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"S36| Ghost Island| Confessionals"

Posted by Flowerpower1 on 03-06-18 at 09:03 AM
LAST EDITED ON 03-06-18 AT 09:17 AM (EST)

Here we go, a new season a new theme: Ghost Island. Reverse the curse of the mistakes of season past.


episode | 1a | total
Dominic Nav | 3* | 3
Jacob Mal | 3 | 3
Kellyn Nav | 2 | 2
Michael Mal | 2* | 2
Gonzales Mal | 2 | 2X
Donathan Mal | 2 | 2
Wendall Nav | 2 | 2
Brendan Mal | 1 | 1
Chris Nav | 1 | 1
Desiree Nav | 1 | 1
Sebastian Nav | 1 | 1
James Mal | 1 | 1
Jenna Mal | 1 | 1
Stephanie Mal | 1 | 1
Angela Nav | * | *
Laurel Mal | * | *
Bradley Nav | * | *
Libby Mal | * | *
Chelsea Nav | * | *
Morgan Nav | * | *

*Winning Quote

Two stars of 1a. Dominic the antagonist to Chris, the leader of Naviti, and Jacob, the one that finds himself on the self perceived bottom of Malolo.

Dominic: HIs first confessional speaks to the theme of the show. One bad decision can ruin your game and right out of the gate Chris made the wrong decision and we just gave a HUGE advantage to the other tribe. So, we need to put a stop to it quickly before it bites us in the butt. Dominic was brazen enough to raise his hand when Jiffy asked if anyone didn't agree with his decision. Hmmmm?

Second confessional: As a construction supervisor itís my job to make sure that people can work cohesively on a daily basis so the job gets done......In my life, Iíve definietly seen some adversity and I had some struggles, but when My
first daughter was born that definitely was a crossroads for me the time for me to step up, become a man and take control of my life.....Leaving my wife and kids has been difficult from the moment I left the house, cause my wife and kids gave me their blessing, but they also gave me their blessing with the notion that I have to bring home the bacon!
**Winning Quote**

When Wendall tells Dom that it was Sebastian that brought his name up, Dom has a confessional: I think I am aggravating one specific person and I think Chris is the one that is specifically targeting me. And, at this point he may have put some sort of coalition against me. But, I am here to play this game as well and heís got a big battle ahead of him if he thinks heís just going to roll and vote me out.

Clearly a rivalry has begun, Chris vs. Dominic. With Dominic getting the majority of confessionals makes me think that he will be the one to outlast Chris.

Jacob had 3 confessionals also...His first confessional occurs well into the show....When you look at the group. me and Donathan are different cause we are not brendan, we are not Michael, I am a little afraid that all these pretty people are going to gang up on me at some point in the future if I donít win immunity. ....I didnít want to be the suspicious dude that disappears in the first 30 minutes, but looking though all the fawns for an idol, but....the last thing I am going to be in this game is comfortable. Second was: Iíve been dreaming about his my entire life, Survivor aired for the first time when I was 4. Iíve watched every season since I was four. See him pour the rice in his dirty sock looking for a clue. Itís loving the show so much that makes me want to do well. So, why not check the rice when no one else is looking I would be devastated to be the one that is out first so hopefully they think that I am not being too suspicious. I think I already screwed my self, that was stupid.

Jacob spoke out after the challenge, then confessed to everyone he did it on purpose so he would be chosen to go to GI. HIs last confessional was a narration on GI...For past three days my entire tribe has been sitting around trying to figure out what the heck GI is. Itís a wierd feeling I am wlaking truly into the unknown, there has go got to be something here that can help me but I wonít know until I find what that thing is. I see all these original S relics, all the snuffers, I start thinking about all the players going to the jury early, all the moments you see great people fall, smash the urn, gets clue, game on, follow the fire, fire row of torches up hill to clearing, ghost island game of chance, he must wager his next vote if he loses. guessing there is a key in one of the other 2 bamboo shoots, find key, get advantage, Tribe is looking at me as an easy vote, if I lose this, nail in my coffin, go with one on left, and gets key. secret advantage, freaking out, authentic legacy advantage from game changers, Sierra found on day one and kept it a secret, told Sarah of itís existence, costly mistake, sarah promptly blindsided S. you can restore itís power by willing it to someone else on other tribe, choose wisely get an alliance, choose poorly like Sierra and get voted out. I have to believe that I can use this correctly and reverse the curse.

Jacob is a downer, we do not see him turning the tides...

Next, there are multiple people with 2 confessionals. People that have been introduced to us by production either to put into words their take on the season, or to be introduced to us as significant players, perhaps.

Kellyn got the first confessional of the show and therefore we take notice. The first confessional definitely is in line with the theme of past bad decisions as she notes that her worst fear coming out here is making bad decisions. Here is the exact confessional: Probably my worst biggest fear out here is making bad decisions. Weíve seen it so many times throughout Survivor, it can be such a split moment decision that can take you outta your game.

Her second confessional gives us an introduction to her...Before Survivor I was living my life as I should, doing what I thought I should be doing and I made the decision to say, thatís not the life I want. So, I got divorced, I finished grad school, and I really began to start living my life for me, and Iím a huge fan of survivor and itís going to be an insane journey! She's a huge fan and she's not afraid of going against the grain, so to speak.

Michael is another player that the producers, editors want us to know. His first confessional is revealing about himself....At the challenge today we took home the reward but it was super humbling, (see Steph G as he is talking), because I am an athletic guy and Iím younger, Iím actually 18 years old, Iím not going to tell anybody my age because I think it kills credibility right off the bat. (we see him tell everyone that heís 23 and sells real estate in LA)Itís not only been my dream to come out here and play but I totally feel like I can win *WINNING QUOTE.

Interesting that he got the last confessional before TC...For me personally tonight, Iím basing my vote on keeping things strong. To me thatís the most intelligent thing to do because we all want to win. We want to get the next challenge under our belts, we donít want to worry about this so early and I think that Gonz is somebody we can easily do further down the line but the first vote is huge and it could affect the entire game. And, this being ghost island, I think if I make a bad decision that will haunt me for life.

We are left to wonder if he made the wrong decision because the "others", the majority voted out Gonzales, not his choice of Donathan.

Gonzales also had 2 confessionals as the boot. Her first was in the introductory phase and she told us that by looking at her you'd think she was a girly girl, but she grew up in Puerto Rico and she's not bothered by bugs and company, there's a lot more to her, and they haven't seen anything yet! Her next confessional was at the end, when she asks, "who's weak, and who didn't perform the best?" Jonathan is nice but someone has to go...

Donathan, the boot decoy, also had 2 confessionals. He strikes me as a journey player, one who is going to prove to himself that he had what he may have always thought he had. His first confessional follows Gonzales' first confessional and it's also introductory. He comments that there are those that will be surprised to see him here on S, a kid from Eastern Kentucky. Besides wanting to win the game, his next main goal is to meet different people like "exotic" James and Laurel because where he's from it's all caucasian.He needs people he can trust because he's not the most built or brainy. If you are too weak at the start they will want to get rid of you. He has the confessional as we see him working it and trying to make friends.

His second confessional comes after the challenge and he comments that it was HIS idea of putting the colors together first on the puzzle, and Gonz. spoke as if it were her idea. He's probably the weakest but he's going to tell the others that Gonzales should be the target. People underestimate him but he has his own thoughts and own plans and hopefully it will be G tonight.

Wendall also has 2 confessionals. Wendall's first confessional is definitely about half way through. It's introductory. I went to UPenn Law, top ten Law school but I wasnít where I wanted to be so I followed my passion, took off the suit, and now I Ďm a freelance furniture designer. So, I am more than I appear. Thereís this guy, Dom, and heís a construction worker and I took to that. I just started feeling good vibes from him, he just seems like a friendly guy that I can work with.

Then, we see Sebastian and Wendall talking about who would be the first target if they should lose and Sebastian mentions Dominic's name. And, Wendall comments back, "Well, I like him".

HIs second confessional tells us about this: As soon as I heard Domís name, well, let me give him some information, because I think I can show him some of my loyalty and I think it will reciprocate in the long run.

The loyal soldier and friend...alliance is born?

Six players had at least one confessional:

Brendan was the chosen leader of Malolo, and he got the second confessional of the show. It was introductory....As a teacher and a coach I am relied on for a lot of things...and, I know something big is at stake and If I can help us win it, I will.

Desiree also got an introductory confessional right after Brendan, commenting on why did you choose me, puzzles are not my thing. But, later we see that shooting baskets are her thing!

Sebastian got one confessional about bonding with Chris, they are both from Florida, both grew up in the Keys, both go to the Bahamas, both fish, it's like best friends in a candy shop...great to have a buddy that is so close to you. Sebastian reminds me of a social Ozzy...hmmmm?

Chris: There are red flags with Dom, when Jeff asked people did I make the right decision, thereís only one person that came out and said, no he didnít. But, it got me already playing the game cause I gotta get rid of this person cause heís gunning for me. And, a rivalry is born.

James: His first confessional is strictly narrational in regard to Jacob and his antics....Jacob, heís playing the game a little bit too hard outta the gates and itís a bad risky decison to be the one that people perceive as heís going off to look for an idol. You donít want to be the one that stands out for any reason in the early stages of the game. Unfortunately for James we see him stand out for a reason as he failed at the water challenge. Clearly, their tribe is not picking people for their certain strengths.

Jenna has one confessional in the confessional of doom spot post IC: Jenna comments how they are screwed with Jacob going to GI, as now, who's it going to be? (As we saw Gonzales followed by Donathan).

Jenna's BFF, Stephanie also has one: being a super fan of the show I know the first vote sets the tone for the whole game.....Donathan or Gonz? I think that Don. is our weakest link but I feel that there is a level of control that I have, heís going to vote with us, he is somebody that I can nurture to me, getting rid of gone. is getting rid of a strategic threat. Sheís got her own agenda and she is way too strong.

Stephanie is introduced to us as a player. And, we note that she has skills. Certainly one to watch.

Angela, Laurel, Bradley, Libby, Chelsea, and Morgan had 0 confessionals. Laurel was seen as participating in the IC and as Donathan's friend. Bradley was seen with Wendall and Dominic in the water. Libby is the pink bra set and seems to be in with Branden, and the pretty people. Chelsea? Morgan was strong in the water challenge. Angela, volunteered to sit out the water challenge as a weak swimmer. At least she knows her limitations.

People I think have some substance: Kellyn, Dominic, Wendall, Stephanie. Kellyn touched on the theme of the show and seems interesting. Why? It was if the producers forced us to meet her although she really didn't stick out at all in this episode. Dominic seems like a bold player, somewhat reckless, driven and motivated by family (we've seen that before), and he now has an enemy. Wendall seems like one of substance, and Stephanie is a serious player and fan.

Journey players for me: Jacob, his confessionals were about how he wasn't fit or brainy and he wanted to go to GI and be manipulative, and Donathan, a sweet Kentucky boy who wants to not only win the game but to meet people that exemplify diversity. But, Donathan was the David to Goliath this episode. Does he have "legs"

Michael was introduced to us and we know that he's only 18. He also had the last confessional prior to TC. He'll be one to watch. Brendan seems one of substance too, but I don't know if they let the "Hunter" types win?

Desiree: Strong but not strategic?
Sebastian and Chris: The self elected leader and his Key West side kick....Chris looks like a Ken doll. They are the anti Dominic-Wendall group.

James: A weak link but a gentle giant. Fits with Laurel nicely. Will the weak and meek inherit the title?

Jenna: Sidekick to Stephanie, but sidekicks CAN do well.

**I want to note that I usually count one confessional if the confessional is interrupted by action eluded to in the confessional then resumes with the player in the same exact spot just continuing along the same confessional.

But, many people that do confessionals would count that as two. I would like to know how the majority of folks here would rather I count them. When you count more confessionals, with each break, it may be easier to see the counts that are more numerous.....??

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"Confessionals 1b"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 03-06-18 at 09:12 AM
LAST EDITED ON 03-07-18 AT 09:20 AM (EST)

LAST EDITED ON 03-07-18 AT 09:19†AM (EST)


episode | 1a | 1b| total
Jacob Mal | 3 | 4 | 7X
Dominick Nav | 3* | 3 | 6
Michael Mal | 2* | 2 | 4
Stephanie Mal | 1 | 3 | 4
Donathan Mal | 2 | 1*| 3
Kellyn Nav | 2 | * | 2
Wendell Nav | 2 | * | 2
Brendan Mal | 1 | 1 | 2
Chris Nav | 1 | 1 | 2
James Mal | 1 | 1 | 2
Jenna Mal | 1 | 1 | 2
Laurel Mal | * | 1 | 1
Desiree Nav | 1 | * | 1
Sebastian Nav | 1 | * | 1
Morgan Nav | * | 1 | 1
Bradley Nav | * | * | *
Libby Mal | * | * | *
Chelsea Nav | * | * | *
Angela Nav | * | * | *

F20 Gonzales Mal | 2 | 2X
F19 Jacob Mal | 3 | 4 | 7X

*Winning Quote

More to come....

For 1b of the Premiere Jacob, our boot, and Dominic take the top spots. Jacob talks all about his plan to make a fake II to deceive his tribe, and what he's going to tell them when he returns from GI. He has the confessional of DOOM post IC, as we saw him cocky that he would get picked again to go, and his face in disbelief when Donathan is picked. Then, he comments on how he "thinks" his tribe bought the deception. Finally, he speaks about Michael, who's most definitely a great guy, but he's all about tribe strength, and he talks about Stephanie as another super fan and if he could get in the good graces with her, he could go far.

Dominic got the first 2 confessionals of the show with the knowledge that he has an enemy in Chris, and that he told himself he would have to corral his paranoia, looking for idols during the day wasn't working for him, so he'd look at anytime of day. We see him find the idol! He tells us that now, with an idol, he can take risks, and he really really wants to take risks and play the game really hard.

His second confessional is reading the clue that is with his idol, Andrea's HII, retains it's power after 5 years, can he reverse the curse. He has no intention of the curse getting him, he's going to reverse it.

His final confessional: In the beginning I felt worried about my game, but I found an idol and I feel like I am starting to devíp a substantial rapport with alot of people in the tribe, but I heard through the grapevine that Chris was gunning for me. I want to have a conversation with him to let him know that I want to just keep things cool so we could work together. ...see little crab come out and pounce on the other crab. He continues, Chris came at me, immediately out of the gate and made me feel that he was on to me. But, Iím not gonna play defense, Iím going to make sure that I have Chris in my control. He doesnít know who heís messing with.

The other day I found the most beautiful shell and twine and I decide to make a fake idol, and use the paper work from the real idol, wrap it up. I believe I can earn Chrisí trust by showing him the fake idol. Itís a gamble but Iím going to have to just throw it out there and see if he bites.

Continues....By showing him the paperwork that goes with the actual idol, it distracted him from even looking at the fake idol, seeing his reaction, I knew I had him. I even told him anytime you think you are vulnerable, you ask me and I will give it to you...no problem. Itís easy, its a fagazzi...itís not even a real idol, he can take it anywhere he wants, he can take it home with him for all I care.

Dominic does seem like an over the top Tony-like player. Will Dom be the Tony of this season? Or will he get played?

