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"Top Ten"
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frankz 1214 desperate attention whore postings
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09-01-11, 03:20 PM (EST)
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4. "RE: Top Ten"
What is a Vegas act?

First off, Ive never been to Vegas and really dont care to go. Mrs. Frank, on the other hand, has visited often and has a strong desire to return. So my interpretation of a Vegas show is subjective based on personal preference. But I do know what I like so Ill project my prejudices on an imaginary Vegas visit.

I want to see an hour and a half Show! A singer or group for an hour and a half is a concert, not a show. I can see the concert of my choosing at home, so theyre out. I might consider seeing Anna and Landau together. That could be fun. Their obvious respect and affection was apparent last night and the contrasts in style would make the show move along. A few songs by her, a few by him, some duets, that could work. But alone, nope, wouldnt see either. That also eliminates Lys Agnes and Poplyfe although I do like Lys. I'd probably buy her CD.

Id consider seeing a Vegas showgirl-style dance show, just because thats what youre supposed to do in Vegas, right? Out of this group though, Id quickly eliminate West Springfield Dance Team and Silhouettes. 10 or 15 minutes of them is enough. Team iLuminate and Miami All Stars are certainly possibilities. Team iLuminate could put together an hour and a half show but quite frankly (and Im always Frank) I would probably fall asleep halfway through it. I dont do so well sitting in the dark for that long. Movies at the theater pose a similar predicament.

I seriously doubt Id fall asleep during a Miami All Stars performance. I can certainly see them as a successful Vegas act and Id go see them.

The Smage Bros. present a problem. An hour and a half of them confined to a stage would become tedious. I agree with Dabo, put them outside with cages and globes, etc. and Id go see them. But then Ive been known to watch motorcycle stunts at the rallies for hours and have always liked trials.

Which leaves us with Landon Swank. Would I go see a magician in Vegas? You bet. In fact, the only current lure of Vegas to me is Penn and Teller. Yeah, I would watch good magic for an hour and a half, no problem. Landon could fill up the time. Id go see him. But why dont they have shows with multiple magicians? Id rather see that. Two or three different magicians with different styles, each do 25 minutes or so with a grand finale by all three.

The opinions offered are not supported by any scientific evidence.

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