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"Ep 8 ECST| Spoiler Thread|Game Changers"

Posted by Flowerpower1 on 04-26-17 at 08:19 PM
I am so late to the party I am just posting this, join in!

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"Post RC win"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 04-26-17 at 08:27 PM
Sara gets hidden advantage, scrolled up with a neon sign on it!!! OMG, open your eyes Michaela!

Curie apologizes....Cirie would have felt like a complete failure if she did'n t try to complete it, they are all comforting her. This is a rough game wee are all vying for the same prize, when it comes down to it the people that are playing are really good people, I am not a challenge beast, couldn't push beyond, doing that I have limited myself in a lot of ways, I can do it, and if I can't win this game by winning challenges I will try to solidify my relationships in this game.

Sara: I see secret advantage, I am a police officer, that is attention to detail, Congrats, found an advantage, have a right to steal a vote at TC, I can completely flip the game, cannot be stolen from you, last time to use his at 5 in the game. I will be the first one to play this vote correctly!

#I love Sara

Cut to the reward winners: Debbie: I am a captain in the airfare auto;;are. sp to
s him tp watch their faces, see everything in a whole new light. Cheers guys, they eat and drink, Brad Don't ever take your whole contingency on a reward, so I got Troy and Tai back at camp to be my eyes and ears.

Sierra is asking Anderea how is your relationship with Zeke, he turned on me for no reason....Sierra; when 11 people int he game, the five people that are free agents, should be solid strong, so our 6 is super tight, as of now I feel like I am int he drivers seat and it feels great

Back at camp: Cirie and Sara talking who i s running the how? Curie says Sierra, Cirie: I had a conversation to show that she doesn't want to be on th bottom of Brad and Sierra, it
s being like on the balance beam...you don't stand a chance with those three...Cirie is saying no, because they will say they carried you
Sara: I will not make the same mistakes I made in Cagayan, it didn't work to sit back and let others make the decisions....

you me aubry, michaela is 4, Zeke? Is it reparable with Andrea

Sara: there are small windows of opportunities and if you don't use them, you may not win, but I don't know if the timing is right for a big move.

Sara is learning from one of the best, Cirie!

"I feel a power shift coming on!"
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 04-26-17 at 08:37 PM
*Please take out Sierra*

Day 26, Come on in Guys, IC

pull rope, balance table, add blocks to table, vertically spelling immunity....Race to undo bag with blocks, spelling immunity, balance blocks on very wobbly table, all about patience....Andrea placing her second block...Troy has 2 letters, Andrea heading back with 3rd. Zeke and Cirie moving slowly, Tai can't figure out how to spell immunity. Andrea and Troy, then Brad, Michaela. Andrea still in the lead...Sara drops...Andrea drops and has to start again, and Troyzan has caught andrea. Debbie is cheering for Troyzan...Andrea drops, door is open of rTroy zan...Culpepper drops , then he cheers for Troyzan...Troyzan wins immunity....Brad hugs him, Andrea looks sad.

See Andrea, then Cirie...Troy hugs Jiffy...

Sierra; luckily one of my power 6 won the IC, so we will vote out one of the others, Andrea his a huge threat in this game and she is the one that has to go.

"Post IC, pre-TC drama...."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 04-26-17 at 08:55 PM
I have to wonder if Sara could use her advantage already?

Troy: won the IC, surprised myself just have to wonder who is going home...

they complain that Micaela eats....6 of us are so sick of Michaela, we would like to vote her out....Brad says that Andrea is too good....Debbie says that she would love to vote out Michaela, she has a bad attitude, but I am a team player so if Brad wants to vote out Andrea, go...vote her out, us six vote out Andrea and tell them we are voting out Micheala.

Sara says the plan was made without even asking me so it might be time to make that move.

Sara in hammock with Sara...Zeke, says I have to sit there with my tail between my legs and vote how they want me to vote, we have to bring in Andrea, but I will have to deal with it, at least for one vote...Sara talks to Andrea, wants to vote with her....Andrea tells her that Sara is on the bottom of that alliance, if Sara wants to make a move, yes, but Zeke, will I trust him, not ever, but I am willing to work with any one that wants to make a move.

Sierra says that me and Sara have really connected, I would love to be in theFianl 3 with her, me you and Debbie in F3...

Sara: I had this plan to blindside the power group, but Sierra tells me I am in her final 3...Sara is perplexed now...

Debbie to Aubry: Sierra doesn't trust you but I do, Michaela is going home. Debbie wants Aubry to think that I am with her. Down the line I may need to use Aubry so I need there to think I am her best friend.

Aubry tells Michaela that Debbie said it s her

Aubry notes that Debbie starts to get cocky and makes mistakes.

Aubry and Sara talk, she's a liar, spreading lies about Sara.
Sara: at this point I don't know what to do, if I could control Debbie...however I swore to myself coming out here I will make big moves, whatever I do it's going to determine how far I am going to go in this game, I'm going to decide at tribal....

Cut to Tribal

See Haly and Ozzy....

As our jury start to grow, use tribal to start making your case. let's talk about the RC, you are out in the ocean stuck, I am not coming in until I finish this....Cirie, humiliating, first officer sara were willing to help me inspired me to not end on a failure...

Sara: watching Cirie struggle out there, don't know how anyone could leave her out there, she proved to herself and everybody else

Andrea: devastation that the one thing you needed was within moments of being yours, i'm vulnerable tonight, she found herself out of the loop, clear majority alliance

Tai, Debbie, Brad, Sierra, Troy

Came to unanimous decision....6 decided it was you, they said Michaela, it felt like they were cheering at challenge when My blocks fell, so it's me.

Sara: S is about the being not he right side of the numbers, can you blame us for feeling secure...

Debbie says we have a 6 that has a very accurate perception of each other.

Troy, if you are smart enough to get ourself to six, why not...

Zeke: the debt reshuffles after someone gets voted out....

Sara: people could agree with that but wishful thinking to say that the deck reshuffles

Michaela said we all know who 's running the show, you can vote them out, or sit here like

Debbie votes Andrea:

Andrea: you think you are running the show but I hope you are in for a really big awakening!

Vote tally:

No one plays an idol.

Brad and Troy looked shocked!

Good luck to you all, says Debbie

Brad and Sierra look at each other. See Sara!


"Next time on Survivor...."
Posted by Flowerpower1 on 04-26-17 at 09:04 PM
Jiffy: The tide has turned.
See Cirie kiss andrea on the cheek as they return to camp
Brad in confessional: the six of them are thinking aha, we got you!
Jiffy: But the line in the sand...

See Sierra walk up to Andrea and Cirie: Andrea to Sierra: you'd be on board to vote for whoever? Yes,
Andrea: Let's make a bigger move here.
Jiffy: .....is washed away
Zeke to Brad and Troyzan: On the next vote let's do something interesting!
Zeke: Now the game has been broken up and I can play like I want to play....

Debbie: In shock after being voted out: I was shocked, I thought I had a solid six, 20 minutes ago she thought they were solid, and who ever flipped will probably be in a worse position, I'm stunned!