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"S35|East Coast Spoiler Thread|Episode 9"

Posted by Flowerpower1 on 11-29-17 at 09:02 PM
All commentary here until the show has aired on the West Coast, no siggies.

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"Previously On Survivor....."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 11-29-17 at 09:15 PM

After the merge the majority alliance was running the game but trust came into question and cracks started to form, Bens way or the highway, at TC, Mike tried to change the game he cause chaos, and played an idol, in the end the majority stayed together and sent Cole to the jury, 9 left, who's next?
at night....Joe says that Mike that was hilarious, a stupid reason to play your idol. ChrissY the 7 did what they wanted and voted out Cole and Dr. Mike played an idol for no reason at all, and Joe and Mike are dead men walking

Mike: I played the idol, not the idiot that goes home with the idol in my pocket, and I knew there was a chance that they would write joe instead of me, I need him here to be a block of 2.

Joe: that tribal Mike was the villain, that's my role, he used the idol, we could have used that now we are 2 swing votes with no idol, no power...

Mike: It appears that I could have put a target on my back, but I already had a target on my back, but I had to play my game...I am here to play my game the seven have to break at some point, and that's my goal, stay tuned I think it's about to get really good....that crazy dr.

RC: come on in...

use feet only, on go release rope, drop blocks, stack in circle place flag in center, first to finish win taken on sea plane aerial tour of islands, then enjoy cheeseburgers ff ice cold beer...

Here we go:

bare foot using only your feet, untie rope and release pieces...everyone has blocks released, build foundation to rely on to get yourself to the top, metaphor for Survivor, build an alliance to get yourself to the top...

once get bottom level, start on 2nd level, then 3 rd level then a flag

Lauren in in lead, Mike on tail, never ever know what skills will be required on S. Mike in lead...so close to a cheeseburger and not taste it if you don't win...

After crazy tc don't know where Mike stands in this...lol

everybody hope mike drops and opens the door....last piece on top....alot ....Mike
feet shaking....knocks down a block with the flag

Lauren going for the flag
Lauren hovering....Lauren wins individual reward

Lauren says feels good. bring somebody with you...brings Devon...room on sea plane for another, Ben. one last seat, who? chooses Ashley...

Ryan: do you read into this? No. Devon is a big guy he needs that sustenance, I support Lauren...

JP, Ryan, Joe, Mike, and Chrissy

Lauren: Ryan's wrong, I picked these people for a reason, they are not a strong group of 7, it's getting ready to blow up!

"Post Reward, Lauren won..."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 11-29-17 at 09:24 PM

See the plane over the water...they flyover the beach where they are, Joe mooning them... See Mike....my wife would be mad at me...the RC was mine to win, stuck on beach with chrissy ryan and JP, want to play a comfortable game lets get us out....time to bust jokes...

Chrissy says Mike is in rare form again....the coconuts...slightly coco, and describes my urology

Ryan: I love cheeseburgers, and I'm starving and watching the coconuts show, easier to get to the 7 because everyone hates Joe and Mike

seeeRyan and Chrissy..Joe first then Mike

get ben out at 7, then lauren 6

Ben is strong player, let's stick with it, the seven, yeah we will stick with it but you are 7....100% say Chrissy and Ryan....they are targeting ben after Mike and Joe

Cut to reward...Lauren confessional. let everyone eat and feel good and then start talking business

see her bring it up to the others...get control of the game if Chrissy ryan and Jp think we will do this then they are fooling us....

7 is a great number to ge ttto, but it won't last, to me it's the perfect time to beat up the numbers before it breaks on us

Devon tells them all Ryan has an idol....Devon tells he told me not to tell and I was the only one that knew, and he told everyone

Ashley says that this is a good idea, I need to step up my game play

if you guys can step up and play the way you need to, this is business

Ben: I am sick of Joe but if I need to stick with him, I will

they make a final four pact, we can solidify this

Devon: Lauren is surprising me....she came into the game talking no strategy and now, wow, she's as good as me...they get letters from home....Ashley is crying, andd so is Lauren...Devon crying, they are all crying

Lauren: a good reminder I have to make big moves for her, and for her future, they all thank Lauren, it meant a lot to them and it made us closer together, bonded us more than anything...it's beautiful, we flip the game.

