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"DWTS 16 Ep. 10 ECST"

Posted by Snidget on 04-22-13 at 07:51 PM
So, this week, the blind man is going to watch the dancing, when he isn't singing, if they let him sing rather than have the band just butcher his music. Because why not drive him to stick knitting needles in his hears until the noise stops.

It's Stevie Wonder Week. Keep it here until the West Coast finishes trying to figure out what the person that styles Stevie was thinking.

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"Pros start us off"
Posted by Snidget on 04-22-13 at 08:01 PM
LAST EDITED ON 04-22-13 AT 08:04 PM (EST)

Stevie on the keyboards and singing.

All I Do.

Hunter Hayes joins in.

I Ain't Gonna Stand For It

Welcome our stars.

"Zendaya and Val"
Posted by Snidget on 04-22-13 at 08:12 PM
Dancing the Cha Cha Cha to Do I Do.

Val expecting a lot from her, will it pay off.

Len. Ask me one word that sums up great dancing. Zendaya. Sharp clean, great rhythm. When you walked around Val a bit more straightening of the legs.

Bruno. Gob Smacking gorgeous. You can cha cha me anytime you want.

Carrie Ann. Hard to go first. Tall order, you blew me away.

She is having to go to school and do homework with the show.

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"RE: Zendaya and Val"
Posted by udg on 04-23-13 at 00:28 AM
Zendaya must have said something rude to Wardrobe last week. Eek.

"Andy and Sharna"
Posted by Snidget on 04-22-13 at 08:24 PM
Samba to Sign Sealed Delivered.

He's dressed as a postman.

Bruno. Splendid shamble, didn't make it all the way to Brazil. Entertaining. Couldn't work out the samba steps.

Carrie Ann. You are in my heart, however, what dance is he doing? You need to dance outwards, horizontal.

Len. I want you to do what you do. Give us fun. Samba is all about entertainment. Not good technically. You have climbed mountains.

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"Sean and Peta"
Posted by Snidget on 04-22-13 at 08:35 PM
Samba to I Wish.

Suit Jacket with no shirt for Sean. and it is off.

Carrie Ann, most bounce I've seen in a long time. Have to learn to listen to the music. So much potential, the musicality get an Ipod.

Len. Got to set your sights a bit higher, if all you want to do is beat Andy. Is that the best you can do on the booing. Riddled with mistakes, no hip action. Not terrible. Don't get why you guys take your shirts off for the Samba.

Bruno. you can always get a job as a stipper. Tried hard. Plenty of samba steps. Have to lighten up and listen to the music.

Next week. Latin night.

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"Ali and Mark"
Posted by Snidget on 04-22-13 at 08:47 PM
Foxtrot to Isn't She Lovely.

Why do the costumers hate Ali, I know she's muscular, but really, she isn't that fat and dumpy.

Len. Technique could have helped your bottom stuck out. Loved the two feather steps. Foxy foxtrot, just work a little bit.

Bruno Lovely, technique good. The frame lets you down a little bit.

Carrie Ann. See you connected to the emotions. Understated performer headed toward perfection.

Ali is a native from Boston.

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"RE: Ali and Mark"
Posted by Round Robin on 04-23-13 at 00:29 AM
Aly has put on a hell of a lot of weight since the Olympics, some in good places, most not. I like her, but she has definitely gotten thicker than hell around the middle.

"RE: Ali and Mark"
Posted by Snidget on 04-23-13 at 07:00 AM
She has put on some weight, but she looked about 20 pounds lighter in the Team dance costume. She can't lose that much water weight in an hour.

The costumers are not doing her any favors most of the time.

"RE: Ali and Mark"
Posted by Ants on 04-23-13 at 11:35 AM
I've noticed that gymnasts seem to be, not fat, but um, thick . . . stocky. I noticed that with Shawn from last season and with others. You'd think that would hinder them in their sport. Just something I couldn't help noticing.

"RE: Ali and Mark"
Posted by Snidget on 04-23-13 at 11:44 AM
I think over time they have been getting thicker because the sport requires a lot more strength than it used to. They used to all be pretty thin and more of a ballet dancer body type, but these days a lot of them seem to be more muscular and when you bulk out as much as you can as a female and are as short as most of them are that can make you look stocky pretty quickly.

"RE: Ali and Mark"
Posted by Ants on 04-23-13 at 05:47 PM
I didn't think of that. I'm gonna try to see how muscular Aly is when I watch next week. I didn't mean to judge. I just couldn't help notice that they don't have ballerina bodies, as you mention.

