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"Kaysar's Malaise...face Will head-on or dissolve?"

Posted by dumbScot on 07-30-06 at 08:44 PM
BBAS is showing us a different dynamic to that we perhaps envisaged when the Sov4 entered the house. With a flying start to comps, what is going on with America's fab four?

At the core, their defacto leader, Kaysar, is struggling...and the Sov4 is in a mess.

Certainly, the clinically brilliant mind-fornication used by the Doc is taking its toll. Aided by the insidious plots within James' skull, and Janelle falling under Will's quasi-machissmo antics, the spirit of Sov4 is deep-sixing.

And it is up to Kaysar to reverse the tide.

So Kay, what's up? Is it...

1. Will owns the house...you know that...got you beat?

2. Janelle being wooed by the Doc...jealous?

3. Your noms, and fight for Nak, were spurned...lost power?

4. You were sacrificed in the CG Veto fight...lost faith?

5. Your radius of influence is shrinking....lost heart?

6. Or are you really pining for home (cough...cough!)?

Either stand tall or crawl away...but do something man!

Grab your tribe and read them the riot act...bark this...

a. Janie...open the baby blues, and inhale deeply from Will's well of stank manipulation.

b. Howie...do and say something adult, and draw fear into the HG.

c. James...oh James boy...one mistep and you are toast.

Then Kaysar, straight to Will. Put the game on the line. Stop with the mentals on Sov4, and prove you are a man of your word...want to leave? Press the button my friend. DARE him!

Next on to the floaters...order them to decide now where they align...game IS on...hiding is not an option.

Now, such acts might or might not work. I do not care...at least America will put its support (rightfully) back behind the K.

Let's see.

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