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"S35|Time to Vote|Week 12"

Posted by CTgirl on 12-12-17 at 00:32 AM
Please vote for the person you think is going home this week.

Dr. Mike

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Posted by kingfish on 12-12-17 at 12:04 PM
Probably be another surprise, but I'm going with Ben.

Posted by coldbrewer on 12-12-17 at 02:49 PM
Hidden boot?

Posted by michel2 on 12-12-17 at 08:29 PM
Right now, Chrissy, Ryan and Mike don't have the majority but they are confronted by 1 pair and a lone player. I believe Chrissy will be smart enough not to give options to Mike and Ryan by leaving a pair for them to join. Ben is HER option and even if she hates him at the moment, she'll want him around for one more cycle.

That leaves the boot between Devon and Ashley: Chrissy has been pushing for Ashley so maybe she gets her way. I'd rather eliminate Devon because of his connection with Ryan but I expect the bellhop won't make a play to save Devon beyond this week because he'd certainly beat him in the end.

Posted by CTgirl on 12-13-17 at 01:16 PM
He had such a big story spike 2 episodes ago I feared his time was coming to an end and I still think that this week.

Posted by Chez on 12-13-17 at 01:36 PM
She has escaped for awhile. I think she won't succeed in getting Ben out this week and instead she will fall.

Posted by Tungusta on 12-13-17 at 03:13 PM
Big target.

Posted by Sheldor on 12-13-17 at 07:39 PM
The Press Images and Promos seem to be all about Ben and Devon. I picked Devon last week and he was ultra safe. I'm thinking with Ashley winning 2 Immunity Challenges and a finalist is others like this week where it looks like it comes down to Ben, Chrissy, and Ashley that Ashley is the biggest challenge threat and Chrissy/Ryan join with Mike/Ben so they can split their votes 2-2 on Devon/Ashley and vote out Ashley on the re-vote.

Of course is Ben or Lauren's Idols are re-hidden this could be totally chaos!

Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-13-17 at 08:47 PM
I felt like voting Ashley, but it would just be wishful thinking. One of Devon or Ashley is most likely to go. Rationale for Ashley would be that Chrissy has to be the only woman left.

But, sadly, I do believe it will be Devon.