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"VH1 - Sep 4 Ep"
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09-04-05, 08:49 PM (EST)
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"VH1 - Sep 4 Ep"
These eps just keep getting better and better. This one was the best one so far, IMO & we are going to see a great show on Tue that will determine a lot!!

We start with Jordis feeling guilty that Ty instead of her was booted when she royally screwed up on the song. J.D. gives her words of wisdom that, at first, she doesn't want to hear, but she then listens. (I think she better take the words to heart, if she is going to last past this week.)

The clinic was great -- sexy guys in Levis, I can't wait to see the ads!! Of course, I am mostly excited to see J.D.'s pics -- he was looking good & really impressed the photog. He's the man (for my band, anyway -- what do you think, Geg6?).

Next was MiG who, IMO, has the best abs/shirtless-look by far & the potential to be super sexy, but he came off a bit goofy (Ahem, Davy Jones, Ahem). Photog thought MiG was the best "mover" for the shoot, but had too much "bedroom eyes" or too sexy or something like that. Whatever.

Poor Jordis hates getting her pics taken & was difficult to get through the shoot. Not much more to say.

Suzie looked great -- lots of extensions & hair blowing around. Looking hot, she asks the photog if it's too sexy, he says NO!! Come on, Suzie, you need to learn that it's sex & rock-n-roll. I love her, but her major hurdle is losing the cutesy little girl act.

Marty finished up the shoot. I like Marty, but looks-wise he's not my taste (a little too Tom Petty looking). He does have great poses though & looked like he did pretty well.

Lastly, a great group shot. Can't wait for the campaign to hit the mags to see what the final shots are!!

Back at the house, J.D. is surprised with a B-day cake & here is where the real fun begins. He asks if the other 4 will journey with him to the ends of the world or something like that and CAKE FIGHT!!!. Now, this is what a rock mansion should look like.

What do we see next, but sweet little Suzie sucking the champagne shower that is being poured down J.D.'s bod off his toes. (I'm telling you people, this is a must-not-be-missed show!!) Later, there is the group shower. Fun was had by all.

The rockers go to find an internet connection & get to see what us fans chose for them to sing & they had a chance to read fan comments that were posted. Everyone seems happy with the choice -- Marty is a little concerned about the "screaming" chorus in his & whether he can tone it down for fear of elimination, because it is against what INXS is on him about. J.D. doesn't want to read what his fans wrote, because he's worried it might get in his head & mess him up.

Lastly, they find out they will also sing an original song. This is going to be the best show, so we can really see who has what it takes. Everyone seems pretty excited.

The rehearsals with the house band only show Jordis & her struggling with her original song. She had no direction going in & the house band had some serious input & criticisms & she just seems at a loss. We'll see how it works out on Tue.

Shot back to Suzie reading J.D.'s fan comments & trying to get J.D. to listen to them, insisting that they are positive. (IMO, obviously J.D. has been seeing these clips of bad editing of him & it must be getting to him.) She reads one comment of someone comparing J.D. to Han Solo (I like that comparison) & J.D. runs for the door. Suzie yells for him to stop so she can read another from someone saying they are a big INXS fan and J.D. is the perfect fit.

Credits & then the last clip is aftermath of the melee at the house with J.D. saying, if you wake up the next day with cake around your mouth it was a good time, but if you wake up with cake in your *bleep* that was a great time (or words to that effect.)

Great show, hope you other avid fans caught it. If not, watch the repeat tomorrow (Mon) night. You don't want to miss this fun .

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