Stephanie had a large spike jumping up 2, and she's really coming into her own early....Her first confessional she tells us about herself....There is a lot of speculation about Jacobís II, is it fake, is it real ...but when somebody knows they are on the bottom they can create opportunities. Somebody like me, I am as big of a superfine like he is but willing to use him to get myself further in this game.
Her second is more of the same, she's telling us what she has to do...I Ďm using my little flirtacious ways to get to the truth of his idol. This thing about Jacob is that heís a strategic super fan so the way to get in his head is to talk strategy with him.

Then, finally, once she has the information, she weighs it on how it will best serve her and she confides in her bff, Jenna. Jacob divoulged everything to me, his idol is fake and then he told me that Morgan from the other tribe has the legacy advantage and thatís huge, thatís something that I can use to gain an advantage later on in this game. So now,Iím struggling, he trusts me, and those are the kind of people you want to keep around.

But, Jenna didn't seem as keen on it, but did have a confessional telling us she was tight with Stephanie from day 1 and that she would do what Steph wanted. A side kick.

Michael had 2 confessionals. Same as the first half. Interesting that he had the last confessional before TC AGAIN. Michael and Brendan are each drinking each others koolaid and his first confessional is: Even though James screwed up badly today, heís plan B right now. then see Jacob and James by the fire....the real target is Jacob. If the idol is real it could blow up in our face so we have to get rid of him. But, we got to be really careful about how we do it.

His last confessional prior to TC: Jenna and Steph are kinda sketching me out because Jacob, heís a shifty guy...cause for all I know heís targeting me. And, all it takes is a couple people to flip with him and I could be gone. I donít want to go home in this game, Iím ready to play and not get voted out by freaking Jacob, and Iím gonna be pissed off!

Apparently, Stephanie, Jenna, Libby, Brendan, Michael are still voting together.

Morgan, Jenna, Donathan, Brendan, Chris, James, Laurel all had 1 confessional.

Morgan tells us about her thoughts on GI, sending the losing tribes weakest player, leaving the strongest players to get voted off, worked for her as this AM she found in her bag the secret advantage, legacy advantage from Sierra. She reflects that if Sierra hadn't told anyone about it, she would probably not have been voted out. The problem is she has a really big mouth. Seems to me that Morgan could be destined to make the same mistake as the original owner of the legacy advantage. Will it be sooner or later?

Jenna has a confessional as I mentioned above about how Jacob has no social skills and she's sticking with Stephanie.

Donathan has a confessional on GI, about surviving on his own, being a little mountain man....at the challenge they didn't put any stock in him, but when James was struggling, he was uncomfortable but comfortable with his swimming ability, he knew he would be okay. Being out on GI is like opening his eyes and giving him confidence that he could be the person that he always knew he could be. (Reminds me of Zeke in his season.) He came out here to play and he came out here to WIN....winning quote.

Brendan's confessional: If you are going to make up a story, you better think it through, Because Jacobs story of this II just seems a little far fetched to me because there is no chance at all that this S nerd forgot the note that came with the HII at GI. Brendan is intuitive.

Chris, the other leader, also has one confessional in regard to Dominic and his confiding in Chris re: his idol. Dominic showed me an idol after lying to me that he didnít have an idol. He said he wanted to take me to the end. Something about it is just off.

Continues....Look, I donít trust him and if my instinct tells me something is off I have to go with it and I am not going to get voted off out of this game going against my instinct. If he has an idol, it scares the hell out of me and itís up to me, as a leader, to eliminate it.

Chris could be a worthy adversary to Dominic. He should trust his instincts.

James had one confessional talks about how his parents in Korea always taught him to give his best effort, but at the IC he choked. Now people are probably thinking, "Let him go, because he cost us the challenge."

Laurel, a self proclaimed member of the "not-pretty people"...So far the strong and the beautiful have been running the show. They formed a sort of little click without me and that worries me. But, suddenly the people that are on the bottom have the opportunity to flip the vote on them....see Jacob James and Laurel...I just got to make sure that itís the right time.

I have to wonder if this season is going to be reduced to the strong/beautiful vs. the weak/nerdy. ugh.

No confessionals for the second half include Kellyn, Wendall, Desiree, Sebastian. No confessionals in the entire first 2 hours of the show = Bradley, Libby, Chelsea and Angela. At least Bradley and Libby are seen talking but Chelsea and Angela? Who are they?

So, at this point Dominic is in the lead with confessionals. Historically, the winner does not have the most confessionals of the show unless they are Boston Rob or Tony V. Is Dominic a little too much too soon? He's definitely a player to watch and he's found himself in a nice little rivalry right out of the gate. Finding the idol at night proves he's here to play, and he has the family incentive going for him, as many winners before him.

Stephanie is certainly impressive. She's a master manipulator, she's a super fan, she's social, she's got options and she's got a side kick. Clearly, she's going to be a player with substance.

Michael. He is the epitome of the pretty and beautiful. He's been mentioned as a target multiple times. He's firmly with Brenden, who does have some good intuition. He ought to make it at least to mid season/merge? But, he's found himself at the bottom already....?

Donathan is a little lamb who's found himself in the adventure of a life time. He reminds me of Zeke who also surprised himself with his survival skills, but unlike Zeke, I don't think his IQ is quite up to snuff. He got his way with the first vote, however. If he can make it to merge, he could be a player at the end, and with a looming swap, it could be in his favor. He's getting early attention?

Kellyn and Wendall who both were given 2 confessionals in the first half, fly under the radar for the second half. I think these two could be formidable players later on.

Brendan and Chris are the 2 leaders. Brenden has been on the losing tribe twice and found himself to be voting with the majority, with his side kick, Michael. With a swap this week, I think he'll be safe for a while.
Chris is with Sebastian, and they are skeptical of Dominic. This story is starting/building but not ready for resolution yet. I would say both Chris and Sebastian will be safe for now.

James has had 2 confessionals, 1 in each half of the show. He's weak in challenges, and he's worried.

Jenna is Steph's sidekick, I don't see her in trouble at this point.
Laurel seems social enough and a contributor, worker. She's straddling the strong and weak alliances. Options.

Desiree told us in her only confessional that she was not good at puzzles, but boy, was she good at shooting hoops. I don't see why she should be a boot choice at this point.

Sebastian is jovial, and seems like a social Ozzy type. He's taken a liking to Chris. He should not be the target, yet.

Morgan: She was strong in the water challenge, quick to release the balls. Jacob gave her his legacy advantage and Stephanie knows it and will use it to her advantage. Morgan told us she has a big mouth?

Bradley and Libby have been seen and heard, but had no confessionals. Libby is right smack in with Brendan and Michael. Bradley seems in with Dominic and Wendall. I think both have stories to flesh out later, perhaps?

Chelsea and Angela have really not been seen. Angela volunteered to sit out of the challenge because she's a poor swimmer. Chelsea....?

So, last season the pattern for the boot seemed to be hidden boots. Folks who had a decrease in screen time, seemingly settling down were booted. If that pattern were to hold in this season I would put Donathan at the most risk.

Definitely difficult to use the confessionals for predictions as there are many with not much to go on. So far we have a couple things: Donathan has had growth already and he's a weak link. James is a weak link. Dominic vs. Chris. Brendan/Michael vs. weak.
Morgan has legacy advantage and Stephanie knows.

Considering the above, this is sketchy at best:

Safe: Dominic, Stephanie, Kellyn, Wendall, Brendan, Jenna, Laurel, Desiree, Bradley, Libby, Chelsea

Sight risk: Michael: He's been a boot decoy for 2 TC's....is his number up?
Chris: Dominic is his adversary, yet Chris seems intuitive....?
Sebastian: He's happy go lucky, but he's in with Chris, one way to get at your enemy is to cut out his sidekick?

At risk: Donathan. He's had his "A-Ha" moment. He can be a mountain man and hone his survivor skills to survive. He does have social skills ~ Laurel, James. But, with a swap, I do think that strength could trump those with less challenge skills, and Donathan is weaker at challenges, he told us this himself.

James: He's ripped, but weak at challenges, and he's owning it. Everyone knows it.

Morgan: She has a legacy advantage and Stephanie knows it, and she told us that she has a big mouth. Is she destined to make the same bad decision as Sierra did? Sure would fit with the theme of the show?

Angela: With no confessionals, Angela would be a hidden boot. Last season was the season of the "hidden boot". The only time we heard her talk was when she volunteered to sit out the challenge because she was a poor swimmer. As I noted earlier, this early in the season, this younger crowd apparently is favoring challenge strength....

"RE: Confessionals 1b"
Posted by kingfish on 03-06-18 at 11:22 AM
LAST EDITED ON 03-06-18 AT 12:42 PM (EST)

Thanks for these, FP. When time to vote comes up, I'm inclined to name Domenick in spite of his winning quote, and because of his "Truth teller" quote, which IMO is the same as an editor's clue to a "soon to be evicted" victim.

But with the attrition herebouts, it's heart warming to see you back. As long as you keep it going, I will be here too.

Also, Congratulations on your Boot vote. You nailed that perfectly.

"RE: Confessionals 1b"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 03-06-18 at 02:59 PM
Awwww, thanks King! Your words always hold a special place with me! Where you mark, I will follow! Woof woof

"RE: Confessionals 1b"
Posted by Sheldor on 03-06-18 at 08:48 PM
THANKS! Awesome job FlowerPower!!

FYI: There are 2 names that need correcting.

Domenick (ends in "k")
Wendell (last vowel is "e" not "a")

All the rest are correctly spelled even the strange names!

WOW! I can't believe how many players have *NO* confessionals!!

At least Libby, Bradley, and Angela all speak in the Sneak Peak video but still haven't heard from Chelsea!

"Confessionals Episode 2"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 03-10-18 at 10:58 AM
LAST EDITED ON 03-11-18 AT 09:31 AM (EST)

LAST EDITED ON 03-11-18 AT 09:26†AM (EST)


episode | 1 | 2 | 3 | total

Domenick N/N | 3$ | 3 | 3 | 9
Stephanie M/M | 1 | 3 | 3 | 7
Michael M/M | 2$ | 2 | 1 | 5
Morgan N/N | * | 1 | 4 | 5X
Donathan M/N | 2 | 1$| 1 | 4
Kellyn N/M | 2 | * | 2 | 4
Brendan M/M | 1 | 1 | 2 | 4
Chris N/N | 1 | 1 | 2 | 4
James M/N | 1 | 1 | 2 | 4
Libby M/N | * | * | 4 | 4
Angela N/N | * | * | 4 | 4
Wendell N/N | 2 | * | 1 | 3
Jenna M/M | 1 | 1 | 1 | 3
Sebastian N/M | 1 | * | 1 | 2
Laurel M/N | * | 1 | * | 1
Desiree N/M | 1 | * | * | 1
Bradley N/M | * | * | * | *
Chelsea N/N | * | * | * | *

F20 Gonzales Mal | 2 | 2X
F19 Jacob Mal | 3 | 4 | 7X
F18 Morgan N/N | * | 1 | 4 | 5X

$=Winning Quote

Morgan, Angela, and Libby were the stars of the show. The two boot choices with Libby in the middle, the one that sealed their fate.

Morgan was introduced to us last week, with an ominous quote about not being able to reverse the curse because of her big mouth. Foreshadowing? Her first one is after the swap contemplating her fate with the fate of the former Naviti's that are on her new tribe....easiest thing to do would be to stick 5 strong, but doesn't think Chris will, because he doesn't have a strong connection with Dom. So, it might have to be Chris.
Second was in the confessional of doom spot...I am freaking out! Because so much of this season is about players past mistakes and itís going to be 4 vs 4 tonight and I am worried that we are going to mess this up. Camera ends on a shot of Libby walking in line. More foreshadowing.

Third one was about trusting Libby way more than Angela, and fourth one was about the plan is to get Angela out so they can show them that they are on their side.

OTOH, Angela is the boot decoy. Her first is the second of the show and is about her reaction with news of the swap. She tells us about her two deployments and that you build very strong lasting relationships in a short time...this is exactly the same so she's nervous about the switch.

Her second is after speaking with the determined and focused, Chris. She believes his information is true, but, Iím going along with it but when Chris tells me stories Iím kind of cringing, because what Chris is doing to me. Heís trying to manipulate you. Heís talking to you instead of with you. He was just giving me orders like do this and stay on track. And, even though I am used to guys barking orders in the military and I donít like that kind of confrontation at all. see the birds wrestle in the trees and one flies off.

When Angela is the one to hand back the idol at the IC, I have to wonder if even the person that gives back the idol is not random?

Her third: What I see happening tonight is the 4 malolo will vote for Dominick, they are keeping to Chrisí plan. I decided I wasnít going to go with Chris, I wasnít going to go against my team. I would rather have loyalty vs doing something that I am controlled in doing.... Then, we see her speaking with Wendell. Her last confessional is emphatic: I am expecting a 4 to 4, I am expecting going to rocks. But I will tell you something right now, I will go to rocks for old Naviti. I will be strong with my team.

Then, Libby, who had no confessionals last week, finds herself in the middle of events this week, aud it's reflected in her confessional count numbers. Her first one is narrational and reactionary to Chris...Chis started talking about how Dominick has an ii and we have to get him out. And, I was like, WOW! Well, welcome to Naviti! Then adds...Chris has a big personality so when he talks to me I have to nod and smile and act like Iím just this girl that he can take advantage of. And, just like drag me in his number. Iíll play dumb, but Iím not going to be dumb about it.

Her second was that she's so excited to bond with Morgan, she's super open and friendly, they are both Catholic...she feels closer to her than anybody so far. ~ Misdirection.

Her third are thoughts after James brings up Morgan's name to boot...I wasnít really keen on that Idea because Morgan is someone that I can trust so iíd rather not bring her up in this vote because Iíd like to keep her around if I can.

Then, finally, she has the last confessional of the show and she verbalizes the question of the hour: I donít want to vote out Morgan, I feel it will be alot easier to vote out Angela and be a unanimous vote. The big question is will we bank on the original alliances that we did make in old Malolo or will we blend together, and this decision really turns the game every day the stakes just keep getting bigger and bigger.

It ended nicely when Morgan, walking down the Loser lane turned and said, don't trust the smiling blondes. ...too little, too late.

Domenick and Stephanie, players with substance in the premiere both have 3 confessionals. They continue to be players to watch. Domenick's first confessional is after the swap when he realizes Chris is still on his tribe. He's concerned as he still has to deal with Chris, so his plan is to build relationships with EVERY person on his tribe so he can take Chris out (before Chris takes him out).

His second comments after Chris goes to GI....lucky SOB because I was really looking forward to voting him out!

Third, Domenick tells us about his plan to avoid being the target...I had it in the back of my mind that the former Malolo four will go back to me thinking that I will be a threat to them. I may expose this fake idol to them so that they can gain some trust from me. See a spider and a little bug in the web. Then we saw him proceed in showing it, vowing loyalty to them.

Stephanie's first confessional was reactionary to the swap...Iím in a bit of a power position right now, so Iím freaking out, but, you are not going to be in power the whole game. You got to ride the waves. Thereís a wave there, you got to surf it. Cool!

