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"SSC (PN) The Bradys meet SB Part Two"
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LadyT 5567 desperate attention whore postings
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06-23-01, 08:03 PM (EST)
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"SSC (PN) The Bradys meet SB Part Two"
Sam: SherpaDave
Greg: Shakes the Clown
Marcia VampKira
Peter: LizzLover
Bobby: Surv
Cindy: You decide
Special Guests:
Doug Simpson: Superman
Buffy: Lady T
Joe Namath as BadAs
Receptionist: Dalton
Teasing Boys MonkeyBoy and ICB

Setting: The Brady Kitchen, noontime

Carol: Alice, has Sam come with the meat delievery?
Alice, contented smile on her face: He sure did. While you were out looking for Fluffy, he stopped by.
Carol: He didn't stay for a cup of coffee?
Alice, No, he just delievered, the uh, meat to me, then left. For some reason, with me, they come fast and then go.
Carol: How intersting, I'm going to call Mike and see what time he will be home.(Pauses, contemplating,) You know ALice, I have no idea why Mike never keeps regular hours.
Alice, cutting up onions for the meatloaf,: He's always been like that Carol, he has a lot of clients.
Carol picks up phone, dailing
Alice to herself: Mike should have married me! I raised these kids before Carol came around, even gave Mike a quickie every so often. Yes these perky breasts have been made available to Mike.

Receptionist: This is Dalton here, state your business.
Carol: Yes Dalton, I'd like to speak to Mike please.
Receptionist: Mike who?
Carol: Isn't there only one Mike that works in the firm?
Receptionist looks at her elaborate phone setup: Mrs Brady, I have told you a number of times that there is more than one Mike who works here. Get it right or I will disconnect you.
Carol: Oh Dalton.
Receptionist patches Carol through: Mike?
Mike: Hi honey.
Carol: When will you be home for dinner?
Mike: Not sure yet, maybe Six, six thirty.
Carol: Big project you working on?
Mike, glancing at his CIA files,: Yes you could say that I am saving the world honey.
Carol: Oh Mike.

Jr High School- Lunchtime

Peter: Jan, come here!
Jan rushes over: Hey Peter, I was just telling everyone how you are the one in our family that can't sing for #####, so when we go out on tour, you have to lip synch. But when we sing It's time to change, you are allowed to sing because you're voice keeps changing.
Peter: Thanks Jan.
Jan: What do you want?
Peter: I have an idea, Let's go to Sunnydale's dance tonight and sell some of this groovy pot I got. We can double our profits and buy more.
Jan: But Marcia and Greg will be there.
Peter: So? I still have the mustache that Greg made me wear on that double date and you must have that black wig still that you wore to that party when all you thought was that Marcia got all the attention. No one will recognize us.
Jan: Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!
Peter: Deep breathes Jan, Focus on the drugs.
Jan, taking deep breath: We can double our money?
Peter: We sure can!
Jan: Far out!

Elementary School: Cindy and Kitty Karryall in cafeteria alone, Bobby nearby

Teasing Boys: Baby talk Baby Talk, it's a wonder you can walk!
Bobby, standing up and coming over: Hey thats my sister you are making fun of and as the Safety Monitor, I am going to write you up.
Teasing Boys: Ohhh, we are so scared!
Cindy looks up, eyes flashing: I will get you, and your little dog too!
Everyone runs in fear.

Sunnydale High School:

Greg: Buffy! Wait up!
Buffy, swearing: What?
Greg: I wrote a song for you, because next to my sister Marcia, you are the grooviest chick in school.
Buffy: OMG <click>
Greg: Clowns never laugh again, moonlight never shines....
Buffy: If you don't shut up right now, I will kick you into the hellmouth, am I making myself clear? (Buffy walks away.)
Greg: Please can I take you to the Dance?

