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"S35|East Coast Spoiler Thead|Finale"

Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-20-17 at 08:55 PM
Twas the night of the Finale and all through the boards, the creatures were stirring and reeling with glee, as the 5 Survivor Finalists made their last plea....

blah, blah...you know the drill! All commentary in this thread until the show has aired in it's entirety on the West Coast....

....And to all a GOOD NIGHT!!! Until next season, that is!

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"RE: S35|East Coast Spoiler Thead|Finale"
Posted by michel2 on 12-20-17 at 09:04 PM
Could they have been seated in order? Mike and Ben, in the back row, out at 5 and 4, with Devon, Ryan and Chrissy as F3? Is it that simple?

"Previously on Survivor....."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-20-17 at 09:13 PM
Welcome to the finale....Survivor fans dream, they are all doing challengers outside, first show aired in 2000, 17 years ago, watch with your kids not, have political game with human chess, sense of adventure, making ire, catching fish...those kids grow up and end up not he show....live studio audience...

Started with 3 tribes, lets put a llot of secrets int he game, then no one in this game could keep a secret....see all the pre jurors...then see the jury, once get to jury, they are out of the game, but have the final say of the game...see tem...devon, Dr, Mike, Ryan, Chrissy, Ben...

35 days in...it will come down to who they are sitting next to....Jiffy says epic final episode, see a battle to the end....get to it!

See the ship 35 days ago, 6 heroes 6 hearlers 6 hustlers began a season of S fueled by secrets, early secret was shared, see Chrissy with super idol, and forged a lasting relationship, but sharing secrets is tricky, confide in the wrong people and they will use it against you....bigger risks, resulting in surprising moves...series of devastating blindsided, and sometimes the best laid plans fell to the best kept secrets...at last TC, a Survivor first....ben plays idol early, sent a clear signal, this season will be a battle to the end, now only 5 remain, Ben, american hero, strategic power house but bold game play turned him into enemy number one....

Mike: only healer left in game despite being excluded from nearly every vote, still here, can he rise to the occasional...

Devon: true to nature hustled his way tthru game, will that grit be enougto get him to the end....he's going for the million

Ryan: super fan knowledge of the game helped him find idols, social relationships and relationship with chrssiy kept him in game

Chrissy; rough start nearly snt her home, had to win immunity to stay alive, now this resilient mom, only woman left in game...we are so close, Ihope we can pull it off in a joyful manner

who will out wit out play out lsat?

Mike says he appreciateds them, he's still here,

Ben just took off...

Chrissy: ben played oiol now he has none, I am happy that ashley is gone, in 5 where all of us have same target, Ben...

Mike: Ben is like the bad guy in any horror movie, keep trying to kill him, keeps coming back....I don't need the million, I am playing to be the ultimate survivor, Ben wants to win for his family which makes him ferocious. They all vow to finish it....they wonder where he is

Ben: I am vulnerable...they are gunning for me, the only thing that could blow up their game is if I will find another idol, everyone is sleeping, and I am out here for my family, no time for sleeping or rest, this is a mission, this is a job, see him up all night looking...sunrise, day 37, and he is still up...

I looked everywhere and I cannot find this thing, I feel I am letting my wife down, oMG, he found the dang idol AGAIN....I was about to get some sleep, and right there was a dig mark on the raft, I can't believe this....he has it...laughs, number three baby, this guarantees me a spot int he F4, you think I am going home? watch this.

These people are idiots, why do they not stick with him????

"Ben finds another idol...surprise"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-20-17 at 09:26 PM
Day 37...Solewa

Devon getting up to start the fire...They awaken...
Chrissy: My relationship with Ben is complex, first we were friends, then we can't stand each other, I want to make up with him....we hugged it out and now it's only for game play...they hug...truthfully I don't trust ben at a ll, but for game play I want to make up with him....

She tells him, if you win today, do ou want to get to the F3 with the best players of the game.