Stephanie's last 2 confessionals examplify that true Survivor spirit, grit, and determination that the producers LOVE to highlight. Naviti pretty much hates our camp, they are a bunch of complainers. But I feel like I am in the minority in our new tribe and Iíve gotta find a crack. See Steph, Jenna, and Kellyn at the water pit. Then, Kellyn tells them, no way Naviti is not staying together, so tough luck for you.

Steph's reaction is to MOBILIZE....she tells Jenna, let's run...We go on a mad dash, we just run off into the woods. and start searching under every tree, every rock, every branch, at the well, at tree mail, weíre digging our hands in like logs that are covered with termites and ants, we are climbing up the mountain, like everywhere. Doing everything we can to find an idol. You want to take me out? You are going to have to take me out fighting and screaming, cause I am going to do everything I can to stay in this game.

Gotta love Stephanie.

Brendan, Kellyn, Chris, and James all had 2 confessionals.

James had the first one of the show commenting on how he got 2 votes, he did deserve to go, raised in a Korean-American household taught him to take ownership of his failures, but he's happy to live to see another day.

Second conf. is at the end of the show...Libby wants us to vote Angela out, but I see Domenick as a Russell Hantz 2.0 and to think that he is capable of lying straight to my face. It could easily be the case that he has a real idol and he wants to throw us off the path by showing us a fake idol. James came up with a good plan, but how will Libby feel about him now? I felt that Libby didn't really like the James/Donathan/Laurel group as much as the Brendan and Michael group on old Malolo.

Chris also has two. First is after the swap when he reaffirms his target as Dominick. We have the 5 to 4 advantage but it is way more complicated than that. Because 3 out of the 5, I didnít feel I had huge connections with. See Morgan, Wendell, and Domenick. And, Dom has an idol. That scares the he!! out of me. I have to eliminate him.

Then, he has a long narrative from GI. We see another side to Chris. We lose our challenge and I get sent here to GI, frankly, Iím spooked about it. Tonight I am missing a huge TC in which I was playing a big role in what could happen. I hope my plan stays with eliminating Dom in a blindside. But, I am scared, without me being there it might not happen.

See him break the urn: Nope, not today. NO game for you. Ain't that a bummer. I was hoping I could win an idol or some sort of advantage. See him making the fire. But, instead I am by myself. Being out here, I am hungry, I miss my family. Crazy....just waht the game does to you mentally. You know I expected this to happen at some point...this has been the first difficult day for me. Around the tribe, when I am struggling, I have to bury it....heís in tears....be strong for other people.

My mom was diagnosed with MS years before I was even born. My mom is my hero. When I hit a moment of weakness I think of her. Sheís the ultimate survivor. She was diagnosed at 27. Ten years ago she was told she had 2 months to live and sheís still alive. Ever since then, I made it my duty to remain strong for her which helps me when I am in a tribe. You know, you have to do those things. But, Iím a human, and GI has given me a chance to let out all of my negative energy. so I can reboot and be that again for myself.

You know I didnít even know I was this upset (crying). Thinking about my mom, it was awesome and that connection really helped me. Itís crucial that I re-center myself because itís going to be best for my game going forward. A meaty confessional, foreshadowing for success?

Kellyn has two confessionals, and again, they seem forced on us, not too crucial to the story. First one is post swap and she knows that Naviti is five strong. She says she may appear to want unity with the new tribe, but really she will keep five strong and knock them off, one by one. Arrogance.

Next, was about how moving to this tribe is like seeing a friends baby that they adore and think is so beautiful, but it's ugly. ...hmmm.

Brendan then comments to Bradley about how beautiful the sunset/sunrise is....his first confessional: One thing that struck me about Naviti is theyíve done nothing but complain about the conditions over here since they got here. And, Bradley, specifically, he just cries about everything. Itís unbelievable, this is Survivor, itís supposed to be hard. I donít quite understand why itís shocking to these people. On top of that we are down 4/5. All in all not a great spot for me.

Next, he tells us what they are going to do about their poor spot....no one should be surprised that a few of the old Malolo tribe should be out looking for idols...they need to find an idol!

It's crazy at nuMalolo....old Naviti has the numbers but they act arrogant, mad that they have to go to the worst camp, and they are vocal about it. They tell the old Malolo's that they are sticking together so tough! This motivates the old Malolo into action. Never give up, there is always something in Survivor. We all know which group will trump which with this expose.

Five people got 1 confessional: Michael, Donathan, Wendell, Jenna, and Sebastian.

Sebastian's comes at the swap, it's his reaction. He has the numbers/homies and they will stay strong, So right now, Iím a happy, laugh, giggly piece of Laffy taffy right now. Banana flavored! Like all of the nuMalolo's who were Naviti, he's relaxed, complacent....stoooopid.

Donathan gets a confessional, it's positive, narrational...I was floored when I arrived here at Naviti because they really got it going on, they got a good shelter, 2 fire pits, and sure enough they have the most beautiful view that I have ever seen in my life.

Jenna is the supplement to Stephanie's confessionals....they are narrating the same event...We are on the bottom so you have to try and anticipate as much as you can and all of a sudden with this kind of luck, you go from the top of the food chain to the bottom. Hear Stephanie shout, "No! We are not giving up.....let's RUN!" Jenna continues, ....so, me and steph, we are going to find an idol. Itís the only way we can switch up the numbers.

Michael has the confessional that recaps the finding of the HII....and an ode to James' epic fail....Iím just esctatic, Iíve just found the hidden II...This for me is a huge Survivor dream come true.

Brendan reads: Congratulations, you;ve found the HII, this is one of the authentic HIIís found by James . Michael: this is the ghost.

Confessional continues: He shows the plaque...This is Jameís original idol that he found from Survivor China in 2007 when he went home with 2 of these guys. It was a decoration up on the entry way into tribe camp but no one ever suspected it as an idol. See James get the idol. He pried it off and sure enough a hidden immunity idol. He reads: On day 30, James found himself in a very strong position he had a tight alliance of 5 and two immunity idols. (See them go into TC, TODD! ) This combination of power lulled him into a false sense of security, as his closest allies sent him home with 2 HIIís in his pocket. James is the only person in S history to be voted out with 2 idols. (see Todd!)
Brendan reads: The only question is, ďcan you reverse the curse?Ē smiling!

Michael continues: At 8 years old the first season I watched of Survivor was Survivor: China. James was one of my very favorite players, I watched him go home with 2 of these. To be sitting here 11 years later holding the actual idol and Iíve been given the chance to reverse this curse and to change his legacy....amazing! (I have no doubt that Michael WILL reverse this curse. We saw the lazy pompous, gloating old navitis sitting resting in the shelter while the old Malolos were out in force. ....I think to myself...idiots!

Wendell: Angela wants to stay Naviti strong but itís a little sketchy to me, sheís Chrisí right hand man. But, whatever our conversation was it didnít hold a lot of weight to me. I donít want to draw rocks for Angela so Iím tung ho about getting her out of here...., see a bug fly into a web.

Laurel, Bradley, Chelsea, and Desiree had ZILCH.

So, what does it all mean? Libby and Angela both with the largest spike as they are front and center in the action. Will this arc be their final? At this point, I don't think so. Kellyn also goes from 0 - 2. She has really nothing and it almost feels like they are forcing her on us. I'd say she is in trouble. James goes from 1 to 2. He's a loser, so far. An admitted weak link, apparently in challenges. We see that he got his way and Libby was dragged with him, against her judgement. We've heard that Libby is not into Chris. I think Libby could turn the tables on James, perhaps. James's arc started early, but I don't think he has substance, I do feel like his story is early. He could be in trouble. Chris went from 1 to 2, but his story was redeeming somewhat, therefore, I don't see him going just yet.
Sebastian 0 - 1. Fluff, oblivious, but not his time?
Wendell goes from 0 - 1. Hmmm, it was his plan that back fired at the last TC. But, we heard the old Malolos say they needed his strength in challenges. He's with Dominick which is a positive, I think. He could be at slight risk, but I feel like he's safe, for now.

Brendan also goes up one, and his confessionals are narrative. He's safe at this point. Michael and Laurel both drop one confessional. Michael had a meaty "find the HI"confessional, he's safe. Laurel went from 1 to none ~ a dip before a boot? Hmmmm?

The characters that are being developed, Dominick, Stephanie, Donathan, and Jenna (attached to Stephanie), all seem solid and safe.

Bradley and Chelsea. Bradley is seen a lot and heard complaining a lot, but he was good at the puzzle. Chelsea is nothing, not important so far to the story. She is most at risk for a hidden boot. (Last season was the season of hidden boots).

We have a swap. Naviti is dominant on both tribes. But, at nuNaviti Chris sets his sites on Domenick, and the old Naviti blow it, and Morgan gets voted out. But, we know that Domenick has an idol, can he turn the tables? In the preview promo we see Dominick showing is idol to Laurel....hmmmm?

At nuMalolo we have the underdogs, old Malolo putting it into overdrive to find a life line, an idol, and they do, while old Naviti is doing nothing but being overly confident, lazy, and complaining. Easy to see what will happen on this tribe.

So, for this week perhaps:

Safe: Domenick, Donathan, Libby, Angela, Michael, Brendan, Stephanie, Jenna, Sebastian

Slight risk: Desiree had one confessional in the premiere that told us she's bad at puzzles, and we saw her being lazy with Kellyn and Bradley talking arrogant smack about the old Malolos.
Laurel: She is mostly seen but not heard. We see Dominick showing her his idol....hmmm?
Bradley: He goes at slight risk over high risk, simply because if their tribe loses, they need his challenge strength. Complainer, arrogant, but good at challenges.
Wendell: He could be the secondary target, take out Domenick's right hand man, but we did hear his name come up last week and he was turned down as favoring his strength.

At risk: James = loser. He took ownership of his failings in the challenge but he steered the last vote. I think that James is just too socially awkward, can't quite put my finger on it, but I don't think he has what it takes to win a social game, and I do think Libby is not happy with the results. Will it paint a target on his back?
Kellyn: I think she could be in trouble, but she too was also good in the challenge. Arrogant, lazy.
Chelsea: No confessionals, no story. She would be the perfect hidden boot.
**Moving Chris to AT RISK: redemption edit last episode, I think Domenick is the victor in their rivalry. (*I would be disappointed if the rivalry were resolved this early, however.)

This is strictly taking into account the confessional counts, their content, along with the events of the show. As promos come out, I could tweek this....?

"RE: Confessionals Episode 2 3"
Posted by Sheldor on 03-10-18 at 03:02 PM
Great Work FlowerPower. THANKS!

Unfortunately this Season CBS decided to count the 2-hour Premiere as 2 Episodes so last week's Episode is number #3 not #2.


Ep1 | 02/28/2018 Can You Reverse the Curse?: Part 1
Ep2 | 02/28/2018 Can You Reverse the Curse?: Part 2
Ep3 | 03/07/2018 Only Time Will Tell
Ep4 | 03/14/2018 Trust Your Gut

"RE: Confessionals Episode 2 3"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 03-10-18 at 03:47 PM
Yes, I will switch and call the episodes what CBS is calling them. So confusing, lol!

"RE: Confessionals Episode 2 3"
Posted by Sheldor on 03-10-18 at 08:52 PM
It would not be confusing if CBS would be CONSISTENT each Season with their Episode Numbering but they are NOT!

That is why I've been putting in the Week Number (to avoid ambiguity) in addition to the Episode Number. Argh!

By the way, if you switch episode numbering please also correct the spelling of Dominick to Domenick. Thanks!

"RE: Confessionals Episode 2"
Posted by michel2 on 03-10-18 at 06:39 PM
Nice work as usual, FP but I have to disagree with your "at risk" list.

James is now the leader of the original Malolo 4 who are in control of their tribe. He can only be voted out if they target Domenick but they know about his idol so I'm sure they wouldn't risk it.

Kellyn has had some interesting content and she's part of the majority on the NU Malolo tribe. I have no doubt thet there too the Original Malolo will come out on top, probably by using Michael's idol but they certainly would target Bradley before Kellyn.

Chelsea has nothing so she won't be booted anytime soon.

I'd go: At Risk: Chris, Wendell, Bradley and Brendan.

"RE: Confessionals Episode 2"
Posted by Sheldor on 03-10-18 at 09:12 PM
I agree James is the leader of the original Malolo 4 who are in control of their tribe but the original 4 Naviti should realize they need to put aside their differences and they can vote out James if one of the 3 original Malolo get sent to Ghost Island.

I think NuNaviti will win the very physical reward challenge and maybe that food reward will energize them enough to win the also very physical Immunity challenge sending NuMalolo to Tribal Council. Sebastian, Bradley, Desiree, Kellyn, Chelsea have NOT been to Tribal Council yet so I hope Branden, Michael, Stephanie, and Jenna with more experience can blindside one of the original Naviti (probably using Michael's idol).

"RE: Confessionals Episode 2"
Posted by michel2 on 03-10-18 at 09:34 PM
Yes, Ghost Island could mess up anyone's plans but I believe that Chris and Domenick working together is as unlikely as it was for Frank and Brandon.

Branden, Michael, Stephanie and Jenna have all been well established characters while Sebastian, Bradley, Desirťe and Chelsea have not so I'm not worried about that outcome. The editing just gave us a reason why Bradley would be booted.

"RE: Confessionals Episode 2"
Posted by Sheldor on 03-11-18 at 02:57 AM
Yeah the Bradley whining story seemed to be really pushed on us though Bradley himself has an extra video saying he probably complained too much and goes into detail of how bad everything is at the Malolo camp.

And THANKS for making me LOL mentioning Frank & Brandon working together!!


"RE: Confessionals Episode 2"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 03-11-18 at 09:19 AM
LAST EDITED ON 03-11-18 AT 09:29 AM (EST)

Chris is definitely on my radar, he got a nice redemption edit this past week, but would they put to rest the rivalry this early? Wendell was discussed last week as a boot decoy and Laurel went to bat for him, I think....I do think they are thinking about strength in challenges.

Clearly, Bradley is a choice, but again, I put him at slight risk favoring him for challenges. Brendan....hmmmm?

I may be way off. Kellyn just seems so forced on me, with out any real content. And, I really didn't like how she said to Stephanie and Jenna how purple was sticking together so it's bad luck for you....here is what she said to them while they were at the water hole:

Sometimes this game is like the luck of the draw. But, none of us are going to flip on purple so kinda sucks for you guys to be on, like 5/4. I really felt that was tasteless and in your face, then we see her in the shelter relaxing and laughing as the Malolo four are searching and working for the HII.

In the previews we see Michael giving them all hope, I do think that if they go to TC, that they will succeed, reverse the curse, and knock out a Naviti. That's why I have Brendan as safe

OTOH, at nuNaviti we see Domenick showing Laurel his idol...would he do that already if they had won the IC? Hmmmm?

Think I will move Chris to at risk...

ALWAYS value your input, Michel and Sheldor!

"RE: Confessionals Episode 2"
Posted by michel2 on 03-11-18 at 07:49 PM
I hear you about Kellyn. What struck me most about her, as I dicuss in the editing thread, was her remark about it being epic if they voted out Malolo one after the other. It would be even more epic if the minority Malolo knock out Naviti one after the other. But I saw Stephanie working on making friends with Kellyn so I think they'd target Bradley or happy-taffy Sebastian first.

