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"Top Ten"
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09-07-11, 00:33 AM (EST)
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12. "Prefinal 9/6/11"
LAST EDITED ON 09-07-11 AT 00:38 AM (EST)

Yeah, what a night, couldn't believe what I was seeing. Not the stellar top ten night I was hoping for.

01. Miami All Stars, dance troupe. X by Piers. THUD! Even before Piers buzzed them I was shaking my head and saying no-no-no. Purest of the remaining dance acts pulling out a cheer routine? And a sloppy one at that. Horrible decision.

02. Lys Agnes, singer. THUD! It might have been a great song choice in the proper voice, in the low voice it was just wrong, and she just sang badly tonight. Two of my favorite acts of the season flamed out right before my eyes.

03. Landon Swank, magician. Right on! Great magic trick! Hope it will be enough to get him through, but the slowness of the routine and the laid back approach might sink him.

04. Anna Graceman, singer. Not her best performance but it might get her through, when she hit it big it worked.

05. Silhouettes, illusion dance troupe. Great set for them, put together all the things that work for them with an uplifting theme. Still not great dancers but good enough for what they do.

06. Smage Bros. Riding Shows, motorcycle stunts team. Got to hand it to them, I thought they managed to step it up from what they did before, though with some obvious errors. No big falls, might get through and be boring as hell the next time.

07. Poplyfe, rock band. Got to hand it to them, they did what they needed to do tonight, a high energy performance and they were obviously having a lot of fun. Adding J5 type dancing was stepping it up, though it seemed to sap the singer. May get through on the youthvote.

08. West Springfield Dance Team, theatrical dance troupe. X by Piers. The predictable THUD! Vampires, zombies, it's all the same, looked like what they are, a bunch of high school kids trying to put on a show. Horrible choreography.

09. Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr., singer. Surprisingly, the best of the singers tonight, switching from Frank to Dino was a smart decision, and having the backing band to play off of and draw energy from really worked for him. And let's hear it for the band, they were spot on.

10. Team iLuminate, glowlight dance troupe. Finally, a really excellent set from them! Finally! Having the stage lit up just enough that you could actually see them, THANK YOU! They can dance, who knew? Still have a problem with the technology, if they get through to the next round they should tell the directors NO LONG SHOTS!!! That still kills them. Would I pay to see them in a 90 minute show? Not a penny, I'd get an eyestrain headache after about ten minutes of it if my seats were too far back.

I put all my votes on Landon tonight, keeping the fingers crossed.

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