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"S35|East Coast Update Thread|Episode9"

Posted by Flowerpower1 on 11-22-17 at 09:17 PM
Post all discussion here until it's aired in its entirety on the west Coast...

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"Previously on Survivor....."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 11-22-17 at 09:25 PM
There were 2 idols in play held by Mike and Ryan...while the strong alliance of 7 was calling the shots and mike was desperate to join them. at TC accusations were made, orders were followed and lauren saved her vote for a future TC with her secret advantage, desi was first member of jury....

Day 22

Mike: My TC experience was again not knowing who was going home, I voted for the person I was supposed to vote for but Desi went home...I'm not happy about it, the group of 7 want to stay together and vote off the healers, so at this point I need to throw the other healers under the bus. I mean If I can throw more names out there, It could mean I am here for a few more days....

Mike is telling them that Cole was stealing peanut butter, he knows that Joe and Cole are so hated that they will be next

Lauren: played the SA, well, super excited now I have 2 votes

see her and Ben talking they are psyched that they have this decision for me and you

Lauren: at this point Ben is the only one that knows, and keeping him involved in it keep s us together as 2

See Devon and Ryan talking and walking...we are solid to final 7, only thing I am worried about is that we will be screwed then...we won't be, cause I have an idol in my pants, Devon is psyched...

Ryan: Usually if you have an idol, don't tell anyone, Devon will never tell anybody that I have an II< I will make him dependen t on me, will carry me to the end...devon, and nobody knows!

"RE: Previously on Survivor....."
Posted by Sheldor on 11-22-17 at 09:28 PM
Thanks FP! I don't know how you watch and take notes at the same time!

"RE: Previously on Survivor....."
Posted by michel2 on 11-22-17 at 10:26 PM
It's been a secret around here but I'll let you in on it: FP is Superwoman...

"RE: Previously on Survivor....."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 11-23-17 at 09:25 AM
I love you guys. <3

"RE: Previously on Survivor....."
Posted by Sheldor on 11-23-17 at 12:36 PM
FlowerPower you're my hero!

"Post Intro...."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 11-22-17 at 09:33 PM
Reward Challenge... Day 22

in the water, basketball at the end...


swim to tall ladder climb and leap off retrieve key under water, once 3 keys, then open chest get balls inside and score the baskets win...tour the fiji islands, sandwiches, cold beer chocolate cake, losers go to camp for cocnut and rice.

Blue: ben, devon ashley, ryan and lauren
Cole, crissy JP, Jo, Mike for red

they are off, Ben os first, then chrissy...jump off, next release the buoy with the key, chrissy is first...Ben is struggling, Chrissy has it.....great effort by chrissy...next goes Cole...ripping through...Ben lost a lot of time...Cole jumps...Now Ashley in the water, this is what she does for a living and you can see it...Cole has 2nd key, Ashley on his tail...lAshley makes up time. Cole is back now jP in...Now Devon goes...JP is jumping in , gets the buoy...a hero move, as fast as anybody in this challenge, devon jumps...red now opening the locks...Devon up with 3rd key...Now ryan and Lauren working on locks...all 5 balls in...Ben misses, Joe scores...Joe scores again. and again...Ben scores
Ben scores again, and again...3 v 3...tied...Joe connects, and Joe wins it! Big reward

Mike Jo JP chrissy cole, big win, luxury yacht, well earned, nice reward, see Joe

Joe: Good to have a good meal, extra edge, gives me a window of opportunity to completely change the game

"Post RC.."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 11-22-17 at 09:41 PM
Chrissy a huge meal on a yacht, cruising, of course I would much rather have this reward with my alliance but I am happy that I am here ...

Cole: I was so pumped, I will get food, need energy for challenge, I hav sonly lost one challenge this whole time

Joe: now 10 players and there is an alliance of 7, and 3 healers on bottom, I am in trouble, somehow someway I have stuck around...they think Joe is looking for a clue...

I came out here to play, not going to give up, looking for an idol...

They see their camp...the yacht is cruising by the camp....devon, they all moon them! Ben, Ryan, Ashley
Ryan: I wanted the experience of being on the yacht, but I wanted to talk to ben

Ben says that...Ryan tells him he found the idol. Ryan says that truth is power and I need to tell him that I have it.

Ben psyched that now he knows that Cole doesn't have it. But this proves that Ryan is here to play, but right now this 7 has to stick together....

See octopus, and sea snake...Day 23

Joe is still digging for the idol, not giving up

Right now there is a group of 7 running the game, dig ging for an idol that is not there, so I will start pushing buttons get enough people so upset at me so at some point I can make a move...

Mike talking to the girls, isn't Joe strangely entertaining...Chrissy tells him hew don't have to do anything

Ashley's getting feisty
I don't need to do anything
Joe tells her that she is a goat
I would use you as a goat, you are the ideal definition of a goat...
Ashley is pissed, he's just such a bully, like a bully on the playground...says what ever he can to get under your skin
Joe tells them,
Ashley: I don't know what his plan is, the more people want to get rid of him, he's un pleasant to be around....shut up!

"Pre IC...."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 11-22-17 at 09:54 PM
Ben and Devon go for a hike

Ben: I will need to trust someone, I realize that ryan has an idol, and that is dangerous...see them talking, need someone with Lauren and I
they talk about the 7....Ben says that realistically I want to sit next to you

Ben: I chose devon cause he has a good soul, good heart, I want him to trust me and I want him on my side

to devon: If you trust me, we will go far cause there's things that you will find out about those left in the 7, this will either make us or break us....ryan has an idol, you have to trust at least 2 people, I trust...
Devon: I thought I trusted Ryan

Devon: this game just got real complicated...Ryan was telling me that I was the only one that knew about this idol, and here he is telling others, he's good!

