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"S36|Ghost Island|East Coast Spoiler Thread|Ep 1"

Posted by Flowerpower1 on 02-28-18 at 08:39 PM
Here we go, time for the season premier of Ghost Island! 20 Daws start their adventure in the Islands of Fiji. You know the drill....please keep all discussion and comments regarding the premier of the show here in this thread until the show has aired in it's entirety on the West Coast. No siggies, please! And, in the immortal words of Tribephyl, Have PHUN!

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"Ghost Island ~ Here we go!"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 02-28-18 at 09:19 PM
See Eric, then Jason, then James
35 seasons Survivor has challenged players, see
1 bad decision can haunt you forever

20 Americans face the same challenge beginning an adventure that will change their lives
This season a twist, ghost island, graveyard for bad decisions
bringing back the actual idols and secret advantages
This group must find a way to reverse the curse, or they will face the same bad results
39 days, 20 people, 1 Survivor

They disembark from the two boats

Jiffy: Survivor is great social experiment, 1 bad decision can haunt you forever, welcome to ghost island


this season you will have the chance to reverse the curse of some of the worst decisions in S history

Kellyn, first confession fear is making a bad decision

Everything in your game rests on making the right dec at the right time

Orange = Malolo, select one person to represent your tribe = Brendan

Brendan as a teacher and coach I am relied on, so if I can win it I will
Purple elects Chris, that was instant, they saw good qualities in me and I will take the challenge

decide who runs who is most qualified to do the physical part of the challenge, orange picks Michael, then must pick puzzle part, he picks Laurel

Purple, picks back left, Sebastian to do the physical, and handle the puzzle he picks

Morgan ducks, don't pick me

Chris picks front left Desiree,

Why did you choose me, puzzle are not my strong suit

First person races through obstacles to dig up keys, then puzzle solver must solve puzzle

First this will be waiting for you at camp, a machete a pot, rice, much less rice than any previous season and a n extensive fishing kit, the winning group gets a massive shelter building kit, axes, etc. the loser loses the fishing part

if you think your puzzle is not going to finish you can forfeit them and then you keep the fishing gear...

eggs, and flint...for winner

hope you chose the right leaders

Our first challenge , ready go....

both guys whipping through, Seb has it, and Michael has it....then they head back again, michael is winning, then look for second key......has it, already brutally hot out here, Michael is now struggling, Sebastian in lead....Seb has key....then Michael.....Michael knocks his head on the wood....they are struggling....now the puzzle girls are goingdesiree is working, and Laurel goes now....do they stay in and risk losing their fishing gear...have to gage what your person is doing in relation to what the other is doing, we are getting down to it now, not all of of sand left....Chris forfeits for his tribe, Milalo saves the fishing gear so the orange tribe wins.

Mill old will go back with all the stuff. Dominic raises his hand, he would have made a different choice.

Orange goes,

Naviti goes

One bad decision can ruin your game and right out of the gate Chris made a bad decision gave a huge advantage to other tribe and need to put a stop to it before it bites us in the butt....

Orange tribe is cheering...let's get names

Michael: we took home the reward, he's 18, won't tell anyone my age, kills credibility, he totally feels like he can win

Jacob says there are a lot of abs here

Jonathan and Stephanie G...grew up in puerto rico, y ou would think super girly girl, they say wait a minute there sis more to that girl

Jonathan walking with Laurel...from kentucky, so excited that I am playing Survivor...asks her if she is married...he tells her that it's the first time out of the country, James he's exotic, it's mostly caucasian where I am, look at me I am not the most brainy, if you are too weak, they will get you out here

Purple tribe: Sebastian says he's a fisherman, Wendal, Chris from NY, Kellyn, before S I was living my life, I said this is not the life I want, got divorced finished grad school, this will be in sane journey

Dominic gives Sebastian a nick name, Sea Bass

He's a construction person...supervisor, my job blah blah

Dominic says he likes to party, gamble...in my life I have seen some adversity but when my first daughter was born, time for me to step up....leaving my wife and 3 kids behind was hard, but I have to bring home the bacon...

Sebastian and Chris go off on a walk...so you and I we need to team up and get each other to the merge....they are both from the keys...like best friends in the sandy hope says Sebastian, talk about gunning for Dom first....he will be the one that wants to cut me and you

When Jeff asked did I make the right decision, there was one person that said no he didn't, he's gunning for me, says Chris....I need to get rid of him...