"RE: Ali and Mark"
Posted by Belle Book on 04-23-13 at 07:42 PM
There are still those gymnasts who have more of a ballet dancer body type, but ever since Mary Lou won in 1984, women's gymnastics have required a lot more strength. Thus while the girls are still rather short (it helps them rotate their bodies around more quickly), they've become more stocky -- especially in America.

I'm a fan of women's gymnastics and I've been watching the Olympics in that sport since 1984, that's how I know this.

Belle Book

Posted by Snidget on 04-22-13 at 08:53 PM
Stevie Live

They can feel all over.

"Ingo and Kym"
Posted by Snidget on 04-22-13 at 08:59 PM
Dancing the Tango.

Why is everyone gunning for Andy?

UpTight is the song.

Bruno. You can turn it on when you want to. You held it together. Kept control. Couple of foot faults. The way to do it.

Carrie Ann. That was great. You like the tango. Your lines, you were erect, finally welcome to the game.

Len. Bingo Ingo in the Tango. Sharp, crisp. Dance that suits you. Gotta calm down a little bit.

Twitter vote which team dance for encore.

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"Kellie and Derek"
Posted by Snidget on 04-22-13 at 09:11 PM
QuickStep to Part Time Lover.

Kellie way too excited when Derek messes up.

Carrie Ann. Chia Pet hair. Perfect posture, perfect line, perfect interpretation. There was some space in your hold.

The guys don't agree.

Len. For me that was the best dance of the season. Impossible to dance at that speed and not occasionally lose contact.

Bruno. Even the pros when you get they lose it sometimes. This was sumptuous. Superb.

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"Victor and Lindsay"
Posted by Snidget on 04-22-13 at 09:21 PM
Dancing the Rumba to I just called to say I love you.

Having trouble with the romance in rehearsal.

Looks like he lost the steps there for a couple of beats.

Len. Had some great boxers. You have gone more rounds than any of them. Fighting Spirit. Well Done.

Bruno. Airline safety drill. Hips in neutral and lost your steps. Difficult for men to do.

Carrie Ann. No hip action.Sparkle in your eye, wonderful chemistry.

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"Jacoby and Katrina"
Posted by Snidget on 04-22-13 at 09:32 PM
Dancing the Quickstep. Pigeon toed and all.

For once in my life.

Bruno. Indy 500, I got whiplash watching you. Put some work in the footwork and it shows.

Carrie Ann. Do something special and surprise me.

Len. This was like a Beatle's medley ending with Help. Dance doesn't suit you. Don't want your mummy on me. Let it Be, Tom. I like you. Willing you to do great. You are a rhythmic dancer, but confined. Not your best, but not your worst.

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Posted by Snidget on 04-22-13 at 09:34 PM
My Cherie Amour on the harpagee?

"Team Paso"
Posted by Snidget on 04-22-13 at 09:50 PM
Zendaya, Jacoby, Victor, Ingo.

To Highest Ground.

Len. Spirited effort, few awkward moments individual, group part pretty tight. Did a good job.

Bruno. Wrestle mania, writhing bodies, careful of the sync, lost it a few times.

Carrie Ann. Zendaya trying so hard to be the glue to hod it together. Just too sloppy, kind of a mess.

Strengths, we have shirtless guys.

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"Team Samba"
Posted by Snidget on 04-22-13 at 09:59 PM
Kellie, Andy, Aly, Sean

70's Disco to Superstition.

Bruno. Reunion of the cast of boogie night. The girls killed it.

Carrie Ann. Different levels, worked as a group. Fantastic number.

Len. Had fun, pleasure to watch, tight together and well done to you all.

8 - 9 - 8 - 25

Brooke has lost complete control of the interview.

"RE: Team Samba"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 04-23-13 at 00:08 AM
Snidget, you're the best for doing this all by yourself tonight! I missed it so really appreciate your play by play...cheers!

"RE: DWTS 16 Ep. 10 ECST"
Posted by udg on 04-23-13 at 00:34 AM
Thanks, Snidge.

My overall impression tonight wasn't good. I'm not a S.W. fan, and I was totally uninspired by the music and the dancing tonight.

"RE: DWTS 16 Ep. 10 ECST"
Posted by Ants on 04-23-13 at 11:39 AM
The winner could be Aly or Zendaya, but I'm thinking it'll be Kelly.