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Posted by Tummy on 04-29-10 at 10:23 AM
I already miss you. *sniff

The only contestant that I will purchase their cd. She should have gone alot further!

And my PTTE is trashed. *double sniff

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"RE: Siobhan"
Posted by Snidget on 04-29-10 at 10:27 AM
The fun office pool results are pitiful this week as well.

5% of the total points available to everyone were put on Siobhan. And I think one of those was someone that didn't go in and change the default picks.

"RE: Siobhan"
Posted by zazzy on 04-30-10 at 09:00 PM
Now that's funny!

"RE: Siobhan"
Posted by Estee on 04-29-10 at 10:35 AM
Two comments from last night's TXT files.

'She'll have a career. It won't be a mainstream one. She's better off that way.'

'Don't worry. It's not as if Idol had any idea what to do with her.'

"RE: Siobhan"
Posted by DearAbby on 04-29-10 at 03:54 PM
I miss her too.

Did Aaron get some of the votes meant for Siobhan? Apparently someone posted Aaron's numbers on Siobhan's Facebook page, so now there's a petition to have this week's votes nullified.


Here's the FB page where the wrong number was supposedly posted. (Don't know if you have to be logged in to FB to read it.)


I read through the FB comments from fans complaining about the wrong number, but I don't see where the wrong number is posted ... perhaps Aaron the person who posted it took it down.

I doubt Idol will do anything about it, though; after all, Ryan gave the correct numbers.

*hopes Aaron goes home next week*

"RE: Siobhan"
Posted by Tummy on 04-29-10 at 06:17 PM
A very good post-exit interview with her. Here's hoping that Siobhan Magnus has all good things coming her way!


"RE: Siobhan"
Posted by cahaya on 05-04-10 at 06:20 PM
First guy to post here... and...

she's the first gal I'd vote for.