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"S35|East Coast Spoiler Thread|Episode 12"

Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-06-17 at 08:55 PM
No siggies, and please place all discussion here until the show has aired in it's entirety on the West Coast. Have PHUN!

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"Previously on Survivor....."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-06-17 at 09:17 PM
Ben found an idol and was playing double agent while his true alliegence was to a core four but they a saw Ben as a major threat, at TC, Ryan played his idol and the core 4 stuck together, Joe...stunning Ryan, Chrissy and Mike, 7 left, who's next...

at night....see the surf

a rat fight...nice job guys, Mike says again I got blindsided, I believe when they tell me something, I will get hut this

Ryan: Ben was with them, I had no idea, Didn't have to, they flushed it, I am in an awful spot

Ben talking to Chrissy, my plan didn't ilk eup with yours,
Chrissy I had your back from day 1,
Ben everyone that goes against you, you start doing this...l

Chrissy: I get this is a game but I felt close to Ben, he wasn't a friend about it, he's a jerk, my days are numbered...If I get a chance to get back at Ben I am gonna take it

Wow, would be great if she did!

Challenge running in pairs, not with each other, with your loved ones

Ashley's dad Jim...she talks a lot about him...way a daughter falls into the arms of her dad, it's everything, best man I have ever known, taken care of us...before everyone .JIm: she's independent and strong, so proud

Ryan: Dad, Steve...Ryan is bawling...I told you I'd get you here...Jiffy: talk to me, why dad? we watch the show together dissect tohe show together...to have him here, my dream, sharing moment best moment of my life...love you

Mike...who married you? Wife, Mary...crying...I love you so much...Luren says God bless you...he's a good guy, how does it feel here? Mike; coming out here I knew that our love was special, it's the greatest love of all time, he says it was a selfish thing, and she says it is the only selfish thing he's ever done

Lauren's sister...Sunny, Jiffy gets a hug first, I missed you too....you lost some rolls, lost some rolls, we are ight and day, grew up in 2 different homes, huge thing, they tried out together, I got on...

Chrissy: married almost 20 years, Keith...I love you....crying...this is somebody you know you can trust, we are tired, starving dirty, he's my everything...have you reevaluated your life>>>last few years so caught up in work, want to devote the rest of my life to my family....I haven't seen you smile like this in 31 days, maybe yesterday, I won immunity....last goodbye

Devon: My mom, please, Sonya....he's crying...holy cow...you look beautiful...hugging...crying...so beautiful to watch, is it possible to explain to your mom when you don't have foundation of support, makes you realize what is really important, every day I spend away from you is a day wasted....last hug...

Ben, wife Kelly....crying...you smell so good...youre so beautiful, you are so skinny, kids good, every bodies good...her and my son and my daughter are why I am out here, I am the richest man ever because of them, I had one foot in the grave and she picked me up, I am here because of her...a big hole in our world, my kids are 5 and 3, I miss them a bunch...

a hug is nice, you have come this far, full experience, get quality time with loved ones, get in sync with them. 2 marbles, 1 black one white, last couple last standing wins reward, back to camp survivor barbecue...have a bag and must pick one of 2 marbles, pull out and loved one has to match...Lauren and Sonny are out

Mike, gets white marble, Barry, black, no match

Ryan pulls black, Dad draws white
Ben black, kelly black....match stay alive have a shot at love
Chrissy, black, black another match

Ashley black, dad white
Devon white
Sonya black out

show down ben and wife vs chrissy and husband
ben pulls black, he's shaking, kelly does not match
Chrissy and keith have to match to win...chrissy draws white, he draws white, they win

get to bring a friend...Ryan and Steve get to go to barbecue too...no hesitation...one more person, Dr. Mike and Barry...thank you
one spot left, Ashley and Jim...

So Ben, Lauren, Devon got nothing...

Chrissy: ben picked the wrong time to pick a fight with me now will make sure that he regrets that he ever crossed me!

"Post Loved ones reward"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-06-17 at 09:25 PM
Chrissy is a vengeful girl, omg! She is out to get Ben...

Day 31 at barbecue...Mike and wife...
Chrissy, not aligned with mike, but we are all at the bottom...Chrissy: the reason I picked Ashley, felt she would be the easiest of the 4 to break, then we can get majority and control vote
Chrissy talking to Ashley, your alliance is like power houses...who are you thinking about? Ben
He fought for his country

Ashley: of course she will say anything...she's right though, should I initiate it to make a big move

Ben: ryan played an idol at Tribal, traditionally a noter one would come into the game, I will plant this fake IN, and use it as a decoy, and then I will look for the real one, see a snake

Ben is telling Devon about it...

