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"S35|East Coast Spoiler Thread|Penultimate Episode"

Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-13-17 at 08:49 PM
All discussion regarding the episode tonight stays in this thread until the show has aired in it's entirety on the West Coast, and remember, no siggies, please!

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"Previously on Survivor....."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-13-17 at 09:07 PM
Ben's alliance was turning against him...he has to do whatever he has to do to keep himself in the gmae
At TC ben made his target clear, causing complete chaos, in the end everyone votef for Ben but it didn't matter when he played the HII for himself sending Lauren to the jury....who's next

Night 33: Wow, what a crazy TC says Chrissy...Ben: I am so excited can't believe that happened, painted a target on himself and then played the idol...ben says to everyone, no hard feelings...
See Ryan

Devon to everyone, we all know who has to go next....Chrissy says can we all decide, he's going home next no matter what

Devon: if there are survivor gods, then that was a move by the survivor devil, didn't want to see Lauren go home

At night, they all decide to vote Ben out next, one of us must win immunity

Ben is the target ut the game is never as simple as you think it's going to be...everytime you think it's going easy, then it turns upside down

Devon tells Ben he's not going to let him win immunity
Final 6 they say, Ben says they have a long hard road ahead of me now

In the AM, they are all sleeping...see Ben in the shelter, everyone else asleep, Ben gets up...
Ben: traditionally once an idol is played it gets introduced into the game, everyone is still sleeping, not much wood, start looking for an idol while I gather wood...see him looking, not easy to find, but the last time I found one there was a rock that said dig, looking everywhere

Chrissy wakes up , and she is nervous., he's looking for an idol...she's banking on him not finding one

Ben: My time is swindling here and I accept that fate, need to find or win immunity, cause I ain't gonna quit...

"Ben gets up early searches for idol...."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-13-17 at 09:17 PM
knows he either has to find the HI, or win immunity. Devon told him last night he would not let him win the IN.

So far, no idol has been found. Chrissy worries.

day 34, come on in guys....Reward Challenge

divided into pairs, attached to rope woven thru obstacles, race through to finish attempt to land 5 rings on a target, 1st pair wins, by chopper to private resort, private island, enjoy lobster, lamb choc mousse, spend the night and sleep in a bed....WOW

Ben and Ashley
Chrissy with Devon,
Ryan and Mike

launch body over and under wood, while tethered to a rope...Chrissy hung up in rope

Pretty even, ashley and ben with lead, Ryan and Mike yelling....Ashley and Ben have early lead, follow rope, Ashley flying through it...everyone running out of energy...Chrissy and Devon trying to catch Ashley and Ben. Chrissy and Devon making up time now...Chrissy is first, Devon getting out, and Ben and Ashley are through to final stage, and then Devon and Chrissy untying...Ben tossing rings, must hook 5 rings...Devon tosses and just misses, Devon has first, Mike has first one, Devon has second...Ben hs one, two, three, Devon has thirdRyan scoresDevon scores 4, Devon wins it! Ryan is pissed...devon and chrissy come on over...chopper picks you up, you get to pick one other to go with you...Ryan will go with them...Ashley is pissed.

Jiffy says this is a shocking decision, for one of them...hold onto maybe alliances will pull through...

Jiffy: Ashley you are still in shock...Ben says that Ashley is still angry and that is perfect for me, I can start stirring stuff up. Ben is happy gets to still look for idol as well...

"Ashley fuming she wasn't picked to go on reward..."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-13-17 at 09:27 PM
Back at camp...the three return...Ashley says that is a tough one to lose...over night, Mike says why don't we vent for f5 minutes

Mike: I was so pissed they didn't take me...you would think that they would take me, I'm in the middle, ryan was the least deserving to go on that reward. Mike worried Devon is flipping back to ryan and chrissy

Ben: these 2 are babies, use it to my advantage...
Ben asks who will go next: Mike says besides you
Ashley says everyone wants you out next
Ben: Mike wants me gone, hoping I can work with Ash, I have a lot of wrk to do

ben tells Ashley I don't trust Doc
Ash: I don't trust doc, but I know where you are, at the bottom

Ben is telling me that devon and I don't have an upper ;hand anymore, abut coming form ben...