"RE: Ghost Island ~ Here we go!"
Posted by Bebo on 02-28-18 at 10:17 PM
It's an effin' stick! Got psyched when we saw that during Jiffy's narrative.

"RE: Ghost Island ~ Here we go!"
Posted by Sheldor on 02-28-18 at 10:22 PM
CBS/SEG found a cheap way to put returning players into their show without actually casting them on the show!

"RE: Ghost Island ~ Here we go!"
Posted by michel2 on 02-28-18 at 11:19 PM
Jason, Erik, Andrea, Brenda, Cochran all got cameos and we should have more along the way.

As for the twist, I feel Ghost Island is a worse time gobbler than Redemption Island and Exile Island ever were. At least, we saw with Jonathan that there won't be an advantage every friggin time.

"RE: Ghost Island ~ Here we go!"
Posted by Bebo on 02-28-18 at 11:33 PM
LAST EDITED ON 02-28-18 AT 11:35 PM (EST)

As for the twist, I feel Ghost Island is a worse time gobbler than Redemption Island and Exile Island ever were. At least, we saw with Jonathan that there won't be an advantage every friggin time.

Wonder whether Donathan is going to tell them that there wasn't an advantage. He's the only person out there who knows there wasn't an advantage. And he doesn't even know what kind of advantages could be available, since all he knows is that he didn't get to play a game.

And unless Morgan tells the others Jacob gave her the legacy advantage, no one else on her tribe knows what kind of advantage is available. Then again, she said she didn't keep secrets well, so she might tell people about her advantage. Part of me doesn't think she does - would they send her if they knew she could get an advantage there?

ETA: Stephanie and her tribe know about the GI advantages too, since Jacob spilled everything to her.

"RE: Ghost Island ~ Here we go!"
Posted by michel2 on 03-01-18 at 00:00 AM
Well, only Stephanie knows about Morgan's Legacy Advantage which means Stephanie has a big advantage herself. Information imbalance!

"RE: Ghost Island ~ Here we go!"
Posted by Bebo on 03-01-18 at 01:24 PM
Stephanie knows about the specific advantage. Jacob told everyone detailed information about how he got to do a challenge, but he told them he got a HII instead of the legacy advantage. While they correctly doubted the legitimacy of the idol, they might believe other parts of his story.

"RE: Ghost Island ~ Here we go!"
Posted by michel2 on 03-01-18 at 04:47 PM
For sure, but Stephanie is the only one that has eyes on Morgan...

"Post intro...."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 02-28-18 at 09:28 PM
In sum, Donathan and Laurel are friends on orange
Chris and Sebastian make friends and are aiming at Dominic as first out.

Mall day 2, see Jacob, and there is something washing up on the beach, his shoes....taken out to shore...

Jacob: I felt stupid, when you look at our group me and donathan don't stand out, afraid these pretty people will vote me out in the future

they are talking about if there is an idol, Jacob goes off to find it

didn't want to be the suspicious dude going off to look for the idol...they are all talking about him...
James: Jacob is playing the game too hard out of the gate, don't want to be the one standing out in the beginning

Jacob: I have been dreaming about this since I was four....he's looking in the rice to see if there is a clue...pours the rice into h is dirty sock....not in there...that was stupid

See spider and ants all over a spider

Desiree talks to Wendall, when did you start furniture design..., he built a crab trap, when to Penn law, wasn't where I wanted to be, now I love to build furniture

Dom is a construction worker got good vibes from him....

See Sebastian and Wendall talking tSebastian suggest Dom....Wendall says he likes him...I can show him my loyalty

Wendall tells Dom that Sebastian said Dom....Dom says he's aggravating one person, I think Chris is targeting me, I am here to play the game as well, he's got a big battle ahead of him if he thinks he's just going to vote me out

"Camp dynamics..."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 02-28-18 at 09:40 PM
Wendall likes Dominic and tells him that Sebastian said his name for a vote out. Dom thinks it's coming from Chris.