Ben: Chrissy is trying to finagle her way into the F3....if you win, will you take me? Ben says, you are barking up the wrong tree, she is my biggest competitor, I want to play my idol and blindside her....she be gone!

Come on in guys, it's a water challenge

Hope to see you soon says Chrissy

swim to platform, climp up crates, leap off retrieve keys, cross balance beam, use keys to unlock puzzle, match the corresponding colors, finish all on wheel, first spot in F4, and play for reward, back at camp, chicken, mashed potatoes, wen, cheesecake...

Devon is first....chrissy last to get there, everyone crossing beam..ryan drops, devon has his, and falls in....Mike is fist to cross, then devon, ryan drops again, devon and mike unlock the puzzle....
find which key opens puzzle, solve...manuever the balls through the middle and match with the corresponding colors
another complicated puzzle, spin wheel till all of the balls line up with matching colors look several moves ahead and figure out how they get there...ryan and devon getting lost
could come down to a few moves and who will get their first, chrissy thinks she has itChrissy wins individual immunity, guaranteed spot in Final 4, and nice reward aback at camp

third individual immunity win....spot in F4, reward back at camp, with 2, bring one to join you....bring Dr. Mike...enough for one more, brings devon. Ryan is pissed...Ryan and Ben will enjoy nothing...

Ben; Chirssy is unbeatable, I have to figure out how to use this idol and who will be my next target.

"RE: Ben finds another idol...surprise"
Posted by michel2 on 12-20-17 at 09:27 PM
I wish they hadn't shown us Ben finding that idol. It would have been much more fun if WE had been blindsided.

Now, we pretty much know he'll boot Mike since he pointed to him in the previous TC before voting against Ashley.

"RE: Ben finds another idol...surprise"
Posted by Sheldor on 12-21-17 at 04:48 PM
I thought Ben would vote out Mike too but he votes for Devon instead. Was Ben secretly clued in on the Final 4 Twist and should vote out the biggest Fire Making Challenge threat? Nah!

"RE: Ben finds another idol...surprise"
Posted by michel2 on 12-21-17 at 10:17 PM
We never saw Devon as a challenge threat so we couldn't know that's how Ben would go. Maybe Devon was closer to winning some challenges than the cameras showed.

"RE: S35|East Coast Spoiler Thead|Finale"
Posted by michel2 on 12-20-17 at 09:28 PM
LAST EDITED ON 12-20-17 AT 09:28 PM (EST)

Devon making Fire while Ben rests; is that foreshadowing the F4 challenge result?

"RE: S35|East Coast Spoiler Thead|Finale"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-20-17 at 10:26 PM
I HOPE SO!!! But, Idk???

"RE: S35|East Coast Spoiler Thead|Finale"
Posted by Sheldor on 12-21-17 at 04:49 PM
Actually that scene of Devon easily making Fire while Ben rested made me think we were being setup for Devon not being able to make Fire when he really needed to.

"Post IC win = Chrissy"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-20-17 at 09:37 PM
Chooses Mike and Devon to go with her. Ryan pissed.

See a school of fish and sharks...See them at camp, see the food....each have their own chicken....Mike thinks there is a clue here to the idol, they all look for a few seconds...Ok, can't see it, so let's eat

Mike; If Ben finds another idol, this game could blow up yet again, tonights TC is about getting to F4, his entire game is focused on getting Ben out

They all talk about how he is not getting another idol

Ben: you got babysitting duty while they are off eating...

Chrissy: if we could find the HII, I will give someone else the super immunity necklace, Miek says we can tell Ben, we found it...

Chrissy: Ben has proven himself to be great at finding idols....put my old HII, with Ryans old clue, hope he will find it...