"Confessionals week 3 ~ Episode 4"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 03-18-18 at 09:22 PM
LAST EDITED ON 03-19-18 AT 08:22 AM (EST)


episode | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | total

Domenick N/N | 3$ | 3 | 3 | 3 | 12
Stephanie M/M | 1 | 3 | 3 | 1 | 8
Michael M/M | 2$ | 2 | 1 | 1 | 6
Kellyn N/M | 2 | * | 2 | 2 | 6
Donathan M/N | 2 | 1$| 1 | 1 | 5
Brendan M/M | 1 | 1 | 2 | 1 | 5X
Chris N/N | 1 | 1 | 2 | 1 | 5
Angela N/N | * | * | 4 | 1 | 5
James M/N | 1 | 1 | 2 | * | 4
Libby M/N | * | * | 4 | * | 4
Wendell N/N | 2 | * | 1 | 1 | 4
Jenna M/M | 1 | 1 | 1 | * | 3
Sebastian N/M | 1 | * | 1 | 1 | 3
Laurel M/N | * | 1 | * | 1 | 2
Bradley N/M | * | * | * | 2 | 2
Desiree N/M | 1 | * | * | * | 1
Chelsea N/N | * | * | * | 1 | 1

F20 Gonzales Mal | 2 | 2X
F19 Jacob Mal | 3 | 4 | 7X
F18 Morgan N/N | * | 1 | 4 | 5X
F17 Brendan M/M | 1 | 1 | 2 | 1 | 5X

$=Winning Quote

Last week Brendan was not seen in the preview promos at all. We had really no other promos to examine. Nothing but a few clips for sneak peaks. His confessional count went up from 1-2. He narrated events at nuMalolo. So far, the boots seem to be getting an uptick in confessionals prior to their boot episode. Last season, was the season of the hidden boots, as all but one got a descending confessional count in their pre-boot episode ~ hidden boots. This is just an observation so far. We'll see.

Dominick was the star of the show again. First confessional: Me and Wendell had such a nice game plan, we were all going to vote out Angela but the former Malolo caught us by surprise, we got our a$$ kicked out there. After this confessional, we see him and Wendell talking after TC, talking about how they made enemies of everyone but they still have each other, and Dom tells Wendell there is hope, he has the idol.

His second was all about finding the legacy advantage from Morgan: When I woke up today and I llked down at the bottom of my bag, oh man, something is in there. See him go off by himself...could be a good thing, could be a bad thing. Since tribal didnít really go the way I was hoping Iím praying that itís something that is going to help me in this game. Reaches in his bag....pulls it out, OMG...Morgan, my girl, I love you. Legacy advantage was given to me by my girl Morgan. Just the greatest hope for me....he reads it, with this in your possession safe when there are only 13 people left or 6 people left in the game. 17 of us in there right now, okay. I can take all the help I can get out here. I already have the idol, but I want every advantage I can get out here. There are definitely lessons to be learned by these relics out here. Itís important that I really reverse these curses. (see him kiss it). I donít want to go down and be eaten alive the same way these past players have been. ....OMG!

Last one was about Laurel wanting to work with he and Wendell...Laurel surprised the he!! out of me, sheís here to play and play hard. I thought the only friend I had out here was Wendell, (see Wendell and Donathan) but now knowing that Laurel and Donathan are willing to work with us and get Chris out (see Chris and Libby), it feels great cause I feel like I have life again. See Dom and Laurel

Survivor LOVES it when you go from top to bottom, or when you go from the bottom to the top! As Jiffy underlined at the IC when nuNaviti came from behind to win it, you NEVER give up. Dominick's confessionals embody that "I'm never giving up and there is always hope" attitude.

Kellyn and Bradley both had 2 confessionals. The two who are seemingly running things among the old Navitis at the nuMalolo camp. Kellyn made a comment about drawing for rocks to ghost island about how it was her greatest fear, and Jiffy commented on it. She got the confessional because the Survivor gods sent her to GI...Come on S gods, I knew that they heard me. Iím scared but I also feel this is where I am meant to be.

Then, we hear about her life saga and trusting her gut at GI....This is my biggest S fear, to be out on the island by myself. I can get through anything when I have people around to talk with...my game out here is a social game. , but here, now that I am alone, I am trying to not let the whole idea of ghost island get to me. Iím trying to control my thoughts...cracks the urn. And, just see what is waiting for me, Game on follow the fire, my mind starts racing I have to follow the fire, and itís the most afraid feeling that I have had out here. Sees the note: GI game of chance. I will wager a secret advantage if you will wager your next vote at TC...if you win, you will have the power in the game. If you lose you will not vote at the next TC. I am feeling sick to my stomach, right now Malolo sits at 5 original Naviti and 4 original Malolo. If I lose, we lose the numbers, so it is a huge risk to give up that vote. Would the S gods have given...in this game where one bad decision can affect your life, you just gotta trust your gut. I just cannot play the game. I will keep my vote for the next tribal.

Ghost Island is all about being haunted by terrible decisions and it makes me wonder if i have done the right thing? Iím not sure. If itís something that comes back to me, I can live with myself, and itís crazy with how this game just weaves in with who you are, crying, where you are and where you want to go. Iíve been blindsided in my personal life, like so many times, so in the last 2 years, Iíve really changed my life by trying to make the right decisions, trusted my gut. I got married and decided not to be in that relationship anymore, I changed my career path, went back to grad school got an MBA and got a new job....and, the fact of the matter is if I hadnít trusted my gut than I wouldnít be here today. I believe sticking to who you are and trusting your gut can get you further intros game. (More character development).

She was afraid of making a bad decision, but she trusted her gut and did the right thing. Moral: Trust your gut aka episode title. Only question remaining is will Kellyn make it all the way to final TC by trusting her gut?

Bradley finally has confessionals. He's starting an arc. His first: As soon as we got back from the Immunity challenge, it was somber, but I couldnít wipe the smile off my face because well like, this is fantastic, we have the power tonight. See Michael in the shelter, and pans to Bradley

continues: Iím trying to play like a Boston Rob or a Kim Spradlin, weíve got the numbers, weíve got the control, we just need to keep the ducks in a row. See them in the shelter...

I think stonewalling the old malolo people is the best tactic at this point.

Wow, comparing himself to Boston Rob or Kim Spradlin, operative words: "trying to play like".

After this confessional we see him talk with Stephanie, who offers him a bone, she doesn't want to go, and he dismisses her and the opportunity. Not very boston Rob or Kim Spradlin like. As Stephanie wrote so clearly in the sand, HOPE, that is what Bradley had to offer her, but didn't. Fail.

His second confessional: Tonight, Brendan is an option to take out because he does like to play that leader role. Heís like a dad that gives terrible pep talks....which is fine, he can lead people because the leader never wins. OTOH, Michaelís a strong guy, (see michael carrying a dead tree trunk), and they wonít see it coming. Ive been thinking about every single detail, thatís what I do, thatís what is going to make me a fantastic lawyer. (I do believe that Boston Rob was a leader, a driver of the bus per se, that did win the game?)

Ten players had one confessional. There were only 17 confessionals in the entire episode.

We will start with Stephanie: Right now I donít think these 5 are going to crack, and itís so frustrating for me because I have so much more game in me left to play!

See Stephanie in the sand, alone on the beach, nice sympathetic music is playing...Being a single mom I think my greatest fear is failing my kids. So, I hope I am here to see another day. Right now itís out of my hands and it makes me sick that someone like Bradley is still in this game.....see the word she has written in the sand....ĒHOPEĒ.

Stephanie still has hope, and we know that that is a positive in this show, with a theme of never giving up. She's afraid, but she has hope.

Michael gets the last confessional of the show for the third time. This one was his only confessional but it's all about HOPE as well, and giving his hope to his entire group. Clearly, the word HERO comes to mind.

What I do with this idol completely dictates what I do in this game and my alliances. Itís gonna be a risk. Iím not here to just play an idol and be safe for a few more days.

Michael to the group: We are going to need a whole lot of luck tonight, the idol may not be enough. Iím going to pull it out in TC and Iím going to say I am playing this for one of the 4 of us, see Steph and Jenna, Hopefully one person flips and the 4 of us vote Bradley. Do you guys agree?

I think tonight is war between these two groups and we are gunning for Bradley. We have our work cut out for us when it comes to trying to flip a number or two. You know i think we might be able to convince a few people like Sebastian and Chelsea, that they are on the bottom of their alliance. The biggest Survivor mistake in the history of Survivor in my opinion is James walking out with 2 idols, and I feel responsible to end that curse and end that legacy, even though this is not a traditional immunity idol, I do have a plan up my sleeve tonight to lie and stretch itís power. Cut to TC.

Donathan also has one confessional, he's narrating the conflict between Chris and Domenick....Itís kind of like Chris vs. Domenick right now, those 2 are like definitely butting heads....
Donathan continues: Chris is wanting us to get Domenick out, saying heís got the idol...I donít know if itís true or not, but that is what heís feeding us...

Brendan's lone confessional was about playing the one card they had, the idol, and that Stephanie and Jenna needed to know so they didn't feel on the outside.

Chris' confessional was: When I was sent to GI, I had this plan in the workings to blindside Dom. but, they chose Morgan.....So I have to figure out the truths about what happened. (See Dominick in a chair...Wendell and Dom went for Angela because they wanted to take power away from me....that was a big mistake. Hear the music flip flop....

...To me, itís an opportunity to jump in with the Malolos.

Chris vs Domenick is coming to a head, and Chris and Dom are both fixated almost on each other. I expect this to get resolved sooner rather than later....?

Angela had a sharp decline in confessionals from 4 -1. That could be a good or bad sign for her. Her lone confessional was the first of the show...Domenick and Wendell voted for me, I thought I could trust both of them, but a wolf is a wolf. If you are disguised in sheets clothing when you take it off you are still a wolf.

All we see her do is go off with Chris and tell him about it. We don't see any social game from her to confront the situation. I don't give her much hope for longevity.

Wendell got a confessional after Dom told him he had the idol and there was hope. we might be on the bottom, but fortunately my buddy Domenick got an idol, thatís great! Now, we have a chance to shake things up a bit.

Domenick talking to Wendell: the same way we broke away from our group, someone over there will break from theirs. Itís doable!

Wendell continues: We have to make the smartest move that we can make.

After Dom and Wendell vow to make something happen, we see the sun RISE at camp nuNaviti. A positive sign indeed.

Sebastian: The group has decided to take out some big boys in this game, see Michael, then Brendan. Michael and Brendan, they are kinda like helpless penguins on a tropical island, and that kind of scares me because Iím a big boy too. But for now, Iím going to go with the flow because for now, the Malolo can go no further Low Low low low.

Sebastian was astute to note them going after the big boys, but he's really playing a low key, go with the flow, provider game. He held firm with his group, will that serve him well?

Laurel: It would be easier to side with Chris and get Domenick and Wendell out, I donít want to work with him.... See Laurel and Donathan discussing losing Wendell...she continues, In real life I went to Yale University and I was a division one athlete...I like to call the shots but here itís a diffít story. Iíve been playing under the radar but I want that to change, I want to have my name on the game.

Then, we proceed to see her approach Domenick. A new story arc begins for Laurel. (and Donathan, perhaps?).

Finally, Chelsea gets one confessional, her first. The start of a story arc for her? Narrational: You never know if the original Malolo 4 have an HII. Weíre banking on the fact that they are gonna think that we want to keep strength so weíd go for one of the girls, but we are going to vote out one of the guys. They wonít expect it. So, if they play the idol, they wonít play it correctly.

She narrates the decision of the group. She doesn't seem to have much story of her own.

James, Libby, Jenna, and Desiree all fly under the radar. We know that Jenna will have a confessional next week with flirting with Sebastian, another story arc for her???

So, how to categorize...?

If the boots are becoming more prominent in the pre-boot episode than the most at risk would be: Bradley, then Laurel/Chelsea. Hmmmm? Bradley or Chelsea?

If the boots are descending in the pre-boot episode than the most at risk would be: Stephanie, Chris, James, Libby, Jenna.

Rock solid in confessionals are: Domenick, Michael, Kellyn, Donathan, Wendell, Sebastian, and Desiree.

Right now we know that at nuMalolo there are 5 old Navitis, and 3 old Malolos. But, it appears that Chris is on fire in the throwing challenge and could win the RC for nuNaviti, which would mean that Stephanie, thank you Sheldor, gets picked to go to GI. I wouldn't be surprised if she chooses to get an advantage. She's already in the minority, so does she really need a vote, or does she really need an advantage of some sort?

Now, for the IC. We see there is a puzzle to do, and Bradley and Kellyn are doing it for nuMalolo, while James and Domenick are doing it for nuNaviti. While Bradley and Kellyn have proven to be good at puzzles, I think James is an ivy leaguer, and Domenick is in construction, which makes him good spatially. I am not discounting them yet!

Considering everything:

Safe: Laurel, Stephanie, Domenick, Michael, Kellyn, Donathan, Wendell, Sebastian

At risk: Chelsea, James, Libby, Laurel, Jenna, Desiree
High Risk: Bradley, Chris, Angela

I would like to put someone else at high risk, I may rearrange as the week goes on...Moved Jenna to at risk, as she's distracting Sebastian with flirting, and it may call attention to herself from the others. She also falls in confessionals. I had Desiree in the at risk because she has no confessionals, again, and she's seen in the promo going into her bag....just did seem out of place. Maybe Stephanie's advantage was a vote steal, and she steals Desiree's? I have no idea....just seems off that they put a shot of Desiree going in her bag when she's really not in the spotlight...ever.

"RE: Confessionals week 3 ~ Episode 4"
Posted by michel2 on 03-18-18 at 10:15 PM
Nice work, as usual, FP,

It may not be based on confessionals but I'd put Sebastian and Jenna at risk just because the promo features them in a showmance that could irritate the others. I simply don't see how the vote could go to either Chelsea or Desiree. Even James and Libby can't be much at risk because of the war between Dom and Chris.

"RE: Confessionals week 3 ~ Episode 4"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 03-19-18 at 08:13 AM
Chelsea, James, Libby got at risk simply due to the change in their confessionals...Chelsea finally got one, James falls 2, Libby falls more. But, with the story line, I agree with you. They don't apparently seem to be in any cross hairs at the moment. Sebastian has been so stable, but Jenna drops to 0, could possibly move her to at risk.

"RE: Confessionals week 3 ~ Episode 4"
Posted by Sheldor on 03-19-18 at 05:41 PM
Thanks FlowerPower!

We know Stephanie probably pulled a White Rock and got sent to Ghost Island which to me would puts her at High Risk of getting voted out.

And I assume Stephanie had to give whatever she won away and decided to try to make a bond with Desiree hence that is why she is looking in her bag. There is an extra video where Michael tried to flip Desiree last week but she was rock solid with the five so it would not surprise me if Desiree reveals to the old Naviti that Stephanie gave her an Advantage or Idol.

It would also not surprise me if New Malolo throws the Immunity Challenge (with Kellyn & Bradley doing the puzzle they can easily throw the IC) to vote out another original Malolo most likely Stephanine!

