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"The Final Three should be . . ."
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JPatera 1 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "American Cancer Society Spokesperson"

04-06-01, 01:38 PM (EST)
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"The Final Three should be . . ."
Lis, Rodger and Amber. Here's why: Keith, Tina, Colby have been a solid bloc for weeks. Amber should have figured this out long ago. Am, did you figure out the vote break down on Mitchell vs. Keith? If not, the fact that Jerri got the boot and you were so sure O-Tribe was going down the line against Lis should have been your wake up call. But no, you go along with T/K/C, proving your the submissive servant of the strong not a person in your own right.

Here's Lis and Rodger's pitch to Amber: "Vote with us and you will be in the final 3. Next TC will be a 3-3 tie, T/K/C will vote for either Rodger or Lis. If R/E/A all vote for K or C, K or C will get the boot based on past votes against. Simple. Presume K or C gets immunity. Vote for the other. Then the tables are turned 3-2 with R/E/A in the majority. Pick off the remaining Ogakor guy and then Tina at the next TC. That leaves a final 3 of Rodger, Lis and you (Amber). That's the best you can do in this game. Get to the final 3, win immunity and then you're in the final 2. The alternative: Vote with O-Tribe, R and E will go, you'll be in the final 4 but will be the first that the T/K/C block will vote off. Which will it be Amber? (a) Vote with T/K/C, get to the final 4, but be the first booted after we're gone, and be forever remembered as the meek little girl who got used, booted and was in way over her head in terms of politics: or (b)Vote with us, get to the final 3 and have as good a chance as anyone to be in the final 2 (probably better cus you'd probably be the favorite in any 3-way immunity challenge with Rodger and Lis. Lastly, however the final 3 shakes out, you will leave with respect that you were actually a real player and not a pawn." So how bout it Amber?

The problem is America's favorites -- Lis and Rodger-- are not the sharpest knives in the drawer. When it was 5-5, how bout rally Kucha to vote against the Ogakor who was most likely to have votes (Jerri) instead of the strongest (Colby)? Also, you did yourselves no favors by voting against Amber. Your chances of swaying her are considerably reduced now. I think the problem with Kucha is that aside from Hot Hand (Michael)everyone is strategically challenged. For all the loafing and bitching by the Ogakors, at least they figured out how to vote. This is the last chance for Kentucky Joe and the Sweetest Ass in the Outback.


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 Gee, thanks Newbie shakes the clown 04-06-01 1

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shakes the clown 3366 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

04-06-01, 03:10 PM (EST)
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1. "Gee, thanks Newbie"
Thanks for starting a new thread to post the SAME idea that about 18,000 people on this board have already figured out.

IT's called the Lamber 3-steps to success and it goes like this:

1. Stick with Oga-four, vote off Nick
2. Join Kucha and vote off the Colbster or KKK
3. Pick and choose b/w Kucha OR Ogakor and easily ride into the final-2 as the desired opponent for any of the remaining four.

Next time, take a look around and maybe actually read a thread or two, you might find that your "original" idea has already been posted quite a few times on several threads...and then you can simply add to one of those threads instead of cluttering the board with new, redundant threads.

Let's see, anything else I missed.....oh yeah, welcome to the board, great to have you.



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