Chrissy shows him the idol, and the note from Ryan, she tells him don't waste your energy...Chrissy says nothing like 2 in one day...Ben says that's a downer, I figured if I didn't win today I was gone anyway

Ryan: I would say that that went well

Ryan: that worked to perfection, that let us all know that he doesn't have the HII
see Ben laughing, that's not a real idol because e I have the real one on my show

Ben, no, no you didn't I am one step ahead of them through the whole game. this 4 think they are so smart...they do underestimate me, hilarious, one of them is still going home, I have my hand on everyone's fate, ryan is safe, as far as challenges, he has done nothing...between Mike and Devon....Doc is good at solving puzzles, this decision is huge

Devon talks to Ben and Ryan....

dEvon: I'm getting a weird feeling from Ben, he's a good player, he may just be acting one way...dEvon asks Ryan, do you know who he is writing down? Devon wants to write down Mikes' name...

Devon: I want to believe that there are no more idols, I will vot eMike, he will be pissed off at me, and he won't take e int he F3, gotta pray that ben doesn't pull off a miracle tonight

"RE: Post IC win = Chrissy"
Posted by michel2 on 12-20-17 at 09:55 PM
Devon simply HAD to vote against Mike. Contrary to what Jiffy said, he had nothing to lose because Mike wasn't taking him to the end.

BTW, with Mike gone, we are one step closer to the live show seating arrangements being a spoiler. Ben should be next out.

"Devon suspects Ben is lying, wants to vote Mike"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-20-17 at 09:53 PM
So, Devon wants to vote Mike....go with your gut says the audience....

TC, night 37

Jury enters

Last Tribal, ben plays idol, everyone turns on Ashley....alotof confusion says Ryan, a S first, no one played an idol before votes cast...the group has made Ben the common enemy..he's throwing in your face moves, out here to play

Chrissy: you were surprised that he had an idol, why is he left alone to find an idol....we can't be with him all day, and night, he's up at night...
Mike: maybe it is the combo of you four, that you keep hoping that someone else is watching hi....Chrissy puts on her old Necklace
Not only do you win your third, of one of the record, took mike and devon with me, found a clue at the reward, plan at end of night, I will give it to one of these guys, cause I don't need two
Ben< said it was a heart breaker, they were all happy my chances of staying int he game were to win the challenge or find the idol
Devon says she wasn't gloating, Ben says she was
Ben says he came out here to win a million dollars, to see the dreams get ruined by thiesse four, it's a hard pill to swallow
Ryan: ben completely destroyed the game, I had to readjust my game, I don't like blindsiding, I don't take joy in it, us four have the numbers

Ben smiles
See Devon....pauses at the voting block
Ben votes
Vote tally

ben makes another bomb sound, Ben bomb, see Chrissy face....the early bird gets the worm....while you guys were sleeping...
Jury loves it...
Dr. Mike


only vote for mike or devon, mike and devon will not vote

Vote tally
See Devon, then Mike


Good game guys, Chrissy hugs him, Ben hugs him, devon hugs him...

Congrats you have made it to F4....something to sleep on....there is a twist

Mike: I think they felt like they needed dEvon more than me to beat Ben, and I get it...

Devon had a bad feeling listened to his gut, and he's still in it

Mike comes out....given how tight you were, when you saw that were you shocked, they are all great players, I was holding my cards one more vote, I almost made it. I was going to do it....I told Ryan that I was voting Devon....Devon made the big move, he's still in...it's the only selfish thing you have ever done in your life....he wanted to play and win Survivor....I got so close, 37 days,

Jiffy says when you think you should do something, do it....there is a twist and it's a big one!

"RE: S35|East Coast Spoiler Thead|Finale"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-20-17 at 10:12 PM
Devon; TC was not what I expected, ben pulled out his idol...

Devon: I am so stoked to be here

if I didn't write down doc 's name down, went with my gut, I potentially did make a million dollar move right there

ben: TC was amazing but this is where it gets tricky, no more ben bombs kthe final immunity is the biggest thing, the only way I am getting there is if I take my self, no protection, but I do have my wife and kids, it's go time