"RE: Confessionals week 3 ~ Episode 4"
Posted by michel2 on 03-19-18 at 06:03 PM
While it can be a great tactic, we know production frowns upon throwing challenges and these days players want to please production in order to get a re-invitation.

"Confessionals week 4/Episode 5"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 03-24-18 at 07:58 PM
LAST EDITED ON 03-27-18 AT 08:40 AM (EST)


episode | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | total

Domenick N/N | 3$ | 3 | 3 | 3 | * | 12
Stephanie M/M | 1 | 3 | 3 | 1 | 2 | 10X
Michael M/M | 2$ | 2 | 1 | 1 | 3 | 9
Kellyn N/M | 2 | * | 2 | 2 | * | 6
Donathan M/N | 2 | 1$| 1 | 1 | 2 | 7
Chris N/N | 1 | 1 | 2 | 1 | 2 | 7
Angela N/N | * | * | 4 | 1 | * | 5
James M/N | 1 | 1 | 2 | * | 1 | 5
Libby M/N | * | * | 4 | * | * | 4
Wendell N/N | 2 | * | 1 | 1 | * | 4
Jenna M/M | 1 | 1 | 1 | * | 1 | 4
Sebastian N/M | 1 | * | 1 | 1 | 1 | 4
Laurel M/N | * | 1 | * | 1 | * | 2
Bradley N/M | * | * | * | 2 | 2 | 4
Desiree N/M | 1 | * | * | * | 1 | 2
Chelsea N/N | * | * | * | 1 | * | 1

F20 Gonzales Mal | 2 | 2X
F19 Jacob Mal | 3 | 4 | 7X
F18 Morgan N/N | * | 1 | 4 | 5X
F17 Brendan M/M | 1 | 1 | 2 | 1 | 5X
F16 Stephanie M/M | 1 | 3 | 3 | 1 | 2 | 10X

$=Winning Quote

So, thus far the confessional counts have not helped me predict the boot. Gonzalez and Jacob went too soon to make a determination. Morgan and Brendan went up one in confessionals in the episode prior to their boot episode. Stephanie dipped down 2 in her pre boot episode. She had one good story arc.

Star of the show was Michael with 3 confessionals. Michael was stable the first two episodes, and even had a money quote. Then, he calmed down out of the lime light a bit, but pulled a fast one at the end of episode 4, and got 3 confessionals as he was in the cross hairs. He had a strategy to pitch to Bradley, and it seemingly worked. He can be loyal, and be good in challenges.

First confessional: Tribal didnít go as I had hoped; I was doing the best that I could to save the four of us by lying about Jamesí idol. But, It was a gamble and, for me, it was my first hard fall. Then, we see him tell the others in the shelter that he doesn't think he'll have anymore tricks up his sleeve to play so let's stay away from TC, then we hear Bradley say that he hopes "we" get the next trick up the sleeve....then, hear ominous music play.
Michael continues: I donít think that I reversed any curse because I didnít play the idol right and Iím still beating myself up for that but Tribal really proved to me that we are the three on the bottom. So, after tonightís vote, I really have my work cut out for me.
Second: He reacts to losing the IC and knowing that the 3 Malolo are on the bottom: Losing this immunity challenge today was devastating. Iím definitely backed into a corner right now. Iím one of three options really of who goes home tonight. I think itís going to be an understanding that it will be all man for themselves. I really wouldnít want to see Steph or Jenna going home but Iím prepared of writing either of their names down tonight.
Third: I am doing the best I can especially to smooth things over with Bradley but you never really truly know what anybody is thinking and I may not even stand a chance. Iíve given my best, and some, playing the game Iíve been waiting to play for ten years and Iíd never forgive myself if I
didnít try my hardest. I am only 18 and this is the best experience in my life so far and the fact that it does seem like my options seem very limited; itís hard, itís very frustrating. Iíve always been an independent person and somebody that wanted more for myself, moving away from my family at a young age and come out here and play this crazy game for me; I want to accomplish things as young as I can and I really want it.
As he says his last confessional, he's in tears. I think we are meant to root for him.

Stephanie, Donathan, Chris, and Bradley all had 2 confessionals.

Stephanie was our boot, and got her first one at GI, she wanted to play, but won't give up. Her second was just commenting on all she has to do is stand there with Bradley and bat her eyelashes, she wants to win for her 2 kids, only 25 days from winning, just has to keep her head in the game.

Donathan told us how the coffee win reminded him of home and his ailing grandmother and mother. We saw him talk with Laurel about it. He feels guilty that he's left his disabled mom to care for the sick Grandmother. Then we see Chris take the opportunity to bond with Donathan over this. Jonathan's second confessional comments on Chris empathy: To hear his story about having to step up to the plate for his mom kind of like I did you canít help but relate to that and have a heart for it. Iíve lived it myself....Chris tells him he respects him. Donathan continues: Laurel wants to work with Wendell and Domenick to get out Chris and I want to be there for Laurel but Iíve definitely bonded closer with Chris. Iím kind of in the middle here, pulled back and forth and Iíve got to make a decision for whatís best for me. This is the time Iíve gotta start to thinking about Donathan.

Chris got the confessional after the RC, which had to be meant for him in particular, a college pitcher. He really smoked it, hit every time he threw. This is just me being me and I guess itís safe to say that I was pretty hot today. Iím like a diamond in the rough; do you see me glow? This ainít pay-per-view, itís a free show. Iím still shooting the all day; free throw, mike drop.

Then, after he saw Donathan get upset after the Coffee and pastries, he seizes the opportunity to bond with him... I could see Donathan was a little upset so I saw that as an opportunity to reach out to him because we probably talked the least out of the four Malolos. I was telling him about my mom because I felt it was a good way to relate and to connect and to build true relationships and bonds.

Chris, painted as empathetic, his character gets an uptick socially, and a big uptick physically, both of which could paint a target on his back...except for with Donathan, perhaps.

Bradley also got 2 confessionals as the voice of the leader of nuMalolo. Stephanie and Michael both were seen appealing to Bradley.Jenna's strategy was to latch onto Sebastian.

Bradley got the first confessional of the show reacting to sweating it out that he'd be the boot at the previous TC...Tonight was a massive wake-up call. I thought I was going home. I was sure of it. But, I couldnít be happier with the original Naviti because without them sticking to the plan, Iíd be gone. See Michael apologize to them, it was all he had, just tried to do anything he could, he hopes they understand....I think Michael outed himself as a hard player. Up until now, I thought he was this ďfratty BroĒ who liked to hang out with Jenna and Stephanie. I was dead wrong on that read and I think that everyone that was in my original alliance sees that Michael is a huge threat.

Bradley admits that he's not so great at reading people, got a wake up call. Will he learn from this mistake? Bradley also got the last confessional before TC...As we go into Tribal Council tonight, there are a hundred different variables that got through your head. So, you have to weigh which person you can trust the most, See Jenna, then Michael, then Stephanie....which person you think is the most dangerous and who is the least threat to my own game. Fortunately for us, we have the numbers, we are in control, and we are going to call the shots.

James, Jenna, Sebastian, and Desiree had 1 confessional this week. James commented on Chris' performance in the RC, noting he's a big physical asset in challenges, he's shown a great willingness to work with the old Malolo's, so with Chris on their side, they are the ones calling the shots.

Jenna admits that the only face she has is a b!tchface. But, she knows it will be one of them, it's an individual game right now. Her strategy is going to try and work her way in with Sebastian so he will protect her. As far as I could see, her strategy worked. I heard Sebastian bring up Stephanie's name time and again.

Sebastian's confessional was acknowledging that Jenna was in a tough spot, but he needs braiders here, and as long as she keep flirting with him, he's okay with that.

So, we saw Michael employ a strategy to appeal to the leader of the old Navitis, Bradley, by pledging loyalty and strength, that he would prove to bring both. We saw Jenna employ the strategy of flirting and siding up to Sebastian. The one that played the wrong strategy, was Stephanie. She pitched herself as a vote for Bradley, but apparently, Bradley doesn't need an extra vote.

Desiree had one confessional: I donít know what happened on Ghost Island when Stephanie was there so I donít know what she could have. See her going through her bag....there is nothing here....see Chelsea right there as well.
But Iím starting to think nothing happened because I looked through her bag and there was nothing in her bag.. so I donít know where she could have put it but she may have gotten the advantage; Iím not sure...

What was funny was that immediately after this confessional, we cut to Bradley and Chelsea sitting next to each other in the shelter, and Bradley asks her, "Are you sure?", and she responds, "YUP!"

For the first time ever, Domenick goes under the radar with no confessionals. Hmmm? Wendell, Laurel, Angela, Kellyn, Libby, and Chelsea all had no confessionals. I thought that Chelsea and Kellyn were seen a lot. Kellyn was questioned by Jiffy after the IC loss. We saw Chelsea and Kellyn going back and forth with boot choices.

So, what does it all mean? Can we tell who's at risk and who's safe? I dunno, but I still give it a whirl.

Safe: Donathan, his stock is rising, but I think he will be safe. Laurel. She went under the radar but she too should be safe. Wendell. We see him have a confessional next week but appears to be narrational about the continuing conflict between Dom & Chris. Libby, seems stable under the radar. Sebastian appears stable for now.

Slight risk: Angela She goes under the radar and could be weak in challenges, does she give them a reason to boot her out? James is apparently with Chris and company, but we know there is a shuffle next week and he's starting a new story arc going from 0 to 1 confessional. Jenna. She came up one confessional and latched onto Sebastian while her BFF was sent packing. She could be separated from Sea Bass next week, could be in trouble. Chelsea falls under the radar, could be a victim of the swap.

At risk: Chris, Domenick. Chris got an uptick, Dom went far under the radar. Both are in each others cross hairs. Michael looks like he's starting a new story arc moving up 1 to 3. Clearly, he's at risk. Kellyn drops down 2, to under the radar. Bradley, he's stable at 2, but he's in the midst of a story arc. Desiree, out of no where she has a confessional and we see her having another next week.

"Week 5/Episode 6"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 04-02-18 at 05:26 PM

episode | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | total

Domenick N/N/N | 3$ | 3 | 3 | 3 | * | 2 | 14
Michael M/M/M | 2$ | 2 | 1 | 1 | 3 | 3 | 12
Chris N/N/W | 1 | 1 | 2 | 1 | 2 | 2 | 9
Kellyn N/M/M | 2 | * | 2 | 2 | * | 2 | 8
Desiree N/M/M | 1 | * | * | * | 1 | 3 | 8
Donathan M/N/N | 2 | 1$| 1 | 1 | 2 | * | 7
James M/N/M | 1 | 1 | 2 | * | 1 | 2 | 7X
Angela N/N/M | * | * | 4 | 1 | * | 1 | 6
Bradley N/M/N | * | * | * | 2 | 2 | 2 | 6
Wendell N/N/W | 2 | * | 1 | 1 | * | 1 | 5
Jenna M/M/W | 1 | 1 | 1 | * | 1 | 1 | 5
SebastianN/M/W | 1 | * | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 5
Laurel M/N/W | * | 1 | * | 1 | * | 2 | 4
Libby M/N/N | * | * | 4 | * | * | * | 4
Chelsea N/M/N | * | * | * | 1 | * | 1 | 2

F20 GonzalesMal | 2 | 2X
F19 Jacob Mal | 3 | 4 | 7X
F18 Morgan N/N | * | 1 | 4 | 5X
F17 Brendan M/M | 1 | 1 | 2 | 1 | 5X
F16 StephanieM/M| 1 | 3 | 3 | 1 | 2 | 10X
F15 James M/N/M | 1 | 1 | 2 | * | 1 | 2 | 7X

$=Winning Quote

The 2 boot choices had the top confessional counts this week. Michael and Desiree. Desiree is in a big arc for her....and, so is Michael. HIs second week with 3 confessionals, but he was the decoy boot in both episodes. Desiree has the first confessional of the show and whines about the swap, "Why Jeff, why? Fate is the homey. Next she talks about how at the last swap they were all good, had 5 strong numbers, now old Naviti is still up in the numbers but Angela is a question mark, she's been with James for a while and she doesn't know what she is thinking. Her last was after the IC, it was the worst moment of her life, she wanted to prove herself. She's used to exceeding expectations, but she failed, she's the biggest loser. Because of her someone has to go. She's still a player in this game so it's going to be James. She doesn't know him, so it's him.

So far her only connection is with the old Naviti's. It's worked so far so why not? We don't see Desiree as a player making social connections with everyone.

Michael. First one was also re: the swap. It wasn't the best for him, he's still down in numbers but it's a new beginning and he's going to make the bast of it. Positive. This confessional followed Dom's confessional about nuNaviti and being received Chris isn't there and that now he feels in control. It was followed by a confessional from the nuGreen tribe. Next, he comments on the post swap. At first he saw that it was he and James vs 3 Naviti's, and he was worried that he would be the next to go, but now he sees that there is a crack with Angela, who was stabbed in the back by her own tribe. (Hope). Last, he comments on losing the IC again, fifth time to TC, it sucks but it's Survivor: Ghost Island and they are supposed to reverse the curses, not create new ones! A bit of humor. Reactionary.

Dom, Chris, Kellyn, James, Bradley, and Laurel all had 2 confessionals each. Dom's first was after the swap and his relief of not having Chris on his tribe anymore, the ball is finally in his court and he can decide where the game goes from here. Next, he continues talking about the relief of not having Chris breathing down his neck anymore, and telling everyone to get rid of him. He's not on defense anymore, he's in control, he's got 3 original Naviti and he's got Donathan, but they could still play him, like he was played before. No more training wheels out here, time to get dirty. Then, he goes on the say that Libby is the devil in an angels body. He's got her number, every time he has a conversation with her, she doesn't give him anything. She's got to go almost as much as Chris has to go.

Looks like Domenick gets rid of one public enemy only to change his focus to another.

Chris, similarly, has a confessional regarding getting rid of Domenick. HIs first is about himself and the work he has to do....You know when you are a big athletic guy and charismatic, like I am, I wonít lie to you, itís exhausting. Some people can just sit around and chill and let the game evolve. Where I am sitting, I have to think ahead and develop this bond, see him fist bump Jenna, and that bond, because I have an X on my back from day one.

HIs next confessional is funny as it really sounds to the viewer that he is describing himself to the tee....I am hesitant to tell people that I still model because for some crazy reason people think that models maybe self absorbed, might be dumb, just a lot of things that might not be beneficiary to me in a tribe setting.

Kellyn had two....her first is narrational about how Chris and Dom couldn't keep it Naviti strong and instead they started to vote out Angela, and she's starting to get a bad feeling in her stomach....aka gut (that she refers to at TC
Her next was feeling that Angela is acting paranoid and she could see her coming after her and Des...she feels more uncomfortable going into this TC, doesn't trust Angela, she's all over the place, doesn't know if she knows what is in her own head, she's dangerous. Tonight will tell them whether or not it's still Naviti vs Malolo, or whether every thing has turned brown.

Kellyn seems like the champion of staying true to the original grouping. Which makes no real sense to me, she's always discounted anyone on the other tribe, and has been in their faces about it. She was smart about the decision she made on Ghost Island, but to me, she's not playing smart. Not playing the unified tribe, she's devisive.

