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"Top Ten"
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Untrugby 21 desperate attention whore postings
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09-06-11, 10:56 PM (EST)
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11. "RE: Top Ten"
LAST EDITED ON 09-06-11 AT 10:57 PM (EST)

Miami all stars
loose choreography + awful costumes = going home
seriously wtf were they thinking

Lys Anges
When sharon says youre out of tune you know youre really in trouble. Her voice just seemed to ruin the natural power that song has.

Landon Swank
slow, methodical, amazing! easily hes best performance yet

Anna Graceman
good voice but if jackie couldnt win i dont see anyway she could, but could she make the final 4? maybe

another "message" performance with minimal talent compared to the other top 10 acts.

Smage Bros
I thought it was a step back as far a performance but a step up in terms of riding tricks. I think for a vegas show thats the wrong way to go coupled with the mess up i dont think they go on.

Was the singers throat sore again? she butchered that song and the super accelerated tempo was to cover it up or just to fit it all in 90 seconds? I just thought that wasnt the greatest performance by them.

another repeat style performance. you can change the outfits and song but big wigs, gory make up, contacts and bent waist dancing juts looks the same any way you do it

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.
That performance was exactly what i think of when i think 50s style vegas singer. Was it unique enough? we'll see, but hes got my vote

I dont get why some people dont like them. They are so amazing it might not show up the best at all time on the cameras but when it does you can see how amazing it is. Another great performance more dance oriented than the last but still awesome with what they do with the lights.

My final 4
Landon Swank
Anna Graceman
Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.

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