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"TAR 12: The Racers and the Editing"
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michel 10958 desperate attention whore postings
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12-06-07, 06:51 PM (EST)
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20. "RE: More Episode #5 Editing Thought..."
LAST EDITED ON 12-06-07 AT 07:05 PM (EST)

I want to apologize for being so late with my post although I’ve been so off this season that I don’t know if I can even read what’s happening on the race, let alone talk about it!

I want to welcome DaBeat not only to the thread but to the boards. Thank you for the kind words, I needed them and I hope you enjoy your stay. Please, don’t ever be shy to post, we like to share. Self-Destruction, you suggest? Only if it applies to me! My analysis has been self-destructing week by week and I could be turning into a barometer to see which team goes next! Unless I’m jinxing them. If self-destruction is the theme of the season, and the Goths do win, they would indeed be energizer bunnies who keep going and going...

Hi EarlCP, nice to read your comments.

I really enjoyed your analysis CTGirl. You always help me see things a little better.

On with it: The recap featured the Goths and the U-turn decision from the Blondes. I guess I learned that Karma can take a week to manifest itself!

Rachel and TK

Rachel started this leg, worried that it was the first time they had fallen to last place. TK agreed: “The competition is fierce, we have to change our game accordingly.”
During the free-for-all that was the ticket purchase, TK told Nathan: “The teams that stress out and waste a lot of energy, are the ones that don’t make it to the end.”

Arriving in the Baltic country 10 minutes after the first three teams, Rachel started clapping when she spotted the Blondes: “We’re off on our own again, Babe” was TK’s comment.
TK found a good guide for the Roadblock, finishing in second place.

For the Detour, TK and Rachel chose to Step up. They did farly well on their stilts and finished first when Kynt and Vyksin decided to change task. They were off on foot to the Pit Stop, the Aukstaitija Windmill.

Finishing first, they were too busy jumping and laughing to speak to Phil but afterwards, TK said: “As we were alone today for most of the day, we thought we were last. It just goes to show you never know what’s going on in this race.”

Finally, we saw this team when they worked well. The cameras actually stayed with them and not just showed them at clue boxes and such. The relaxed attitude manifested by these two could actually become the key to the season. Of course, they’d probably be as calm even if they were 5 days behind everyone but this likeable team is strong. Being on their own isn’t a good strategy especially for a team that has demonstrated they can go right by a clue or a pit stop! I still see them as the team that goes far, gets our hopes up but falls just short.

Kynt and Vyksin

Kynt started off telling us: “I’ve always been a controlled person. I wouldn't say that I control Vyksin, I say that I guide her.” (Kynt, even if it rhymes, Lithuania isn’t the same as Romania or Transylvania!!)

Kynt breezed through the Roadblock and he was shown being courteous to everyone helping him along the way. They were first off to the town of Rumsiskès and its outdoor museum.

With gnome in hand, the Goths reached the Detour and chose to do “Step Up”. Kynt was amused to find people in the festival: “My favorite moment of the Amazing Race so far as been to arrive at the festival. Vyksin and I love to dress up and we found kindred souls.” They tried to do the stilts detour but couldn’t. Vyksin told Kynt to change and do Count Down where they’d have to count the 717 pickets of a fence. They finished the task second, spotted TK and Rachel running but remained in second place.

This team also has a calm way of racing. We didn’t see them involved in the ticket battle, we don’t see them arguying. The only difference between what we hear from them and what we see is that Kynt isn’t the one controlling anything. Vyksin has been shown as the engine of this team. But, if we remember, it was Kynt that received compliments on being fast in the earlier stages. Something could be off, signaling trouble ahead. They’re the only team left that I’ve seen with a winning edit so I have to stubbornly stand by them!

Ronald and Christina

Christina told us they’re working on their communication problems: “I say I love you constantly to my dad. I know it makes him a little uncomfortable but I still do it.”

Getting tickets for Vilnius, Ronald once more showed his irritating side, this time including a ticket agent in his rant. After telling his daughter that the arrangements she had booked weren’t satisfactory, Ronald said, in confessional: “Christina is very naïve. I want to teach my daughter how to deal with various people.” In front of the agent, he added: “This is unacceptable. She is fossilizing her mind to Air France. We have to get beyond this fossilisation.” They eventually got on the last flight to Lithuania.

In Vilnius, while everybody else was receiving sound effects to underline their wrong turns, Christina asked a taxi driver to escort them to St Anne’s Church. “Great idea…Kudos” said Ronald.
Ronald did the Messenger Roadblock that required listening to instructions even if Christina said: “I’m a great listener, he’s a great talker. I’m nervous.” Showing he can dish it out but he can’t take it, half-way through the task Ronald passed the church again and Christina told him that other teams were still there. Ron answered: “Don’t give me pressure. Silence, s’il vous plaît.” He finished third, receiving more love from Christina.

