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"S34 GameChangers Episode 10 East Coast Update Thread"

Posted by Flowerpower1 on 05-10-17 at 05:00 PM
You know the drill. All commentary regarding episode 10 must be restricted to this thread until the show has aired in it's entirety on the West Coast. Thank you and no doggies, please!

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Posted by Flowerpower1 on 05-10-17 at 08:23 PM
Michaela talks about her hard working Mother, that has a chance to be in Fiji
Troy's brother...big hugs...Jiffy comments on the brother reunion, I have a big family, we are all close, Peter...hugs
Tai: Looks like he is ready fro some love, his boyfriend comes....Hey sweetie...he asks about the cats, Tai just wanted to make it to see his Mark. Mark talks about Tai, he's the best person I have ever met, so happy to have found him.

Culpepper: His loved one has actually played this game, and there she is....I love you so much, you look fantastic....we know Monica....Shes' tougher than me and stronger than me, never realized how hard it was on you, going so far, never realized how hard it was on you

Cirie: giant sacrifice, 3 boys at home, youngest graduated HS while I was here, here he is, the youngest, he's crying, just like Cirie....Jerry is so lucky, some of my friends can't even talk to their moms and we are like 2 areas in a pod, Cirie: we have a relationship like no other, they hug andksiss....

Playing for the Loved ones to go with you to go with you at bar be cue

Race thru obstacles to table, release chest with key, knock down targets, draw for teams....to get started

3 teams: culpepper aubry andrea, Tai Sarah Michaela, Troy Sierra and Cirie

Michaela is on fire
dead even, everyone pushing hard...Sierra out firstTroy is dragging Cirie.....Tai was ddraggin his team back

Andrea is thru the log, have to go under the log...Sierra is stuck, Culpepper is through, Andrea and Aubry and culpepper in first, untangle road and release the key. Tai is horrible at this

Cirie is through, Culpepper releasing the key, opening chest....Michaela and tai Sarah are in second....Culpepper is firing for his team, must knock all the targets off, he's winning it....one left....and he wins!

Culpepper Aubry and Andrea....Michaela kicks the chest hard...Sarah is crying, big decision one player and your loved one to join you....They choose Cirie...Jarod....See Michaela and Tai and Sarah, Cirie is crying, sorry they all need love, I know how they need it....they choose Sarah....Wyatt her husband joins....

Leaves Michael Troy, Tai, and Sierra alone back at camp to plot and scheme

Andrea: \Michaela is very smart, we will give her a day to get over it and we will be back on track. To me, it looks like Michaela is not going to get over it....

"Bar b cue...."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 05-10-17 at 08:30 PM
Everyone goes but Michaela, Tai, Troy, and Sierra

Looks like there will be a loser alliance....

Meanwhile at the bar b cue:

Day 30: Steaks and sausage...Cirie's son Jarod
Jarod is like his mom, he's a city kid, he's like his mom....the only thing that would be better than this is to make it to the end

Monica is getting all the details, Culpepper is saying Monica is a stud player she is a huge resource for me. Monica tells her that MIcahela will flip, I have to win Immunity to make it another day

Tai and Michaela in the surf....talking. Michaela tells him the I am a really loyal person, people are taking advantage of me, they didn't care about leaving me without my mom, maybe this is the time to connect with other people that will connect with me

Sierra tells Troy that she is ride or die with you and Brad....Troy says you me brad Tai and michaela....if everything works we arena the majority again....Sierra confessional: work with Michaela she is the type of person to get mad and flip

they are all talking now, Michaela is telling everything, this will be our six and then the first vote we vote out one of our six. Andrea told me...they are all plotting for Andrea to go...Sierra shays that she is on the same page

Michaela: be with the group that votes Andrea or be with the group that votes Brad, at the end of the day this is about what's best for Michaela...

"Loser alliance is formed"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 05-10-17 at 08:40 PM
I have vibes that Brad has to win the IC...

Here is the IC

See Michaela...see Sierra

Balance on narrow perch, hold buoy on two handles, if buoy drops or you fall off perch, you lose....5th member of our jury

Everyone takes their spot

A new survivor challenge...Aubry is squirming and drops

Sierra drops

buoys will twist and turn a lot, keep the handles on the holes and you will still be alive, Andrea drops
See Sierra smile
Sarah is out

down to five....Cirie is out

Troyzan is out
down to 3, just like that...Micahela, Culpepper and tai

18 minutes

Culpepper is squirming, will power kicks in, the thought of wearing that necklace,

fatigue starting to hit everybody, Michaela drops

down to two, Culpepper and Tai
Culpepper struggling, Tai squirming

both are wobbly, and tai drops, Culpepper wins IC

See Andrea

somebody going home, see Andrea, then Michaela

Michaela: Brad won immunity I think Andrea is in trouble and Sierra is in trouble and everybody thinks I am voting with them, so somebody's going to be blindsided tonight.

