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"S36|Ghost Island|East Coast Spoiler Thread|Ep 2"

Posted by Flowerpower1 on 03-07-18 at 08:54 PM
Please keep all commentary related to the show that airs tonight in this thread until it's had the chance to air in its entirety on the West Coast. Thank you, and no siggies please.

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"Previously on Survivor....."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 03-07-18 at 09:13 PM
Jacob was the first one to go to GI, we willed cursed legacy advantage to Morgan. At Naviti Dom used his fake idol to garner trust but it backfired. Chris: I don't trust him
The Malolo tribe was on the hot seat facing TC, James was on the hot seat but a blindside was brewing....at TC James received votes but Jacob was sent home, 18 left

Mall Night 6, see a snake

James: after tribal feeling drained...
Libby tells him not to hate yourself

I did deserve to be the target, being in Korean household, take ownership, glad I am here to face another day

Come on in guys....Challenge site

Jacob voted out at last TC, bring in Donathan, they clap

Libby 2 challenges in, where are we, we are united positive...growing into that best tribe ever
Bradley: we are strong cohesive bunch.

Both tribes feeling really good, perfect time for a switch

Dang it...

Angela, what are you feeling anxiety like a broken family, I love these guys

cons: I did 2 deployments in the military build relationships very quickly, nervous about the switch

Stephanie cons: there's a wave there, you gotta surf it


Dom: I'm concerned cause I have to still deal with Chris, got to form relationships with everyone out here cause I gotta get him out

Nu navite: 4 old Malolo, donation James Libby Laurel
still have the numbers for Naviiti

NuMalolo: 5 old Naviti and 4 Malolo....Kellyn is saying she feels really good about purple, excited to meet more people and open up more treasure boxes of love

Kellyn: Naviti has the numbers game plan is to keep us together epic to knock out the Malolo one by one

arrive Malolo....Michael, Jenna, brendan Stephani Kellyn Chelsea Sebastian....majority is crucial says Sebastian...happy laughy taffy

Kellyn to go from Naviti to Malolo, shelter is one big hot mess, like meeting a friends baby that is the love of their life, and the baby is ugly

Brendan and Bradley talk...this is like a grassland says Bradley, they are complaining about the conditions over here....bradley complains about everything all in all not a great swap for me says Brendan in cons.

Naviti...the Malls like the shelter...have a night time fire place, Donathan has cons about the wonderful camp, beautiful beach

Wendall comments that we have strength, won't be going to TC anytime soon. Chris shays that he knows dom has an idol and we have to eliminate it....
Chris is telling Angela that he has the idol...

Angela: I believe the info that Dom gave me is true, I'm going along with it, Chris is trying to manipulate you, giving me orders, Angela doesn't like that confrontation at all...

Chris is telling James Libby that Dom has the idol, we need to get him out...Chris has been on to him since day one

Libby: Chris says that Dom has the idol and we have to get him out

Chris has a big personality and when he talks to me I have to nod and smile, I will play dumb but I am not going to be dumb about it.

Chris is gathering as many troops as he can to garner against Dom

"Post swap"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 03-07-18 at 09:21 PM
LAST EDITED ON 03-07-18 AT 09:22 PM (EST)

Dawn...Malolo day 8

see Stephanie and Kellyn....look how pretty that is...they bond...Bradley is complaining, I just want to be back in Naviti

Steph: Nav. hates our camp but I am in the minority of this tribe and I have to find a crack...Kellyn tells Steph and Jenna that they are not flipping on each other, so it's going to be one of old Malolo...Jenna and Stephanie are searching for idols...Steph we are searching under every tree, under rocks, logs win ants and termites, climb up the mountain...I will do everything to stay in this game...Now Steph and Brendan are looking for the idol, all four of them are looking...there has to be a clue somewhere...see them all looking...Michael finds it...

Micheal: I just found the HII, this is a huge survivor dreams come true, one of Jame's original idol from 2007, he went home with 2 of them....on day 30, James was in strong position...power lulled him into false sense of security, only player to be voted out with 2 idols, only question is, can you reverse the curse....sitting here 11 years later, given the chance to reverse the curse...amazing

Naviti day 8, see the rough surf

Dom and Morgan, worried that Chris is going to turn on us...Dom says we have to rope all four of the in...

Morgan: easiest thing would be to keep 5 strong, Chris doesn't want to, so we might have to go with Chris....

Morgan says to Libby, I love you, I am on your side...
Libby: immediately I knew I could bond with Morgan, we are both Catholic, good part about people coming up to you and want to work with you, you can choose who to work with, a real alliance....Morgan tells her I don't think you guys have to worry.

