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"BBRAT5: 5th Eviction Results / 7th ..."
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tribephyl 12393 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

08-15-08, 02:23 AM (EST)
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"BBRAT5: 5th Eviction Results / 7th ..."
LAST EDITED ON 08-15-08 AT 02:34 AM (EST)

Michelle's revenge... played out perfectly. Within moments of Libra's departure my ears have gone down to a dull ringing and it's afforded me some time to rejigger my eyeroll machine.
Phew...peace. Can I make a plead to CBS and Please don't show sequester house please.

For those new to the game; read the small print then join us below...
Yes! The Big Brother Reality Aptitude Test is back!
Even though test is in the title, the bbrat really is a game.
A game wherein you post a "weekly" entry full of Beforehand Assumed Decisions (aka:answers) and then sit back and collect points, while watching the current season of BigBrother play out on your screens.

The player with the most points at the end, will be crowned the winner and will receive a "Winner's Siggie." Mmmmmmmsiggeezzzzzz....

As with all games there are some rules and they are the numbers to follow...
1. Deadlines will happen any time there is an eviction. Miss a deadline (or edit past one) your entry will not be valid.
Thusly, each "weeks" entry thread will be titled with the proposed Eviction number. 1st Eviction, 2nd eviction, 3rd Eviction, 4th, 5th, 6th, etc.
I will also include a current due date in red, above the entry portion of the thread.
In that entry portion you will find a series of questions split up into 3 sections.

Power Positions: Questions regarding the HGs who win competitions, luxuries, 1sts and special rights.
Key Players: Questions regarding the HGs who have some connection to the Keys, whether literal or figurative.
Icon Competition: A weekly BBRAT Bonus. Not required, but will usually net more points.

2. Each "week", beginning after week 2, I will post a results scoreboard.
In it I will be taking your weekly scores and figuring out who made the most points for the week.
This player will become the HOH and will have a 5 point boost added to their scores. They will also have use of the BBRATHOH room.
All of the players with less than half of the HOHs weekly score, before the bonus points, will be hit with a penalty of -3 points. They will also be put on this seasons version of the slop diet. (People Kibble.)
Any player who hasn't won HOH or been put on the new diet, will become Part Of The Crowd. Nothing at all happens to those bbrats.

3. All answers that contain previously evicted HGs or outright non-contestants, will receive 0 points. Same goes for any questions left unanswered.
A week of unanswered questions is forgivable, two weeks is allowed as well, but miss a third weeks entry in a row and it's buh-bye bbratie.
I don't like to be the judgement caller on a weekly basis so if it becomes apparent a problem will arise, I'll simply remove the question. Same goes for any questions that can't be answered because they were not shown on the screen during one of the three weekly shows.

4. Now, because of the 3 weekly shows and the live feeds, it's must be noted that all questions are regarding the upcoming weeks events. NOT the current week. This can be confusing at first but I promise in no time you'll be gettin' it. This also means that results, as noted above, will take a while to tally. Diffent questions get answered different times in a week and that causes a small delay in full results. In that way, it's kinda fun to speculate how your week will turn out with the HOH, only to watch it fall to pieces by the POV and vise versa.

5. This is now you're house. Have fricken' fun, don't take things too seriously and feel free to mingle with other bbrats.

6. This one is reserved for anything I've overlooked at the moment and will remain so until that something is thought up or revealed through experience.

With all that out of the way...

5th Eviction Results:
Power Positions:
1. Head of Hamsters: Michelle (10)
2. Guest Host: Ollie (7)
3. Pawn of Vengence: Jerry (6)
4. The Backdoor Password: No (5)
5. Exit-Polls: 6-0 (10)
6. The Last Word: No (2)

Key Players:
1. The Last-Minute Lobbyist: April (5)
2. The Back-Up Backdoor: Dan (5)
3. The Ball Grab: April ~ Jerry ~ Memphis (5)
4. The Pawn: Keesha (5)
5. Jury Slave: Libra (10)

Icon Competition:
This or BBRAT
1. The Mayor of Nevada City; Silverstar: 5 votes
In the Minority; VisionQuest: 3 votes (7 points to...VisionQuest ~ suzzee ~ DearAbby)

2. Most in need of an intervention; LostAddict: 5 votes
In the Minority; kircon: 3 votes (7 points to...miarules ~ RebelCrown ~ LostAddict)

3. Recently sentenced 20 to life; RebelCrown: 5 votes
In the Minority; RoadKill: 3 votes (7 points to...RoadKill ~ RebelCrown ~ suzzee)

4. Song written about her; suzzee: 5 votes
In the Minority; DearAbby: 3 votes (7 points to...RoadKill ~ VisionQuest ~ LostAddict)

5. TIE: She's a party cryer; krismiss: 4 votes (7 points to...RoadKill ~ VisionQuest ~ RebelCrown ~ DearAbby)
She's also a party cryer; miarules: 4 votes (7 points to...miarules ~ suzzee ~ LostAddict ~ kircon)

Minority Totals:
LostAddict: 21
RebelCrown: 21
RoadKill: 21
suzzee: 21
VisionQuest: 21
DearAbby: 14
miarules: 14
kircon: 7
krismiss: 0
SilverStar: 0

Inside the bbrat house...
As the only bbrat to correctly predict Michelle would get HOH, RoadKill makes an amazing leap to the top of the heap this week.
It's quite a change from the doghouse but with the pride of a first HOH bedroom stay also comes a 5 point boost. Congrats!
With 58 points that means any brrat below 29 will be force fed the kibble.
Wha? again no kibble for LostAddict?
Looks like a trio of ladies wanted to go on a -3 point diet this week. Good Luck, kircon, suzzee and RebelCrown. RebelCrown, by the way, becomes the top leader in 'weeks on chow', 4 total.
Here's another glass of water, RC.