Come on in guys...see the challenge arena...race across net bridge, work together retrieve 2 bags of rope, pull bags with puzzle pieces, then solve puzzle cube. Win the II, cannot be voted out, losers go to TC, where someone will be the first out, purple is playing for fire, and ghost island is in play, someone from the losing tribe will be the first to go there.

purple out firstly to mat, then lift girls up to untie the bags, with ropes...purple has theirs....now attach ropes and get first three pieces of puzzles in net...purple is going.....but it's really hard, they all call one two three, then pull.....takes all ten people to move it orange loses their pieces, and must get them back in....purple is there now, unload and get the sed back and load up three more....now orange is heading back....this challenge will exhaust you....purple has theirs in....head back....can see the fatigue setting in takes team work and strength....Purple is there with all the pieces

working on the puzzle, four people working on it. Now orange has theirs at the end, and solving puzzle

Jacob michael laurel and james solving for orange
Kelly Wendall, Brandan, and some one else for purple

Purple wins...sending the orange to TC....Jacob apologizes

Dominic gets the idol, and they get flint

Jacob with the big advantage, what does it feel like losing, we are one of best tribes of all time, we will come back from this...Jacob says they are very cohesive...

The purple tribe chooses one person to go to ghost island, can't go to TC, and can't be voted out....they choose Jacob to Ghost Island. Jacob says, yes, I fronted big so he wouldn't be voted out. Jacob goes....

biggest decision of game so far...

Confessional of doom: Pretty blond Jenna, sending him to ghost island, we would have sent Jacob home, screwed us, who will it be now? Wonder if it will be JENNA?

"Post IC win = Chrissy"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 02-28-18 at 09:52 PM
Ghost Island day 3, see Jacob going by motor boat: for past 3 days, the tribe has been wondering what ghost island is, there has got to be something here that helps me, won't know until I find it....sees all of these original survivor relics...these are all the snuffers, I think of all the players getting voted out early, seeing great people fall.....there is a sign that says smash the urn, follow the fire, then has instructions....I'll wager a secret advantage if you wager a vote, choose a bamboo shoot and if I take it, I don't get to vote at the next TC....must pick the secret advantage out of 1 out of three, goes with the one on the left, and has the secret advantage...this is the authentic legacy advantage from game changers, Sierra found it, only use it when 13 or 6 people in the game....told Sarah, it was a costly mistake, Sarah blindsided her, but you can restore it's power by willing to to someone on the other tribe, choose wisely like sarah, or unwisely like Sierra.

Will give it to a girl on the other tribe, use correctly and reverse the curse.

Mall, day 3...we need to visually flip pieces to see them all.
Jonathan: he thinks he's the weakest person on the tribe, I will tell my tribe that Gonzalez should be the one to go. Jonathan tells the tribe that Gonzalez told him to shut up.

Seth says that Gonzalez....who;s weak? Jonathan, as much as I don't want to get rid of him, he's one of the options to go....
Chelsea says it's between Donathan and Gonzalez....girls say that Donathan is someone that we can use as a vote...but he's weaker...he is someone that I can nurture, getting rid of her is getting rid of a strategic threat....strong player...Chelseas says he works harder than her to the cute 18 year old...Michael. I will vote based off of strength...I think that gonzalez is somebody that we can do further down the line....ghost island, this is a double whammy, make a bad decision and it will haunt us for life.

Posted by Flowerpower1 on 02-28-18 at 10:07 PM
Jiffy gives his fire is life, ritual of TC spiel....Stephanie: you are smiling....want to take it all in...gonzalez...what is the take on ghost Island, don't know, maybe Jacob will come back and tell us how miserable he was
Jenna: doesn't seem to care that he leaves for 3 hours looking for an idol
It was an easy vote, now it's not an easy vote, Laurel wants to keep the tribe strong
Jonathan: as one of the smaller guys I feel screwed, they are buff and pulling their weight
Stephanie: if it's based on physical strength...
Jonathan: do you think relationships built will impact the vote....I am from eastern kentucky, I haven't had diverse experiences
Gonzalez: you were involved with the puzzle, I can look at things, I can put them together, I am strong at puzzles.
Brandon: we don't know each others strengths yet
Jenna: today was the first day that we started strategizing, we just wanted to be a part of the big conversation
Michael; it boils down to the conversations that occurred when you were there
Gonzalez: scary that you can miss out one conversation and that's it, the target is on your back. She stands up and whispers in Bradons ear, who are you voting for? and he tells her Donathan, then ds whispers on Michaels ear.
Jonathan is not being talked about...then she sits down
Branden, this is what we came here for, time toot

Brandon votes Donation
Donathan votes Gonzalez

Vote tally

No one has the idol

first one out: Gonzalez

James shakes his head yes

Donathan smirks
She says sad as she leaves

already been forced to make a lot of big decisions, a lot to come, get torches and go.