Devon: bEn made his own idol, and it looks legit, Lauren : ben has a fake idol, and who will it benefit, he wants Chrissy to find it and Jiffy will throw it in fire, Ben has taken all of these factors ..

Lauren finds the real clue....there will be a sea shell in front of your platform at the IC...at next IC I have to get that shell to make it complete for it to be in play. Devon and Ben were both with her when she found the real clue...

"Pre IC...Lauren found clue"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-06-17 at 09:34 PM
Day 33, at the IC...see the shell in front of Lauren's platform

see Ben...immunity up for grabs, arms stretched out fingertips pressed against 2 wooden discs, last one standing one in six shot at getting to end...see Ben, then Lauren...Jiffy: this is gonna hurt

challenge is on, this will hurt...Ryan says that it already hurts, each station made specifically for you, repositioning, that chime represents hope, when discs drop chimes stop and you are out. One of hottest days so far in Fiji....Ben and ryan big repositioning...Ben is struggling...Chrissy starting to drop, nobody not hurting, everyone is moving, Ben is all over the place, ben fighting to stay in this....Ben is out...
Chrissy is out
Ryan is out
devon ashley mike and lauren are still in...mike says never, Lauren is out, just quits...my shoulders are done, she gets the shell, sits it on her knee

Devon, Ashley, Mike. Devon is doing the hula...got to make some fun of this because this sucks, down to devon and ashley fighting for immunity...asks ashley if she wants to fight it out....we are strong allies, either one of us wearing the necklace is just as good, shoulder massage for the loser, and devon drops and ashley wins the IC...

Ashley safe, see Chrissy, then Devon, then Ben....saw DEVon when he said 5th person of the jury...

Lauren says it will be either Mike chrissy or ryan going home....

"RE: Pre IC...Lauren found clue"
Posted by Sheldor on 12-06-17 at 09:37 PM
"Lauren says it will be either Mike chrissy or ryan"

So is that too obvious and it will be someone else?...

"RE: Pre IC...Lauren found clue"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-06-17 at 10:08 PM
When she said, in confessional that it will be either Ben, Chrissy, or Ryan, it was more obvious it was going to be her....lol!

"RE: Pre IC...Lauren found clue"
Posted by michel2 on 12-06-17 at 10:16 PM
The "Kiss of Death" confessional spot strikes again!

"Post IC"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-06-17 at 09:44 PM
Ashley: having the IN will feel amazing tonight, we have great alliance, but I don't have a lot of big moves on my resume...she lauren and devon talking, devon says chrissy is more of a challenge threat

devon: ash wants to vote out Ben, But I see chrissy as a big threat, I say chrissy

there is ben spying on them

Ben: I see them talking, I heard my name, heard me coming and they stopped talking very suspicious...ben...devon says who should go, chrissy...
Ben: something is going on around here, they say chrissy but I think me

I have to do whatever I have to do

see Ben with Mike: willing to make a big move with me? during family visit Lauren found idol...she is too powerful in this game...Lauren has all these advantages, and ben wants to get her out, Mike is happy

Ben talking with Ryan and Chrissy....Ryan: ben wants to vote out lauren, as long as target is not on me, we need this to work

Chrissy is talking to devon...

Chrissy: what was devon saying,

ben: I was trying to talk to her and she blew me off, she is taking it too personal. I have an idol, but to do that I need chrissy

Moving forward I want to work with you in this game says Ben
Chrissy: You can vote anyway you want to but Lauren...has too much power in the game, if voting out Lauren, I have to consider it. Chrissy says thank you Ben

Chrissy: problem is for 6 days he's used me

Mike says if we a can blindside someone with an extra vote, that's huge

Mike chrissy is playing emotionally, survivor game plan b...Mike is talking to Devon and Ashley...Mike tells them....ben is trying to blindside you(Lauren)...Lauren said what the hell is going on....still have the extra vote...Lauren gives Mike a piece of the idol to say I trust you, Mike says: falls into stupidest moves in survivor history, so will survivor gods make her pay for it or not?

"Wow, who could it be??? TC..."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-06-17 at 09:57 PM
I have a feeling it will be an idol bounce? Feels like it will be either Lauren or Ben, could be Devon?


