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"Adam Lambert insanity tracking thread."

Posted by Estee on 02-28-10 at 05:52 PM
How has it taken us this long to put up an official one?

To keep the Internet from drowning in a flood of eyeshadow, keep all of Adam's 2010 self-sabotage attempts on this thread until we officially overwhelm the site's memory capacity. (I give it three months.)

Our semi-inaugural edition: Adam tells parents to let their kids take drugs!


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"RE: Adam Lambert insanity tracking thread."
Posted by mrc on 03-02-10 at 01:16 PM
Top Idol has a lot of criticism of Glamberts and their insanity. That might be Adam's downfall first.

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"For example,"
Posted by mrc on 03-04-10 at 02:51 PM
On May 20, 2009 Ryan Seacrest announced that Kris Allen, an ordinary guy who could sing a little, beat the phenomenal vocalist and performer Adam Lambert. How could this happen? It made sense when the Arkansas Gazette and then the New York Times broke the story; Kris had help from corporate sponsor AT&T. Then, as quickly as the story erupted, the story fizzled with denials from AT&T, FOX and American Idol. All three claimed that the vote was fair, accurate and independently verified by Telescope Inc. Not one news outlet challenged the denial, even while many doubted the fairness of this victory.

Unencumbered by any corporate interests, independent investigator Kerry Kolsch took on the mystery that no other journalist would. She set out to find the truth. What she unraveled was a murky tale of corporate hubris and homophobia, with the flavor of backwoods politics. Kris Allen did not beat Adam Lambert alone. It took the whole state of Arkansas and the unfair voting system created by AT&T to hijack the victory from Lambert.

This explosive book, based on thousands of hours of research, proves once and for all that Adam Lambert is the legitimate winner of American Idol Season 8. The research follows events in Arkansas and trails through cyberspace that can quantify demographics state-by-state, month-by-month and city-by-city, and identify who the winner really was. Not only dose irrefutable data show that Kris could not have won, it refute the reasons that were used to justify Kris’ win. It was not America’s homophobia. Kris did not get Danny’s votes. Kris won because AT&T showed Kris’ Arkansas supporters how to game the system.

A singing contest became an Arkansas state endeavor involving; the Chamber of Commerce, politicians, churches, radio, television, newspapers, businesses, universities, banks, dancing cows and Toad Suck Queens. With the intensity of a hotly contested sporting event, the whole state took on Adam Lambert. They were whipped into frenzy by a clever PR team. Many believed it was a religious crusade and they could single handedly stamp out homosexuality.

The madness of the pro-Kris, Arkansas, mob rational was that an American Idol win would give the state cultural literacy. Imagine? Read the facts and you decide if Kris Allen really won, or if Adam Lambert is Second to None.


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"RE: For example,"
Posted by Tummy on 03-04-10 at 03:36 PM
I haven't clicked on the link yet - but what did AT&T get from a Kris win? Does it say?

"RE: For example,"
Posted by mrc on 03-04-10 at 04:11 PM
This is the blurb on a self-published book. (Yes, typos and all--how appropriate for National Grammar Day!) I haven't read it.

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"RE: For example,"
Posted by zazzy on 03-04-10 at 06:00 PM
It's so biased--"Kris Allen, an ordinary guy who could sing a little". But in America free speech is allowed, so, whatev.

I don't live in Arkansas, no PR team contacted me, I'm not homophobic, and I voted for Kris. But to read that blurb, it's as though only Arkansas voted for Kris because people used multiple phones to dial in.

Ha! Go back to when Taylor won-- IIRC, there were people flying into Birmingham to use donated phones to help vote for Taylor for the finale. Multiple phones is nothing new.

"RE: For example,"
Posted by mrc on 03-22-10 at 12:50 PM
More crazy from the book and its author (read the author's comments in the first link):



Sigs by Bob about chalk dust. Pretty exciting stuff

"RE: For example,"
Posted by Estee on 03-22-10 at 12:59 PM
If you're looking for contributions towards the download, I'll put in a penny's worth of comedy value.

"RE: For example,"
Posted by mrc on 03-22-10 at 03:33 PM
I'm pretty sure we can get it for 25,000 MCR points.