At night

Naviti night 3...see Dom standing. fortunately we didn't have to go to TC tonight, told my self to get a hold of my paranoia, so he has to go look for the idol now....it's too dark, cannot see, as long as I am in this game wiwill be looking. sleep when I am dead, and he finds it, Omg, can't believe I found the II I want to take risks and he can't read it nowit's too dark

It's like Christmas, this is the authentic II, that andrea was voted out with, and what she thought was a trustworthy alliance but she was wrong, first female with a idol in her pocket, can you reverse the curse, all about past players mistakes....I have no intention of the curse getting me I will reverse it for sure

see dom and girls...brown haired guy,....ghost island throws a wrench in there, send the weak one there and they are safe, says Morgan, this morning I looked in my back and this is the authentic game changer advantage, the legacy advantage...the same one that sierra found. Jacob fromthe other tribe willed it to me, use at 13 or 6....problem is I have a really big mouth....thank you Jacob.

Ghost island day 4...Jacob is still there

this AM I am formulating a plan as what I will tell the tribe, I will take the truth and stretch it out, will not tell them that I got the legacy advantage. took beads and twine, a chance to bluff his way out....not lying through my teeth, one detail is different and that detail could save my life.

"RE: TC...."
Posted by Bebo on 02-28-18 at 10:28 PM
As soon as Gonzales got up to "check with her alliance", I hoped that she was screwing herself by a) being so openly obnoxious to Donathan and b) overplaying her hand.

I wonder if she was the target before her stunt.

"RE: TC...."
Posted by michel2 on 02-28-18 at 11:32 PM
I'm thinking she was.

"Part 2 of the Premier"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 02-28-18 at 10:18 PM
see bats....look sea cucumbers, James tell them that they are asian delicacies. Jacob returns, who's missing, gonzalez. He says that he will tell them everything, fortunately I have a fake ii. I have some damn good deception skills. He tells them, all about the urns, I will show you this, because it could put a target on my back, and he shows them the iI, I will play this at the next tribal no matter what...they appreciate the honesty....I think it worked, I believe that they think I have an idol and will play it at the next IC

see them talking, that it's a fake idol, he didn't bring the note....

Brendan says there is no chance that this survivor nerd forgot the note....
there is a lot of speculation about Jacob and his idol says stephanie and I will use him to get further in this game

Dom and the rest of the tribe looking at them clean and jerking a bar

Dom: I am dev'pg a good rapport with my tribe, want to talk with Chris and hopefully we can work together.
Chris says he though you were gunning for me. I he asks him if he found the idol...especially if you and I could work together.
I will make sure that I have Chris in my control. the other day I found a beautiful shell, I will wrap it up with the note that came with my real idol...Dom is taking him to it...by showing him the paper work it distracted him from looking at the fake idol. Anytime you think you are vulnerable you can have it
Chris: dom showed me his idol after he lied to me that he didn't have it, I don't trust him, I won't get voted out going against my instinct, up to me to eliminate it.

"RE: Part 2 of the Premier"
Posted by Bebo on 02-28-18 at 10:36 PM
Man, people are overplaying their hands early. Jacob and Dom are getting cutesy with idols early and putting targets on their backs with their tribes.

"Pre challenge"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 02-28-18 at 10:31 PM
Water challenge involving nets

race thru obstacles then release two sets of buoys and gather marked ones where the remaining members have to shoot 8 baskets, losers TC....see Jacob. Playing for reward....beach chairs pillows blankets hammocks plus ghost island. a lot at stake. sit out is angela.

Angela is from Mason, Ohio....near me, fwiw!

Go...Michael and Libby in water and bradley and Morgan for the other team...puple to see saw first......now release buoysMorgan does i quickly and so does michael....now next swimmers in....sebastian andchelsea and donation and James for the other tribe....they don't look comfortable in the water. Chris now goes in....James puts the mask in, donation is swimming back to platform....Donathan now forced to unlock the balls...cannot believe they can't do it.....donathanunlocks the balls....Donathan amazes himself....out of no where a hero has emerged for Malolo....Donathan dug deep....Stephanie looks like she cannot even swim....ugh.

four balls for the purple, then Wendal scores another, and another...and another....one away....Brendan shooting for and Desiree wins with the last ball. James is so sorry....He says he is so proud of Donathan.

on a personal level how big of an accomplishment for you....never in my wildest dreams did I think I could do it.

pick Donathan to go to ghost island.

waves goodbye.

