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"LLCIV: 13 Down 'Extra Credit Challe..."
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tribephyl 12393 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

12-04-13, 08:46 PM (EST)
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"LLCIV: 13 Down 'Extra Credit Challe..."
It's a DAWfest!
It's a Celebriloser Slam!
It's a LoserLodge Haiku challenge!
What? No crickets even...

Q: What's a haiku?
A: For the purposes of this challenge... It's a traditional form of poetry that is split into 3 stanzas, each a specific number of syllables in length.
The first line has five
The sec'ond con'tains sev'en
It ends with five more

Your mission is to place a new word in the subject, as a reply to the previous word, creating a thread, and hopefully create a 'true haiku'. five syllables followed by seven more and then five to end it all.

Chip determinators are contributions, overall success and number of completed poems.

There are a couple of rules.
1. I will begin the Haiku. I am the only one to begin a NEW haiku. ALL other attempts will be instantly voided. If you posted in the wrong area, hurry up and do it in the right place, elsewise your attempt will be voided.
2. You may post multiple words in a haiku BUT there must be at least 2 other Celebrilosers to have posted between your first one and your second one.
3. This challenge will be in conjunction with the final entry of LLCIV which should be posted within the next few days. I'm playing a huge game of catch-up and whence getting all my ducks in a row for the Gala Awards Show, it's best if I give it all to you now.
4. Words may be of multiple syllables. Just keep in mind, every stanza must be kept to it's specific size. A word can't straddled 2 stanzas, IOW.

Anyways, I'm off to START the Haiku!
Look Below.

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Table of Contents
  Subject     Author     Message Date     ID  
 LLCIV: 13 Down 'Extra Credit Challe...   tribephyl     12-04-13       
   Drunk   tribephyl     12-04-13     1  
     RE: Drunk   Georjanna     12-04-13     2  
     Masquerades   Georjanna     12-04-13     3  
     Words   suzzee     12-04-13     4  
         Bring   Molaholic     12-04-13     5  
             libations   Flowerpower     12-04-13     6  
                 dangerous   Georjanna     12-05-13     7  
                     Twerking   DearAbby     12-05-13     8  
                         will   suzzee     12-05-13     9  
                             follow   Georjanna     12-05-13     10  
   Magic   tribephyl     12-05-13     11  
     underpants   Molaholic     12-05-13     12  
         Tricky   DearAbby     12-05-13     13  
             RE: Tricky   5cats     12-05-13     14  
                 Romney   adricharlie     12-05-13     15  
                     Dances   byoffer     12-05-13     16  
                         RE: Dances   5cats     12-05-13     17  
                             Politicking   DearAbby     12-06-13     18  
                                 Snorkeling   Scarlett O Hara     12-06-13     19  
                                     Huh   byoffer     12-06-13     20  
                                         RE: Huh   Scarlett O Hara     12-06-13     21  
                                             RE: Huh   adricharlie     12-06-13     22  
                                             RE: Huh   DearAbby     12-06-13     23  
                                             RE: Huh   Dakota     12-06-13     24  
   Jeff   tribephyl     12-07-13     25  
     Snuffs   DearAbby     12-07-13     26  
     RE: All   Scarlett O Hara     12-07-13     27  
     Clueless   Molaholic     12-07-13     28  
         Survivorites   byoffer     12-07-13     29  
             Forever   Scarlett O Hara     12-07-13     30  
                 Wishing   suzzee     12-08-13     31  
                     Redemption.   Wallflower66     12-08-13     32  
   Estee   tribephyl     12-09-13     33  
     scares   adricharlie     12-09-13     34  
         Newbies   byoffer     12-09-13     35  
             tribephyl   DearAbby     12-09-13     36  
                 scores   kingfish     12-09-13     37  
                     Legit   Wallflower66     12-09-13     38  
                         Crack   byoffer     12-09-13     39  
                             Figuratively   adricharlie     12-09-13     40  
                                 !   suzzee     12-09-13     41  
                                 Pranks   Scarlett O Hara     12-09-13     42  
                             RE: Crack   Wallflower66     12-10-13     46  
   Gift   tribephyl     12-09-13     43  
     Recipients   byoffer     12-10-13     44  
         Expressions   Wallflower66     12-10-13     45  
             flabbergasted   DearAbby     12-10-13     47  
                 Joyful   Scarlett O Hara     12-10-13     48  
                     Illusions   Flowerpower     12-10-13     49  
   Massive   tribephyl     12-10-13     50  
     RE: Boobies   5cats     12-10-13     51  
         Fly   suzzee     12-10-13     52  
         bounce   Flowerpower     12-10-13     53  
             Minute   Flowerpower     12-10-13     54  
                 Bananas   Molaholic     12-10-13     55  
                     Dangle   DearAbby     12-10-13     56  
                         Thank   Flowerpower     12-11-13     57  
                             God   adricharlie     12-11-13     58  
                                 Merciful   Wallflower66     12-11-13     59  
   Final   tribephyl     12-11-13     60  
     Exams   byoffer     12-11-13     61  
         RE: Suck   5cats     12-11-13     62  
             Cheating   suzzee     12-11-13     63  
                 undetectable   adricharlie     12-11-13     64  
                     RE: Genius   5cats     12-11-13     65  
                         RE: Genius   Dakota     12-11-13     66  
                             raid   Flowerpower     12-11-13     67  
   Swoopset   byoffer     12-14-13     68  
     accpted   DearAbby     12-14-13     69  
         overenthusiastic   adricharlie     12-14-13     70  
             Congratulations   byoffer     12-15-13     71  
   Nephariousness   DearAbby     12-15-13     72  
     Irresponsibility   adricharlie     12-15-13     73  
         Understandable   suzzee     12-15-13     74  
   RE: "Evacuation"   5cats     12-15-13     75  
     Enthusiastically   tribephyl     12-17-13     76  
         Abracadabra   adricharlie     12-17-13     77  

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