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"Survivor Team Office Pool Phantasy:..."
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tribephyl 12393 desperate attention whore postings
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09-12-10, 01:20 PM (EST)
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"Survivor Team Office Pool Phantasy:..."
LAST EDITED ON 09-13-10 AT 02:33 AM (EST)

In an effort to combine and condense, I am taking the reins of both the Office Pool and Survivor Tribe Phantasy.

In this game I will act as host and advisor.
The basics are simple as is the point system. The objective and the over-all winning spot, however, will be much harder.
The basics are:
Every week you will need to choose 4, out of the current slate of survivors, to act as your "team".
1 will act as the "lifeguard" the other 3 will act as the "swimmers".
The "lifeguard" will serve mainly as your way to stay in The Pool. If your "lifeguard" gets booted out of the show, you will be kicked out of the Survivor Tribe Office Pool Phantasy.
Much like in Office Pool, each survivor can only be picked as "lifeguard" twice. Or... Only 2 players will be able to claim any one survivor, as a lifeguard, each week.
When I post the new entry, it will be a first-come-first-served free-for-all to pick the survivor "lifeguards". Therefore entries may be posted at any time. Just to try and make some waves.
Keep note: Whomever you pick as your "lifeguard" will forego points for the week.
For future reference: You may choose the same "lifeguard" in subsequent weeks.
Now, as to the "swimmers", they will be the one's to act as your weekly point makers. The Phantasy.
The points will be determined by the "swimmers" participation or placement in certain events. I have a run-down for them below.
If a "swimmer" - Wins Reward Challenge: 17
If a "swimmer" - Wins Immunity Challenge: 29
If a "swimmer" - Finds a Hidden Idol: 24
If a "swimmer" - Plays a Hidden Idol: 21
If a "swimmer" - Votes for the "actual" bootee at Tribal Council: 34
There are other points that will be revealed in a few weeks...
If a "swimmer" - TBA
If a "swimmer" - TBA
If a "swimmer" - TBA
If a "swimmer" - TBA

Now usually, this is where I would write something about how nefarious... er nepharious I am and to keep a lookout for specially designed bonuses that might pop up from time to time. Alas, I can pretty much promise you I will not have the time or energy to do something like that. This will be a straight up, pick players, receive points game. However, as suggested with the points, there will be a certain "grace period" in the beginnning before I will start kicking people out of the pool. When this happens it will be fully described in the entry. So, without further ado, let the STOPP begin!

Before it gets off the ground let me just state that to claim a lifeguard must be done in the subject of your post, with the survivors name and either a 1 or a 2 following, dependant upon their placement. Again, survivors may only be picked twice as a lifeguard. If they have already been picked you will have to choose a different survivor/lifeguard. Keep in mind, your lifeguard will not be collecting points, only the 3 swimmers will. So choose wisely.

The official vince3 list of current survivors:
Alina ~ Ben ~ Brenda ~ Chase ~ Dan ~ Holly ~ Jane ~ Jill ~ Jimmy J ~ Jimmy T
Jud ~ Kelly B ~ Kelly S ~ Marty ~ Matthew ~ NaOnka ~ Shannon ~ Tyrone ~ WendyJo ~ Yve

Ready, Set, DIVE!

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 Survivor Team Office Pool Phantasy:...   tribephyl     09-12-10       
   RE: Survivor Team Office Pool Phant...   Wallflower66     09-12-10     1  
     Lifeguard: Jimmy J.   Wallflower66     09-12-10     3  
   Lifeguard: Yve - 1   Georjanna     09-12-10     2  
   Lifeguard Jimm J. - 2   vince3     09-12-10     4  
     Lifeguard Jimmy J. - 2   vince3     09-12-10     5  
     Swimmers   vince3     09-13-10     16  
   Dan #1   dreamerbeliever     09-12-10     6  
   Holly-1   CTgirl     09-12-10     7  
     RE: Holly-1   agman     09-13-10     11  
   Lifeguard = Kelly S   byoffer     09-13-10     8  
     RE: Lifeguard = Kelly S   tribephyl     09-13-10     18  
   Lifeguard Jane #1   5cats     09-13-10     9  
   Lifeguard: Chase   Survivor Maniac     09-13-10     10  
   Chase 2   agman     09-13-10     12  
   Lifeguard: Dan 2   iatovttotx78     09-13-10     13  
   Lifeguard: Shannon 1   suzzee     09-13-10     14  
   Lifeguard - Jimmy J   Travelor     09-13-10     15  
     Pick a new lifeguard   tribephyl     09-13-10     20  
   holly 2   vennui     09-13-10     17  
   Jimmy T - 1   DearAbby     09-13-10     19  
   Current list of lifeguard choices   tribephyl     09-13-10     21  
   Brenda -1   Kermit the Vixen     09-13-10     22  
   Shannon 2   MJewel     09-15-10     23  

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