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"The Bachelor Paris - Episode 4"
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sorgee 1455 desperate attention whore postings
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02-05-06, 09:41 PM (EST)
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"The Bachelor Paris - Episode 4"
Episode 4 – Travis’ Reasons Why Not

I’ll cut right to the chase. Jehan and Tara got sent a packing.

The episode started with two former Dr.s wife wanna-bes (Jennifer and Shiloh) coming back to interview the girls and to select the two that they feel should have the two one on one dates with Travis and which girls will get stuck on the group date.

I’ll sum up the interviews (in order of preference, not in order of appearance) and the girls reactions:
*Sarah S. – Says she could see herself married to Travis because they like the same things and such as that. She seems to have the easiest interview and is confident of a one on one date.
*Tara – Ok, so the girl is a drunk, but I like her. (I would love to go out for a night on the town with her and Trish and a gaggle of rich older men. I bet their antics would make Paris Hilton and Tara Reid look virginal.) When the girls walked in, Tara giggled. She seemed to feel confident that she would be going on a one on one. Well, much to Tara’s dismay the interview doesn’t go as well as she had anticipated. The girls call her out on her drunkenness and she insists that if she gets a one on one date she won’t be a lush. (HA!!! As if.)
*Sarah B – She didn’t look too dang thrilled to see the girls. Good thing because Jennifer feels that Sarah B. shouldn’t be there and that she should.
*Jehan – The girls want to know when Jehan will show some emotion. Shiloh wants to know when she is going to open up. Jehan says that she wants to get to know Travis “normally” and she says that she doesn’t just have a crush on him. (Um, ok. If you want to get to know a guy normally, why the HECK are you on The Bachelor????) At this point I decide that I don’t like Jehan anymore. Her annoying factor is starting to reach the same level as Moana’s
*Moana – She felt like she was in the “Night of the Living Dead.” The girl nearly throws a nutty and she lays it out for the girls. She wants to be there for Travis.
Susan – They call her out about her Hollywood dreams. He says that she doesn’t want an actor. You can tell that the interview is simply a formality and that there is no way they will be sending her one of the coveted one on one dates.

Jehan – Romantic city tour
Sarah S – Art district escapade

Sarah B., Tara, Moana, and Susan – Bike ride through the countryside. (hey, that rhymes.)

Jehan’s boot kind of surprised me. She had the first one on one date with Travis and it seemed to go pretty well up to the point when she told him that she had been married. They spent the evening in the city, bought some food for a romantic meal, spent some time on the Eiffel Tower. Travis even bought her some bling. Travis made the mistake of asking her about past relationships and she did the honorable thing and told him the truth. She explained the reason for the failed union. (Something about a guy needing a green card and her being a sucker.) At the end of the date Travis even kept her around, but he did so without giving her a rose. He broke protocol and asked her to stay around without receiving a rose and she did.

The next date was the group date. The ladies are going on a fabulous bike ride through the countryside with Dr. T. (Remember that movie Dr. T and the Ladies?) The women are forced to wear spandex biking attire on the group and there isn’t even a rose up for grabs as a reward for their fashion humiliation. (We really need Larry to start issuing fashion citations for The Bachelor.) However, Dr. T does reveal that there will be a bike race and that the woman that wins the race will get a “special” prize. Moana wins the race. The girls are disgusted.

The group heads to a spa where they play in a pool. With the slick skills of The Fonz, Travis asks Moana to come claim her prize of a private couples massage. (At this point Mr. Sorgee is making inappropriate jokes about Moana-massage-moans-moaner-private-massage-deep tissue and so on. I wish I could share them, but I can’t. Just know that they were funny and that I nearly died laughing.)

Anyway, during the massage, Travis and Moana hold hands and have some deep discussion about honesty and communicating and opening up to each other. Travis lets her know that he feels a connection and she lets him know that she will open up eventually. Meanwhile, back at the pool the girls are slamming Moana. The pool has a window into the massage area. The remaining group date women all decide to dive down into the pool and spy on the happy couple as they get their massage.

Next up, Nashville Susan and Travis hit the art district and “paint the town.” They get some crappy looking portrait done by a guy that could make the skin crawl on a corpse. After the date they head for dinner and an intense “get to know you” session. Before the date, Travis mentions to the viewers that this date will determine a lot for him on the subject of Susan. They do quite a bit of talking during dinner. Travis says that he likes that she is a teacher and they laugh over the irony that they had to go to Paris to meet when they both lived in Nashville. In the end it all works out well for her and she gets a rose.

During the Susan-Travis one on one date, Moana throws a nutty back at the house. You see, the other girls were talking about how Moana hogs Travis and how they just don’t like her and Moana decides to confront them. Moana cries (and moans) and no one really seems to care.

Travis goes over to surprise the women and to have a final one on one talk with them before the rose ceremony. All of the woman get a little piece of Travis, but of course it is Moana who monopolizes him. Travis finds Moana writing in her journal by the fire. She plays the “poor me” card and tells him how the other women treat her. She appeals to his sensitive side. (Sucker. You can tell that he thinks he is prince charming saving her from the grasp of the evil step sisters. Wonder if he will pay to have her name changed to Cinderella?)

You already know that Jehan and Tara don’t get roses, so that means that both the Sarahs, Moana and Susan are the four remaining women. The rose ceremony was one of the dullest ever, but as she was saying her farewells, Tara told Travis not to be fooled by the remaining ladies. If the guy would have had a fourtune cookie that night it would have said, “ Ah, you shall hear wise parting words that shall fall on deaf ears.”

The home dates. Travis said that he is excited to go home and meet each woman's family. I think he is actually looking forward to getting the heck out of Paris and back into the states for some good ole American burgers and beer. Travis makes a toast to the girl’s families. Family, shmamily. I’m onto this joker.

Speaking of jokers, the previews imply that an older female member of one woman’s family implies that there might be a dishonest woman in the group. Is she talking about Moana? Don’t know. You’ll just have to watch next week – or wait for the slummary.


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qwertypie 9776 desperate attention whore postings
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02-05-06, 11:21 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: The Bachelor Paris - Episode 4"
Much, much, much better than the show. Wished I had skipped it (I want that 60 minutes of my life BACK!)

Thanks Cygnus X1, you ROCK my world!


missygirl3 541 desperate attention whore postings
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02-06-06, 12:26 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: The Bachelor Paris - Episode 4"
Great job sorgee. Loved the comments about the creppy artist. I should have skipped the viewing and read this 1st..

frisky 11695 desperate attention whore postings
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02-06-06, 02:10 PM (EST)
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3. "RE: The Bachelor Paris - Episode 4"
WTG, sorgee!! I think everyone summarizing this drabfest should be rewarded with their very own bachelor!!

I may take you up on the idea of waiting for summaries instead of watching the show. What a dull cast of characters. There's nobody to root for, not even Travis. Once you can't even root for the main dood, what's the point?

I say we get Jerry back as a Bachelor. Jer-RY! Jer-RY! Jer-RY!

Rolly made this.


meemee2000 12 desperate attention whore postings
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02-06-06, 09:44 PM (EST)
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4. "RE: The Bachelor Paris - Episode 4"
It was the best rose ceremony ever...what's wrong with you people...


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