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"Who is this FIERCE Contestant from NYC!??"

Posted by hellohomo on 01-16-09 at 10:21 AM
I guess my original post was misunderstood. My user name refers to my website hellohomo.com... where im in DIER NEED to find out info on this contestant!!! When I saw the clip of him on American Idol... I just HAD to find out all I can on him... so does anyone have the inside scoop!???!

And to the Mod... its OK to call someone gay... jesus christ hes wearing a spandex shirt and talks like richard simmons... CHILL HOME GIRL!

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"Please read our guidelines"
Posted by Bebo on 01-16-09 at 01:50 PM
1) When a topic has been locked, it is not permitted to repost the information in a separate post.
2) If you have a question for a moderator, handle it off the forums instead of posting on the threads. Since you asked it publicly, I'll answer it publicly - there is nothing wrong with the word gay. However, this word has been abused on these forums repeatedly, and we find that happens most commonly in threads where posters are asking "who's gay" or "what about that gay person".
3) We are a discussion forum. If you're just interested in plugging your site, then feel free to check out our advertising guidelines. If you're interested in joining in our discussions, great. But if you're just interested in getting information to use on your own site, then this is not the right place for you.