"Lauren has plan to flip the gane"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 11-29-17 at 09:36 PM
Final four with Lauren, Ben, Devon, Ashley...

Bonded over the reward. Lauren, breaking out!

Day 27, see Ben with a letter, a start of a new day, read the letter, can hear her talking with her words, I love my wife, she saved my life, go through combat and a lot of people have a hard time doing it, my family gave me the gas and the fuel to play this game, Ben sees a clue....and finds something...Clay pot hidden immunity idol....a clue....I lost it, no way, he's kissing it, and now the marine in me, there is a task, an objective and I will get the job done, my mission is to get to this idol.
keep keen eye out for something that looks out of place, think quickly, clearly, looks up and finds it, clay pot in middle of the hut...it's up in a tree...and he's got it....an idol, he kisses, it, thank you family.....I have never been more happy to wear a darn necklace...I need the idol and I ain't telling no one about it cause no one can keep a secret, thank you honey!

Cut to the IC

balance on triangular platform, feet perched on narrow footholds, get smaller and smaller as you go up, fall off, you are out. 27 days into, a lot of talk about alliances, if you fee secure, I will offer you something...fforego this challenge and indulge in guaranteed pleasure, feast on peanut butter and chocolate....minute to think about it....devon, ben, and lauren sitting out of the challenge, while Mike, Ashley, Chrissy, JP, Ryan, Joe, all participate

eat till challenge is over

be on first ledge 20 minutes...

Mike what will your kids think with 9 people left, convince them that I am not crazy...Chrissy: too late for that...Coconuts, Joe is coco, and I am nuts

they are struggling with balance...if you touch the platform at all, you are out. Ben offers Jeff some chocolate and peanut butter. JP nice save, and JP is out.

down to 5. 20 minutes has elapsed, move to final spot, the top level, get balance, now it gets fun...Chrisy is out...Joe is struggling, and he's out, down to three, very different positions....all figh for immunity....Mike: I am not leaving survivor without winning an immunity....ryan teetering....Ashley looks like she is surfing...Ryan is out...Dr. MIke and Ashley are up...Mike is out, so Ashley wins IC

See Joe...Ashley: JP, Chrissy and Ryan didn't win, I am a giddy little kid about this tonight, now it's time to pull the trigger and make it happen!

"Ashley wins the IC....giddy to blindside one of Ryan, Chrissy, JP"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 11-29-17 at 09:44 PM
So my question at this point is who is going to be the double agent? Got to be Joe? Or, Mike?

See a shark swimming in a school of fish... Day 27....awesome Ashley and Mike...
Ryan: surprised Ben, Devon, and Lauren ate, but luckily Ashley won, now we get to decide between Mike and Joe....see them all talking, I don't care...

Crissy: I feel very comfortable, with our all of 7, getting rid of one of them will get rid of the cocconut alliance, it's driving us all bananas

Devon: I look at Chrissy and Ryan and I see the power blinding them, I see the cluelessness in how conifident they are acting, needs to be changed, and me and my alliance have to change that.

See Devon and Lauren and Ash in the water,

Lauren: Chrissy is a huge thinker, mastermind, JP, good physically, Ryan: great time to flush that idol

see them, if we don't do it now...

Devon : Has a plan to do it very subtlety....I think you should vote Mike...to Ben...we don't want them to know....Chrissy, Ryan JP will come running to him...we need Mike and Joe to vote with us to keep numbers.......

Ben: My mission now is to stay on the side of Chrissy Ryan and JP....we will have the numbers if we get Mike and Joe

they need to get Mike and Joe

Ashley and Lauren, they still think 7 strong and you two are out...