The team chose to do stilts and they finished the task in 3rd place even if it practically killed Ronald who took a bad fall. Christina said, in confessional: “I’m so proud of my dad, he’s my superman…He’s changing key qualities in his personality for me and this race.”

Something’s changed in their portrayal. There's mutual acceptance and the team has found a new focus, attacking others rather than fighting each other. Is it the start of a short redemption story before their elimination or the start of a long story arc of resurrection? I dunno.

Azaria and Hendekea

Leaving for Vilnius, Lithuania, Azaria tells us: “I don’t believe I have a quick temper” while we see him fighting with Hendekea over a taxi. A Contradiction between words spoken and action shown is never a good sign.

Having started third, Hendekea had many problems finding the last destination of the messenger’s route. They left the Roadblock in 5th place.

The search for gnomie went well even if Hendekea commented: “There’s gnomes everywhere.”

Stilts looked like a fun task but they changed to counting after a few spills. “I love me some numbers” said Azaria as they headed out to the Pit Stop, reaching it in 4th place.

Another leg in the middle of the pack, another leg where we don't see much of them. I haven’t spoiled much this season. The only thing left is that I’ve seen that this team shouldn’t make it to the end. Somehow, someway, the proud but cocky Azaria will cause the elimination of this team. I’ll have to stand by that also!

Nathan and Jennifer

Jennifer left the pit stop saying: “We’ve been so close so many times…we have fire in our eyes.” Staying out of most of the turmoil of the plane arrangements to Vilnius, Jennifer had this comment to Hendekea about the Blondes secret seating plan: “Right now, this is the turning point in the game. We see the people’s true colors.”

Arriving in Vilnius, Jennifer started to scramble for the marked car. Nathan told her: “I love you but you cannot stress out.” He quickly forgot his own advice and, (after receiving a few “gongs!” as sound FX) Nathan said: “This is the most insane place I’ve been in my life.” To second that feeling, Jenn added “OH! My gosh!!” They abandoned their car 20 minutes from the Church. The run prompted Nate to say: “I can’t believe what kind of person you’ve turned into. It’s the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.” “Same with you, Nate” was her response.

While Jenn was off doing the Roadblock, why did Nathan sit with the other teams? Shouldn’t he have run back for the car? Maybe the rules prevent it. Jenn was a good listener as they finished 4th but had to run back to the car.

As they started to search for gnomie, Jenn said: “This is fun. I feel like I’m on an easter egg hunt.”

Reading the Detour clue, Jenn was decisive: “Stilts? We are NOT doing stilts. Let’s Count Down…I can do this so fast. Please let me do it.” She got mixed up by the activity around her and, since Nathan hadn’t been counting, they had to start over with Nate counting also. Unfortunately, Nate can’t count in his head or inside his mouth (?) and both got very confused. Knives were flying around as Nate called Jenn a b*tch, asking “why would you tell me to be quiet and then ask me a question?” They quit the count and went for the stilts just as Nicolas and Donald arrived. They thought they were out of the race but finished in 5th place.

I’m pretty good at calling long term teams, aren’t I? These two sure look like winners, don’t they? If what Jenn said is true, that this is the time when “We see the people’s true colors” then this is a terrible sign for them, OK, before you bet everything on them being the next eliminated, I’ll say that IF they survive next week, we’ll have to consider just how much airtime this team receives. Jenn gets to explain almost every move in confessionals. We have remarks from both at every turn. Sure, they’d make good punching bags for most viewers but they also make good villains…I’ll stay with them making Final 3 so that you guys can laugh some more.

Nicolas and Donald

Nicolas left the pit stop telling us his Grandfather doesn’t remember things from two days ago. At the ticket office, the team started acting sneaky towards the others, Nicolas telling the agent: “Everyone else, give them later flights.” “It’s a game” he told Hendekea when she told him they had heard everything. He still didn’t want to tell anyone his arrival time. “In the end, we’re all enemies, right?” They got bumped out of the Paris to Amsterdam flight by the agent who helped Hendekea. “That was Karma” said Nathan. Strangely, Jennifer and Nathan and the Blondes got on the plane Nick and Don had been told was full! (Karma, was that the agent’s name?)

Despite the problem, the team was first to arrive to St Anne’s Church and the Roadblock, showing this team is good with directions…That is car directions because Nicolas got lost during the walk from the University to the hair salon. Donald said the Roadblock took 2 hours. They left the Roadblock in last place, tied with the Blondes.

They remained ahead of the girls until Nicolas realized that he had been counting the pickets of the gates when the clue specified not to. Instead of starting over, he calmly substracted the extra posts and the team finished safely in next to last place.

This was the worse leg for this team but it was the first one I enjoyed watching them. Finally, they are racing. Is that a positive turning point or the beginning of the end? I Dunno. CTGirl mkes a nice point about the different Nicks but is either edited version of the nerd a winner? I don't think so.

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