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"BBRAT3: Week 8 Results / Final Entr..."
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tribephyl 12393 desperate attention whore postings
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09-01-06, 06:24 AM (EST)
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"BBRAT3: Week 8 Results / Final Entr..."
LAST EDITED ON 09-02-06 AT 03:40 PM (EST)

EvilExterminator squishes the spider and snaps the chickens neck.

Welcome back to the BBRAT.

This week on the show:
In her first attempt at gameplay, Erika wins HOH and nominates Janelle and George.
What she forgot was that Janelle will win the POV and then Erika will have to vote out one of her "allies".
Little do any of them realize but two of them are not like the others.
Danielle gets to sit in the eviction chair again and this time it's for the last time.
Voted out 3-0.

The Power Players:
A. HOH: Erika (6)
B. POV: Janelle (6)
C. Will the POV be used? Yes (4)
The Evictees:
A. Nominee: Danielle, Janelle or George (10)
B. Evicted: Danielle (10)
C. Non-EvictedNominee: Janelle or George (10)
BBrat quotes
Janelle: "As God is my witness, I'll never eat again."
Marcellas: "Someone give me a needle and thread so I can sew my mouth shut!"
Will: "I better not wake up with trichanosis."
Kaysar: "I'm not a reality show type of person."
Erika: "Shalom Aleichem"

This week, Inside the BBrat house:
The newest HOH, whoami, makes a return to the best room in the house. With a score of 66.
Making the cut-off for Slop, 32 and below. Yowza!
whoami's win practically splits the BBrat house right down the middle.
Those In the Crowd vs. everyone forced into the SlopDiet Crew
As is becoming customary, EvilDr alwaysintruble continues to fool everyone with his game skills by making an entry but not getting a single point, bonus or otherwise. Yet somehow he still is in the game and could possibly even win it.

whoami ~ 66 (5) = 71

In the Crowd:
survivor_XXI ~ 49
wallflower ~ 46
DearAbby ~ 41 ~ * ait thanks you.
vince ~ 39
yensid ~ 37
bdemoney ~ 36 ~ * kingfish thanks you.
Das Mole ~ 29 ~ * You needed your SlopPass this week, Das. Best if you keep it.
kingfish ~ 23 = 23
alwaysintruble ~ 0 = 0

SlopDiet Crew:
Road Kill ~ 28 (-3) = 25
Captain_Savem ~ 22 (-3) = 19
Rebel Crown ~ 21 (-3) = 18
ARnutz ~ 20 (-3) = 17
Lasann ~ 14 (-3) = 11
qwertypie ~ 10 (-3) = 7

BBRAT Totals:
Lasann continues to hold onto the top spot. But can she best her own previous seasons efforts? Specially with last seasons winner, Dear Abby making great gains for this week and planting herself within 4 points of the lead and RebelCrown and ARnutz who are both Top5 contenders from last season. whoami re-enters the Top5 after a six week break.

T . Lasann ~ 11 (238) = 249
O . DearAbby ~ 41 (204) = 245 ~
P . Rebel Crown ~ 18 (201) = 219
* . ARnutz ~ 17 (201) = 218
5 . whoami ~ 71 (135) = 206
wallflower ~ 46 (159) = 205
Das Mole ~ 29 (173) = 202 ~
yensid ~ 37 (155) = 192
vince ~ 39 (148) = 187
survivor_XXI ~ 49 (133) = 182
Captain_Savem ~ 19 (148) = 167
bdemoney ~ 36 (117) = 153 ~
kingfish ~ 23 (122) = 145
Road Kill ~ 25 (109) = 134
alwaysintruble ~ 0 (111) = 111
qwertypie ~ 7 (103) = 110


Notice: This entry will be due by Tuesday, September 5th. 8pm boardtime.
Onto the Final entry

It will include questions for the last HOH, the last eviction, the final Jury Vote and the eventual winner.
The points have all been raised to almost astronomical amounts. The game is still on.