"RE: S34 GameChangers Episode 10 East Coast Update Thread"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 05-10-17 at 08:56 PM
Andrea: Befior the challenge we were going to take out Brad, but Brad wins immunity

Tai is talking to Andrea and Aubry and they tell tai it's Sierra

Tai: right now I am closest to Michaela....nobody has to know but I am thinking Andrea, Michaela and Tai say Andrea

Michaela and Tai and Sierra, don't be scared....Michaela and tai told Sierra that my name is thrown around, everybody just stick to our plan and we will be good

Sierra says, I am not the biggest threat, it's andrea

Aubry and Sarah are good with Sierra

Sarah: originally I wanted to vote out Brad, he wins, but Sierra told me she had the legacy advantage and she told me she would will it to me, so see Sarah telling Sierra she is her "it girl" out here....So Sarah is playing Sierra...She tells Sarah that they are voting out Andrea. Sarah says that she has an advantage and I need it, she needs to go. Sarah goes to Michaela and tells her about Sierra 's advantage, it's essentially an immunity idol. so now Micahela says she's with her.

Michaela in confession: I like being the one to determine which way to go but if you make the wrong decision it's you that is on the jury


Jiffy asks about how hard it was to choose who to go not he RC, what kind of damage can this do? They got closer says Sierra

Aubry: it holds true in every interaction, all the little things can also add up

Culpepper: your' first big win on S. it helps me but not the 4 on the bottom, so I can't revel in it
Sierra: thought about herself, I am still here, I am still a vote, there are people at challenges that go longer than me like Andrea
Andrea: I get what she is saying, right now one of the 4 on the bottom if they sneek through they have a great plea to win

Sarah: just when you think you seem to know what is going on, you don't has the deck reshuffled
Michaela can ;you ever trust that "we" have a group
We is relative to whoever thinks they have the big W. Sitck with the we until it;s about to turn on you then you run
Andrea: i have already heard things tonight that are raising red flags, hope that what I heard earlier in the day are holding true
Sierra is believing in the people she spoke too,
Andrea; they are either lying to her or to me

Time to vote

Cirie: first voter

Andrea: Cierra: it's either me or you girl
Sierra; Andrea: I hope I am a part of the real "we"

Vote tally:

No one plays an HII

See Michaela

Sierra is out

See Micahela, then the disappointment on Brad's face

She leaves: privilege guys
See Sarah

Sierra gives it to Sarah she was honest with me and real with me hope she gets to use it and makes a huge play with it.

Jiffy: with 8 players left and seats still left on the jury it might be time to prepare for a storm, because it's coming.

Sarah gets Sierra's legacy advantage to use at 6!!! She did it! Sarah is playing an incredible game!

"Next time on Survivor...."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 05-10-17 at 09:27 PM
LAST EDITED ON 05-10-17 AT 09:29 PM (EST)

Jiffy: Tensions are high
Michaela to Brad: Go fish
Michaela in confessional: I am just making sure he's not looking for an idol
Brad to Michaela: you are black mailing me?
Michaela: shakes her head yes
Brad in confessional: I am not going to sit and cowtow to some diva
See Brad alone on the beach, getting mad and throwing sand...
Jiffy: forcing Cirie to make a tough decision (sitting there with Tai)
Cirie to Tai: I am never going to be able to live with myself
Cirie in confessional: damn, could I pull that off?
Tai to Cirie: Crazy
Cirie to Tai: it is crazy
Tai to Cirie: :You need to turn everything upside down...

Brad: Andrea
Troy: Andrea
Andrea: Sierra
Sierra: Andrea
Sarah: Sierra
Cirie: Sierra
Michaela: Sierra
Tai: Sierra
Aubry: Sierra

Tai voted Sierra, he must be with Michaela...

"RE: Next time on Survivor...."
Posted by michel2 on 05-10-17 at 11:39 PM
Thank you for doing this, FP. Your play-by-play is the best and it's a great starting point to talk about the episode. I have four questions:

- Why did Sierra tell Sarah about the legacy part of her advantage? Like an envious relative, Sarah killed Sierra to inherit. Sierra should simply have said that she would play her idol for Sarah at 6 if she needed it. She even could have said it was a super idol that could be used after reading the vote but not that she'd have to will it to someone else.

- Why didn't Sarah vote for Andrea? Sierra would have still been voted out 5-4 but Sarah would have looked innocent.

- Why didn't Sierra give her advantage to Brad? They have to know that Jeff reads all the important votes. Seeing only three votes on Andrea should have told Sierra that Sarah voted against her.

- Was it fixed? That woud be the simplest explanation for all three questions above.

"RE: Next time on Survivor...."
Posted by Sheldor on 05-11-17 at 00:22 AM
Here's my take...

- Why did Sierra tell Sarah about the legacy part of her advantage?

Sierra said that Sarah is her best friend in the game and that she fully trusts Sarah. To prove it she not only told Sarah she has the Legacy Advantage which means she is Immune at Final 6 but that she must will it to someone else if she gets voted out before 6. Sierra promised she would never vote against Sarah and that if she got voted out she would give it to Sarah as she would like to see Sarah win if she gets voted out.

I don't think she gave much thought to those other options. Zeke says in his exit interviews that Sierra was spent and ready to leave.