Ben still is upset that ashley says, talking to you is like talking to a brick wall

Mike says that I have serrated everyhere, and it's not there, so, I don't care if he searches, I feel pretty confident he's going home

To the reward: They all see the table

Ryan: I could not be any happier, after I saw dad, but coming here, without question one of the best moments of my life

Devon talking strategy: ben out
then Mike...he could be playing us, Ryan: and he has pissed no one off

Chrissy: I will go to F3 with you
devon: chrissy brought up us 3 going to F3, regardless, this is the perfect time of making a move, go with who I think I can go to the end with and who I think I can beat...
Devon tells him, he knows that they got split, but he would love to go to F3 with them both.

Ryan: says that I am closest with Devon and Chrissy, would love to go to the end with them
Chrissy: although I don't know him well, I can break up the Ashley devon duo...on the other hand, ben is a big threat, so for my game may make more sense to vote off Ashley first and ben next.

"Devon, Ryan, Chrissy plan F3..."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-13-17 at 09:37 PM
Devon suggests Ben first, then Mike. But, Chrissy thinks vote off Ashley first, then Ben.

Day 36...Immunity challenge

race thru obstacles to sac of sand bags, toss in, release pieces, make cog puzzle, raise the flag, 1 in 5 shot to get to end...Loser voted out, see Ben!

Go...race up ladder, down the net, ben head first thru saw dust...now untie knots looking for sand bags...once have them out, need one bag in basket, Ashley off to early lead, everyone hit bag at once but devon, then devon...monky fist, release another set of ladder, ben in lead, then chrissy, then mike, then Ryan, then ashleyDevon in last, then goes, everyone working on cog puzzle, million dollar challenge for one of you

put together complicated cog puzzle, more spokes than you need by have to use every cog

Ryan trying something new, don't know if it's right until you try...not long ago chrissy was up her throwing up! LOL

Chrissy is slow and methodically. Ben getting exited...chrissy is picking up the pace, this is it, this is where it is won or last right here...never give up on survivor....Chrissy has it! See Ben
Mike: nice job

end so close, for one of you you will not see it....see Ben! OMG

Chrissy: My whole plan was to win immunity so ben or ashley was available to be voted out. This is my time to be in control of the game.

OMG, when Jiffy made reference to anyone being voted out, it was BEN that we saw....hmmmm?

"Chrissy's time to be in control of the game...."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-13-17 at 09:56 PM
Post IC...

return to camp...ants, butterflies seen...ants all over the caterpillar...you killed that chrissy...Ben: damn friggin puzzle, this one hurts, I needed it, I am 100% sure I am the target, being a marine, you never give up, those people are crazy for not following me...

They are all voting Ben
Ashley: tonight it would be great if we could all vote for ben and get out, I don't think he has one, but
Devon says he's voting Ben....scary, it could take just one vote
If he pulls a vote, should we split it between Mike and ben says Ashley? Yes, they will
if no one plays idol, vote out Ben

Chrissy says that she trusts Ashley the least so wants to get her home...Chrissy tells Ryan and Mike...Ben tells them that Ben is a ferocity that transcends this game....Ryan and Mike want to keep Ben. De

Devon says now chrissy pitches ashley before Ben, crazy, if Ben is in F3, none of us stand a chance

See Ben looking around and he finds the signal...finds the message...clue to a HI...it's tied at their shelter....got a map to idol, picute of the idol, on their bed, in plain site of everyone. hoping no one is there

Ryan Devon and mike are there...Ben is going to lie down in the shelter, here comes chrissy....if I start digging around the base of the bed, and pull out a purple thing, they will know, time is running out, I can't see nothing...they are getting ready to go....I am not going anywhere until I get that idol....we don't see if he gets it or not....


