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"S35|Time to Vote|Week 9"

Posted by CTgirl on 11-20-17 at 01:10 PM
Please vote for the person you think is going home this week.

Dr. Mike

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Posted by kingfish on 11-20-17 at 01:21 PM
This has to be Joe's time.

Posted by Flowerpower1 on 11-20-17 at 08:14 PM
I am with you, King! Joe it is!

Posted by michel2 on 11-20-17 at 09:20 PM
It would have been him last week without the IC win so I think it will be his turn. Then, maybe at F9, the game which has been bad up to now, will get interesting.

"Vote Change: Ben"
Posted by michel2 on 11-21-17 at 10:58 AM
He's all over the preview and they think he's in charge so this is how I think it will come down: Devon will be spooked when he realizes that Ryan has wavering loyalties and since Ben's side will split the votes with the 4 men voting for either Joe or Cole while the 3 women vote for the other, it will be child's play for Devon to go over to his former tribe mate Joe and get the Healers to put 3 votes on Ben. Devon flips and Ben is voted out 4-3-3!

Posted by coldbrewer on 11-22-17 at 00:02 AM
The pagonging continues.

Posted by Tungusta on 11-22-17 at 03:46 PM
Big spike.

Posted by Sheldor on 11-22-17 at 07:24 PM
I'm tired of voting for Joe and getting it wrong each week!

Joe seems like the obvious vote so I'm going with the non-obvious because the Press Release states: "Alliances are tested and castaways question who will remain loyal" and Jeff Probst teased "I donít have a specific tease but holy smokes the game is on fire right now. People are playing BIG and anytime you play big, you risk making a mistake."

Voting out Joe does not seem like playing BIG.

There 4 Heroes left but only 3 Hustlers and 3 Healers so I'm thinking maybe the Hustlers & Healers feel like they need to even out the playing field and vote out the biggest threat on the Hero tribe which I think is Ben.

"Strike Out!"
Posted by Sheldor on 11-23-17 at 12:29 PM
We had 3 Votes for Joe and 3 Votes for Ben

3x Joe: kingfish, Flowerpower, coldbrewer
3x Ben: michel, Tungusta, Sheldor

michel you should have stuck with your first impression of voting for Cole!