James seen.then James seen. Jacob: I was hoping they would send me back to ghost island, I have a fake II, and I will try to use it to take control of the game.

"RE: Pre challenge"
Posted by Bebo on 02-28-18 at 10:55 PM
I'm at least a commercial break behind (catching up on DVR).

I'm so glad Naviti sent Donathan to GI. It would have sucked for him to be voted out after finally getting down there.

Angela made a mistake telling her tribe that she's not a good swimmer. With more water challenges, she's setting herself up as a liability. She could have just volunteered to sit out without setting herself up.

SMH at how many basic mistakes are being made so quickly in season 36. Even by the so-called super fans.

Posted by Bebo on 02-28-18 at 10:57 PM
Jacob was REMINDED when he won the legacy challenge that Sierra screwed himself over, and yet he spills everything as soon as a pretty girl talks to him.

"RE: O.M.G."
Posted by michel2 on 02-28-18 at 11:23 PM
Yep! He's that dumb.

"RE: O.M.G."
Posted by Bebo on 02-28-18 at 11:41 PM
LAST EDITED ON 02-28-18 AT 11:42 PM (EST)

Disclaimer: Since Mr. Bebo is a music teacher as well as an opera singer, I must point out that Jacob is not representative of all music teachers. Mr. B cringed when I told him about Jacob's shoes floating away and couldn't watch anymore.

Some music teachers are quite intelligent and are not so awkward around girls.

Oh, and cuter. Definitely cuter.

Edited to clarify which 'he' I was talking about.

Posted by michel2 on 03-01-18 at 00:02 AM
At least Jacob had a 2nd pair.

"Ghost island ~ "
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 02-28-18 at 10:44 PM
Jonathan: babbles on adapt and go with the flow that is my main goal....a bad decision can haunt you forever, he smashes the urn, unrolls the paper, nope not today, no game for you....unfortunately I didn't get the chance to play...growing up back at the orange tribe. James says he cost them the challenge, I choked. branden says don't beat yourself up

My family taught me to give my best effort, I feel that they could be thinking let him go cause he let us down

see Brendon and Michael....also James is looking for idol...he is plan b says Michael...we got to get rid of him be careful as to how we do it.

Seems like Michel, Stephanie, Brendan are tight

Jacob and Chelsea talking....or maybe it's stephanie? She is using her flirty ways to get to him...it's stephanie....Jacob says lets get one of the strong dudes before we swap.

Jacob says that stephanie is a hard core fan like me, and she is thinking like me...I could probably pull James and Laurel...we are an unlikely pair says stephanie, beautiful and good at this game. He is telling her a secret, the idol is not real. He opened the legacy advantage and have to git it to someone on other tribe, I gave it to Morgan. they are calling them selves beauty and the beast.

Stephanie: he told me everything, that is something that I can use to my advantage moving forward, now I am struggling with th is vote, I can use him moving forward.

Stephanie is telling Jenna that she wants to vote out the big players.

Jenna says that Jacob is not the smartest guy and has no social skills but Steph and I have been tight shisnce day one, so what ever she wants to do I will go along with it.

Jacob talking

Laurel, suddenly the people on the bottom can flip the vote on the beautiful people.
Brendan thinks that Jenna and steph are sketching me out,
says Michael, he' worried that he will be voted out by freaking Jacob and I will be pissed off...

Posted by Flowerpower1 on 02-28-18 at 11:00 PM
interesting that Michael gets the last confessional before TC X 2.

night 6, TC....

See James...tells Jacob what to do. see Stephanie.

James: lets get to the challenge....a disaster.
James says that he did one of the worst things an athlete can do, I failed.
Steph: I give him credit for even trying to do it...but it put us back
Jacob: I told them everything and told them my opportunity of getting an advantage.
James: don't know what it's about....but he's told us and we can trust him....information imbalance.
So Jacob: did you rejoin the tribe and feel welcome, yes, makes me feel more comfortable. 100% these are some of the best people that have been on S.
Steph says she understands where he's coming from....
Jacob says he's a neurotic indoor kid. has a dream to get to the end of this game and to do t hat have to fight all the fears that come with it.
Jenna: we are moving around with alliances
Jacob: this game is getting about relationships
for all I know they gathered up and said make him feel good and get him out....
Michael: what are you seeing in relationships forming and growing...2 losses back to back, we have to do something diff't.
Brendon doesn't think this is all about physical fitness anymore
Michael says he trusts the alliances he's made and ....
Jenna vote
Brendan whispers to Micahel that he thinks they are getting set up.
Jacob votes Micahel

see Michael, see steph

Jacob does not play the idol...


