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"The fifteen-minute career of Lee DeWyze."

Posted by Estee on 01-25-11 at 01:46 PM
LAST EDITED ON 01-25-11 AT 02:05 PM (EST)

It's time to put an official tracker on the disaster-in-progress of Simon's last gift to the locals. His release sales came out of the gate slowly, then got even slower, and then threatened to make someone draft Stu Miller in the first round over any of Lee's totals. His radio airplay has been -- has been -- well, I'm sure he's gotten some somewhere. And a few days ago, he performed at halftime for the Bears-Packers game. An Illinois native who supposedly made some kind of good.

Result? Booed.

Dimesvck's in trouble, and not even the Idol hype machine can save him now...

Not that the Idol hype machine's ever saved anyone. Give 'em the crown, shove 'em out the door, next!

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"RE: The fifteen-minute career of Lee DeWyze."
Posted by Corvis on 01-25-11 at 04:42 PM

Those that were there say he wasn't booed, but rather the Packers re-entering the field were the cause of the boos. My guess is that no one gave a damn about Lee and just wanted to get the game going again. It was a tough day for Bears fans.