James: The swap didn't work for him, he's back on the bottom with the naviti, and he's not close to Michael. But, they are the only two Malolo and he thinks that they are on the same page. He has a lot of work to do. HIs final one was that old Naviti has the numbers, he and Michael have a lot of work to do, he moved back to South Korea at 2, and then moved to US at 16, no friends, had to learn the language, and learn how to connect with people. Those experiences will help him now...I have to give it to James. He was one of the few this season that was open to all.

I have to wonder if Kellyn approached Michael to vote with she and Des....I wonder if indeed a promise was made with them? We knew that Michael wasn't close with James....and Kellyn and Des had reservations about Angela...?

Laurel had 2 confessionals associated with Chris. A counter to Chris. She talks about Chris talking about himself, then she proceeds to talk about herself....Itís kind of hard to be around Chris. Heís the guy that likes to hear himself talk but I have been put in a bunch of different situations and I have found a way to fit in within every one. The skill that I have is fitting in with everyone that I am around and being what they need me to be.

Next, I think he thought he was going to blow my mind by revealing that he was a model. But, it doesnít mean that much to me what he is....jock, model, personal trainer, whatever he is. Itís nice to have him because he is such a competitor and he wants to win competitions so badly that he wants to win, but I think the tribe is starting to get a little rubbed the wrong way by Chris.I think itís fine for us to let him talk, let him dig his own grave. I think as long as we keep winning that we are happy to smile and nod and go along with it. But, I think in the event that we do lose, Chris is in for a world of trouble. Enlightening. Chris on the radar if they go to TC pre-merge.

Finally, Bradley, This is the third week in a row that Bradley has 2 confessionals. His arc is in full swing, is it his last? First Bradley talks about coming back to the great camp, as though from a slum...pillows, blankets, coffee. From a strategic game view, Dom is a good ally of his, Chelsea has been with him all along, 3 of us, 2 of them, but there is a lot of unknowns as this beach.

Next, Bradley talks about how Dom warned him about Libby. if they go to TC, she's strategically the better option. He's back with his strongest ally, Dom, and they are on the same page, it feels great! Then he starts with the arrogance: In terms of this game, maybe Iím a better player than I thought I was! Ah, well, I thought I was fantastic, but if I am actually as fantastic as I think, than I am playing an A+ game. Hmmmmm? Arrogance = kiss of death?

Wendell, Jenna, Sebastian, Angela and Chelsea all have one confessional. Wendell talks post swap, and notes that he was ready to drop his buff, after trying so hard to manage two huge egos, Dom and Chris, who both want to kill each other. While he won't be with his boy, Dom, Chris and he are on another team together. He's a beast of an athlete and he has an extremely winning track record. But, when it comes time to hear Chris gloat, brag, and boast, he doesn't love that at all.

Jenna notes that it's kind of scary having to start from scratch, but she is happy because she's tired of being on a losing tribe that has to worry about just plain survival, and she wants to know what it's like to win a reward, have some food...fresh start is perfect timing and she's excited about it.

Sebastian: He's big into collecting things and he makes a big fuss that although he didn't get to know Wendell before because he was with Dom, now Wendell had the heart to bring his little conch shell all the way back even though it was reeking in his bag. Sebastian is just such fluff.

Angela notes a woe is me confessional...I do trust James and this game is all about relationships. In the military it was always like a family. I was always surrounded by great friends, and then retiring, II lost that big chunk of family, and then my daughter went away to college and then I started going through my divorce, and now Iím alone. Crying, I donít know itís just hard. I mean itís good, I was raised to focus on everybody elses happiness, now I am focused on me. Iím trying to figure out where I want to go and what I want to do.... Then, she continues with the extended confessional but she is dressed differently and she's in a different spot....With James I have had a lot of genuine conversations with him, while I would like to stay loyal to Naviti. Iíve got to watch out for me first. So, now the only question is, whatís going to get me further in the game?

Chelsea: the last couple days at the Malolo camp, we havenít been eating at all, we had lost 4 challenges in a row. I was just completely drained. Coming back here and having such an amazing camp and having that cup of coffee gave me that sense of home and made me feel like I have the energy to keep fighting out here.

Donathan and Libby both fly under the radar. Bradley told us that he was confident, they had the numbers. We see him reconnect with Dom. They could both be boot targets next week if they go to TC, and we have also been told that Libby is more at risk than Donathan.

What does it mean and who is at risk:

Michael, Chris, Kellyn, Desiree, and Bradley are in the midst of an arc. One of them will most likely be the boot.

Safe: Dom, Wendell, Jenna, Laurel, Chelsea, Sebastian, Donathan
slight risk: Kellyn, Libby, Angela
High risk: Michael, Chris, Desiree, Bradley

"Week 6/Episode 7"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 04-08-18 at 07:58 AM

episode | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | total

Domenick N/N/N | 3$ | 3 | 3 | 3 | * | 2 | 3 | 17
Michael M/M/M | 2$ | 2 | 1 | 1 | 3 | 3 | 2 | 14
Chris N/N/W | 1 | 1 | 2 | 1 | 2 | 2 | 1 | 10
Donathan M/N/N | 2 | 1$| 1 | 1 | 2 | * | 3 | 10
Kellyn N/M/M | 2 | * | 2 | 2 | * | 2 | 1$| 9
Desiree N/M/M | 1 | * | * | * | 1 | 3 | 1 | 9
Bradley N/M/N | * | * | * | 2 | 2 | 2 | 2 | 8X
Angela N/N/M | * | * | 4 | 1 | * | 1 | * | 6
Wendell N/N/W | 2 | * | 1 | 1 | * | 1 | 1 | 6
Libby M/N/N | * | * | 4 | * | * | * | 2 | 6
Jenna M/M/W | 1 | 1 | 1 | * | 1 | 1 | * | 5
SebastianN/M/W | 1 | * | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | * | 5
Laurel M/N/W | * | 1 | * | 1 | * | 2 | * | 4
Chelsea N/M/N | * | * | * | 1 | * | 1 | 1 | 3

F20 GonzalesMal | 2 | 2X
F19 Jacob Mal | 3 | 4 | 7X
F18 Morgan N/N | * | 1 | 4 | 5X
F17 Brendan M/M | 1 | 1 | 2 | 1 | 5X
F16 StephanieM/M| 1 | 3 | 3 | 1 | 2 | 10X
F15 James M/N/M | 1 | 1 | 2 | * | 1 | 2 | 7X
F14 BradleyN/M/N| * | * | * | 2 | 2 | 2 | 2 | 8X

$=Winning Quote

Before starting I think it's a good time to reflect on the confessionals. At this point in the show, we can see that Domenick started out with a bang, perhaps playing too hard too fast? The conflict between him and Chris started out from day 1. Interesting to see that Chris only has 1 confessional this week, seemingly settling down, while Dom has a spike. (His tribe did go to TC, however). Chris is also a strong character that has gotten a lot of air time due to being an alpha leader, gone to GI, and in a rivalry with Dom for dominance.

We can also see that Michael has been a very strong character throughout the pre-merge. After all, his tribe went to the large majority of TC's, and in that time he's found 2 idols, so he warrants the focus.

Donathan is next, and he's received a lot of time as well. At first being an underdog out of his element from Kentucky. He's also served as a narrator as.

Kellyn has been up and down, here and there, much like her "wishy washy" ways, as michel notes. She seems to get along well with everyone, but she's callous and insensitive and not very diplomatic, and we see how she agonizes over decisions which was her greatest fear coming in, and now we see her tip toe through each episode trying to listen to her gut. So far, so good.

Angela is also up and down. She was Naviti strong, got blindsided by her own "family", reunited with Chris, then on her own again. Seems like she is making the "wrong decisions". We did see her, however, burn the flag and help reverse that curse.

Desiree: Seems like Kellyn's sidekick at this point. More vocal, not good in challenges, negative, but did suggest burning the malolo banner.

Wendell: He doesn't seem to have too many confessionals, but when he does, they are LONG. He appeared as a laid back partner with Domenick, and told Sebastian he liked Dom. Seems like everyone likes him, and is willing to go to bat for him. Great social skills, and has something that others want....furniture.

Libby has only been heard of twice in the season, gathering all of her confessionals in 2 episodes. First was when she befriended Morgan than betrayed them all. Next, was this week when she was a boot decoy. Question comes down to did Dom & Chelsea make the right decision to keep her over Bradley?Libby is very reactionary and I don't see much game plan/strategy within her.

Jenna + Sebastian each have 5 confessionals, never more than 1 in an episode. The most interesting confessional I think SeaBass had was when he observed that they wanted to take a big man out, which caught his attention because he was a big man. Hmmm?

Laurel: low key for development later?
Chelsea: Narrates.

Now, on with the show....

Domenick and Donathan rise in confessionals and each have 3.

Donathan starts at the second confessional of the show after the RC win. He complains that it was the highlight of his survivor life and Bradley constantly barked orders at him throughout, made the fire rage in him, going to let him do his thing and build his own grave out there.

Next, comes at camp after returning from the RC with the winnings, steak, kabobs, etc. He's so high from winning, the ultimate in his Survivor life so far and wants to talk about it and process it...during Donathan's confessional we see it interrupted by Donathan and the others reveling in their win, while Bradley starts barking orders at them all, clear the coffee table, pointedly at Donathan who has his hands full with the grill, meanwhile Chelsea is there not holding anything. Clearly looks like he's picking on Donathan to me. "Donathan, can you help me move this please, blah blah..." See Libby look at Bradley like, WHAT??? Then, we hear Chelsea say she will do it.

The last confessional spells it out...There are three original Naviti, Chelsea, Bradley, and Domenick and then you got 2 original Maloloís, me and Libby. If those 3 Navitiís stick together, me and her are on the bottom. I feel like we are kind of on the same page about Bradley, see them sitting in a group, then see Bradley at the coffee bar by himself. So, if we lose the next immunity challenge, I am hoping that Bradley is the next target.

Domenick has 3 confessionals and it's all about the decision that is looming. He sees both sides and he weighs them throughout the show. The question for him, as for all of them is, will it be the right decision.

First: Bradley is getting snappy and people around me are noticing that as well, see Chelsea, so I can work with them and get rid of Bradley, but I just donít know if it is worth it to do that right now because I want to stick with Naviti.

Second: OMG, do I keep this guy around? Bradley constantly talks down to me as if heís above me and above everyone else in this game ...heís a pain in the a$$ to be around but from what it appears he is at least willing to work with me to the end, so I have to decide what makes sense for my game...

Third confessional is the last of the show before TC: Hereís my dilemma. I have the choice of taking out Libby or Bradley. Libby may be a better choice because sheís very charming and I fell for that once already, where I gave her a little bit of rope and she hung me with it, when my girl morgan was voted out, so I certainly donít trust LIbby but Bradley, with his short temper and his bad attitude could be disastrous for me. So, I donít know what to do at this point so I have to determine if taking this risk before the merge is going to pay off in the end. Cuts as we see them walk off to TC down the beach at Sunset.

I think Domenick has evolved a bit in this season. He was first playing like gang-busters and trying, seemingly, to dictate the action....with the loss of Morgan, it seemed it wasn't working. Luckily for him they won challenges, Then, with being separated from Chris, I think his social game has stepped up. He doesn't seem so frantic anymore. He's connecting with the majority of people he's with now, and I do believe it will pay off for him, somehow. I have to admit, I was surprised he turned on Bradley and if I were him, I don't know if I would have made the same decision. Bradley was not liked, but he was a number, a shield so to speak. We'll see.

Michael, Libby, and Bradley all had 2. Bradley talks about himself: In my normal life, I just have no patience, so today it was like, OMG, like letís eat! He continues: for me, the hardest test out here is to not be a total d!ck, because historically in my personal life that is what derails it all and I wonít be able to get back on the track... Chelsea seen asking Bradley for advice on the spices, he says do it on both sides, micromanaging her....Letís go!

His second: Tonights choice is which original Malolo the Naviti three want to pick off, should it be Libby or should it be Donathan. Donathan is just here for a beach vacation where Libby, sheís incredibly attractive and she smiles and you are compelled to buy what she is selling, and thatís so dangerous in Survivor. See a snake.
Continues: I feel like itís incredibly straight forward, every one is voting for Libby tonight.....then finally, Itís been great talking to Libby, but now, see ya!

Nicely positioned for a blindside.

Michael got the first confessional of the show which was not upon return from TC at night, it was the next morning at sunrise as most of the Malolo tribe is still asleep. We see Michael rise up early with a mission...TC was utterly depressiong tbh, I had to turn on James, but I gotta do what I gotta do to stay alive.....see him getting up early and gets out of the shelter. I am definitely worried that I could be next because the past 3 players have been Malolo players. So, finding an idol for me is the most impt thing in my game right now. See him searching everywhere, the girls get up and notice that he is gone, probably looking for an idol

At this point I am not too worried about getting caught, I am going to go out there and tear this island apart, see him searching, if I have to. So, I am checking around tree mail, Iím digging around with a stick, you know little by little, chip away and search each piece of this island to find something.

This is interrupted by the girls waking up and knowing that he's gone off to find the idol, we hear Desiree say, "Heís paranoid, and I can see heís paranoid because heís running through the jungle trying to find an idol. Itís three against one, easy pickings."
Hmmm? Then we see him find the idol.

Next, he reads the note with the idol and states: Itís like I literally reached into my tv screen and just grabbed this from Ozzyís hands. And, I am ready to do some damage with this guy.

Michael's second is after the burned the banner: Obviously we have been on a big losing streak. Thatís hard, each time you just get beat back down but if I have faith through all the hard times hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel. See Des and angela high five each other. des: Yay.

Libby had 2 confessionals after being under the radar for the past 3 episodes. She was the boot decoy this week. Losing was really tough but Bradley has been disrespecting everybody in our tribe. Somebody like that doesnít deserve an alliance, so I want him voted out....

Her second: Chelsea and Dom tell me to vote Bradley out but my fear is that I get voted out. Donathan and I are on the bottom so you canít help but feel nervous about it. I want to stay in this game so badly, this is a critical tribal.

Chris, Kellyn, Desiree, Wendell, and Chelsea all had one confessional. Chris gave a nod after the RC, they like to win, but getting something to fill your stomach is huge, and he's a big boy like me and have to eat. I love to eat!

Kellyn had a very long dissertation from GI. Whoa is me, I've been here before, I listened to my gut, so I will listen to it again, and Yay, I get an advantage. I get to steal a vote and now this will turn me from the sweet girl that every one likes to the girl that is smart enough and tough enough to make it all the way to the end and win this game. *Winning quote

Desiree is miss negative. Her confessional went like this: Malolo is cursed, we are starving, we havenít won a reward yet and we are losing each and every challenge. It doesnít matter who is on this tribe, even if there is a switch or a swap, we lose. This might be the most losing tribe in Survivor history....I donít want any remnants of Malolo near me at all, itís bad juju, I donít want it.

Wendell had one, but again, it was very long. It started out as missing Nicole, the birthday girlfriend, but then ended up with him finding the HII. the only thing I think about every single day is my gf, Nicole. You know she is the greatest person in the world. See them all singing happy birthday.
Continues: Today is Nicoleís birthday today, right now and I am out here, itís very difficult, but it gave me some kind of grit to find something that could really further my game. See SeaBass and Jenna lying down in the beach sand, And, I know that food is going to make a lot of people tired. See Laurel with her head down. see Chris lying down to sleep. So, when they are going to sleep that is my opportunity to go right there to sneak off, ďlook for firewoodĒ, but really look for the idol.

