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"S35|Time to Vote ~ Finale"

Posted by CTgirl on 12-18-17 at 04:37 PM
Please vote for the remaining Survivors in the order you think they will leave the game - for example: BD/CH/DP/MZ/RU

Dr. Mike

Have a wonderful holiday and we'll see you all on Feb. 28th for the premiere of Survivor 36: Ghost Island.

Snowfall by Tribe

Table of contents
  • BD/RU/MZ/DP/CH,kingfish, 04:45 PM, 12-18-17
  • BD/MZ/RU/DP/CH,michel2, 08:49 PM, 12-18-17
  • MZ|RU|CH|DP|BD,coldbrewer, 01:53 AM, 12-19-17
  • MZ~RU~CH~DP~BD,Flowerpower1, 08:15 AM, 12-19-17
  • BT - DP - RU - MZ - CH,Chez, 01:00 PM, 12-19-17
  • MZ/DP/RU/CH/BD,Bebo, 03:56 PM, 12-19-17
  • BD/MZ/RU/DP/CH,Sheldor, 01:01 PM, 12-20-17
  • MZ/BD/RU/CH/DP,Tungusta, 02:27 PM, 12-20-17
  • MZ-RU-DP-CH-BD,CTgirl, 06:01 PM, 12-20-17

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Posted by kingfish on 12-18-17 at 04:45 PM
Ghost Island! Scary.

Posted by michel2 on 12-18-17 at 08:49 PM
LAST EDITED ON 12-18-17 AT 08:51 PM (EST)

Jiffy talks about more game play to come but I think this is pretty settled.

ETA: Chrissy wins after a 4-4 vote and Ryan chooses her over Devon.

Posted by coldbrewer on 12-19-17 at 01:53 AM
LAST EDITED ON 12-19-17 AT 01:36 PM (EST)

If the rumors are true - that a tie is broken by one of the final 3, the only 2 I believe that would get votes are Devon & Ben. That tribal council scene where Ashley is voted out where Devon silently argues with Ben about his "resume" might come into fruition. Like what Flopo said, Chrissy's vote is for Ben to win.

Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-19-17 at 08:15 AM
I do believe that Ben will win it all. Chrissy was definitely the top strategist, but she has some lessons to learn concerning the social graces. I don't believe that one woman will vote for her to win. If she wins the IC at F4 and does not take Ryan, Ryan will never vote for her either. I don't think she has managed the jury well at all. But, it could be Chrissy that breaks the tie in the final vote, naming Ben the winner.

"BT - DP - RU - MZ - CH"
Posted by Chez on 12-19-17 at 01:00 PM
LAST EDITED ON 12-19-17 AT 01:01 PM (EST)

Ben out first, then Chrissy takes Ryan forward at F4. Mike beats Devon to F3 resulting in a Hero v Healer v Hustler F3. Mike gets 1 or 2 votes from old Healer tribe but Chrissy gets the rest.

(Sorry for the wrong initials for Ben)

Posted by Bebo on 12-19-17 at 03:56 PM
Just read the confessional and vidcap threads, so I'm just gonna throw this out there.

F5 - Mike is complacent, and that costs you at this point.

F4 - Chrissy wins challenge, but instead of getting to take both of her allies with her, she can only bring one person with her. She chooses Ryan and hopes Devon beats Ben in the fire challenge. Wrong.

F3 - All signs point to a tie, and the most likely tie would be between strong players Chrissy and Ben. Ryan gets his confessional goal of making F3.

Ryan ends up choosing the champion when the tie happens. Does he pick his alliance mate who brought him to F3? Does Chrissy say something at the Final Jury that pisses him off so that he won't vote for her? Or does Ryan respect that people were gunning for Ben so much yet managed to make it to the end?

Ryan chooses Ben FTW.

Posted by Sheldor on 12-20-17 at 01:01 PM
Ben will be the target at Final 5 and Final 4 if he makes it there but I think Chrissy will win the colored ball wheel puzzle and they will finally take out Ben.

The Chrissy, Ryan, Devon alliance from the last reward will say they are still together but Chrissy and Ryan will want Mike in the Final 3 instead of Devon but the Final 4 Twist they won't be able to vote out Devon and instead Chrissy takes Ryan (or vice versa) and Devon/Mike have to make fire and Devon wins.

I think the first vote could be 3 Chrissy, 3 Devon, and 2 Ryan. 8 Jurors Re-vote for only Chrissy or Devon. Results are read Live and it is a 4-4 Tie! Tied again. To break a possible tie we also had Ryan vote which I'll read now...

Winner of Survivor Heros, Healers, Hustlers is... Chrissy!

Posted by Tungusta on 12-20-17 at 02:27 PM
The End.

Posted by CTgirl on 12-20-17 at 06:01 PM
Somehow Ben makes it through F5 with either immunity, an idol or just because Chrissy wants him on her side to make F3. Dr. Mike is collateral damage because he doesn't have an alliance.

Surprise! F4 is a fire-making challenge and Ryan loses as was hinted at all season: he has no survivor skills.

F3 is Chrissy, Ben and Devon. I think Ben will win because I'm rooting for him even though I'm not all that fond of him (totally influenced by the edit). The edit painted Chrissy as a royal B!tch so I think she's a losing finalist. Devon also has been shown as too cocky and his story hasn't been as big as Ben and Chrissy's throughout the season. Ben has been a hero (the PTSD scenes were poignant) and the only secret keeper. He is our final Survivor!