Joe: OMG, the seven has split,

Mike: I'm merlin

Lauren: I am one step ahead of them, tribal will be a huge blindside and fireworks at camp tonight and fireworks tonight....

"One of JP, Chrissy, Ryan will go"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 11-29-17 at 10:00 PM
I'm thinking Ryan will be blindsided....they seem very confident in the 7, and if Ben plays with them....brilliant plan...

Ryan and Chrissy plan to vote out Mike, but the four, plus Mike/Joe plan to vote for one of them.

Let's see how it pans out...enter TC, night 27

Dr Mike: last TC, healers were in trouble, any fall out....the reality I needed to say the same things that Joe said, but I'm a dr. hopefully they will believe it, its as if Mike and Joe are little toys you are playing with

Chrissy: they give us a show all day long
Mike: we are 2 votes...
ryan: is that parts of the vote, mike's pitch to me...yeah you could use us as the swing vote but I give them credit for trying
Joe: said maybe we line up with somebody
Devon: yeah that is all these two need...maybe they will align with somebody, maybe not
Lauren: wish there were 7 seats at the end
Chrissy says that we don't have equal relationships
Joe: when one smaller group tries to figure out, I am the missing vote that you need, they don't consider us, they don't let us play, we are 2 solid votes
Lauren says we are all not sitting at the fire
Ryan: when does that happe,
JP: can't get to plan B, unless you get to plan A
Ashley: we are not all just thinking that we are a magical setting
Chrissy moment you stop playing ...
Devon: find the people you trust in the game
Ben: trust is going to get you to end of game but finding trust in a game of som much distrust is the hardesst
Chrissy: I would like I can fully trust the closest, have proven their loyalty and trust


JP: votes Dr. Mike
Ben votes Mike
no other votes shown....Ben was supposed to vote Mike, to be the double agent

Votes read:


Jp is out, Chrissy and Ryan are incredulous

Lauren smiling, Ryan and Ben are acting

sounds like ryan had it right, when is it happening, it's happening when you don't know it's happening

return....can someone explain how that happened? Joe we are coconuts, Joe and Mike are happy, be glad you are here,
Chrissy: I am upset about the blindside but more upset about those 5 treated us after

being snarky toyour friends is what is frustrating
Ryan: I tried to be gracious, said well played, happy to be here, it's a new feeling for me being on the bottom...Ben is telling them...
Joe is walking around like it was his idea....make sure you write JP and he did

Ben to Devon: You guys are asking confidential info

I am doing my best to be on outs with Chrissy and Ryan...

Lauren: gave us the upper hand, now Ryan and Chrissy are at the bottom...well played, Chrissy and ryan think I am in with them...get Ryan to play his idol...

Devon and Ryan....I had to do it, Ryan tells him, I am not mad at you

Ryan: I have gven him every bit of info,
devon says when you told me that I was the only one you told about the idol...

Devon: tells in confessional that lie caused me not to trust him

Devon says I trust ashley I trust Lauren, but that scared me...

It is a selfish game and I trust me and he is no longer a part of my plan to get to the end.

"RE: One of JP, Chrissy, Ryan will go"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 11-29-17 at 10:01 PM
Ryan told Devon that he never wavered from he, Lauren, and Devon to F3.

"Post TC...."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 11-29-17 at 10:12 PM
Ryan tried to repair damage with Devon but was unsuccessful...Ben is feeling like Ryan and Chrissy still trust him....

Day 28...

see them eating...devon made rice...dEvon: I frew up playing S. my whole game has been cloudy up to now, now things are becoming more clear...see Devon and Ben, we vote off one more person and we are garenteed F4......DEvon says ...ben being our secret agent, I know where the idols are, I know what other players are thinking...for first time in this game I am calling the shots, no one knows that I am as good as I am, I am sitting in the best possible seat in this game.