"RE: For example,"
Posted by Estee on 03-22-10 at 04:39 PM
Or we could if AI wasn't an official corporate partner.

"RE: For example,"
Posted by Snidget on 03-23-10 at 01:30 PM
Looking over the topidol comments she is out to sue everyone and anyone over illegal downloading and will bully anyone she needs to into paying for it. (I can't imagine she'll make more in profit than the lawyer would cost). Even, apparently, minors who found out there was a way to get it for free but never, in fact, downloaded it.

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"RE: Adam Lambert insanity tracking thread."
Posted by Tahj on 03-04-10 at 12:48 PM
And in a swipe at his critics, Adam blasted: "There are so many parents who are too conservative in America.

"There are certain drugs out there that are really fun and recreational and can mean a good time.

"I'm not an advocate for drugs but it is all rock and roll and we are all adults."

Is this what you're referring to by your statement that Adam is telling parents to let their kids do drugs?

That isn't my interpretation. He's talking about his own experiences and I think he's saying that parents form an attitude without learning the facts, probably because they are reactive and overprotective. That's a far cry from saying parents should let their kids do drugs.

I know there is a lot of Adam bashing going on because he is controversial, but calling it insanity and misconstruing what he said does him a disservice.

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"RE: Adam Lambert insanity tracking thread."
Posted by Estee on 03-04-10 at 01:39 PM
Then this will do him a greater disservice: I believe the sum total of Adam's behavior since leaving AI indicates a major self-destructive streak. I think he's continually testing everyone around him to find out exactly what it'll take to drive them away, and to that end, he both wants everything he says to be taken as badly as possible and provides the maximum amount of verbiage for doing so. I'm guessing that at his current rate, his career will be over in less than three years.

And I think he wants it that way.

"RE: Adam Lambert insanity tracking thread."
Posted by zazzy on 03-04-10 at 02:43 PM
I sorta agree with you. He is pushing the limits, testing, doing an in your face, take me or leave me thing. I think he is more impressed with himself than the world is, Glamberts and Lambshanks aside. But I don't think he wants his career over in 3 years. Maybe subconsciously, but consciously I think he thinks he'll be even bigger than Madonna in three years.

I think he's looking Liberace-esque these days.

"RE: Adam Lambert insanity tracking thread."
Posted by Estee on 03-04-10 at 05:46 PM

Seriously? Wow. Maybe I should rethink dinner.

"RE: Adam Lambert insanity tracking thread."
Posted by zazzy on 03-04-10 at 05:51 PM
You're safe. I mis-typed. It's lambskanks, lol.

"RE: Adam Lambert insanity tracking thread."
Posted by Tahj on 03-04-10 at 03:21 PM
Nah. That's not a disservice. That's an opinion. One I don't agree with at all. If it were true, he'd be exhibiting behavior much worse than he is. He would be alienating all interviewers, all the press, and he's not. I recently saw him on VH-1 Top 20 and he was perfectly normal. He may be pushing the envelope for male singers, but it's nothing different from what Madonna and Lady Gaga have done and are doing. He's said as much. Female artists like those two get away with a lot more controversial behavior. A male artist doing the same thing doesn't. That's what he's pointing out. He wants to be an artist on his own terms. He's not self destructive.

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"RE: Adam Lambert insanity tracking thread."
Posted by Tummy on 03-04-10 at 03:40 PM
I agree. I think he wants to make damn sure he's not taken as cookie cutter AI produce and has pushed it a little too far and too fast for the public. But we also saw a very smart and savvy Lambert during the competition. I think he'll find his sea legs soon and strike the right balance between mainstream and controversial. He's too talented to be a flash-in-the-pan.

"RE: Adam Lambert insanity tracking thread."
Posted by Snidget on 03-04-10 at 03:55 PM
Generally the women that "get away with it" either have enough record sales to back them up or like Lady Gaga takes a break from the weird to do a showcase the talent moment. I know the most shocking parts of her performances I've seen on TV are when the weird stops and it is just her singing at the piano. Also they've usually pre-cleared all the weirdness with the network and stick to the script of the performance.