The IC, devon and ashley were upfront we are a pair, devon gets shoulder rub, for a message, I was sending my message of trust to my alliance, Lauren or Ashley same, ben speaks up...now people are at bottom are safe and people at top are not

Ben, ashley says you heard that right

Lauren says why did you tell them about my idol
Lauren: because you are paranoid...you trying to betray me has not got me...
Chrissy: Lauren became the target because of the advantage...Lauren says it is at camp, I cannot use it tonight...
Lauren says do what you need to do
Jiffy sounds that you all know everything

Ben says he made a fake idol because he wanted Chrissy to find it

Mike throws Lauren's idl in the fire...she is pissed

you are tempting the survivor gods when you throw it in fire
Mike: it's blessing and curse
Ben: don't reveal that you have idol or advantage

Devon says Lauren with an extra

Ryan tells Mike we have to keep the vote on Lauren, Mike says okay as the others are all arguing
Chrissy; this is chaos...hearing them talk about how tight they are
Ben is telling Lauren she is the biggest threat

Devon gets up and wants Mike to vote out Ben
Chrissy says this is a live Tribal council
Lauren is voting

see ben

vote tally

Ben raised his hand to play the idol...see Devon's face..see lauren put her head down...


They ALL voted for Ben!

good luck guys

Oh my god, that was crazy...l

well a TC when everything was out in the open where the one thing that was kept secret had all the power....

"Lauren voted out by 1 vote only"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-06-17 at 10:05 PM
I thoroughly enjoyed that, lol! Even though I really liked Lauren. Mike was right, that was a Survivor NO NO, do not give half of the idol away!

Jiffy: Ben's big move breeds fear See Ben at shelter
See Ryan Chrissy and Mike talking....Mike: he's a ferocity that transcends this game
Jiffy: But, when all hope is lost...
Ben to Ashley: Are you gunning for me?
Ashley: Everyone wants you out before the 3...
Jiffy...a nemesis can turn the tide
Chrissy to Ryan: I say we send home Ashley
See Devon
Devon: this game is never as simple as you want it to be.

What happened at TC was classic blindside, giving half the idol away was a dumb move, it cursed me, I got it, I 'm done now...

"RE: Lauren voted out by 1 vote only"
Posted by michel2 on 12-06-17 at 10:12 PM
I enjoyed that also! Either because of editing which hides most of the talks or the players who are too dumb to come up with those schemes, it's extremely rare that the tactical play reaches the level I've witnessed in on-line games but this one did. Every player had multiple options and they let it all out! I'm also happy to see that all the advantages and idols are out of play.

"RE: Lauren voted out by 1 vote only"
Posted by Sheldor on 12-06-17 at 10:15 PM
...and we ALL missed the Lauren Vote!

"I'm also happy to see that all the advantages and idols are out of play."

Me too but how MANY Idols will Production re-hide?!

I suppose Chrissy still has the Expired Super Idol but Devon and Ryan know about it.

"RE: Lauren voted out by 1 vote only"
Posted by michel2 on 12-06-17 at 10:20 PM
In the voting thread, yes but FP's confessional thread hit it:

High Risk: Devon, Lauren

In the RHAP office pool, I put 8 of 20 points on Lauren so I'm OK.

"RE: Lauren voted out by 1 vote only"
Posted by Sheldor on 12-06-17 at 11:20 PM
FP Confessional Analysis has been right all but 2 weeks!

Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-07-17 at 00:28 AM
I voted for Lauren as boot in the fantasy game!

"RE: Ha!"
Posted by Sheldor on 12-07-17 at 03:15 PM
Wow Flowerpower! I'm sure you were one of the few to get it right!

"RE: Lauren voted out by 1 vote only"
Posted by Sheldor on 12-06-17 at 10:16 PM
Lauren should have given Mike any old Sea Shell!

"RE: Lauren voted out by 1 vote only"
Posted by michel2 on 12-06-17 at 10:22 PM
But would Lauren have played that HI even if she had it? She seemed very confident up to the point when Ben played his idol.

"RE: Lauren voted out by 1 vote only"
Posted by Chez on 12-06-17 at 10:25 PM
Yes but if she was smart enough to give him any old sea shell she would have been smart enough not to give any.

"RE: Lauren voted out by 1 vote only"
Posted by Chez on 12-06-17 at 10:28 PM
Oddly enough, it seems that Dr. Mike by this time has reached almost equal status with the others, no longer at the bottom.

"RE: Lauren voted out by 1 vote only"
Posted by michel2 on 12-06-17 at 11:08 PM
Yes, he's done it in a very different way than both Danni and Chris but he,s right there with a chance to make it to the end.