"Michael finds HII at nuMalolo, Pre IC"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 03-07-18 at 09:35 PM
Day 9

Challenge arena

race thru series of ramp walls, sand pit, dig up rope, climb up tall tower, solve puzzle. in addition playing for reward, a tarp. Send loser to GI, see Kellyn.

see Chris...James drops, desiree has to go back...Angela has to go back...Desiree still has to go back...Libby goes back...malolo now digging.now naviti is digging up tall ladder. Orange has theirs....Naviti is slowing down early in this challenge...Malolo has lost heir lead...Naviti is now winning....Donathan is undoing the rope, Chelsea with rope....Chris is throwing ball up....Sebastian with rope for Malolo...., both have theirs climb up the ropes...dead even right now...Sebastian got up. Dom got up...team work...both tribes working very well together....on mat...start on puzzle...Laurel, Wendall doing the puzzle. Bradley and Kellyn doing the puzzle...

Mall working well together as a tribe, and Naviti is falling behind...it's a three dimensional puzzle...and Kellyn and Bradley win it....Steph hugs them all...Naviti will go to TC...

Kellyn grabs the tarp...see Stephanie clap and laugh

when jiffy says somebody going home see Chris then Dom....

The group asked to send Donathan, but the Malolos no....drawing rocks. 8 black rocks, one white, draw the white rock and go to ghost island. Hold palms out and Chris draws the white rock, cannot be voted out.

Dom: that son of a ##### he's so lucky cause I was really looking forward to getting rid of him tonight

Morgan: I am freaking out and so much of this season is about making bad decisions and it will be 4 vs 4 tonight and I am worried we are going to mess this up.

Morgan? The confessional of doom?

"Chris goes to GI, from rock draw"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 03-07-18 at 09:46 PM
Ghost Island....see Chris arrive, day 9...Day 9 just turned into a nightmare, I 'm looked about it, I am missing a huge TC, I hope my plan stays but I'm scared without me bing there, maybe it might not happen.

Chris gets no game today...a bummer. Hoping I could win an idol, instead I am by myself. being out here i'm hungry I miss my family, crazy what the game does to you mentally, crying, first difficult day for me, I'm struggling, I have to bury it.
My mom was diagnosed with MS even before I was born, when I get a moment of weakness I think of her, ever since then I've made it my duty to be strong for her, but I am a human and GI has given me a chance to give out all my negative energy to reboot for myself...thinking about my mom and that connection really helped me, crucial that I recenter myself will help my game moving forward

Naviti....arriving back to camp...that sucked....I bet Crhis is happy...

The four Malolo will vote for Dominic because they will go with Chris' plan...Angela says she will not go with the plan she's more about loyalty...

See Wnedal and Angela talking about sending dom home....she is not voting one of us off...she is expecting a split vote, she will stay strong for her tribe. Wendall wants to vote Libby

Angela wants to stay Naviti strong....sketchy for me...she's Chris' right hand man...

Wnendal and Morgan talking...Morgan tells that Angela is not in Chris' back pocket

They are all talking about voting Angela out now to show them that we are on their side.

Dom: had a fear that the former Malolo four will go back on me....Dom pulls Laurel, James, Libby aside and shows them his idol....Chris has been on his back , shows him the fake idol and said it was with tree mail...this is the nonsense he's been talking about. It's a fake.

James cons: thinks that Dom is Russel Hantz 2.0....wants to throw us off the scent....

Dom says he is with you guys that I am with you, says Dom to the Malolo's...
James suggest Wendall or Morgan....Libby wants to keep Morgan...James says that Dom is like Russell Hanz, you doubt he has an idol...Libby is pulling for Morgan and Wendell...Libby says let's vote out Angela...Libby everyday the stakes keep getting bigger and bigger.

"RE: Chris goes to GI, from rock draw"
Posted by Sheldor on 03-07-18 at 09:51 PM
Thanks FlowerPower!

LOTS of Libby in this episode.
Bradley got a lot of negative story.
Angela got to talk and is one of the boot options.
Chelsea is still PURPLE!

"RE: Chris goes to GI, from rock draw"
Posted by michel2 on 03-07-18 at 10:24 PM
How did Bradley get "a lot of negative story"? He won the puzzle and that's about it.

"RE: Chris goes to GI, from rock draw"
Posted by Sheldor on 03-08-18 at 03:14 PM
Bradley was featured more than once complaining about Malolo camp. And I credit Kellyn for the puzzle solving.