Deco says what is the twist, the only way we have a shot, is to beat ben

Chrissy can't get rid of ben, as long as one of us wins, he will be voted out then again we don't know what the twist is, can't expect anything in S, cause no matter what you expect, something else is going to happen

come on in guys....final immunity challenge

final four...chrissy for the third time, hope to see you again soon, see Ben...stack letter blocks on wobbly platform, first to spell heroes, healers, hustlers....fuanerntee your spot in F3, losers someone 8th member of jury....see Ben, there is a twist, winner also receives a final secret advantage of the game, stakes don't get any bigger...

draw for spots

go...first how many blocks can you carry out....structure gets very wobblychrissy drops....must go back...start again...Ryan locks out to go get more blocks, ryan with early leadDevon drops

be gentle when you lock this back in, remain calm, this is final immunity challenge
Ryan has heroes spelled, ben has heroes spelled, and he locks in, neck and neck with Ryan and Ben...Devon sucks at this, Chrissy drops struggling

Ben working on second word, not panicking

Ryan is 2/3'ds of the way there, and he drops, rhree, has to go back, opens the door of rben....in lead, immunity on the line, ben coming back with all of the letters, no secret he is the target, just a few minutes away, Ben places one letter upside down

Ben thinks he has it....but he has the U upside down, door is still open...now ben is panicking and loses almost everything

head back and re do all the work
Ryan spills

Chrissy spillsDevon drops

Wow, what a turn of events, the door is wide open, Ben is back in the lead and he drops, them all

lesson of this challenge,, is never give up, all it takes is one person to drop one piece, and you are back in....Ryan is still dropping, so is ben, so is devon...Devon drops again
Ben is good, grabbing all of the blocks for his last word, chrissy is in the lead now...

Chrissy is 4 blocks away, ben has all of his blocks with him....Chrissy is within one challenge of tying the record....Ben is almost there....he drops

now chrissy is back in the lead

Chrissy has one letter left, just needs to lock in Chrissy wins!

Ben is pissed, Devon says good job Chrissy, you are amazing....waht a challenge

Ben is devastated

Chrissy is crying

Ben is crying

4th one is even better

One more thing, the last secret in the game, only you will know it....

Chrissy: Final IC was awesome, and tied the record for most immunity wins of a woman

"RE: S35|East Coast Spoiler Thead|Finale"
Posted by michel2 on 12-20-17 at 10:16 PM
LAST EDITED ON 12-21-17 AT 09:44 AM (EST)

Can you name those women who had 4 IC wins before?

That really was the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Twice Ben had this won bnt he was trnly nnlncky.

Kelly W (S1) and Jenna M. (S6)

"RE: S35|East Coast Spoiler Thead|Finale"
Posted by Sheldor on 12-21-17 at 04:52 PM
michel wrote: "Can you name those women who had 4 IC wins before?"

Yes I can and you left off one...

Kim Spradlin (S24)

"Post final IC...."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-20-17 at 10:23 PM
LAST EDITED ON 12-20-17 AT 10:25 PM (EST)

ay 38, the F4 walk back to camp

Chrissy says you kept us on our toes....dag gone, that one hurts...Ben: that fianl IC was a butt kicker, knew I had to win to stay in this game, silly mistake will cost my game and my family's game....a million dollars is at stake, I let it slip away, college, retirement, and that hurt

Ryan and Chrissy: I do feel for him as a person
Ryan: you could be a millionaire
know one thing, Ben will not be

Ben says is there any way that I can stay in the age, I would love to sit next to you, Chrissy says that I will go into tribal and hear you out and you have my word on that

Chrissy: approached me and asked If I would consider taking him to the F3, no way, he needs to go, I need to get away privately to read my secret advantage...

Congrats you are in the f3, and also won an advantage, biggest secret of the age, tonight you are in charge and will cast the only vote, choose one person to sit next to you at the final TC, forcing two remaining to battle it out, in fire making challenge

Door is open for Ben to come to the f3, I am the only one
Ryan never made a fire in his life, I have to tell Devon so he has time to practice...

Devon says so it's up to me, she thinks I am the only one that can beat Ben....will give me that last umpff to win...