A. Which HG wins the first round in the final HOH challenge? (10)
B. Which HG wins the second round in the final HOH challenge? (10)
C. Which HG wins the final round in the final HOH challenge? (20)
D. Which HG does the HOH choose to evict at Final3? (20)
E. Which HG will win the allstar season? (50)

Final JuryVote:
A. Marcellas votes for ~ (Name one HG.) (10)
B. Howie votes for ~ (Name one HG.) (10)
C. James votes for ~ (Name one HG.) (10)
D. Danielle votes for ~ (Name one HG.) (10)
E. George votes for ~ (Name one HG.) (10)
F. (Name one HG.) (10) votes for ~ (Name one HG.) (20)
G. (Name one HG.) (10) votes for ~ (Name one HG.) (20)

BBrat Bonus:
As most I'm sure have noticed, each week's entry thread is started with a TitlePlateGraphic.
The problem now is... do you remember what they said?
Varying points for each correct answer. Hope you were all paying attention.
If you feel like pm'ing me your answers to avoid copycats, go for it. Just make sure to title it first, then make your message and send.
PM's without titles don't get received.

1. In week 1 the ChenBot was highlighted in the titleplate. 7.0 was her style number but what was she programmed for? (5)
2. In week 9/10 What finger are both minimikee and DrEvil sucking on? (10)
3. In week 2 what suit was the playing card with Kayser's face on it? (15)
4. In what week was LesMoonves portrayed as the AlphaRodent? (20)
5. In week 3 the mime is seen holding blank with his right hand. (30)
6. In week 6 according to the titleplate how does one reach JackintheShack. (30)
7. In week 4 When did it say that 'Gross Anatomy' would be premiering? (20)
8. In what week was the hamster in the microwave? (15)
9. In what week were Erica and Boogie portrayed as humping hamsters? (10)
10. In week 11 the movie, 'blank', is represented in the titleplate. (5)

380 points possible.


* One last chance... If any of the SlopPass winners chooses to do so, they can temporarily loan out their pass to another bbrat on the slop diet. Please post your intentions in the weekly thread and I'll make the appropriate adjustments.

* Last entry. Thanks everyone for a fun season.

* Results for last weeks and this final entry will be revealed after the winner is announced.

* Although, I can tell you that whoami and Das Mole are leading the wk9/10 race for HOH far.

*The Rules*
Deadline for all entries will be each and every Thursday, at beginning of showtime, boardtime. (There may be a "POP QUIZ" or two thrown in as well. These are held when "suprise" events take control of the house and the producers decide to switch the format from the norm. Depending completely on the show's schedule. I will try to stay right on top of things, if something changes.)
The BBRAT will be open to new players at any time.
Those who make an entry after the deadline will not be considered.
Those who miss an entry will have to go without gaining any points for the week.
If a vacation or other time-constraint happens, you are allowed to have a proxy-player make your entry for you.
Any player who misses 3 entries in a row will be thrown into the firepit.
*The Entry*
The game will start with the prediction of HOH and end with the prediction of the evictee. From Thurs. to Thurs. All predictions will be made regarding the next weeks episodes.
I will try to post the new entry thread every Fri. Each questions outcome will be determined by the show itself. For instance, If a challenge is held but not aired, in the show (either tues, thurs. or sat.), it will not count.
*ALSO, any answer with "None", "No One", "all the rest" or "everybody else" will not be counted.
Where it asks to name one HG, simply name one HG.
If a question is correct you will receive the points alloted in the parentheses after each question. These points are subject to change but not without notice. If you are wrong with your choices you will receive 0 points. If one of your answers contains an already evicted HG, it will be worth 0 points.
HOH Bonus:
The HOH bonus goes to the person/s who acheived the highest weekly score. This HOHwinner will have 5 bonus points added to their tally.
SlopDiet Penalty:
The SlopDiet penalty is given to (read: taken from) all folks with fewer than half of the HOH winner's weekly point total. This penalty will be -3 points. This penalty will be determined before the HOH bonus is added.
The points will be given out when all challenges and questions have been resolved. A.K.A. a week later.

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