Marcia, brushing her hair: Thank God Doug wasn't here to see Greg make a fool of himself. I hate to admit he's my bloody brother.(catches sight of Doug) Doug! Over here!
Doug: Hey Marcia, I have to run to the nearest telephone booth, something suddenly came up.
Marcia: Ok. Catch you later.
Doug: But first, I want to ask you a question?
Marcia, tossing hair, smiling brightly,:Ok Doug, anything you want?
Doug: Will you be my Girl and wear my Letterman's sweater?
Marcia: Oh Doug!

Brady House:

Carol: Alice! I'm going out for a few hours!
Alice, scrubbing the floors: Sure I do all the housework while she spends her days doing errands, but neve rcoming home with anything or looking for that damn cat that ran that was at the wedding and was never seen again.
Carol gets into the ugliest stationwagon you can imagine and drives across town. She pulls into a a familiar driveway and lets herself in.
Carol: Joe! I;m here!
Joe, runs over and kisses her: Hi Honey, what took you so long? It;s been hours since I've seen you.
Carol: Joe, I can only look for Fluffy for so long.
Joe, wrapping his arms around her: How long do we have?
Carol: I have to be home by the time the kids get home. I have to make sure Greg isn't watching Marcia in the shower.
Joe: Thank God he isn't your kid Carol.
Carol: I know, (pauses, a seductive smile on her face) Have I ever htanked you for coming over to play ball with the kids?
Joe: Why don't we go upstairs and you can show me?

After School Jan and Peter at Sam's meat market

Sam: Hey kids, what can I do for you? I already gave ALice all the meat she can handle.
Jan: Were here for the special delivery.
Sam: Why don't you come out back?
They all walk out back.
Sam: Here we go, all the grade A grass I have.
Peter: Do you have anything else?
Sam: I let you buy this, because it's harmless, and I give so much to ALice for free, and I want to keep giving it to her for free. So no.
Peter: Ok
Sam: What ar eyou kids doing tonight anyway?
Jan: Going to the dance at Sunnydale. Isn't the Bowler's Ball tonight?
Sam: Yep Alice and I are going. I can't wait!
Peter and Jan: Bye Sam.
Sam, chuckling, Bye kids.

Carol, sitting on the couch, crocheting as the kids come in age order: Hi Kids, Dinner will be ready soon. Why don't you all get ready and we'll eat. Probably an hour or so.
Kids: Great Mom. We'll be down in an hour.

This is all I can do now, but the next two events will be the Dance and the Bowlers Ball.
Will Carol be discovered?
Someone loses something at the dance, what will it be?
Something happens to Greg, what could it be?
Bobby and Cindy go on an adventure that could be dangerous.
Someone strikes gold
Will Mike ever come home?
Someone gets something they have always wished for, but will they want it?

Tune in next time.

Mom always said, "Don't play ball in the house".


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Survivorerist 4103 desperate attention whore postings
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06-23-01, 08:44 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: SSC (PN) The Bradys meet SB Part Two"
*I* loved your story the most (sorry mellie). Sorry I forgot to reply to the first one. Loved the bit about the station wagon and Greg's character is just hilarious. Can't wait for part 3!


"Just turn right when you see that big church sign.
Just go straight, and you'll be on your way."
- Adam Gregory "Big Star"


Drive My Car 20045 desperate attention whore postings
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06-24-01, 03:47 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: SSC (PN) The Bradys meet SB Part Two"
Oh this was so much fun ( Letterman sweater, hahahahaha)

And if you had to make me ( I mean Carol) slutty, at least i got some BadAs ( I mean some Joe Namath) Oh Whatever.

This was great Lady T.



VampKira 4433 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Jerry Springer Show Guest"

06-25-01, 02:18 AM (EST)
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3. "RE: SSC (PN) The Bradys meet SB Part Two"
Great job again, Lady T!! *swoons for Doug*

"Let's spend the night together,
You'll wake up and live forever."
Du ar min hjälte, Supermänniska



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