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"Top Ten"
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09-03-11, 01:15 AM (EST)
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7. "RE: Top Ten"
LAST EDITED ON 09-03-11 AT 01:18 AM (EST)

Well, first off, I listed them alphabetically in the top post because those are my assessments, it's not about my preferences. As it turned out, coincidentally, all the strongest acts came up alphabetically ahead of the weaker acts.

And I do allow that they may surprise me, some may surprisingly fail and some may surprisingly pull out all the stops and surprise me.

Anyway -- Vegas Act. In context of AGT what I take this to mean is earning top billing in a variety AGT show hosted by Jerry Springer, the winner would receive top billing. This show starts in Vegas, plays there for awhile, then they take it on the road for a bit, maybe with a different host.

A variety of acts appear in this show but the top billed act generally should be doing the most work of any of them. The top billed act may appear five or six times during the program while the other acts show up once or twice or three times (counting duets and mix'n'matches). What happens to their careers after that, up to them and whatever management they can find.

They do want variety for their AGT live Vegas/road show, so some acts that have fallen by the wayside may be waiting on the sidelines to go to work, Snap Boogie, Melissa Villasenor, Those Funny Little People, Zuma Zuma. It depends on who wins and receives top billing which collection of acts they ultimately put together.

On those terms, six of the top ten could easily fill the bill, three are iffy, one is out of the running. The out of the running act is West Springfield Dance Team. However long their actual competition program is that they create every year, 12 minutes or 15 minutes I don't know, it isn't enough to break up into different parts and be the top billed act. The iffys (IMHO) are Silhouettes, Smage Bros. (as long as they are confined to the interior stage they are just limited in what they can do, they belong outside), and Team iLuminate (it all pretty much looks the same to me, though they are better with a theme).

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