See him with dead tree branches in the woods, starting to look...From the first time I stepped on this gigantic island, I tried to be very attentive to every detail, landmarks, you know things that might be hiding spots for idols or the little clue, see him searching....there is a lot of driftwood and trees that are dead, but I see a tree that Iíd seen before, like a regular tree but then it is wrapped in smoother mesh-type tree bark situation. I look at this tree and say if this isnít a landmark than nothing else on this island is...He bends down and finds the clue in a loose piece of bark...Oh my goodness!

I found a little scroll and some green wrapping, Iím so excited, I open it and itís a clue to an idol. A very basic map....and itís a clue to an idol....ĒOh my goodness!Ē Iím excited aobut the clue and now I gotta find the idol...So, we got a pair of trees, right here, and a mountain right there, and the water, so dig at the roots of a crazy tree. So, itís got to be this tree....idols are what you want in this game, I need this thing, now is when I need to get this....see him digging....it can get me to the end! Finds it, OMG, oh my goodness! I pull out this big green package, and I am like this is it, this is the idol, OMG! And, this beautiful thing is what I find....OMG! This single necklace could be the single most iconic relic in the history of Survivor...

He reads: The authentic IN that Eric gave away to Natalie in Survivors 16th season....see Erik....Erik had made it to the final 5 and had won immunity necklace which guaranteed him a spot in the F4.

See Cirie say to Natalie....do you think you could talk him into giving you the necklace? But the 4 remaining women bamboozled him into giving them the necklace at TC...Erik: I want to give individual immunity to Natalie...and then promptly voted him out.

But, there is a secret nobody knows....this necklace has been living on GI for a decade and it has matured into a HII with the same powers as any other HII.

He continues: this is now not erikís necklace, this is a HII. When I saw season 16 I thought Erik made the most boneheaded move, and now itís like I have that manís idol around my neck, I might be in that position at some point. I will never do what he did. Iím not going to make that mistake, I am super excited to have this, IĒm proud and I worked hard for it and the curse will be reversed and I canít wait to use it.

Chelsea: Libby thinks that we are going with Bradley tonight. But, we got a little bit of a decision here because we are getting close to a merge. You have to consider how you are going to survive to get to the end of this game and voting out Bradley, thatís betraying the original Naviti...and that is huge.

Angela, Jenna, SeaBass, and Laurel fly under the radar.

This week the biggest change moving up is Libby. Going from 0 for the past 3 weeks to 2 confessionals. Is she beginning another arc? She made it through this week, but she did throw one over on the Naviti's and got Morgan booted, and I don't know if they will forget that. I also wonder where she will fall in the Chris vs. Dom feud. This could be her final arc.

As I noted above, Dom moves up one in confessionals, Chris moves down one. The preview promo touts this as the war that is raging...

Let's face it, we all want this resolved, one way or the other.

Donathan took a narrational role with 3 confessionals, and we all know how narrators fare at the merge....is Donathan starting a new arc or is this a swan song?

Michael found an idol in this episode, but he's had a confessional in each episode and he will be on the radar moving forward, I am sure.

Safe for episode 8: Domenick(he has an advantage and an idol to play if he needs to...), Wendell, Michael, Kellyn, Desiree, Angela, Laurel, Sebastian, Jenna

Slight risk: Donathan, 0 to 3 is a leap. Chelsea ~ a confessional for 2 weeks in a row, an arc?

High risk: Chris ~ the war is on, he has no advantages or idols to play. Libby: She really has no story other than we all know not to trust the blonde girl.

"Week 7/Episode 8"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 04-15-18 at 04:20 PM

episode | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | total

Domenick N/N/N | 3$ | 3 | 3 | 3 | * | 2 | 3 | 7 | 24
Chris N/N/W | 1 | 1 | 2 | 1 | 2 | 2 | 1 | 7 | 17X
Michael M/M/M | 2$ | 2 | 1 | 1 | 3 | 3 | 2 | 2 | 16
Donathan M/N/N | 2 | 1$| 1 | 1 | 2 | * | 3 | * | 10
Kellyn N/M/M | 2 | * | 2 | 2 | * | 2 | 1$| 1 | 10
Desiree N/M/M | 1 | * | * | * | 1 | 3 | 1 | 1 | 10
Wendell N/N/W | 2 | * | 1 | 1 | * | 1 | 1 | 3 | 9
Libby M/N/N | * | * | 4 | * | * | * | 2 | 1 | 7
Angela N/N/M | * | * | 4 | 1 | * | 1 | * | * | 6
Jenna M/M/W | 1 | 1 | 1 | * | 1 | 1 | * | 1 | 6
SebastianN/M/W | 1 | * | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | * | * | 5
Laurel M/N/W | * | 1 | * | 1 | * | 2 | * | 1 | 5
Chelsea N/M/N | * | * | * | 1 | * | 1 | 1 | * | 3

F20 GonzalesMal | 2 | 2X
F19 Jacob Mal | 3 | 4 | 7X
F18 Morgan N/N | * | 1 | 4 | 5X
F17 Brendan M/M | 1 | 1 | 2 | 1 | 5X
F16 StephanieM/M| 1 | 3 | 3 | 1 | 2 | 10X
F15 James M/N/M | 1 | 1 | 2 | * | 1 | 2 | 7X
F14 BradleyN/M/N| * | * | * | 2 | 2 | 2 | 2 | 8X
F13 Chris N/N/W | 1 | 1 | 2 | 1 | 2 | 2 | 1 | 7 | 17X

$=Winning Quote

Well, with the merge the divide between Domenick and Chris becomes the most prevalent issue. While Dom already has a fake idol, a real idol, and a legacy advantage, Chris, *surprise, surprise*, gets the lone clue to a HII on GI. To even the odds? The two at the heart of it all are the stars of the show with each having 7 confessionals.

Dom gets the first confessional at Naviti....he speaks about being happy to see his boy, Wendell, who he can talk to and is reasonable and intelligent, but then, there is Chris, his nemesis, but hopefully he won't want to cut his throat at this point in the game...

Dom's second notes that he has high hopes for this phase of the game and that he has options....an alliance of four: Donathan, Laurel, Wendell and him, or he could go with the original Naviti's, but Chris is such a wild card...

Third: He observes Chris, that he's tired and cranky, he has no problem dishing out orders while he rests and gets his beauty rest! It's the little things like this that urk him and don't forget this guy wants me out....he doesn't care if the SOB is the greatest guy on earth, if he wants him dead, he needs to go!

Fourth: Dom weighs in, he has a real idol, a legacy advantage, and a fake idol, even though the shell on a string is kind of a joke, Chris believes it is real....

Fifth: Verbally bashing Chris: He's just a joke because what comes out of his mouth is just ridiculous....

Sixth: Chris has to show the world how great he is.....then see Chris with the girls and hie's rapping to them...then he finishes, they'll get a little tired of it, it's just getting old...

HIs last is the second to the last confessional of the show: Tonight is the night I have been waiting for, this rivalry with Chris, itís going to come to an end. Time and time again he just refuses to let the gauntlet down. so, tonightís our opportunity to take Chris out which is something that I have been looking to do since day 1....Iím not sure how many relics are sitting out here to be played but I have my legacy advantage in my pocket and I have to play it at either 13 or 6, and there is 13 left of us in this game right now ...whether itís Chris or me that goes home tonight, this is going to be my moment. Iím throwing all my chips in and saying Iím taking this guy down.

Chris' are similar. His first is about finding the clue to the HII: Iím sitting in the shelter and I ate so much, I can barely even move, I can barely even talk. You know and Iím fixin my buff, and there felt like there was something diffít about it. So, I open my buff and there is a note that says, SHHHHHH, a secret awaits at tree mail. So, Iím like freaking out, anyone could have sat down and got this buff, I just feel very blessed, itís exactly what the Dr. ordered. Now that we reached the merge, some one like me whoís really athletic and good at challenges, will be the first ones targeted. So, I gotta be smart. People are walking around this beach, that beach, I gotta do this when no one is watching. He reads the tree mail....Congrats, you have found a clue to the hidden II good at the next TC and possibly more, but, there is a catch, the idol is at GI. Tonight a boat will arrive to sneak you out of camp for a quick round trip to GI. Are you willing to risk getting caught to gain power in the game? Damn right I am.....My whole life I have gotten places because I took risks, so weíre at the point now where you have to go all in, when you are a serious threat like I am. At the same time can I actually get away with it? Itís a huge risk, leaving the island for multiple hours at night and if I get caught and people want to question me, I am screwed.

His second was after Dom and Wendell went to talk to him....Domenick and Wendell were pitching me BS. Iím too SWA-VAY to just buy it. They want to make me their friend so they can just slash me later...I left that conversation the same way I went going in. There is just too much turbulence between Dom and I so as far as I am concerned I need to eliminate my biggest threat...

His third was about his adventure to GI...Wendell and Dom want me out so the only true safety for me is an immunity idol. And the idol is at GI, super impt that I sneek away and not get caught. It was pitch black, everyone was knocked out, itís time to make my move now. I already had my shoes on, I was strapped up, ready to rock...but, I gotta be smart, make sure that I do this in a stealthy fashion. I live for these moments, luckily, I got out unscathed, Iím pretty clutch at these moments. see him get in the boat and go.

Arrives GI...see flames lit, GI is nothing new to me, I Ďve been there, but I arrived at night, sort of freaky following the torches, ready to find out in my destiny. Getís JTís original idol that he got in game changers 2017...he left this idol back at camp as he left for TC. He was blindsided that night, JT: I got a little over confident, this tainted idol has lost some of itís potency, itís good at the next TC.

Only good at next TC, itís yours, if you are willing to wager your vote at the next TC, you can extend the life of this idol by 1 TC....you can do this up to 5 times or until you lose your vote. Alright. Chris tells us that there are 10 slots, a 50/50 shot. You have the opportunity to extend the shelf life of this idol, if I am lucky. Hereís the catch...itís also possible if I lose that I canít vote at the next TC. Thatís crucial because I am trying to orchestrate getting rid of Dom. Itís a risk/reward type deal. I am definitely going for it. Impt in this game to take risks, to make it to the end. S is not built to coast. He chooses and wins the first, the idol is now good at the next 2 TC. Then, he chooses again and loses, gets a no vote.

But, that is okay. I m not going to vote at the next TC, but I still have this II to play at one of the next 2 TCís.

Thank you Survivor gods...JT definitely got a little cocky, I donít want to be that guy that got sent home with an idol and didnít use it. I definitely plan on reversing the curse. I will have it in my pocket and be ready to rock.

Fourth: He notes that he would like to compare himself to the likes of Dwayne Wade's...he started at the bottom and now he is here.

Fifth: He's happy for Kellyn, but he doesn't have the IN, so he has to strategize & make a plan. He decides to be the bold one and take them all, except Dom and Wendell to the water hole. Then, we have a scene with all of them at the water hole conversing about what they are all thinking.

The sixth one continues after their meeting...he admits that it is personal for him, he needs Dom to go home. He notes he doesn't have a vote for this TC, so it's simple, he made a fool proof plan, if Dom plays the idol, Wendell will go home, if he doesn't then Dom will go home. He asks, how is that not a great deal for everyone?

Chris has the last confessional before TC: Iím real sketchy right now if everyone is on board? Maybe if I am uncertain, I should use the idol, but first, at the same time, my game could last a lot longer if I can get through this one tribal and use it at the next one. Tonight it is a war and itís time to take Dom out. If there is blood in the water letís go for the kill.

The entire episode was about the war that was brewing between Dom and Chris. Wendell has 3 confessionals. He narrates the situation: For this vote I would love for it to be easy peasy Naviti, just get out Micheal or Libby....the problem is Chris and Domenick. Itís like the cold war...itís like an arms race and these two guys can blow up the world if they want..... Then, he adds that he would like to see if he could get them to come together to vote a Malolo out....I like Dom, heís my guy in this, but maybe I could be that little bridge, but maybe I will learn that this is impossible, and we have to go the nuclear option.

His second tells us the results: The peace talks came to an abrupt halt. I was willing to collaborate with Chris. The gloves are off now, itís time to go to war with him.

His third narrates: We get back from the IC and Chris gathers everybody to the water well except Dom and myself. So, Iím tired. Enough is enough dude. This ego of Chrisí is just outta hand and ridiculous and heís gotta go. ...Because of the way Chris talks to people itís hard for me to believe he could get me or Dom out....maybe I donít have to play this idol that has been in my pocket...but, if I feel threatened I will pull out the idol and buy myself a couple more days...

Kellyn had three confessionals. She starts the narration of events with the first confessional, narrates the merge, and then after she wins the IC...She recants them getting a note and get in the boat, it's the merge. They will live on the same beach, the individual part of the game. Now her hard work that she put in to build strong relationships is going to pay off, she can't wait to see what damage she can do...At the merge, she gets the first confessional to narrate the event as well...I know right now that all hell is about to break lose, but right now, in my mind, itís an even playing field. Everyone gets a random seat at the table. At each seat there is a black buff, we really are one family but after this feast is over, the next step is to start eating each other. Then, we immediately see Dom and Chris. Her third confessional is after the IC win...She cannot believe that she came home with the trophy, but she's still nervous about the vote, Chris and Dom have been at each others throats, after this TC, there will be a line drawn in the sand.

Michael had 2 confessionals: First was that this stage of the game represents hope, to be 18, the youngest Survivor player ever, it's been hard for him so far so not only to make it to the merge but to have an idol, it's like Christmas AM for him!

Second: Michael is willing to play his idol if he has to at TC later....Chrisí plan makes perfect sense. I mean Domenick and Wendell are a dangerous pair they are both smart guys and they are definitely threats to me. But, is this legit? I donít really know whether or not Dom really has one or if Chris is just trying to put a target on Domís back. Truthfully, at tribal if things go crazy tonight I am more than willing to play my idol.

Three people had one confessional and they were all Malolo's. Laurel narrates that Chris and Dom have been beefing with each other since day 1. Merge beach is not big enough for the both of them....as soon as one leaves they start trash talking the other to every one around them.

Jenna tells us her point of view: Itís a perfect day today, like Dom and Chris have been at war with each other, taking the tension off me, or even Michael or Libby. Itís amazing, because I have been at the bottom so much, like now that I am in like more of a powerful position, it just really feels good to know that we have a lot of the power and control right now. Hmmm? Is she too confident too soon?

Next there is Libby, and she echoes the same thing that Jenna said...There is a war going on right now and people just have to decide what side they want to be on? Chrisí side, or Domís side? It feels really good to be safe tonight...honestly...

Desiree also has one...There is definitely a war going on around here and itís beautiful to me because then they lose sight of what is actually happening. Everybody is splitting votes between Dom, Wendell, and Chris so the old Naviti girls can flip this to get who I want out which is Libby!

