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"Lil's Critiques"

Posted by geekboy on 04-09-09 at 09:33 AM
If someone has nothing better to do, what i think would be great is to review and list Lil's responses to the judges after each week's performance. It would be hilarious to see how she says she will follow their advice each week...and then doesn't.


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"RE: Lil's Critiques"
Posted by Ricky on 04-09-09 at 10:41 PM
She does need to find ner own style/niche like they've been saying.

However, it's tough to follow their advice since they are so inconsistent. For some contestants they'll say "Make the song your own" and then sometimes when a contestant takes a chance and changes an arrangement they'll say "Oh, you can't change that song it's a classic".

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"RE: Lil's Critiques"
Posted by vince3 on 04-10-09 at 08:12 AM
LAST EDITED ON 04-10-09 AT 08:15 AM (EST)

I hope one of these years, someone calls them on their inconsistency by saying "Make up your *bleep*ing mind!"

"RE: Lil's Critiques"
Posted by Belle Book on 04-10-09 at 10:55 AM
I'd have to agree -- although I hope that person does so a little more politely than that! I think Lil is trying to follow their advice, but I wonder if her confidence was shaken after Country week.

"RE: Lil's Critiques"
Posted by mindy23 on 04-15-09 at 09:03 AM
IMHO, thanks to Simon and Kara, and their constant nagging on this girl, who, as far as I'm concerned should have been in the top 3, has absolulely NO confidence, and can't even keep her songs on tune anymore!

Last night was a tragedy! I was cringing, watching her-she sounded like someone who was auditioning, and hoping to be put on for the first time. THAT is NOT the Lil Rounds that came out the first few times on AI in the top 12!!

For whatever reason, these freaking judges have her so confused, she has NO idea what it is they want, and she's basically given up. She did get a chance to say almost exactly that last night, but because she was the last one up, and they all took TOO MUCH TIME again!!!, she couldn't get it all out into a tangible sentence. Makes me really upset!

I hope she's able to go on with her life, because I really think she's going home tonight. She has fantastic talent, an amazing persona, but she has been beaten down by these judges, and it will take her a while to recover from that. Yes, it's the hard knocks that show if you can make it in this business, but she didn't just get hard knocks. She got incredibly bruised, too!

"RE: Lil's Critiques"
Posted by nailbone on 04-15-09 at 03:43 PM
THAT is NOT the Lil Rounds that came out the first few times on AI in the top 12!!

That's what they've been trying to tell her!! They've told her that the style of someone young and current like Mary J. Blige, etc. is what she needs to be singing, but she continues to ignore them and do overdone stuff like Celine Dion, Tina Turner and Bette Midler.

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"RE: Lil's Critiques"
Posted by zazzy on 04-15-09 at 05:36 PM
I'll be posting my ratings soon but I agree with you and think she has been the scapegoat for the season. I feel for her. She can't put a foot right. Going back to an article that Carmen R. wrote last year, some of the contestants get a lot of behind the scenes help and some don't. Lil does not appear to be getting behind the scenes help except for hair and clothes.

"RE: Lil's Critiques"
Posted by Belle Book on 04-15-09 at 07:36 PM
I agree with you as well. Poor Lil! I think they're treating her unfairly now! Not fair!

"RE: Lil's Critiques"
Posted by mindy23 on 04-22-09 at 10:10 AM
Lil has basically fallen in to a ditch and can't get out. Last night was another horrid tragedy!! She really didn't sing more than a few dozen notes, mostly ranted and raved during what could have been a very good song for her, and her performance was pathetic!

I just don't get this. She has an amazing voice, and we know from a few of her performances that she KNOWS how to grab the audience. But what the heck has happened here? Lack of confidence? Poor judgment? Lack of mentoring? I hope we find out once she leaves, and gives an exit interview.

I really thought she would end up in the top 3, but at this point, I'm really surprised she's still in the game. Very sad, indeed.

