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Posted by weltek on 08-11-05 at 09:23 AM
Was she worthy of saving last night?

I think she does so well with INXS songs. I can see why the guys keep saving her. However, they did say the public opinion matters, and the public keeps putting her in the bottom three. I find myself becoming more of a Jessica fan each week. I like her more than Suzie (I think Suzie's voice is too country)& Deanna (so wrong for INXS), but have a hard time comparing her to Jordis because I haven't heard Jordis do an INXS song. If Jordis disappoints me, I'll actually move Jessica into my #1 female spot. It still means that Marty, MiG, JD & Ty are above her in my rankings, though.

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"RE: Jessica"
Posted by riverrocker on 08-11-05 at 10:34 AM
Just something about her that doesn't come off "right" to me for the sound of INXS--even though she does their songs okay. I really thought--and hoped--she'd get the boot. Don't care at all for Deanna's voice. Suzie has greatly improved, but obviously the 'public' just doesn't care for her either.

Kind of wish they'd boot two again! How long will this last?

"RE: Jessica"
Posted by Tahj on 08-11-05 at 11:28 AM
Well they saved her last night because Brandon blew the lyrics of his song. But, like you said, she can sing those INXS songs.

I like Suzie better than Jessica. Her voice is so much better, I think, and she nailed her INXS song as well.

Moves courtesy of Syren

"RE: Jessica"
Posted by bystander on 08-11-05 at 11:33 AM
One thing I noticed about Jessica that bothers me is how she constantly looks over at INXS from the corner of her eyes while she is singing.

Love the Crowd Jessica! Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

"RE: Jessica"
Posted by ginger on 08-11-05 at 11:53 AM
I think Jessica sux. I am almost becoming a Suzie fan out of contrariness. I was genuinely surprised to see Suzie at the bottom three, and since I think Jessica has a snowball's chance in hell of winning this, I can only think she's being kept around for eye candy.

"RE: Jessica"
Posted by toddE on 08-11-05 at 12:34 PM
I don't think anyone on this shows sucks. I think they are all good, but some are better than others. All three could have been axed last night, IMO.

Brandon's Southern-Rock style really doesn't fit with INXS, even if they are trying to change somewhat. I agree that Jessica doesn't convey much emotion, yet I think she is good at INXS songs. I thought Marty was weak, and everyone loved him, so what do I know?

Suzie has no style. Visually, very unappealing. But as I said, I enjoy all the performers so I am in no hurry to see anyone go.

"RE: Jessica"
Posted by ginger on 08-11-05 at 12:37 PM
Okay, but only Jessica can sing the word "come" as "kayeeuhm."

"RE: Jessica"
Posted by tamarama on 08-11-05 at 01:34 PM
Oh no -- Cher can too!!

I agree that she sux. Her vowels are the WORST!!! Dipthongs, tripthongs & more!! And her attitude is worse than her performances.

She's so affected & phony that Dave has come right out & said "show us who the real Jessica is" (or something like that) more than once...and she doesn't get it. And she talks back when the band gives her a critique.

INXS: "We didn't see passion."
JESS: "Well it was there!!!" >:p
INXS: "But we didn't see it nimrod. You have to show it to us. (#itch)"

Aside from the vowels, she may be a better singer than Suzie (and definately better than Deanna), but between the vowels, the phoniness & the pissy attitude...she'd better rehearse her goodbye speech.

As for why Brandon went first....well, we all knew he wasn't long for this competition either -- and now we're back to 4 boys & 4 girls!!

Posted by Breezy on 08-11-05 at 12:27 PM
But like I said before, the band is males. They are going to keep around the girls with the skimpy outfits longer then the guys they don't want for their band. They like their eye candy too.

Save a horse, ride a cowboy.

"RE: Jessica"
Posted by cheesybread on 08-11-05 at 12:36 PM
I've been trying to come up with a theory on why Jessica seems to suck at most songs but does well with INXS songs. So far what I have come up with is that INXS' songs don't have a lot of long (or hanging notes). Whenever she tries to sing a song with lyrics the require a sustained word or lyric she comes of sounding droning (e.g. coooooome as you aaaaaaarrrrrrre....).

The one song she sang that I actually liked was Blister In the Sun, which also requires little in the way of actual singing.

It seems with INXS' more sticcato style she isn't nearly as irritating.


"RE: Jessica"
Posted by weltek on 08-11-05 at 01:02 PM
Maybe you are right, but Elegantly Wasted has some hanging notes. Those notes maybe just fit her vocal range better.

"RE: Jessica"
Posted by SilverStar on 08-11-05 at 12:40 PM
I'm one of the few people who actually like Jessica. At first I really had no opinion of her, but she's growing on me and I'm glad she didn't get booted last night.

She nice, the Syren.
And I agree that it would be nice to hear Jordis do an INXS song.

Posted by Breezy on 08-11-05 at 01:47 PM
But you admitted you were drunk while watching though.

Friends don't let friends drink and listen to bad music.

"RE: pfffttt"
Posted by SilverStar on 08-11-05 at 02:45 PM
I wasn't drunk last night though. I don't think. *grin*

She nice, the Syren.

"RE: Jessica"
Posted by Wacko Jacko on 08-11-05 at 01:49 PM
In my opinion, I think Jessica was horrible last night doing Disappear. If I was at an INXS show and they opened with that song and with Jessica as the lead singer...it would've left.