I think what got Adam in trouble wasn't the kiss or the groping or the shoving someones face in his crotch, per se, but that he didn't do that in the rehearsals and wasn't in the plans.

I've never heard anyone say Madonna or Lady Gaga just didn't act like that in the rehearsals and never gave any warning about what they planned.

Also comparing things done on late night shows or on cable networks with different legal standards of what they can broadcast doesn't really count, IMO. You want to do HBO style or MTV style performances you gotta do them on HBO or MTV.

The networks want some "controversial get people talking" moments but they also want to know what those are up front and get a chance to say yes or no to any particular one. Especially ones subject to FCC fines. Most of what got canceled on him were live performances and if you can't get the person to tell you what they are going to do, or you can't trust them to do what they say you will do, it will be hard to get live gigs on network TV.

I can't tell if he can't keep a rein on himself, only will do that when someone is holding his leash, or just wants attention for attention's sake and doesn't care why he is getting attention.

"RE: Adam Lambert insanity tracking thread."
Posted by Tahj on 03-04-10 at 04:33 PM
I'm not even talking about that particular performance, I'm looking at it in a broader perspective. Madonna has always been provocative, even before she was successful. Adam had that ONE performance. I didn't like it, but I certainly didn't take it as an end-all, career-defining moment.

I think he's really much smarter than that. He hasn't done or said anything since that night which can be called outrageous or even inappropriate, IMO.

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"RE: Adam Lambert insanity tracking thread."
Posted by nailbone on 03-04-10 at 03:57 PM
Gotta disagree, Tahj. I'm a big Adam fan, and more power to him for breaking the mold.

But I don't see how anyone can NOT interpret this as "loosen up and let your kids try drugs if they want."

"RE: Adam Lambert insanity tracking thread."
Posted by Tahj on 03-04-10 at 04:39 PM
I just don't see it. He says he's not an advocate for drugs and that we are all adults. To me that says it's a decision you make as an adult. The reference to conservative parents can mean a lot of things. I see it as a reach to say he wants parents to let their kids do drugs.

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"RE: Adam Lambert insanity tracking thread."
Posted by Snidget on 03-04-10 at 05:13 PM
LAST EDITED ON 03-04-10 AT 05:13 PM (EST)

I think it depends on where the conservative parents thing edited in.

I did drugs as a teenager
I didn't do enough to ruin my life or anything
A lot of drugs are fun and recreational
Parents are too conservative
I hung out with hippies at 26
But hey whatever adults want to and drugs are all rock and roll

If the progression was like that then it implies parents really should just let their kids have fun with drugs.

Now a lot of interviews do take things out of order, so he may have made a comment about parents somewhere else in reference to something else.

It is hard to know, but they could have put that line anywhere else but put it in a place to make it sound like it was in reference to his recreational drug use not at 26 only after the hippies but also as a teen.

ETC: one somewhere to a something.

Posted by mrc on 05-10-10 at 01:11 PM
I just thought the lady in the OP was crazy. This person is even nuttier:


"RE: Dood."
Posted by zazzy on 05-10-10 at 08:34 PM
Oh my. Very imaginative, but oh my.

"Simon predicts winner of Season 9"
Posted by Snidget on 05-12-10 at 03:55 PM
Adam comes back to win this time!!


"Adam wants attention for his tour..."
Posted by zazzy on 06-20-10 at 06:12 PM
Or does he want to be Boy George?


"RE: Adam wants attention for his tour..."
Posted by Snidget on 06-20-10 at 06:43 PM
So let me get this straight.

A guy who seemingly will do anything and everything to make sure he gets lots of attentions is shocked when anyone pays attention?

Does he think he is that bad at getting attention or is he so unaware that acting like that makes him look like he is just dying to be the center of attention?

"RE: Adam wants attention for his tour..."
Posted by zazzy on 06-25-10 at 12:44 PM
Both. Or neither, he just wants to sell tx to his Adam Lambert tour.

"Rope a dope."
Posted by Estee on 11-24-10 at 01:31 PM
It's one thing to smoke marijuana live on stage in Amsterdam: it's legal, if somewhat misplaced in normal venue. But you've got to come home sometime -- and the family of his covered artist isn't happy with him.