- Why didn't Sarah vote for Andrea?

I'm sure Sarah was NOT sure that Tai and especially that Michaela would vote for Sierra and was afraid Andrea might get voted out 5-4 instead of Sierra if she voted for Andrea and either Tai for Michaela did not vote for Sierra.

- Why didn't Sierra give her advantage to Brad?

Not sure Sierra knows about Jeff's reading only votes necessary and that the other vote must be for Sierra too. Sarah acted TOTALLY SHOCKED at the vote off of Sierra staring at Andrea which confused Andrea. Sarah continued to look shocked after Sierra left probably so the Jury think Sarah did not vote out Sierra? She was trying to convince Sierra that she did not vote against her and it worked as in Sierra's last words she says she hopes Sarah did not vote against her.

- Was it fixed?

I don't think so. I think it was all a show by Sarah to confuse Sierra into willing the Legacy Advantage to her and to makes sure it would take 2 people to flip for Sierra to stay.

"RE: Next time on Survivor...."
Posted by SquidProQuo on 05-11-17 at 11:40 AM
Didn't seem like a smart move for Sierra to mention the Legacy part. She could have played it more strategically vs. hand it to Sarah on a platter and give her a reason to vote her out. Looks like Sarah did some acting to pretend she was shocked at TC and apparently Sierra fell for it.

Couple of other observations:

The recap language about Andrea "took the game off the rails" followed by Michaela and Sarah saying it was a mistake was interesting. There was also the "Next Time" scene with Cirie and Tai. Is Cirie going to throw Andrea under the bus? Or is she trying to dupe Tai and use him for other purposes?

Is Brad so angry in the "Next Time" scene because of Michaela (that's how it's edited), or because he realizes Sierra didn't leave him her Legacy Advantage? I'm pretty sure in one of Debbie's post-game interviews she mentioned that she and Brad knew about it.

We have 8 players left and I think there's only 1 more episode before the finale. Does that mean there's a double boot next week? Or would the finale start with 7?

Still to be played: Tai has 2 idols, Troyzan has 1 idol, and Sarah has the Secret Advantage and now the Legacy Advantage.

"RE: Next time on Survivor...."
Posted by SquidProQuo on 05-11-17 at 01:08 PM
Here's a link to Sierra's post-game interview with Josh Wigler. She admits she made a huge mistake in telling Sarah about the legacy but says they were super tight.

Also she says she did NOT tell Brad or anyone else about the advantage. So unless Michaela pieces it together or Sarah blabs, no one else in the game knows.


"RE: Next time on Survivor...."
Posted by michel2 on 05-11-17 at 01:24 PM
Most of Sarah's acting was done when Sierra had already walked off. It was only for us viewers, scripted like the rest of it.

"RE: Next time on Survivor...."
Posted by michel2 on 05-11-17 at 01:23 PM
If Andrea had been voted out, it wouldn't have hurt Sarah at all. She wouldn't have had the legacy advantage but it won't be useful before F6 so knowing about it is just as good for now.

Everyone, especially returning players, knows that Jeff reads all the important votes. I'm not buying their Kool-Aid, not anymore.

"RE: Next time on Survivor...."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 05-12-17 at 07:28 AM
There are now 8 left. When is the last time that idols can be played? At F5?

Then, the legacy advantage is good till F6. What about Sarah's vote steal, is that F6 also? Just trying to set up a time line.

"RE: Next time on Survivor...."
Posted by michel2 on 05-12-17 at 10:29 AM
I'm pretty sure the idols and the vote steal are good up to F5. Jeff calls it fun, I call it ridiculous.

"RE: S34 GameChangers Episode 10 East Coast Update Thread"
Posted by Sagebrush Dan on 05-10-17 at 10:18 PM
Thank you so much for your faithful updates. I always read them, even though I don't always log in.

That said, bye bye Sierra.

Forged by Cahaya, the Brave and True

"RE: S34 GameChangers Episode 10 East Coast Update Thread"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 05-10-17 at 11:06 PM
Thanks Dan! Great to see an old timer around here! I really appreciate it! I've been very busy this season and get to the show late, so I apologize for that!

"RE: S34 GameChangers Episode 10 East Coast Update Thread"
Posted by Puffy on 05-11-17 at 02:30 AM

I always read your east coast updates, too. Thank you so much!

"RE: S34 GameChangers Episode 10 East Coast Update Thread"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 05-11-17 at 11:13 AM
Me too! Thanks, FloPo!

"RE: S34 GameChangers Episode 10 East Coast Update Thread"
Posted by CTgirl on 05-11-17 at 11:35 AM
I will join the chorus too - thanks FloPo! I especially liked it a few weeks ago when I was in California and could read about the episode ahead of time!

"RE: S34 GameChangers Episode 10 East Coast Update Thread"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 05-11-17 at 02:29 PM
It's truly my pleasure to do it! Makes me feel like I am still contributing in a minute way!

"RE: S34 GameChangers Episode 10 East Coast Update Thread"
Posted by michel2 on 05-11-17 at 03:25 PM
It's more like a minute-by-minute way! Thanks for doing it.