She tells Ryan...Devon has to make fire against Ben...you are going to go with me , Ryan: who knew my ability to not make fire would get me to the F3....
Devon: I need to practice...., the flint breaks...I am NOT supposed to waste my energy, I need to go in calm and cool, so see him relaxing, tonight could change the rest of my life...it's crazy. Chrissy is hopeful that Devon can win it....

"RE: Post final IC...."
Posted by Puffy on 12-20-17 at 10:51 PM
Ryan saved Chrissy at her first tribal council and now Chrissy saved Ryan at the last tribal council.

"RE: Post final IC...."
Posted by michel2 on 12-20-17 at 11:16 PM
Well, she didn't actually need to be saved since she got no votes back then.

"Post final IC...."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-20-17 at 10:16 PM
Now I am thinking Ben will win the dreaded fire making challenge.....

"RE: Post final IC...."
Posted by michel2 on 12-20-17 at 10:16 PM
I think it's Devon

"RE: Post final IC...."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-20-17 at 10:24 PM
I think it's Devon


"F4 Tribal Council"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-20-17 at 10:32 PM
Night 38

See Ben....now jury

With today's immunity challenge, tied the record for a woman, what's the feeling? For me, the 4th win was incredible, super hard challenge, great feeling
Ryan had early lead, wearing that necklace, you dream about
Ben: you had more shots on goal and couldn't close the deal
an upside down u will forever haunt me, I hate to say, it is what it is, I'm proud of my game
Chrissy won the last secret advantage,
I did share it but not with everyone
Ben: I wonder who she shared it with....the others in the alliance
Catch the jury up and ben, she reads it
See Ben perk up
Chrissy: for some of us to be in charge of our own fate, I hope that it ends in a certain way
the third spot will be earned
she takes Ryan to the F3

Ryan: How do you feel? I get a chance to pleasd my case to the jury, how does it make you feel, you will have to earn your way, put my fate in my own hands
ben: this is awesome, but I get a second chance...I will do my best, 2 warriors battling it out, Devon: may the best man win
both have their game faces on, and we cut to commercial

"RE: F4 Tribal Council"
Posted by michel2 on 12-20-17 at 10:35 PM
Ryan really explained why this twist is dumb: He's safe because he sucks at making fire...

If they want to keep this challenge then they HAVE to combine it with a Final TWO!!

"Fire making challenge ...."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-20-17 at 10:44 PM
It will be Devon vs Ben in the fire making challenge....ugh!

one seat left at the F3, take your spots, devon and ben shake hands before they start

exact same supplies, Devon looks like he's seriously focused,

On....could go very vast, this is not like making fire back at camp, this is potentially a million dollars at stake....sparking their flint, Ben has something, devon scrapping more magnesium, devon more methodical approach....come on devon...

devon had something but it went outBen has it....Ben is winning......Devon is choking

Ben is pulling out the bigger pieces, Ben wins, before Devon even starts a fire

Devon hugs, says good luck to you...

Devon choked...Sadly for you, bring me your torch...

Made it to the final three, Chrissy ben ryan

Devon: bummer to go home, one day short, congrats to ben, even though I lost my fate was in my hands, I feel blessed that I had this experience so I am walking away happy....

Jiffy has Devon come out, and he's so cute, gets a standing ovation...what is it like? what are they connecting with, I have had good feedback, all the positive love, the best is when a parent tells me how their kid looks up to me and feel great to be a positive role model

Devon says it is just a game to be able to get out there and blessed to even be present...how was it watching it, it brought me back, I'm stoked for Ben, he deserved to be in the F3...Jiffy tells us you can expect to see the fire making challenge again next season....

I loved Devon....so positive! Hope he gets to come back!

"Have to wonder..."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-20-17 at 10:45 PM
Did the producers give Devon a fluke flint in order to keep Ben in the game? ....

"RE: Have to wonder..."
Posted by michel2 on 12-20-17 at 11:17 PM
That or damp materials...

"RE: Have to wonder..."
Posted by Sheldor on 12-21-17 at 08:13 PM
Yeah I don't think Jeff said we will draw for fire making stations and even then the material they bring out could be fixed.