Brandon in my opinion was the best of the three last night. Suzie was safe because she shouldn't of been there anyways. And Jessica was only safe because Brandon forgot words to a song that no one would've known the words too....I never heard of that song. Performance wise (lyrics aside) Brandon was the best. Really too bad. Because how many times does jessica have to be in the bottom three for INXS to get it. I would rather see Brandon try to change his style this week than listen to Jessica do the same thing over and over.

"RE: Jessica"
Posted by Glow on 08-11-05 at 02:22 PM
Yes. What WJ said.

And Star? pfffft!

"RE: Jessica"
Posted by SilverStar on 08-11-05 at 02:44 PM
Whatever. Marty lover.

She nice, the Syren.
Like I told Breezy (*glares at Breezy*) I'm not going to listen to musical advice from people who like country, fercripessake. *grin*

"RE: Jessica"
Posted by ginger on 08-11-05 at 03:22 PM
Hey, I hate country and I think she's this show's answer to Carmen Rasmussen.

"RE: Jessica"
Posted by SilverStar on 08-11-05 at 03:34 PM
*googles Carmen Rasmussen*

Ah, I don't watch AI, but I'm gathering from the context of your statement that you are saying you think Jessica blows chunks.

She nice, the Syren.
And to you I say, I'm not going to take musical advice from someone who hates Coldplay. *glares at Ginger* *grin*

"RE: Jessica"
Posted by photokitty on 08-11-05 at 08:04 PM
Ginger hates Coldplay?? Say it ain't so, Ginger!

And who the #ell is Carmen Rasmussen?

"RE: Jessica"
Posted by ginger on 08-12-05 at 12:32 PM
Can't HATE Coldplay; that would be too energetic. They leave me tepid. They are boring and inoffensive. But that's just me.
(Remember, I listen to AC/DC while I'm doing the dishes; I like cheap, hard, thrasher rock. I do not claim to have any real "taste" with respect to music).

Carmen Rasmussen was a mediocre contestant that Simon, if no one else, thought was okay and who continued in the competition much longer than she should have, because she was cute.

"RE: Jessica"
Posted by toddE on 08-11-05 at 09:47 PM
OMG, Ginger, She IS Rock Star's answer to Carmen Rasmussen. Good One!

But Carmen wasn't as bad as Josh, and Jessica isn't that bad, either. Hilarious...kayeeum! Har!

"RE: Jessica"
Posted by tedbell on 08-12-05 at 04:27 AM
Ok. Here's my theory. The show is not getting good ratings. Six million viewers
is not good for a prime time show. But CBS wants to make its female fans happy.
And that does not necessarily mean keeping the boys around; it means keeping the
girls around so the female viewers think that there is a "chance" a female singer
will be picked to lead the band.

But you have a better chance of being struck by lightening if you think INXS is going
to pick a girl singer. Ain't going to happen.

Jessica could easily have been cut loose. But they cut the guy because he was expendable.
He's more suited for a Black Crows type of band anyway.

Jessica's time is numbered. But she is the most photogenic, so they may keep her
around till the very end and then cut her loose.

Remember, this is television. And reaility television is not like a documentary where
you let the cameras role and see what sticks. Things are manipulated greatly in
reality TV.

Another thing: they tape this show on a Sunday afternoon. Don't tell me these bottom
three singers were not told several days in advance about their situation. They don't
just stand up on the day of the taping and start singing inxs songs. No sir. They've
had time to rehearse.

"RE: Jessica"
Posted by Wacko Jacko on 08-12-05 at 09:00 AM

>Another thing: they tape this
>show on a Sunday afternoon.
> Don't tell me these
>three singers were not told several
>days in advance about their
>situation. They don't
>just stand up on the day
>of the taping and start
>singing inxs songs. No
>sir. They've
>had time to rehearse.

I wondered about that, but I don't think so the reactions seem legit. Plus, Brandon's comments about the song he was given seemed to indicate he wasn't given time to rehearse that song. I am sure they have rehearsal time, but I don't think they know they are on the bottom three at the time and I don't think they know the songs that will be performed.

"RE: Jessica"
Posted by easilydistracted on 08-12-05 at 11:02 AM
I knew I should've posted this info when I ran across it a few weeks ago. I think it's on the INXS web site, but it's mentioned all of the singers practice the 3 songs on Tuesday. It did not mention whether INXS members were at the practices though I'd guess so.

If somebody like Jessica was consistent from week to week in practice and on Wednesday night when it really counts that may be a big influence on who they eliminate. Jessica may not be in any danger until she goes up against somebody who performs their songs as well and as consistently as she does. She may bore me but her timing is good, has a better range than somebody like Deanna, and she doesn't forget lyrics.

"Show tapings"
Posted by photokitty on 08-12-05 at 02:14 PM
LAST EDITED ON 08-12-05 AT 02:16 PM (EST)

>Another thing: they tape this
>show on a Sunday afternoon.

The performance show is taped Sunday @ 3pm.
The elimination show is taped Wednesday @ 11am.

Has anyone gone to a taping yet? I may go this Sunday, though I haven't tried to get in yet...may be too late. I'm wondering how long it takes, how much stop-and-start is there, etc.

"RE: Show tapings--DRAT!"
Posted by photokitty on 08-12-05 at 03:10 PM
All the Sunday shows are full. Ya snooze, ya lose.
Wednesdays are all still available, but...
I'm on the waiting list for this Sunday, and maybe I'll just go over there anyway, in case of last minute no-shows.

"RE: Jessica"
Posted by ginger on 08-12-05 at 12:33 PM
*smooshes* toddE