"RE: Lil's Critiques"
Posted by agman on 04-22-09 at 10:38 AM
I think they have tried to keep her on track all season. She keeps ignoring them, then gets angry when she gets critiqued! She's a good singer, but has about run her course in the competition

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"RE: Lil's Critiques"
Posted by zazzy on 04-22-09 at 11:28 AM
If behind the scenes, other performers got mucho time with the vocal coach and you got maybe 15 minutes, then you'd be ticked, too. Or if they told you your song didn't clear ...on Monday, so you had to choose a new song at the last minute. Or if the behind the scenes people told you that you were showing your artistry but the judges dump all over you...you might be mad, too. Not saying that's what happened to Lil, just that's the type of thing they have done in seasons past so it wouldn't surprise me if that sort of thing was happening to Lil.

AI only wants America to have so many favs. Otherwise, we must fall out of love/others must fall out of favor with us.

"RE: Lil's Critiques"
Posted by agman on 04-22-09 at 12:32 PM
Wow, I guess we shouldn't be critical of any contestants now because who knows, all of that may have happened to them! I'm just giving my opinion based on what I've seen and heard. Just sayin

"RE: Lil's Critiques"
Posted by zazzy on 04-23-09 at 08:06 AM
I was suggesting that we don't know how much behind the scenes they tried to keep her on track.

Don't get me wrong, snark on, it's just that some contestants like Adam, Taylor, Carrie, etc. have much more experience than say a Megan who had never even been on a stage before. I got the impression that Lil didn't have much performing experience, either.

Adam--his experience is well documented.

Taylor--had sung for years for audiences and released his own albums before AI.

Carrie--had been the opening act for some group and toured in the southwest before AI (a much buried story, though). She nearly had a contract with Capital records years before AI.

I just have heart for the Megans and Lils who get chewed up in the AI machine as they get savaged by judges.

At this point though, people who try out for AI have to have seen enough AI to know that it could happen to them and be prepared for it. I think that some believe in the dream and don't think about the emotional turmoil they get put through if they are the cannon fodder or the scapegoat.

"RE: Lil's Critiques"
Posted by sylvester on 04-22-09 at 06:47 PM
"If behind the scenes, other performers got mucho time with the vocal coach and you got maybe 15 minutes, then you'd be ticked, too. Or if they told you your song didn't clear ...on Monday, so you had to choose a new song at the last minute."

You mean like when Adam got his song pulled on a Monday, and had to substitute Play That Funky Music White Boy in 24 hours?

I think the point is, crap happens to all the contestants. The good ones get over it and pull a good performance out of their butt anyway.

I think Lil's 15 minutes are up.

"RE: Lil's Critiques"
Posted by zazzy on 04-23-09 at 08:09 AM
LAST EDITED ON 04-23-09 AT 08:10 AM (EST)

It happened to Taylor, too, (the song change on a Monday) but like Adam he had an extensive repertoire and extensive musical experience to fall back on.

And I think Danny said this season that he had to go through 5 songs to get one approved.

"RE: Lil's Critiques"
Posted by geekboy on 04-23-09 at 08:51 AM
Following Lil's inevitable ouster last night, i wanted to follow up on my initial post and give you two links.

Her is Lil's Top 36 Peroformance of "Be Without You".

Compare that awesome performance to this week's performance of "I'm Every Woman".

The difference in performances is staggering. I think she may be the only contestant to NOT improve over the course of Idol, or even get a bit worse. Its baffling to me. She has the voice, but really doesn't know how to make the most of it.


"I think what Randy Travis was trying to say was 'What the hell was that?!'" - S. Cowell

"RE: Lil's Critiques"
Posted by Glow on 04-23-09 at 10:44 AM
I can't watch the videos right now but I don't have to watch them to know I agree with you. I just don't get what happened to her. Maybe it was nerves?

"What he does is original, deliberate, and intentional. He knows what he's doing and why. He is so superior to any of the other contestants that he really doesn't even belong there." - Tahj

"Least surprising headline of the season."
Posted by Estee on 04-28-09 at 09:54 PM

...right. And blaming yourself for not listening to any of it is completely out of the question.