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"Omarosa & Jerry"
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anni_oaklee 1 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "American Cancer Society Spokesperson"

03-01-05, 12:20 PM (EST)
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"Omarosa & Jerry"
Ooops, sorry about that, I guess in my old age I got Jen confused with Omarosa. Omarosa dear, move over...Jen is going to take over as the reality TV star you'd most like to hate, well except for Johnny "Fairplay."

I'm all for making the right choices in life...however! I think I lost good feelings about her when she turned to the camera & made that ridiculous face when Fabric(e) was mauling her..and she continued to lose standing after that with her superficial comments & camera poses. To me the chemistry from Jerry was immediate for her, but when she started questioning his motives? Like he's in it to win? Hello, did anyone confuse this with For Love or Money?

There sure was a payoff for her though, a whole lot of wardrobes, a two season salary (and probably last nights extra episode for her to "be sure" & that last engagement ring. The network probably paid for Andy's ring is my guess. And she had problems communicating with Jerry? Well, he was damn articulate in the camera interviews, I'd have a hard time thinking he couldn't carry it over in person. Maybe he looked frustrated at times because she was such a ditz. Even her girlfriends didn't shed a tear when she was weeping away in the limo. Don't call her a Beauty Queen Jerry, you should have said Drama Queen in that song...& high maintenance to boot.

When she started questioning his motives, judging by some of the men she turned away, versus those she was with, including Andy, I got the distinct impression that she hadn't been with someone of Jerry's caliber before (and hot looks, whew...makes a 55 yr old GGrandmother remember why she's such a young great grandmother, hehe.) Judging by looks of her "new" beau & boss, Billy Dec only seems to support my thoughts. Jerry's so hot & classy, no sane woman would turn him down (barring Fabric(e) & Stalker lawyerguy's behavior), so instead she puts him down?

I'm sorry, but Jerry impressed me with his class in one of the first couple of episodes when he wouldn't participate in the guy's version of kiss and tell & told who, Fabric(e)? to form their own opinions. This link from his local newspaper seems to confirm that he is the real deal:

In the end, I think she got carried away & actually thought she was "all that" with the pomp & circumstance she was given & the adoration of 25 men.

Now Jerry had been approached to be on the show before, but supposedly kept turning them down until he was actually ready ...and I seriously think he was stunned with her ice cold decision.

But I love conspiracy theories. Let's suppose for a minute that after she went to the Superbowl with wealthy Billy Bob Dec, coworkers were confirming the romance, & she was giving lukewarm interviews about her mystery proposal:,1,16020,00.html?rsstv

& if by then Jerry knew they were history (or never got a history if Jen & her boss banked on future publicity with her on his arm) makes me wonder.

What do you think the chances are that some of what happened last night...the love song, Jerry denying the "just friends" & being stunned, the Chris digs & Thailand comment, as well as the embarrassing questions from the audience (since she wouldn't do the reunion show)...what if this was a reverse sting by ABC & payback to Ms. Jen for basically wasting a ton of money & taking a sinking show & practically assuring it's demise because of livid fans?

Maybe the way these reality shows like to recycle the contestants, like putting Survivors on the Amazing Race, etc., maybe ABC could convince Trump to do a season & we could look forward to Jen hearing YOU'RE FIRED!! It's either that or put her on the workcrew of Extreme Home Makeover.

As for Jerry, Brad Pitt watch out! Don't settle for another one-time reality show...go for the gold & get the girl you want too! That's why he said "I love you for that" Omarosa, errrr, Jen


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jellsee 2 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "American Cancer Society Spokesperson"

03-01-05, 12:29 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: Omarosa & Jerry"
Wow! Now that's the best message posted yet! I don't even have to say anything about how I felt. You said it all. Thanks for packing a great punch. I feel exactly the same way.


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