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"TV Guide article on TAR2 "love" triangle !!!!"

Posted by katem on 06-12-02 at 05:17 PM
This is in the June 15-21 issue of TV Guide:

WIL AND RACE. Finding out they were married was just the first bit of drama. "Girl goes off with the guy who treats her really good and tell off mean guy," says Taran Lynch. "It's liek a fairy tale." Or a soap opera. IN fact, behind the scenes, The Amazing Race 2 was more like Melrose Place. It was the reality show's producers who, before the game began, told platonic, teammates Lynch, 31, and Wil Steger, 37, that they were legally wed. The couple had married in 1999, but Lynch left Steger a few weeks later and never handed in the papers. Unbeknownst to them, the monk who officiated did. On receiving the news, they filed for divorce and played the game as a "separated couple".

"I truly wanted to get back together with her," says Steger, who co-owns a furniture business with Lynch. The two bickered their way to second place while Lynch cozied up to Alex Boyan, one of the million dollar winners. "We were categorized as the screaming, angry couple," says Steger, who admits the off-camera he called Lynch "a #####," but only "when she called me stupid and an idiot." Unhappy with the outcome (he and Lynch won $50,000), he blames Lynch. "She wanted to make friends, I wanted to win the money. It was a race to change my life, be my meal ticket. My partner kissing another guy instead of going over strategy with me."

"She finally stuck up for herself," says Boylan, 25, now Lynch's boyfriend. " Chris and I got fed up with how treated Tara. The producers told us if we hit him, we're out of the race, so I said 'Forget it, I'm going to take his girl.'" But Steger gives the relationship just a few months: "Until the fame goes away." --Ileane Rudolph.

There is so much that one can talk about with this article, BUT the first thing of REAL importance to me is that Wilma and Tara only got $50,000 for being second place.

Any comments? ........

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"RE: TV Guide article on TAR2 "love" triangle !!!!"
Posted by JeffGator on 06-12-02 at 05:54 PM
Awesome find Katem. I really enjoyed reading this article.

One statement by Wil that I totally agree with is She wanted to make friends, I wanted to win the money. It was a race to change my life, be my meal ticket. My partner kissing another guy instead of going over strategy with me.

--As much as I disliked Wil, I began to take his side towards the end of the series. I could not believe that in a race to win a million dollars that his wife would pay more attention to Alex, than to winning the game. And how terrible was that for Tara to flirt with Alex right in front of Wil? I don't care if they were separated--that is just totally wrong. To flirt with another guy when Wil is obviously still in love with her was just so terrible. Wil must have felt all alone. Every other player had had their teammate to back them up, but Wil had no one. At so many times he was all alone.

"RE: TV Guide article on TAR2 "love" triangle !!!!"
Posted by Kokoro on 06-26-02 at 06:50 PM
Wil didn't bother to make a move - he wasn't romantic at all and he never made the slightest ~loving~ indication of "I want to give it another chance". Those who don't try don't get anything in return. And those who don't try and are b*tchy freaks who need to be slapped around a bit usually end up with less than they had before.

Now let us never speak of S3 again.

"RE: TV Guide article on TAR2 "love" triangle !!!!"
Posted by Efjendar on 06-12-02 at 06:52 PM
They applied as friends, so the marriage thing is irrelevant. They are business partners so why couldn't they work together in the race? I have to agree with Twil (and Jeff) that Tara's head was not in the game. But then again, did Twil ever have any strategy?

I hope that's $50,000 each, because $50,000 total is pathetic for whoring oneself all over the world.

"RE: TV Guide article on TAR2 "love" triangle !!!!"
Posted by katem on 06-12-02 at 07:48 PM
LAST EDITED ON 06-12-02 AT 07:49 PM (EST)

>I hope that's $50,000 each, because
>$50,000 total is pathetic for
>whoring oneself all over the

Well $50,000 for basically ruining your reputation is just sad. Wilma got basically nothing, except people thinking he was a total loser.

As for what Gator says, I would like to feel bad for Wilma, because you are right Jeff, Tara totally abandoned their team to go play tongue with Chex boy, but Wilma is so hard to like. How does that saying go "you reap what you sow".

His last comment on the relationship of Tara and Alex is classic Wilma, I think.

"RE: TV Guide article on TAR2 "love" triangle !!!!"
Posted by Esbea on 06-13-02 at 10:01 AM
I really do hope it was 50 grand each..plus they got the rate per show..according to another post. That being said, Wil was an ass from the beginning, but he was an ass to the other teams. It was also clear from the beginning that he was in the game to win, and she wasnt. Remember the ticket office..everyone was looking for it, she found it and yelled at the top of her voice..."its over here!!!!" ? gooood move, Tara. I do feel badly for Wil, though he reacted badly. They could have resolved things out of camera range, but I really think that she did some of the things she did just to antagonize him.

Note to Wil: half a mil these days aint a meal ticket for long, you better have something else going on......

"Gotta love reality TV"
Posted by Bebo on 06-13-02 at 10:10 AM
Let's look at some of the crowning achievements in the personal lives of reality TV contestants:

- TAR2 - Tara and Wil actually find out they're married.
- TI - A couple is actually forced to acknowledge that they have a child, instead of ignoring him for their own media whoredom.
- also TI - The world has been given a list of pretty people that we should never, ever date.

See, television can truly change lives for the better.

Rude, snotty, mean, horrible, nasty, witch, yadda yadda yadda...

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"RE: TV Guide article on TAR2 "love" triangle !!!!"
Posted by bacon on 06-13-02 at 11:29 AM
Tara and Wil remind me of an episode of The Simpsons that I saw last night. Homer was teaching a marriage class and in order to keep his students interested he kept telling them any gossip he could about his wife, Marge. If Tara and Wil hadn't have aired their dirty laundry for all of us to hear than TAR2 just wouldn't have been as interesting.

As far as her necking with Alex, it was certainly low. But it also caused many people to tune in for the next episode just to see what the skankbag would do next. I think it would have been funny had she also been flirting with Blake, Norm, Dave, Gary..and every other guy involved in the show.

"RE: TV Guide article on TAR2 "love" triangle !!!!"
Posted by spartan on 06-13-02 at 02:16 PM
The producers told them if they hit Wil, they would be thrown out of the race. Just goes to prove that these producers don't know how to build ratings. Hell, EPM would have given Chex brass knuckles, if this happened on Survivor.