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"S35|Time to Vote|Week 11"

Posted by CTgirl on 12-05-17 at 12:40 PM
Please vote for the person you think is going home this week.

Dr. Mike

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Posted by kingfish on 12-05-17 at 12:59 PM
Biggest threat left to the Rebel Alliance.

Posted by coldbrewer on 12-05-17 at 01:50 PM
Ben makes up with Chrissy & Ryan, pulls in Devon and MAYBEEEE Mike, and blindsides Ashley.

Posted by michel2 on 12-05-17 at 08:28 PM
He should have listened to Ashley when she suggested going after Ben right away. Joe and Mike had nowhere to go so they would have stayed loyal but Ben can go back to Chrissy and Ryan, pulling in Mike and then they'd go after Devon, the biggest threat of the three.

Posted by CTgirl on 12-06-17 at 01:35 AM
Agree with Michel - Ben goes back with Chrissy and Ryan (perhaps after overhearing they are targeting him) and they pull in Dr. Mike. Devon's story has spiked and he was shown as over-confident last week, usually the kiss of death in Survivor editing!

Posted by Flowerpower1 on 12-06-17 at 09:21 AM
I am on board with Devon being booted. I agree with Michel and CTGirl. I had hope for him, but those young ones and Lauren are reckless with talking together all the time....

I think that Lauren will get an II, however.

Posted by Sheldor on 12-06-17 at 04:34 PM
I think Mike is upset with being blindsided and joins Ryan & Chrissy. They recruit Ben who is glad to rejoin fellow Hero Chrissy and has a relationship with Mike from Yawa 2.0

I also think Ben makes his Fake Idol and hides it under the log where he found his Clay Pot Idol Clue and nonchalantly leads Devon toward the log so he finds the Fake Idol to make Devon feel super safe being able to play an Idol if he feels something is up at Tribal Council.

Although I think they could go for Ashley who has done well in most of the individual challenges.

"Dr. Mike"
Posted by Tungusta on 12-06-17 at 04:41 PM
Last Healer.