinine. She had a tough assignment genre to model wise, and genre wise, but not model wise (Leanne's the closest you're getting to model).

I'm not surprised Kenley is still here, but I am very disappointed. Suede probably should have been gone a while ago, but not this week.

With all that said, I understand why Kenley was saved, and she had a huge uphill battle on this one. While male hip-hop fashion has certainly progressed to a fantastic level (Diddy, LL Cool J are two that come to mind), the fashion of the women of hip-hop is sorely lacking. Missy Elliott was probably the main person I could think of to emulate without looking absurd (Lil Kim, Tweet, etc.). The jeans were torturous, but jeans like them aren't completely unseen in theory.

1. Korto
2. Jerrel
3. Leanne
4. Suede
5. Kenley

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