"F3=Chrissy, Ryan, Ben"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-20-17 at 10:54 PM
Day 39...Chrissy and Ben are watching the sun rise....day 39....ryan: I am sitting here on day 39, a super fan, a dream come true

WE made it, it hasn't gone as I tought it would, had to hustle the whole way, I need to persuade the jury that I had control of the game the whole way

Chrissy: I threw up at the first IC, who would know I would tie the record, I killed it, fun ride, not over yet, some fierce competition, I am an everyday hero, I'm a mom, I want other moms to know believe in your dreams, eventually they may come true...

Ben: I have never let off the gas, this game and I are like 2 peas in a pod, I have been in a lot of battles, I have to go in humble but confident, my age has been about providing for my family, I have never had a million dollar night, and I probably never will again, this is the biggest night of my life

TC...see a spider

out wit is social part of game
out play is how did you deal with conditions put on you by the game
last is out last, did you put on thhe jury people who respect you outwitted and outplayed more than the rest....

"Final Tribal..."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-20-17 at 11:14 PM
Amazing Race begins Jan 3, who's with me?

Anyone know when Celebrity BB is going to come on?

DEsi: So congrats to you, Chrissy, hats off for winning 4 IC's, hats off to you Ben for finding all the idols, Ryan, it feels like you were the one to be dragged here.
Ryan tells her about the secret advantage to build relationships with Chrissy and Devon, had to depend on fact ores that I am good at,
Ashley asks why didn' t you never have a strategic relationship with me? a lot of what I had was filtered through devon...
Devon says that up until the alliance of 7, Ryan's game was filtered through me...
Joe says honestly idd int' realize you waere a puppet master...he respects it
Joe: Ben: your social game was horrible, you never communicated with me....you understood that at some point I was going to be here
Ben says I did yell at you when yo brought the marine corp, there was a time when I couldn't even sit with my own family, just trying to better myself
Chrissy says I had a totally diff't social game I got here by being loyal to my alliance, stayed loyal to Ryan and JP, my game was n't to make a million diff't moves...Joe asks, you don't want to get married, because your parents got divorced...
Cole: says he did eat more peanut butter...Ben, painted Cole a target, physically strong, if that was the only way I could get people to turn on you
Ryan tells Cole that it wasn't a strategic move
Ben I sat on beach with Lauren and Devon, it's real
Ashley: Chrissy didn't have a great social connections
Cole says
Chrissy says me getting to know people here was part of my game play, when I got to kno wdevon...Ryan and Chrissy are really arguing now...
Desi says I am extremely proud of you, but remind you to take a step back, and outside this game you can trust the people around you
The outplay....have to build shelters, make fire, how ouo respond to those...Cole, those survivor skills mean a lot...I respect Chrissy for winning, ben you found all the idols, ryan didn't do anything at camp, no survivor skills
Ryan says I wasn't a provider, can't cook, never done any of these things, if I went in there and burned all the rice...
Desi says she hadn't either,
Cole: we are here because we made some risks
Ryan admits it's not his strength, found advantage....I dug up the idol...
Ashley is proud of every female in that game...wanted to give chrissy huge credit for winning the challenges, not allowed to play sports as a kid, found the courage to just do this...Lauren says it's a proven fact you don't give up
Joe respects that, just like ben, your back was against the wall....you found 3 in a matter of several days
After the blindside of Lauren I knew I had no alliance, I chose to get up every morning and go look, when they slept, I went. I tood every opportunity and never quit
how idd you all allow ben to go off on his own this many times
We thought we were trailing him, in retrospect that was a game flaw for all of us

Ryan couldn't rely on winning challenges, I had to rely on my social game, built enough social relationships that they wouldn't allow my name to come up...never gave up, that's wyhy I am sitting here. Mike: what have you learned in playing this game...made me realize about myself I value the simplicities of life...look at myself introspectively....

