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"Big Brother 12 ECST Week 4: Scorch..."
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LFJ 363 desperate attention whore postings
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08-05-10, 09:54 AM (EST)
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26. "RE: Nominations: stable."
...and speaking of unbalanced - as per ususal, I didn't catch the show as I was locked in the Unit. I did catch some of BB After Dark, though.

Ragan was talking with Lane and Matt. In this case, the word "talking" is a euphemism for whining/babbling. He was trying to explain why it was important for them to see how much he "L.O.V.E.D." the game of BB, and just wanted to stay to have as much of the awesome experience as he could possibly have before he had to go back to teaching. (the 500k was never mentioned, of course). At intervals, he would make vague attempts to persuade the others that B/R had to go.

For his part, Lane snuffed loudly, every few seconds, as though he had a terrible head cold, but, refused to blow his nose, all the while grooming his cuticles with his teeth, which was wildly exciting when he used both hands to position a finger just so, for the perfect chomp. Between bites and snuffs, Lane did contribute that he had never seen BB before "a couple months ago" (probably when he learned he had made it into the House), and it was the best, most awesome game there ever was.

Matt, who had remained relatively quiet through this chimed in that he, too, had never seen BB before a couple of months before he got into the House.

Meanwhile, back at the community bathtub, Britney and Rachel were sitting in the tub together with matching chocolate facial masks, while Brendon sat outside the tub, talking with them about geting Ragan out of the house. It semms they have noticed he runs around the cage, cozying up to one and all of the hamsters.

It sounded to me as though they (Brti, B/R) had entered into some sort of alliance, were calculating risks in the house, and had already moved past the Kristen/Hayden elimination and on to the next round. They also talked about what they were practicing - dates that things occurred in the house, who won this competition, etc. I think Britney said she practiced with Lane????? And Rachel made a comment about Matt that led me to believe she is still not really onto him.

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