BBRAT Standings:
BBRAT HoH: Road Kill
Parts of the Crowd: DearAbby ~ LostAddict ~ mia rules ~ VisionQuest
BBRATs on Kibble: kircon ~ Rebel Crown ~ suzzee
BBRATs in the DogHouse: krismiss ~ SilverStar

While the minority Mayor of NevadaCity, VisionQuest, gains a little extra breathing room from a simply irresistable DearAbby, it's the quiet shifty-eyed one in the corner, Road Kill, who makes a giant strategic gain and nabs 3rd. miarules, meanwhile, having dried her tears has opted for the UTR and spends her days lazing back watching the drama go on around her.
Then there's Mayor Of the Doghouse, SilverStar. Sitting in 5th place, from a location not known. Absence surely makes the heart grow fonder, SS. Please come back.

BBRATLast EvictionThis EvictionHOH/ChowCurrent Standing
Road Kill
mia rules
Rebel Crown

Remaining HG Picture Wall:
Angie ~ April ~ Brian ~ Dan ~ Keesha
Jerry ~ Jessie ~ Libra
Michelle ~ Ollie ~ Renny ~ Memphis ~ Steven

7th Eviction Entry
Deadline: Thursday the 21st at 7:59pm BOARDTIME.

Power Positions:
1. Head of Hamsters: Name 1 HG who will WIN the Head of Household competition. (10)
2. Guest Host: Name 1 HG who will HOST the Power of Veto competition. (7)
3. Pawn of Vengence: Name 1 HG who will WIN the Power of Veto competition. (6)
4. The Backdoor Password: Does the Power of Veto get used? Yes or No? (5)
5. Exit-Polls: With 4 possible votes, how will the votes be spread between the nominees? (10)
6. The Last Word: Will the HOH have to break a tie with the votes? Yes or No? (2)

Key Players:
1. The Last-Minute Lobbyist: Name 1 HG who will pull their key out FIRST from the nomination block. (5)
2. The Back-Up Backdoor: Name 1 HG who will pull their key out LAST from the nomination block. (5)
3. Total ChipHead: Name 1 HG who be CHOSEN to play in the PoV? *Not HOH or Nominees. (5)
4. The Pawn: Name 1 HG who will be nominated but will NOT be evicted. (5)
5. Jury Slave: Name 1 HG who WILL be sent to a different house, somewhere in the southwest. (10)

Icon Competition: Sequester House Reservations
This Competition will be explained in a post below.
Check it out now, as space is limited.

* Scramble on!

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 BBRAT5: 5th Eviction Results / 7th ...   tribephyl     08-15-08       
   BBSequester House Reservations...   tribephyl     08-15-08     1  
     April   Road Kill     08-15-08     2  
         RE: April   gasa59     08-15-08     4  
     RE: BBSequester House Reservations....   LostAddict     08-15-08     3  
         Sorry LA...   tribephyl     08-17-08     9  
     Dan in Suite #7,   suzzee     08-15-08     5  
         RE: Dan in Suite #7,   krismiss2us     08-17-08     7  
     krismiss and RoadKill   tribephyl     08-17-08     8  
         RE: krismiss and RoadKill   krismiss2us     08-18-08     11  
     Renny   krismiss2us     08-18-08     10  
     Jerry   VisionQuest     08-18-08     12  
     Jerry   Rebel Crown     08-19-08     15  
         Sorry RC...   tribephyl     08-19-08     20  
             RE: Sorry RC...   Rebel Crown     08-19-08     25  
     Memphis   kircon     08-19-08     18  
     OLLIE   SilverStar     08-19-08     19  
     Michelle   mia rules18     08-19-08     22  
         did good.   tribephyl     08-19-08     23  
     Keesha   Rebel Crown     08-19-08     24  
     FOUL!   DearAbby     08-21-08     26  
   RE: BBRAT5: 5th Eviction Results / ...   krismiss2us     08-17-08     6  
   RE: BBRAT5: 5th Eviction Results / ...   Road Kill     08-18-08     13  
   RE: BBRAT5: 5th Eviction Results / ...   Rebel Crown     08-19-08     14  
   Ollie Suite #5   mia rules18     08-19-08     16  
     sorry mia...   tribephyl     08-19-08     21  
   RE: BBRAT5: 5th Eviction Results / ...   mia rules18     08-19-08     17  
   RE: BBRAT5: 5th Eviction Results / ...   DearAbby     08-21-08     27  
   RE: BBRAT5: 5th Eviction Results / ...   SilverStar     08-21-08     28  
   RE: BBRAT5: 5th Eviction Results / ...   suzzee     08-21-08     29  
   RE: BBRAT5: 5th Eviction Results / ...   VisionQuest     08-21-08     30  
   RE: BBRAT5: 5th Eviction Results / ...   kircon     08-21-08     31  

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