Wow, Devon is arrogant!


on go swim to boat, paddle to get bags of blocks, logs, push puzzle pieces through a tunnel, complete puzzle

Winner: survivor spa, shower, massage, chicken veggie wraps, key lime and pecan pie...

teams: lauren ryan mike chrissy vs ben ashley joe and devon

get everyone in the boat, blue off to early lead to first platform....heavy logs....ryan can't pull the bag off, it weighs more than he does...ben getting second bag....blue struggling, mike has second bag....third bag....mike gets for red, and ben gets it for blue, they are close, even ....now get all pieces up the beach....Lauren takes bag by herself, blue gets all of them at once, chrissy and ryan struggling...push logs into hole, and get the puzzle pieces out, blue extending their lead, pushing logs thru...red has theirs free, blue has them all....get all pieces up on table...Lauren using her whole body...ben and ashley starting on puzzle

Lauren is work horse using body to shove pieces through...Mike and chrissy for red, and blue head start with Ben and Ashley on puzzle

momentum shifts quickly
red back in it, asley and ben slowing down
Ben and Ashley think they have it...good win! Joe devon ben and ashley
Chrissy: we could have gotten it

Lauren chrissy ryan and mike, wish it was them
Joe: I feel confident we would win, finally have a real alliance, tables have completely turned, now it's time to eat and get a massage

"RE: S35|East Coast Spoiler Thread|Episode 9"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 11-29-17 at 10:22 PM
So proud of us, will boost our game, Devon: the reward is amazing, it's like hitting a restart button, still strategy Ben is still playing the role...king arthur. they cheer to king arthur....it would db nice to kick back with then, I am messing with Joe and he doesn't even know it...

still plying for Joe, not letting him know that he is with Lauren and Devon

Joe: Ben has been on the top, but now he's on the bottom, now he knows how I felt...
Ashley: ben is putting on a great performance, he's playing a really good game and that's pretty scary

Devon and Ashley, Devon puts on Ben's hat...Devon says that you and I have the exact game...Ashley and Devon are in cahoots

Ashley: this game just really evolved, and I am finally playing Survivor...making big moves for some big moves down the road, this is my game to lose....

Now ash is arrogant

Chrissy and ryan, lauren talking

Ryan: nothing is going my way, I can't win a veggie wrap, I have an idol, I need to talk to mike., if we could work together, swing him over, get the numbers back

Mike: when yo look where I was, now I hav nice all of 5, and I am sticking to that plan. Ryan tells him I want to work with you, and mike tells him now you want to work with me, and you didn't I asked him every day and he sayid no, now mike is telling him. no....he told me he wasn't voting of rme and then he voted for me.....

Chrissy and Lauren: Chrissy tells Lauren that ryan and her talked strategy, Ryan talked about going f3 with you.
Chrissy is working it, let's start having conversations, i

Lauren says if she wanted to work with me, she would have, I jump ed ship before but no more
Chrissy says she think she is going home, and she wants to tak strategy, this game is kicking my butt, and right now I am definitely in trouble and I don't want to be voted off.

Ryan and Chrissy trying to work Mike and Lauren respectively, apparently to no avail.

"Pre IC...."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 11-29-17 at 10:34 PM
Boy is it nice to see Chrissy and Ryan squirming at the bottom....just saying'

Day 29,

around the fire, Chrissy sleeping...rain...Chrissy just says she's hungry, wet , cold...Mike asks her if she needs a hug...Chrissy: I don't want it to be the end of the line...crying, this has been my dream for 16 years, what I do as an actuary is to think of all the diff't outcomes, I hope that I can have the last laugh...

rice makes her feel better

cut to IC

Chrissy says wow

use s driving wheel to transport a key thru obstacles, unlock puzzle pieces, transport to finish, solve puzzle...draw for spots

transport key thru obstacles, if it drops you have to go back, ashley drops, ben is good, devon good, ryan drops, Lauren drops, Joe is good, Mike drops, chrissy is good, go across a balance beam, more difficult, speed bumps, ben gets across unlocking puzzle pieces...Ben, Joe, Devon,