So, the rivalry between Chris and Dom has come to it's climax. Despite getting an idol, Chris does not make the right decisions and does not reverse the curse. I have to wonder if Chris had suggested splitting votes between Dom and someone else other than Wendell, would he have been able to pull it off? Or, did this just seem like something was made over nothing, because Chris was the big challenge whore and the very obvious one to take out when he doesn't win the IN?

So, where are we now? Dom and Wendell have 2 idols between them and seem like they are in the drivers seat. Last week, Wendell was trying to salvage the Naviti's, rope Chris back in, and target one of Libby, Michael, or Jenna. So, with Chris out of the way, I wouldn't be surprised if they go back to that plan. Michael has an idol, Libby does not. This past episode, when Dom told Donathan and Laurel that Libby and Jenna would be with them to vote out Chris, they said, NO, do not tell them...they are trying to bluff you.

So, Libby, Jenna, Michael on the bottom. Michael has an idol.

Safe: Dom, Wendell, Kellyn, Laurel, Donathan, Chelsea,
Slight risk: Sebastian, he's a big challenge threat, and he was on team Chris, up till last week. He's tied to Jenna. Desiree and Angela....they were out of the loop. Expendable? Michael is on all of their radar, but he has the idol. Will he make the right decision and play it when he needs to? I think he will, but he's at slight risk because there is a possibility that he plays it on the wrong person?
High Risk: Libby, Jenna

"Week 8/Episode 9"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 04-25-18 at 05:22 PM

episode | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | total

Domenick N/N/N | 3$ | 3 | 3 | 3 | * | 2 | 3 | 7 | 1 | 25
Michael M/M/M | 2$ | 2 | 1 | 1 | 3 | 3 | 2 | 2 | 3 | 19
Wendell N/N/W | 2 | * | 1 | 1 | * | 1 | 1 | 3 | 4 | 13
Donathan M/N/N | 2 | 1$| 1 | 1 | 2 | * | 3 | * | 1 | 11
Ellyn N/M/M | 2 | * | 2 | 2 | * | 2 | 1$| 1 | 1 | 11
Libby M/N/N | * | * | 4 | * | * | * | 2 | 1 | 4 | 11X
Desiree N/M/M | 1 | * | * | * | 1 | 3 | 1 | 1 | * | 10
Angela N/N/M | * | * | 4 | 1 | * | 1 | * | * | 1 | 7
Jenna M/M/W | 1 | 1 | 1 | * | 1 | 1 | * | 1 | 1 | 7
Laurel M/N/W | * | 1 | * | 1 | * | 2 | * | 1 | 2 | 7
SebastianN/M/W | 1 | * | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | * | * | * | 5
Chelsea N/M/N | * | * | * | 1 | * | 1 | 1 | * | * | 3

F20 GonzalesMal | 2 | 2X
F19 Jacob Mal | 3 | 4 | 7X
F18 Morgan N/N | * | 1 | 4 | 5X
F17 Brendan M/M | 1 | 1 | 2 | 1 | 5X
F16 StephanieM/M| 1 | 3 | 3 | 1 | 2 | 10X
F15 James M/N/M | 1 | 1 | 2 | * | 1 | 2 | 7X
F14 BradleyN/M/N| * | * | * | 2 | 2 | 2 | 2 | 8X
F13 Chris N/N/W | 1 | 1 | 2 | 1 | 2 | 2 | 1 | 7 | 17X
F12 Libby M/N/N | * | * | 4 | * | * | * | 2 | 1 | 4 | 11X

$=Winning Quote

Things I notice: Dom said he was going to take a back seat, and he did, with one confessional.
~Wendell, starting an arc
~Michael: starting an arc
~Angela and Laurel: moving up.

Sorry, I have transcribed the confessionals and will submit them later, busy week!

"Week 11/Episode 12"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 05-13-18 at 08:33 AM
LAST EDITED ON 05-13-18 AT 08:38 PM (EST)

episode | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10| 11| 12| total
Domenick N/N/N | 3$ | 3 | 3 | 3 | * | 2 | 3 | 7 | 1 | | 3 | 2 | 30
Wendell N/N/W | 2 | * | 1 | 1 | * | 1 | 1 | 3 | 4 | | 4 | 3 | 20
Kellyn N/M/M | 2 | * | 2 | 2 | * | 2 | 1$| 1 | 1 | | 2 | 5 | 18
Donathan M/N/N | 2 | 1$| 1 | 1 | 2 | * | 3 | * | 1 | | 2 | 2 | 15
Laurel M/N/W | * | 1 | * | 1 | * | 2 | * | 1 | 2 | | 2 | 3 | 12
Angela N/N/M | * | * | 4 | 1 | * | 1 | * | * | 1 | | * | * | 7
SebastianN/M/W | 1 | * | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | * | * | * | | 1 | * | 6
Chelsea N/M/N | * | * | * | 1 | * | 1 | 1 | * | * | | * | 1 | 4X

F20 GonzalesMal | 2 | 2X
F19 Jacob Mal | 3 | 4 | 7X
F18 Morgan N/N | * | 1 | 4 | 5X
F17 Brendan M/M | 1 | 1 | 2 | | 5X
F16 StephanieM/M| 1 | 3 | 3 | 1 | 2 | 10X
F15 James M/N/M | 1 | 1 | 2 | * | 1 | 2 | 7X
F14 BradleyN/M/N| * | * | * | 2 | 2 | 2 | 2 | 8X
F13 Chris N/N/W | 1 | 1 | 2 | 1 | 2 | 2 | 1 | 7 | 17X
F12 Libby M/N/N| * | * | 4 | * | * | * | 2 | 1 | 4 |11X
F13 DesireeN/M/M| 1 | * | * | * | 1 | 3 | 1 | 1 | * | |7 X
F14 Jenna M/M/W| 1 | 1 | 1 | * | 1 | 1 | * | 1 | 1 | | 2 | 9X
F15 MichaelM/M/M| 2$ | 2 | 1 | 1 | 3 | 3 | 2 | 2 | 3 | | 4 | 23X
F16 Chelsea N/M/N | * | * | * | 1 | * | 1 | 1 | * | * | | * | 1 | 4X

$=Winning Quote

Kellyn had the most confessionals with 5. Her first was that she played both votes on Laurel and now had damage control. Next, after the loved ones RC... boys are so full of themselves, they didn't even worry about leaving us girls alone back at camp...we've got work to do, girls! Third: 3 boys off on reward and 1 on GI....leave us back here to clean dishes...we can be ticked off or take opportunity to take control of the game...if we pull in Donathan, only chance to take over the strong boys., need to break up the power couple, better watch out, boys! Fourth: Not going to be the happy Naviti family at the end, now it's Naviti girls going after Wendell and Dom...Laurel and Donathan are up to bat. Last: If I can pull this off with the girls, it's huge!

Wendell and Laurel had 3. Wendell: The ghost island confessional: Malcolm's advantage, not out of the challenge, get a second chance, 2nd attempt at immunity. end is in site, got to sit in the F3! Second: Didn't win immunity, blew it, blew the opportunity with my dad, still have my alliance. Third: I have a lot of trust in Laurel but she's not giving me good eyes, I will play my idol if I have to.

Laurel: Kellyn played 2 votes on me....Wendell and Dom stuck by me. (the preface for her later actions.). Second: The problem is I know they both have idols, can I take a shot at them now? (suspense). Third: Last confessional of the show, WWLD? The question is do I dog with the guys and get to the end, and I can't beat them, OR, do I go with the girls who I can beat at the end, but I can't trust them to get me to the end? Dom and Wendell have a ton of idols. Best to take a shot? Jonathan and I control the direction of the game.

For me, Laurel made the right decision. She had the power along with Donathan. She could've beaten the girls at the end, BUT, she would have been at the bottom of the totem pole with them....she wouldn't have made it to the end, IMHO. But, it's a coin toss.

Domenic and Donathan both had 2 confessionals: Dom: I'm so blessed to have my wife. This is our opportunity to come together, on this reward.(with all the guys.) Second: We are acting Naviti strong but we have to get the challenge beast out. (Chelsea).

Donathan: The guys were making their plans. I don't know if I can win....need to take out bigger targets. Last was second to the last of the episode: Me and Laurel are sitting in the middle. If I go 1 way, it could kick me in the butt....

Chelsea had one: Wendell is the biggest threat in this game. Only chance we have is now...

Angela and Sebastian fly under the radar.

Most at risk for next episode: 1. Kellyn with a large spike of 5. She's at high risk, Angela with 0 confessionals flies under the radar, she's at high risk.

High Risk: Kellyn, Angela
At risk: Sebastian
Safe: Domenic, Wendell, Laurel, Donathan.

"Confessionals: Week 12/Episode 13"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 05-20-18 at 09:03 AM

episode | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10| 11| 12| 13| total
Domenick N/N/N | 3$ | 3 | 3 | 3 | * | 2 | 3 | 7 | 1 | | 3 | 2 | 3 | 33
Wendell N/N/W | 2 | * | 1 | 1 | * | 1 | 1 | 3 | 4 | | 4 | 3 | 3 | 23
Kellyn N/M/M | 2 | * | 2 | 2 | * | 2 | 1$| 1 | 1 | | 2 | 5 | 4 | 22X
Donathan M/N/N | 2 | 1$| 1 | 1 | 2 | * | 3 | * | 1 | | 2 | 2 | 5 | 20
Laurel M/N/W | * | 1 | * | 1 | * | 2 | * | 1 | 2 | | 2 | 3 | 3 | 15
Angela N/N/M | * | * | 4 | 1 | * | 1 | * | * | 1 | | * | * | * | 7
SebastianN/M/W | 1 | * | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | * | * | * | | 1 | * | 1 | 7

F20 GonzalesMal | 2 | 2X
F19 Jacob Mal | 3 | 4 | 7X
F18 Morgan N/N | * | 1 | 4 | 5X
F17 Brendan M/M | 1 | 1 | 2 | | 5X
F16 StephanieM/M| 1 | 3 | 3 | 1 | 2 | 10X
F15 James M/N/M | 1 | 1 | 2 | * | 1 | 2 | 7X
F14 BradleyN/M/N| * | * | * | 2 | 2 | 2 | 2 | 8X
F13 Chris N/N/W | 1 | 1 | 2 | 1 | 2 | 2 | 1 | 7 | 17X
F12 Libby M/N/N| * | * | 4 | * | * | * | 2 | 1 | 4 |11X
F13 DesireeN/M/M| 1 | * | * | * | 1 | 3 | 1 | 1 | * | |7 X
F14 Jenna M/M/W| 1 | 1 | 1 | * | 1 | 1 | * | 1 | 1 | | 2 | 9X
F15 MichaelM/M/M| 2$ | 2 | 1 | 1 | 3 | 3 | 2 | 2 | 3 | | 4 | 23X
F16 ChelseaN/M/N| * | * | * | 1 | * | 1 | 1 | * | * | | * | 1 | 4X
F17 Kellyn N/M/M| 2 | * | 2 | 2 | * | 2 | 1$| 1 | 1 | | 2 | 5 | 4 | 22X

$=Winning Quote

Jonathan has 5 confessionals. He is sick of Laurel bouncing around so much, and does not want to be in the middle. He wants to make his move now and get one of the 2 guys out who are running the show. He is dropping "truth bombs"...

First confessional: He and Laurel have been together since day 1, she's frustrating always changing her mind, and they have had opportunities to take out Dom and Wendell. They have run the show, time to take the game into his own hands....being in the middle is not going to get him to the end. If Laurel keeps bouncing, I may have to play this game by myself, and I am ready for that challenge.
Second: Those 2 have always been the top dogs and I am not the type of person to let that happen no more.

Third: After Wendell and Dom chose Laurel for the reward, I am pissed off, he's not seeing himself with those 4 anymore. I want to prove to Wendell and Dom that I am not one to mess with.
Fourth: When they went for reward, I saw where lines are drawn, so now it's time for me to get in their heads a little bit, I definitely think my truth bombs are working right now, and hopefully that scares Wendell to death and I want them two to be scared of each other. I want to pit them against each other....
Fifth: Wendell and Dom were creeping around and doing things that they didn't want me to see, it weirded me out. I am just gonna have to go for broke from this point...this is the only option for me right now.

Ellyn had 4 confessionals. She got the first reactionary confessional at the top of the show, she's going with her gut. Second: Donathan came to me about voting one of the guys, I tried that once, but if they want to with me, that is great! Third: rough losing I needed it but Don cam to me about voting Wendell out and I want to see people put their money where their mouth is and I want to see it go down tonight. Fourth: don is absolutely unpredictable, he does what he does best, throws out a grenade and see who catches it, and if he is going to blow something up that might be my glimmer of hope.

Dom, Wendell, and Laurel all have 3. Laurel's are all about that Dom and Wendell definitely feel that she is totally with them, as she had a chance last time and she stayed loyal. She knows she cannot beat them at the end. Seven could be the last time to get them out, but problem is that Dom and Wendell are two of her best friends, they could have picked her off and they didn't. So, it's risky. Next, she's being grateful that she is on reward with her buddies, but make no mistake, she wants the game before their friendship, she will cut their throats. Then, after she won immunity, and Wendell had finished it as well, she changes her tune. It's not the right time to take them out now, so she will make the smart move instead of the big move right now.

Dom: His first was about the reward. They arrived in a boat and gave out all the great stuff, and the kids reaction is just as his own kids react to gifts, it's universal. They all brought their different flavor to the reward, a perfect combination, couldn't have been a better three out there. Next, Reacts to Donathan and his "truth bombs".....He told u s he can't win against us, he's going kamikaze on them, he's ready to make his big move, I can smell it in the air. He doesn't know what the he!! he is going to do but he's scaring me...he's going to ruin his game and my game, he's blowing the entire game up. And last: "Kellyn is a huge threat, not only to win immunities, but sheís super likable, she has a lot of fiedns on the jury.So, the general consensus is to work to take Kellyn out.......just out of no where Don decides to go bonkers, it seems as we approach the end of the game, Donathan just decides to implode on himself. Ellyn is the bigger threat but at least sheís reasonable. "

Wendell: First is that he and Dom have been together since day 1, but Laurel questions a lot, and so they picked her for the reward to shore up their alliance, reward her for being loyal and to cement our loyalty to us...Next, they are worried that Donathan could try something so he wants to try to flex some kind of muscle at Tribal, he has one real idol, but has been working on a good fake, just needs the paper work. His last confessional was the last of the show....they don't know what donation is capable of you never know when someone runs off to talk to the person that is being voted out, but Kellyn is super strategic and good at challenges. If you knock out a threat at 7, that increases our odds...every move, every decision has to be super strategic at this point. The end is in sight and he wants to sprint to the end.

Sebastian had one, he wants to use his GI advantage to prove that he can play the game of S and win.

At the most risk: Donathan had his spike, he's the next biggest threat out there. Sebastian's advantage will not work with 2 real idols. Angela had her moment in the game when she won one challenge. She's a non essential person and a non-threat. Final three: Laurel, Wendell, and Dominick.

Best chance to win is the star of the show: Dominick. He started out with a bang when he spoke up in the first episode about how Chris had made a bad decision. He had to do a lot of damage control and it made him work hard in the beginning. He wisely settled down and let others make some decisions. He won some challenges. It's been his story through the season, and Wendell has been a part of Dom's story. At least that is how I see it.