We could be in for another finish with one of each tribe: 1 Hero, 1 Healer and 1 Hustler. Can something like this happen so regularly without some production help?

"RE: Lauren voted out by 1 vote only"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-07-17 at 08:54 AM
We could be in for another finish with one of each tribe: 1 Hero, 1 Healer and 1 Hustler.

Frankly, I would be happy about it this season...

Ryan, Devon ~ Hustlers
Ben, Chrissy, Ashley ~ Heroes
Mike ~ Healer

Mike is the gimme, but who else could get there?
Pairs left in the game: Ashley/Devon, Chrissy/Ryan. Ben & Mike are independent
So, most likely one of each pair should be targeted?

Ben is really making enemies...can he win?
Chrissy is a stubborn and vengeful person....good tv! Seems a bit rigid.

I have to think about Devon. Now that he's alienated Ben, will he be back with Ryan?

This is getting good!

"RE: Lauren voted out by 1 vote only"
Posted by michel2 on 12-07-17 at 10:23 AM
LAST EDITED ON 12-07-17 AT 08:16 PM (EST)

But don't you think it odd that in a game where the prime strategy is to pagong the other side we've had:

- Panama: 1 Older man, 1 older woman, 1 Young man, 1 Young woman as F4

- CI: One representative from each race in the F5

- Micronesia: 3 Fans and 3 Favorites in the F6

- Caramoan: 2 Fans 2 Favorites in the F4

- B vs W (disregarding RI) we had 3 vets and 3 newbies in the original F6

- Cagayan: 2 Brains two Brawn in the F4

- World's Apart: 1 of each collar in the F3

- Kaoh Rong: 2 of each of the 3 original Tribes in the F6

- S33: 2 Millennials vs 2 Gen X in the F4

It seems that, except for their love of Hantz and his alliance in H vs V, then each thematic season has kept 1 representative from each category until the end.

"RE: Lauren voted out by 1 vote only"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-07-17 at 04:33 PM
Definitely it's more than odd...Can't say that production does not have a hand in it. I could see how they could manipulate where the idols are and who finds them...just saying'.

"RE: Lauren voted out by 1 vote only"
Posted by Sheldor on 12-07-17 at 04:40 PM
Well in Borneo the Pagong tribe didn't know what they were doing and they thought an alliance was taboo!

Tagi completely voted out Pagong hence the phrase "Pagonging".

Looking at when Pagonging actually or nearly happened (number of tribes in parenthesis)

  1. Borneo(2): Tagi pagonged Pagong
  2. Thailand(2): Chuay Gahn pagonged Sook Jai
  3. Vanuatu(2): Yasur almost pagonged Lopevi but they let Chris survive and Win!
  4. Palau(2): Koror let Ulong(Stephenie) stay 2 TC's (Coby and Janu quit) so close to a pagonging.
  5. FvF(2): Malakal really did pagong Airai but first vote out Malakal(Eliza, Ozzy), and James medivac
  6. Tocantins(2): Jalapao almost pagonged Timbira but Jalapao voted out Taj before Erinn
  7. Samoa(2): Foa Foa really did pagong Galu foiled only by Brett winning Immunity at F5
  8. HvV(2): Villains almost pagonged Heroes but the Heroes voted out Danielle before Rupert & Colby
  9. RI(2): Ometepe pagonged Zapatera
  10. South Pacific(2): Upolu pagonged Savaii but Ozzy came back from Redemption Island
  11. One World(2): Salani almost pagonged Manono but Salani voted out Kat before Tarzan
  12. BvW(2): Galang almost pagonged Tadhana but Galang voted out Laura before Ciera
  13. Cagayan(3): Aparri/Luzon pagonged Solana

Pagoning only seems to happen when they start with 2 Tribes (except for Cagayan when original Aparri and Luzon voted out all of Solana).

Seems like in Themed seasons (especially with 3 or 4 starting Tribes) there are often outsiders who get carried along as no threat to win and used as a swing vote.

"RE: Lauren voted out by 1 vote only"
Posted by michel2 on 12-07-17 at 08:22 PM
I'm only interested here in Thematic seasons like this one. I've edited Fiji out of the previous post because it really wasn't a thematic season.

You highlight Cagayan but I'll say that production had Solana in contempt so it was really only between Brawn and Brains. Aparri was actually more closely aligned with some members of Solana but the two Brains survived the pagonging.