Stack pieces and get to finish...Mike cannot do it

Ryan cannot do it...Ben has pieces take third section, devon moving quickly...get all in the bin, then go back...devon in lead then ben, Joe drops
carrying driving wheels to back...deovn in lead, then ben, joe chrissy

Ashley has 8 blocks at once

Devon working in puzzle and so is ashley ....one word, solve it and win...devon....no idea

Chrissy with last four pieces...Chrissy wins, safe...invulnerable

Chrissy: I have been waiting for this for 16 years...so, Chrissy has necklace, ryan has idol...will it be Joe or Mike

Chrissy: I am in vulnerable, I absolutely needed it tonight, I believe I was the one going home tonight!

"Post IC....pre tribal council"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 11-29-17 at 10:44 PM
See a lone bird on a rock fly away

good job Chrissy

Ben: after the challenge Chrissy won, now we need to get to getting and see who to vote out next
Ben says we don't need Joe...easy simple, done deal

going to vote Joe, now we have to come up with new pitch...me Joe and Mike will vote ryan, and you and ashley will vote ben, and then we will vote Joe

myself ashley lauren and ben will vote Joe

Joe and Mike come...

Joe: absolutely amazing, Lauren has advantage, Lauren can vote twice...Mike says that he cannot wait to see ben go, he's the biggest threat in the game and ben as betrayed me multiple times, will not let him fool me anymore
Chrissy and Ryan and Ben talking...ryan how did we get tricked by 2 25 year old surfers says Ryan...Ben says I have to play this...If I had one I wolfd play it, Ben says he has an idol, but I don't need toplay it....can't wait to se eJoe get his torch snuffed

Lauren and Ashley say they would d be crazy to take ben to F4...

Lauren, Timing is everything in this age and has been the king at his round table, me you and devon us three vote ben out,

Ashley in conf: ben would be a huge threat, nothing against ben, take out the stronger players, this could be our chance to make this happen

Ahsley and Devon are talking, are youe serious, take ben out, that is a move back here for both of us...100% blindside
Between Ben and Joe....devon says this is hard

dEvon: this vote is not an easy one, but I realize ben is a big the rat and I need to make big moves in this game and be ruthless but I have to be smart and make the right decision


"These players are crazy! "
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 11-29-17 at 10:57 PM
Lauren is my new FAV!!

off to TC....

Night 30, a praying mantis is seen

Jury enter...Desi, Cole, JP

Mike: day 30: smiling, living a dream, i vibe my tribe they vibe me
Chrissy: 16 years, got the dream and here and win IC, joyful, it very well could have been me
Joe: can you relate to chrissy...yes, tribal is exciting want t see how strong our alliances are
at tribal is where you test those alliance
Ben: chrissy, ryan and me were eblindsided, now I am probably going home
It was never seven says Joe, it was ben putting his guard down and look what happened
Mike says it's alliance management and they weren't managing their alliance appropriately
Joe: ben says now you are in a group and you are still on bottom
Mike just because we are newest members doesn't mean we are on bottom
Mike says to ryan, just because you didn't do it right, doesn't mean we aren't going to do it right
Devon: every time you vote someone out it could affect your game plan and turn it into another direction
all a test of an alliance,e pay attention to the ups and downs
Chrissy: even if an all is strong still looks for cracks
Ryan says tc is like prom
Joe: for many tribals you have been hanging on the edge, and Joes says he feels comfortable
Ben says that every comfortable alliance gets blindsided


Devon says: you are a dangerous player so now it's time for you to go home....we don't see his vote
Ryan is playing his idol for himself

Ben is smiling

Joe says good playing you all, they all say good game. Chrissy says that was an incredible tight alliance

dang, was hoping they would have blindsided Ben...he would have been floored!

Jiffy: 2 tribals in a row where everything is not what it seems

Congrats CT girl, you nailed it!

"RE: These players are crazy! "
Posted by michel2 on 11-29-17 at 11:11 PM
I'll double on the congratulations for CTGirl! Nice picks! I thought they'd go for Ryan first because of his idol but they certainly were able to get around that quickly.