Steph looks down

Jacob is bummed...you all been good.

see Michael and James then Brendon and Jenna....onlly 6 days in and 2 members down, something has gotta change for the greatest tribe ever.....(ha! )

"RE: TC...."
Posted by Bebo on 02-28-18 at 11:12 PM
When Jacob commented on his vote for Michael, "You have 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason. Listen more," I knew he was gone. That's exactly the rule he didn't follow.

Stephanie was dead on about being able to flirt and roll him over.

Only 2 TC's in, and we're already seeing some stupid play. Arrogant. Overplaying. Oversharing.

"Next time on Survivor...."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 02-28-18 at 11:02 PM
A surprise twist catches everyone off guard
drop your buffs we are switching tribes
Stephanie: I knew I wasn't going to be in power the whole time but you gotta ride the waves

Kellyn: what has happened over here?

And, ghost island is back in play
The girl that found the secret advantage in her bag says: OHHHH. (I think she is on ghost island).

Does anyone think this is a lame theme?

"RE: Next time on Survivor...."
Posted by Bebo on 02-28-18 at 11:13 PM
That's Morgan. And it looked like she was sitting on GI instead of near one of the camps.

"RE: Next time on Survivor...."
Posted by michel2 on 02-28-18 at 11:28 PM
Most of their twists are lame but this one also wastes our time...

"Congrats FP!"
Posted by michel2 on 02-28-18 at 11:09 PM
You had them in reverse order but you had the two votes.

I have to wonder if all the talk of Malolo being the best tribe ever was left in there because they make a come back and dominate later on... It sounded more like proiduction making fun of them but who knows....

By the way, for someone who was a regular blogger over at Inside Survivor, Jacob played a terrible game.

Posted by Flowerpower1 on 02-28-18 at 11:12 PM
LAST EDITED ON 02-28-18 AT 11:13 PM (EST)

Jacob was a blogger for inside survivor? shocked.

What is wrong with these people? They just cannot keep their mouths SHUT. ugh.

PS. I got that Jacob was going to ghost island from the first 4 minutes of the show editing. He was just so obvious when they spoke of ghost island, so I thought he'd make the bad decision and get voted out.

Posted by michel2 on 02-28-18 at 11:25 PM
That's what Sarah, the RHAP blogger, told me. She and Jacob are friends.

Posted by Sheldor on 03-01-18 at 00:34 AM
Jacob Derwin

Jacob is a 22-year-old writer, musician and voice actor from New York. He recently graduated from Kent State University with a degree in journalism and broadcasting. Jacob has worked as a Program Director at a college radio station and an intern at The Moth in New York City. He has seen every single episode of Survivor at least once.


"Who are You?"
Posted by michel2 on 02-28-18 at 11:17 PM
The old song by The Who should be the theme of this premiere: Despite two hours of Survivor, I have no idea of who are Angela, Bradley, Chelsea and Jenna.

If that wasn't enough, I only know Desiree because she took free throws for Naviti, Morgan because of the Legacy Advantage and Libby because she hung out with Michael and Brendan.

Stephanie will be one to watch: She completely fooled Jacob so she can be manipulative and she knows about Morgan's Legacy Advantage. I bet the two wind up on the same tribe after the swap and Stephanie will soon become Morgan's best friend, not telling her that she knows her secret. She then could get her voted out to inherit the advantage.

"RE: Who are You?"
Posted by Bebo on 02-28-18 at 11:24 PM
I can't pick out Angela by looking at her, but she has already made a stupid move. She volunteered to sit out because she's not good in the water. Not a good idea to broadcast that. And with Malolo's poor performance in a water challenge, she's put a target on her back. It'll be interesting to see if the swap saves her from her mistake.

"RE: Who are You?"
Posted by michel2 on 02-28-18 at 11:26 PM
Yes, that was Angela but which one is she? She's just a no-face brunette.

"RE: Who are You?"
Posted by Bebo on 02-28-18 at 11:53 PM
She's blonde.


"RE: Who are You?"
Posted by michel2 on 03-01-18 at 00:03 AM
There you go...but most Blondes are Brunettes!