"RE: Chris goes to GI, from rock draw"
Posted by michel2 on 03-08-18 at 05:40 PM
LAST EDITED ON 03-08-18 AT 05:40 PM (EST)

Ok, but does that qualify as "a lot of negative story"? We heard that Naviti was the most beautiful camp and we were shown the difference. I'm just saying that Bradley was still mainly ignored. While a lot of negativity implies the start of a "Villain's" arc, I see more of an invisible character.

"Tribal Council"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 03-07-18 at 09:57 PM
Going in this is a hot mess. doesn't appear that any of them are on the same page. I wonder if all the old Naviti's minus Angela will vote Angela, and all the Malolo's minus Libby will vote Morgan, and Libby votes Angela?

Morgan: go back to camp without Chris, 4 to 4....as of now both tribes are staying solid withtheir four....
Wendall says that we hope to pull someone over...
Dom: you surprised so separated? Yes, if this goes 4 4, I don't want my fate to be determined by a rock
Angela got out of the kitchen and is on the fence, go with the popular decision or my decision...Dom says I am stunned...Angela says when we came over Chris started to pull the Malolo's over to him...
Morgan says we have relationships, trying to build with them as well
Dom says he feels comfortable with the 4...
James ...I am kind of surprised, I though it was a strong Naviti four?
Morgan says we could be sitting her lying or telling the truth, only time will tell
Libby: she says you have to have people believe you...
Morgan says look at her you want to trust her....it's part of the game everyone has to lie
Wendall what do you think is going to happen. Someone makes a move and we are a stronger tribe and then we stick together and then we start winning some things


Angela votes Libby
Morgan votes Angela
see Morgan and Angela
Libby is last voter

Vote tally

No one plays an HII



Libby is bummed. Dom is shaking his head no....Don't trust the cute blonds is what Morgan says on the way out.

Looks like somebody made a move and that is how you play survivor.

"RE: Tribal Council"
Posted by Sheldor on 03-07-18 at 10:03 PM
LAST EDITED ON 03-07-18 AT 10:03 PM (EST)

Votes for
Libby = N: Angela
Angela = N: Morgan, N: Wendell, N: Domenick
Morgan = M: Donathan, M: James, M: Libby, M: Laurel

Morgan wills the Advantage to Domenick!!

"CONGRATULATIONS michel and flowerpower!"
Posted by Sheldor on 03-07-18 at 10:06 PM
LAST EDITED ON 03-07-18 AT 10:16 PM (EST)


"CONGRATULATIONS personofinterest"
Posted by Sheldor on 03-07-18 at 10:17 PM
Sorry read the voting thread wrong.

Congratulations personofinterest on picking Morgan!

"Next time on Survivor...."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 03-07-18 at 10:08 PM
Congrats PoI! Great pick in the vote thread!

Jiffy: When there is no where to run
see dom talking to Wendell at night, we made enemies with everybody...
Jiffy: And no where to hide
See Stephanie
Stephanie: It's frustrating because there is so much more game left in me. see her sitting on the sand and she spelled out the word HOPE.
Jiffy: You'll need protection to stay alive
Dom to Laurel: I have an idol, we can open this game up

See Michael sitting with Stephanie, Brendan, and Jenna: Michael to them: We can find an idol
Let's open this game up
We can make something happen!

Votes: James: Morgan
Laurel: Morgan
Donathan: Morgan
Libby: Morgan
Angela: Libby
Wendell: Angela
Dom: Angela
Morgan: Angela

Morgan wills the legacy advantage to Dominick. He was always open and honest with me...

you will need protection to stay alive

"RE: Next time on Survivor...."
Posted by michel2 on 03-07-18 at 10:28 PM
It's funny that Angela voted for Libby but Libby and her group saved her by voting Morgan.

It's good for the four original Malolo's that now they have Chris and Angela on one side, Domenick and Wendell on the other.

Dominick now has an idol to play wheneve rand one to play either at the emrger or at F6: Not bad!

"RE: Next time on Survivor...."
Posted by Sheldor on 03-07-18 at 10:58 PM
Amazing that old Naviti had a 5-4 advantage after the swap, lost Chris to Ghost Island and 2 old Naviti (Angela and Morgan) got all the votes except for Angela voting for Libby!

Yeah old Malolo really pulled one over on old Naviti and has them split up.

Domenick's Legacy Advantage is good at Final 13 (if that is the Merge) and the Final 6. Definitely not bad!