Devon to Ben, he had me believe I was the only one....he had me fooled, I was with him since day 1, but I am going to move on and I am going to play this game with Ben, and I am going to h ave to make some big moves coming up...OMG! Devon is solidly with Ben now! YES!!!

IC....bars resting on shoulders forcing you into uncomfortable squatting position, too low flag pops, too high, urn will fall, last one squatting will win...

Another brand new Survivor torture device, too low you are in trouble, too high also in trouble, requires finess. Ashley is first to drop, little wiggle room

very uncomfortable position

Dr. MIke drops...JP moving around a lot, Devon moving around...JP is out
down to 7
Devon is out
Joe is out
down to 5
Ben is out
Cole, Ryan, Chrissy, Lauren
20 minutes has elapsed, Chrissy hasn't changed her approach at all
Chrissy drops
down to 3
Cole....Ryan and Lauren are still in
Ryan is out

Cole and Lauren in a show down
Cole with some movement
Lauren moving trying to stretch...Cole fell and Lauren wins!

See Cole, then Devon...then Joe, then Mike...See Cole: disappointing as I could have saved myself, but they don't like Joe so hopefully they will take Joe out.

"Post IC....pre Tribal..."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 11-22-17 at 10:08 PM
Back at camp....day 24....see spider
great job! fantastic!
Ben: Old lauren pulled it out and beat Cole. Ben says that Cole is the biggest IC challenge threat here...we are getting the main target out, but there is a big fear of a hidden IC, so we have to split the votes of the 4 and 3...

Ben pitches it to the group, 4 cole, 3 mike....take off Joe of the chopping block?

Ashley I'm pissed, if you lose track of him for one minuete...
Ben says we won't beat cole...Lauren says that Joe is not a trhreat...Ashley says that he could find an idol

Ben told me to vote Cole as he's a huge physical threat, I will do everything to convince people to vote Joe

pitching it to Chrissy and Ryan and devon
dEvon says that he wants to do Joe
We will all do what we want, chrissy says this is not a dictatorship
Mike tells him that he will do whatever. Ben tells him to vote for Cole
Mike says he is safe for tonights TC, if I can trust Ben, so I am not playing there game, I have to do something to send one of these big threats home.

Mikes tells Joe, there eis a way to turn this upside down and get Ben out

the hustlers and heroes mentality by playing for th next TC...he will play his idol, go big or go home tonight!

Chrissy doesn't want to keep Joe...trying to talk ben into it
Chrissy says we can't ask questions, what is the logic of voting Mike?
Ben says he doesn't want jOe gone becuae everyone hates him

Chrissy says at this point it is ben's way or the highway, no bigger strategic threat than Joe, ashley feels the same way, now we have to decide what to do.

Off to TC

DEsi comes in..
Mike says just trust me.to Joe

Joe: 3 tribes, then swap, now 24 days in starting to see end....Joe says the game is lost, I am not part of the round table,
Cole: is it obvious that is you, mike, joe? Yes
Chrissy: what is the vibe at camp...extremely difficult, Joe came after Ashley and I...insults
Mike: I am disappointed in my tribe, we need codes of conduct, but not voting him out...he tries to play this game with high morals...if ben is king arthur...

Joe's a perish, and you won't vote for him
Chrissy says how can we vote tonight so we are the successful next, the alliance of 7...
Cole says that I can screw it up if I win the IC
Lauren says that maybe we will wake up soon...when will they realize that 3 does not beat 4...AShley says ...
building a society, not just numbers
what puts Joe outside of relationships, is his mouth, he's living in a fantasy world now
Cole is shrinking,maybe they won't know that I am here
they are all talking, chaos...they are good to vote...

Vote tally

anyone have the idol....want to play. Mike plays it...Playing it for me.


Cole is out

Joe is still in!

Good luck guys
Alliances are the cornerstone of Survivor but those on the bottom get desperate and it gets more difficult to keep people together...

"RE: Post IC....pre Tribal..."
Posted by michel2 on 11-22-17 at 10:21 PM
Another boring episode... Can someone please explain Mike's strategy? It makes absolutely no sense to play your idol when you are voting against everyone's target. I can't blame him for being worried about getting votes but the 3 Healers had to vote against Ben. At least then playing the idol would have made sense and it could even have worked if the votes split had gone just right.

"RE: Post IC....pre Tribal..."
Posted by Sheldor on 11-23-17 at 12:42 PM
My only explanation is that Mike thought Ben might have lied to him that Cole was the target and that they were actually targeting Mike not Cole.

Instead of the 7 splitting their votes
5 (Ashley, Ben, Devon, Lauren Ryan) on Cole and
2 (Chrissy, JP) on Mike

They could have flipped that and put 5 on Mike and 2 on Cole. Joe and Mike voting for Cole would have made that 5 Mike 4 Cole and by playing his Idol Mike could have saved himself and voted out Cole.

However like you said the better plan would have been for Joe and Mike to vote Ben with Cole so that their 3 votes on Ben would have prevailed if they guessed right with the Idol.

"Next time on Survivor...."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 11-22-17 at 10:15 PM
Jiffy: the alliance of 7 seems set in stone
Chrissy: Jo and Mike are dead men walking
Jiffy: but they start to crumble from within
Lauren talking to Ashley and Devon in the water: this whole trust of the 7 alliance is crap if you are stupid enough to think it's going to last, than something is wrong...
Ashley: We want to talk to you guys (Lauren and Ashley talking to Mike and Joe in the shelter)
Dr. Mike: Stay tuned, I think it's about to get really good!