Ben: was there any impact when you got back. things haven't changed, tight group, and then these 2 tight group...mike in middle
Ashley says I wasn't chosen, it wasn't just devon's choice, but chrissy
Miek how important to see the big picture...bEn is clearly the biggest threat int his game right now, not the only threat, the biggest...
ryan: it's the most powerful offer, the F3, it's telling you, you think we can beat you
they all have a final 3...Ben, do you have one, he says anyone....he's open for business, he'll take any of you to F3

Mike says that ben has told so many people so many lies. Mike: ben is very smart and tricky and I could see him getting his way tonight
Ashley: If someone switches tonight, that would be a blindside...
Ben says it's hard playing the game with people that aren't willing to make big moves, coasting along won't get you the million
Devon tells them hasn't everything been a blindside?Ben says thank you devon for keeping me in this game.
Deovn : Says I don't know what ben is tailing about...
Ben pulls out the HII, cause I am not going home tonight...
Chrissy says he's exaggerated
Ryan: the ben bomb has come back into the game
Devon: just because it's around his neck doesn't mean he's going to play it.
Ashley says she would play it
Ben says to vote Mike...if you want to go back to camp with me, vote Mike

Ben plays the idol....early

if you cast vote for Ben, it won't work
Mike: how unsettling is this?
Ben is sitting right between Ashely and Devon...time to vote...

Ben told them to vote for Mike?
We know that Chrissy wants Ashley
See Mike



See Chrissy...Ben hugs Ashley...I will see you, to Devon, and Devon goes to hug her, and she shrugs him off

Devon is smiling

Made it to F5, not been easy, getting to F3 will be even tougher...

WOOOHOOOO! Devon made it! YAY! Congrats for all the Ashley voters!

"RE: Chrissy's time to be in control of the game...."
Posted by michel2 on 12-13-17 at 10:25 PM
We are right back to "What Would Chrissy Do?"

Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-14-17 at 08:17 AM
I cannot believe how Ryan's game/edit has gone right down the crapper since buddying up with Chrissy. He found an idol, he told everyone, and he's tanked. He now looks like a goat. For someone with a promising start, what happened to him?

"RE: Ryan...."
Posted by michel2 on 12-14-17 at 10:02 AM
He was important to how the alliances evolved so he had to be shown but I'm guessing he gets zero votes at FTC so the editors didn't want us to get too attached. I'm also guessing that we'll have a 4-4 tie at FTC and Ryan is going to have the deciding vote, possibly between Chrissy and Devon. Jiffy finally told us how that tie would be broken at the last reunion and, since then, I've been expecting it to come down to it.

"RE: Ryan...."
Posted by Sheldor on 12-14-17 at 03:15 PM
I've been thinking it will be a TIE too!

Though I was thinking 3-3-2 Tie since Jeff says:

"One of the best finales ever. Itís dramatic and emotional and surprising. So good. Youíll be riveted."
(Dalton Ross interview for EW)

"Next week is one of the best finales ever," Probst tells The Hollywood Reporter. "The game play does not relent. I love this final five. Every player left in the game has a legit argument that they deserve to win. It will come down to who goes up against who in the final three. Survivor is all about the people who play, and if you put the right people on the island, the game play will come. What I can promise is this game is far from over."
(Josh Wigler interview for Hollywood Reporter)

I was thinking maybe 3(Chrissy) - 3(Ryan) - 2(Devon) with Devon breaking the Tie.

"RE: Ryan...."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-14-17 at 08:41 PM
You both seriously think that Ben will NOT be in that F3? And, what about Mike? I wouldn't be surprised if he were there either...

Frankly, Chrissy is so unbeatable at puzzles, I wouldn't be surprised if she falls short, when they come to their senses and target her. Of course, it could be too late at this point, likely to be a puzzle at the end of everything left...

"RE: Ryan...."
Posted by michel2 on 12-14-17 at 11:08 PM
Ben has them spooked even if I'm not sure he'd get the votes. That means Ben needs to win two ICs and he's been awful in challenges.

Chrissy has a solid F3 deal with Ryan and Devon so why wouldn't they go with her? Mike has too many friends on the jury to risk taking him.

