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"Be the "
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Seana 5044 desperate attention whore postings
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11-19-07, 01:54 AM (EST)
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"Be the "
LAST EDITED ON 11-19-07 AT 01:56 AM (EST)

Edit to add title here:

Be the Amazing Racer 12.3

My finger hit the enter key by mistake. Gods, that's annoying.


Greetings and welcome to a bunch of huts somewhere in the savannah. We sure had a great time this leg! Now *this* is what the Race is all about: having to figure out where the next city is, having to jump off a train in the middle of nowhere. Yep, this is almost difficult.

Hendekea and Azaria: You're team number one! You win a nice trip courtesy of my dear friend the Travelocity Gnome. Nice guy, the gnome...little goofy. Anyway, Azaria kept his cool at the RB and then you made it easily through the Detour to take the lead. Well done.

TK and Rachel: I can't think of anything to say to you. What did you do this leg?

Nate and Jen: So Nate needs to be reminded to be gentle when handling nipples? Hunh. I guess getting that earlier flight from Amsterdam to Paris didn't make much difference. Too bad.

Kynt and Vyxsin: Very little screen time for you this leg. But! We did make sure to provide an instance of Vyxsin helping Kynt down from the train to back up your assertion that Vyxsin is a gentleman.

Ronald and Christina: I'm glad Ronald can admit that he was too hard on Christina. Or maybe it was just the meds talking. Did you enjoy the dramatic music we played for you while you were running for the plane? That was to add to the suspense.

Nick and Donald: Sorry you won't be seeing the hot sisters anymore, Don. Well, at least until you end up in Sequesterville with them.

Shana and Jennifer: Nice perfume. Were you trying to cover the smell on the train? You knew you were going on a race around the world. Did you think you'd only be going to ritzy places with top hats and lots of dollars? I hear the word "refreshing" and I'm not going to help you refine you camel milking skills.

Lorena and Jason: From first to nearly worst. You narrowly averted going to Sequesterville by picking up the pace at the Detour. Will Lorena ever learn to just take a deep breath? No wonder the poor camel kept kicking the milk out of the bowl. Here, Jason, I got you some earplugs.

Marianna and Julia, you're the last team to arrive. I'm sorry (really, really sorry) to tell you you've been eliminated from the Race. However! We need decoy Racers to fool the Internet spoilers. Maybe you'd like to be the first decoy team? Come over to my hut later and tell me about your qualifications.

Notes: Please keep the game in the game thread.

Come play! All characters are spoken for except BlondeJennifer, but anyone may post as a local, a cabbie or a camera/sound person. Or be creative: post as a camel or Shana and Jennifer's cabbie's long lost good twin.

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 Be the   Seana     11-19-07       
   RE: Be the   dabo     11-19-07     1  
     Pfffft   Sunny_Bunny     11-19-07     2  
         RE: Pfffft   Max Headroom     11-19-07     4  
   RE: Be the   Max Headroom     11-19-07     3  
     RE: Be the   CwazyWabbit     11-19-07     16  
   RE: Be the   jbug     11-19-07     5  
     RE: Be the   Cyndimaus     11-19-07     11  
         RE: Be the   jbug     11-19-07     14  
             RE: Be the   Cygnus X1     11-20-07     18  
   RE: Be the   dragonflies     11-19-07     6  
   RE: Be the   beau_30     11-19-07     7  
   RE: Be the   NanaWolf     11-19-07     8  
     RE: Be the   dabo     11-19-07     9  
     RE: Be the   Ontheroadagain     11-23-07     23  
         RE: Be the   Cygnus X1     11-24-07     24  
             RE: Be the   NanaWolf     11-25-07     25  
   RE: Be the   ARnutz     11-19-07     10  
     RE: Be the   cahaya     11-21-07     22  
   RE: Be the   MissMyth     11-19-07     12  
     RE: Be the   Peetah     11-21-07     20  
   RE: Be the   mrc     11-19-07     13  
   Papers Please!   mattben     11-19-07     15  
   RE: Be the   warp_core breach     11-20-07     17  
   RE: Be the   Cygnus X1     11-20-07     19  
     RE: Be the   Max Headroom     11-21-07     21  

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