Ben: everyone of ou I put there, you were hurdles for me, I had to put you in this e seats
Mike; win or lose you will be a legend in survivor history
I know you are a fighter and I need more
Ben: I should be the sole survivor....after being deemed a king, I never stopped the battle, never stopped I am out here for my family....talks about his PTSD...Chrisy pats him on the back...
Chrissy: I came into this game totally underestimating myself, I kicked ##### strategically, physically...all moms are heroes, they put other people before themselves, with great love and no thought that they do, we are also healers and hustlers, so in a way my game is all parts of that, I have been applying for 16 years, never give up on your dreams...

I think Ben kind of choked...

Posted by michel2 on 12-20-17 at 11:15 PM

"RE: So..."
Posted by Puffy on 12-20-17 at 11:25 PM

"RE: So..."
Posted by Chez on 12-20-17 at 11:28 PM
Jeff only read 7 votes but said he counted them all. Did I miss one?

"RE: So..."
Posted by michel2 on 12-21-17 at 00:02 AM
No, you didn't miss one; Jiffy made a mistake but that extra vote had to be for Ben.

"RE: So..."
Posted by michel2 on 12-21-17 at 00:07 AM
I'm surprised that no one brought up the fact that Ben wouldn't have even been in the F3 without that last minute twist. According to the rules as they knew them, Ben would have been on the jury so I couldn't have voted for him. Of course, these days, it's always the player with the best personal story that wins...

"RE: So..."
Posted by Sheldor on 12-22-17 at 05:25 PM
Seems like Juries value correct Hidden Immunity Idol plays (which are big and splashy and done in front of them) a lot more than Individual Challenge Wins which they don't see and they also might not value solving a bunch of puzzles.

"RE: So..."
Posted by michel2 on 12-22-17 at 09:58 PM
I'd think they should value the social strategy more than anything else. Ben had none.

"RE: So..."
Posted by Sheldor on 12-23-17 at 09:31 PM

Interesting that none of the last 3 jury members voted out (Ashley, Mike, nor Devon) voted for Ben whereas the first 5 voted out voted for Ben. And only 2 (Cole & Lauren) of those 5 had lived with Ben on a pre-merge tribe.

"RE: So..."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-23-17 at 11:43 PM
LAST EDITED ON 12-23-17 AT 11:45 PM (EST)

I'd think they should value the social strategy more than anything else.

I thought Chrissy was strategic but she seemed to totally lack social awareness. And, she was vengeful. I don't know why she was more threatened by Ashley than she was by Ben. She lost the game when she put off getting the biggest threat out of the game when she had the chance.

I also felt that Ben won the game because EVERYONE else out there was so complacent....all of them dropped the ball. If they really didn't want him to find another idol, they should have stayed with him, 100%. He definitely "outplayed" them.

I think Devon played that best socially strategic game, personally. He really put a surfer boy, laid back facade on, but I think there was a lot more to him. I would love to see him play again. Could he play a different game next time?

"RE: So..."
Posted by michel2 on 12-24-17 at 04:37 AM
I think you were misled by the editing: Because she lost, the editors didn't show us all of Chrissy's interactions with the others but, as she stated in her speach, she got to know everyone on a personal basis. Personally, I'd say the word "determined" applied much more than "vengeful".

When Chrissy targeted Ashley, Ben had played his 92nd hidden idol so she couldn't get him out.

And even if it was possible (it never is) exactly what would have following Ben 100% of the time accomplished? Once he'd found it, they couldn't steal it from him.

And like I said, they are simply not allowed to follow someone 100% of the time. When production asked him for a confessional they had to let him go alone. No one knows exactly how long those confessionals last so, once he was done, Ben could still have spent time alone finding his 200th idol.

Devon impressed me but HE was the one that missed the real chance of getting rid of Ben. Ashley told him it would be good to vote for the Marine instead of Joe and, at that TC, Ben was vulnerable.

"Final vote..."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-20-17 at 11:31 PM
Lauren votes Ben: I hope you make something better for a lot of veterans..

