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"Danielle and Joanie"

Posted by nonicoll on 05-17-06 at 11:59 PM
I think both girls performed great through out the entire competition. They both remained positive and did not provoke any fighting and continued to be friendly. They proved you can remain classy, be taught and remain young ladies. I was voting for Danielle and so pleased that she won!!! Yeah Danielle

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"RE: Danielle and Joanie"
Posted by 2Centz on 05-18-06 at 01:57 AM

I love them both. I have this fantasy that they become really good friends and live together in New York & do stuff together and both become successful and happy!

"Locking - duplicate"
Posted by Bebo on 05-18-06 at 08:13 AM
Please join the existing discussion titled Danielle and Joanie. We encourage posters to join existing threads where possible instead of starting new ones.