"RE: Ryan...."
Posted by Sheldor on 12-15-17 at 03:56 AM
FYI Last 2 Immunity Challenges for last winter's Finale (S33 MvGX) were:

Immunity challenge: The castaways moved a buoy along a rope through obstacles in the water. Upon reaching shore, they transported puzzle pieces across a teeter-totter and then used the pieces to solve a word puzzle; first to do so won immunity.

Immunity challenge: The castaways used a long pole to maneuver a series of wooden bowls around a metal rod structure; they would then balance the bowls on the top of the structure. The spring-mounted structure would sway from the wind or if bumped, which could topple the stack of bowls. The player with the most bowls after thirty minutes or the first to stack thirteen bowls on top won immunity.

Like Michel, I think it would be a stretch for Ben to win back-to-back IC's after not even being close before (unless Ben has been sandbagging)

"RE: Ryan...."
Posted by michel2 on 12-14-17 at 11:16 PM
I'm not sure a 3-3-2 vote would be left to the third place finisher. I'd think they'd have a revote with the 2 players who would have voted for Devon in your scenario forced to choose between Ryan and Chrissy.

Letting the 3rd place finisher vote for the winner should be a last option because it goes against the very premise of the game which is to make sure you put the right people on the jury. If that jury is deadlocked at 4-4, then OK but, if not, then let them choose.

"RE: Ryan...."
Posted by Sheldor on 12-15-17 at 03:48 AM
Actually I'm sure they would re-vote for either 3-3-2 or 4-4-0 saying you can only vote for the two that are tied. If re-vote comes back 4-4 then they would have discussion period and finally go to 3rd place finisher if they are still deadlocked.

"RE: Ryan...."
Posted by michel2 on 12-15-17 at 11:23 AM
And to think this would never have been a problem if they had a Final 2 and 7 jurors. Maybe they'll figure it out one day...

"Next time on Survivor...."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-13-17 at 10:08 PM

Jiffy: Next time on the Season finale:
Only 5 are left: See them walking on the beach and Crhissy is wearing the IN AGAIN...unless that is them walking to the IC? Then shows Ben, Ryan, Mike, Chrissy, Devon in fast succession.
Ben: This is where it gets tricky
Devon sitting with Ryan: It's crazy it is coming down to this
Chrissy: No matter what you expect something else is going to happen
Mike: This game could blow up yet again
Jiffy: the final secret advantage
Jiffy: who will out last all the rest and claim the title of Sole Survivor...

Ashley: couldn't have done much better, Devon completely went against the alliance, still upset about that at the moment, couldn't be happier with a whole new outlook on life...

"RE: Next time on Survivor...."
Posted by michel2 on 12-13-17 at 10:25 PM

>Jiffy: Next time on the Season
>Only 5 are left: See them
>walking on the beach and
>Crhissy is wearing the IN
>AGAIN...unless that is them walking
>to the IC?

They had recycled images ijn there, including Chrissy working the cog puzzle.

"RE: Next time on Survivor...."
Posted by Sheldor on 12-13-17 at 10:52 PM
"including Chrissy working the cog puzzle."

AND a shot of Chrissy with the Expired Super Idol!

"RE: Next time on Survivor...."
Posted by SquidProQuo on 12-14-17 at 02:11 PM
Interesting if she tries to use it as a decoy with Ben. Ryan and Devon know about it and could be in on it.

"Please tell me..."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-13-17 at 10:27 PM
Please tell me there will be NO more idols? Right?

"RE: Please tell me..."
Posted by michel2 on 12-13-17 at 10:37 PM
Well, we know there's one more advantage and that could be just as bad...

"RE: Please tell me..."
Posted by Sheldor on 12-13-17 at 11:03 PM
In Millennials vs. Gen X Adam found an Immunity Idol when there were 5 players left so it is definitely possible for there to be another Immunity Idol in play.

"RE: Please tell me..."
Posted by michel2 on 12-13-17 at 11:06 PM
It is supposed to be a social experiment but it's more and more often reduced to a game of "Hide n Seek".