Devon voted for Ryan...yuck

Ashley voted for Chrissy: I believe this is the ultimate survivor that I am okay with representing our season...

Jiffy brings out the urn...clearly a crazy finish says Jiffy....social politics comes full circle, did you do the right thing with putting the right people on the jury

Jiffy taks to Ryan, then Ben...wanted other vets to see that there is life after combat
Chrissy: working mom, dominated and set records in this game....

Can only be one winner

(they are all holding hands)
Tied again

Ben wins! Not a tie! LOL

they all hug him....Ben get over here...gives him the million dollar check already!

Family comes up...they all hug him

Next season: see a skull....tiki with fire in his eyes....

"Every hero needs a worthy adversary....Crhissy"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-20-17 at 11:51 PM
Jiffy asks Lauren abut the shell that Mike threw in the fire...do you regret, yes, I regret it 100%, because this, and he pulls out the panel that James found, the idol, he had two of them and got voted out with both of them, bad decisions from former players coming back to haunt when we reveal the next season...

"RE: S35|East Coast Spoiler Thead|Finale"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-20-17 at 11:55 PM
come up with noew idea that we think you are going to dig, do something that speaks to the last 35 seasons....

it is the most complicated game of social politics every
no one to rely on
no one to trust
everything rests on your ability to make the right decision
one bad decision can haunt you forever
see Erik

this is survivor, the grave yard for bad survivor decisions, see James with 2...see Jay, hand in a fake idol

Centered around the bad decisions using the actual things they had, will they learn from the mistakes of others, or will lthe past come back to haunt again...Ghost Island

"RE: S35|East Coast Spoiler Thead|Finale"
Posted by PepeLePew13 on 12-21-17 at 00:02 AM
Bah. Everyone outside of the final three were totally ignored during the reunion, other than Lauren and her burnt half-idol.

"RE: S35|East Coast Spoiler Thead|Finale"
Posted by michel2 on 12-21-17 at 00:05 AM
The votes were read at about 10:30 which didn't leave much time for a reunion. I guess I wouldn't mind so much not hearing from the gallery if it was to give us more game but, nowadays, it's more about Jiffy schmoozing with the audience.

"Thank you, spoiler analyzers!"
Posted by Bebo on 12-21-17 at 01:20 AM
We all know Bebo likes to brag, so I will point out that I'm the one who got the order right on the voting thread. I did mistakenly think it would end in a tie, though.

And like I said in my vote, I based it solely on the confessional thread and the vidcap analysis, so y'all are the ones who should be patting yourselves on the back. The confessional analysis made me put Mike 5th and Ryan 3rd. And the firemaking spoiler made me realize there was a way for Ben to make F3.

As usual, y'all did kickass analysis this season. And I completely agree with the comment about how the firemaking challenge rewarded someone with crappy survival skills. On the other hand, it gave Ben a chance to fight his way back in the game, and given how hard he fought to stay in when he knew his head was on the chopping blocks, I'm glad it gave him a chance to make F3 and ultimately win.

"RE: Thank you, spoiler analyzers!"
Posted by michel2 on 12-21-17 at 09:43 AM
Congrats Bebo!

For me, Ben's win is just another example of production interference. This one wasn't even done in secrecy which goes along with this season's theme about not being able to keep a secret.

"RE: Thank you, spoiler analyzers!"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-21-17 at 06:03 PM
WoooooHoooooo, Bebo! YOU ROCK! Now start coming around here more often and deliver your 2 cents....WE NEED YOU!

"RE: Thank you, spoiler analyzers!"
Posted by Sheldor on 12-22-17 at 05:17 PM
There are 120 Final 5 orders and you are the only one to get it right! Impressive!

I was misled by Jeff Probst's pre-season hype about the Finale. He meant exciting Finale (e.g. Finding Final 5 Immunity Idol, Final 4 Immunity Challenge, Final 4 Twist) NOT exciting Final Tribal Council NOR Vote!

As soon as Ben found the Hidden Immunity Idol at the start of the show I knew he was probably going to win and my voting was doomed!