Devon deserves most of the credit here because of his idea of keeping Ben's part secret. That's what was truly original and it's what got Ryan to play his idol while making Joe look like a fool.

Ashley also deserves credit for planning Ben's elimination. It wouldn't have been good for Devon to vote Ben out right away because then his spy role wouldn't have surfaced.

"RE: These players are crazy! "
Posted by Sheldor on 11-29-17 at 11:29 PM
I'll triple down. Getting the Double Vote Off correct is IMPRESSIVE CTGirl! Especially when it seems like JP was such and easy vote off and Ryan had an idol. Kudos!

I loved how Lauren picked Devon, Ben, and Ashley to go on Reward and after eating immediately turned it into a business meeting. Then they found letters from home which really helped bond them!

"RE: These players are crazy! "
Posted by michel2 on 11-29-17 at 11:46 PM
Well, it helped that Chrissy and JP had gone on all the previous rewards while Ben and Ashley had missed out. It would have been dumb to pick Mike or Joe so who was left? Really only Ryan.

"RE: These players are crazy! "
Posted by CTgirl on 11-29-17 at 11:57 PM
Thanks guys! I didn't vote for Ryan because I thought he'd play his idol. We haven't had a hidden boot in a while so I picked JP over Chrissy or Ben. Joe's edit has been so negative I didn't think he had much time left.

Loved Ben as the Secret Agent - he's a GOOD actor!

"Next time on Survivor...."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 11-29-17 at 11:07 PM
Jiffy: you will be running in pairs with or loved ones
Jiffy: Love brings everyone together
Ben: something is going on around here

Ben seen making a fake immunity necklace...."fake immunity necklace"
Shows it to Devon: he picks it up and says....OHHHHH
Ben: I have to do whatever I have to do to keep myself in this game

Ryan and Chrissy vote ashley
the four voted Joe
Mike and Joe voted for Ryan

Joe leaves with a lot of class, played his game, is looking forward to the F3...

"RE: Next time on Survivor...."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 11-29-17 at 11:09 PM
So, I don't know if when Ben shows Devon the fake IN, is he telling him it's real, or is he confiding in him that it's a fake.

I think Devon is getting led down the garden path?

"RE: Next time on Survivor...."
Posted by michel2 on 11-29-17 at 11:16 PM
Well, it sure looks like Ben isn't putting too much trust in his new alliance. I'm not sure what giving a fake nidol to Devon accomplishes though. Either Ben has the numbers to eliminate Devon or he doesn't. Either way, Devon wouldn't be playing an idol, fake or real. Of course, Ben could be using that fake idol to regain Devon's trust and get him to eliminate Ashley or Lauren instead.

"RE: Next time on Survivor...."
Posted by kingfish on 12-01-17 at 12:41 PM
I think that whether Devon snaps to the fact that Ben is showing him a fake idol or not will be key to his role in upcoming events. Fake idols almost never work, but when they do, it's great.

Almost as great as not reading the clue before using it. Which is why I think Devon will be fooled.

BTW, Devon? Not Devin? Who names their kid and misspells it? (OK, that actually happens a lot, I know).

"RE: Next time on Survivor...."
Posted by Sheldor on 12-01-17 at 07:16 PM
From around 1960-2003 Devon (especially for girls) was just as popular as Devin but the usage of Devon has declined a lot since then and actually Devyn is the most popular today...

"RE: Next time on Survivor...."
Posted by kingfish on 12-01-17 at 08:24 PM
Where in the world did you get that? (Nevermind)

All the Devins I know or can remember having read about (and of course I mean the masculine form - we are talking about the current Survivor's name are we not?) spell their surname in the traditional Irish way - Devin. So although I'm a bit surprised that that Devon is anybody's real surname, there is a county in England named Devon and I guess I shouldn't be.

I'd be willing to bet that Devyn is more popular as a feminine surname than male.